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The expansion of the Library of the Royal Colonial Institute during the past few years has necessitated the publication of a Supplement to the Catalogue which was issued in the year 1895, and contained the titles of all works in the Library up

to the end of the year 1894. This first Supplement contains the titles of works acquired from that date to the end of the year 1900, and must therefore be consulted in conjunction with the previous Catalogue. Some idea of the rapid growth of the Library may be gained from the fact that whereas the previous Catalogue comprised about seven hundred pages, the first supplement contains over one thousand pages of closely printed entries, including many rare and unique works. Whilst the Library is kept well supplied with current literature, no effort has been spared to obtain all the earlier published works, both British and foreign, bearing upon the discovery, acquisition and settlement of the Colonies and Dependencies of the Empire, in order that details regarding their history and development may be available to those .consulting the Library, and the resources at the command of the Institute for supplying information of a reliable character may be of the most comprehensive kind. The system on which this Supplementary Catalogue has been compiled is in every way similar to that of the previous one. It shows at a glance the books to be found in the Library on any




particular Colony, the works of any author, the books on any given subject, in what volume of the Proceedings of a Society a certain article may be found, and other information which is indispensable to those consulting it. The sections, which originally numbered seventy, have, however, been increased to seventy-seven, mainly owing to a re-arrangement of the divisions of the African Continent and the inclusion of

or two new sections such Colonial Fiction, Egypt and the Soudan, and the South African War. In the last-named will be found a very complete collection of Books, Pamphlets, Magazine Articles, &c., both British and Foreign, bearing upon the subject. The sections dealing with Botany and Flora and Colonial Poetry have been re-arranged and sub-divided, the entries being placed under the Colonies to which they refer. The Papers contained in the Proceedings of various Societies in all parts of the world, and Magazine Articles when they relate to the Colonies and India, have been carefully classified and indexed, whilst numerous official publications extracted from the Colonial Parliamentary Papers have been treated in

Every endeavour has been made to supply a work of practical utility to those engaged in research or interested in Colonial questions and travels, and when used in conjunction with the previous Catalogue, it will prove not only a guide to the literature of the Colonies and India, but a valuable work of reference regarding their history, trade, government, and development.

On December 31, 1900, the Library contained 43,756 Volumes and Pamphlets, all of which relate to the Colonies and India.

JAMES R. BOOSÉ, Librarian.


similar way.

July, 1901.

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