The fall of the Nibelungers, otherwise the book of Kriemhild: a tr. by W.N. Lettsom

Williams, 1850 - 447 páginas

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Página xxvii - Rosny hath ta'en the cornet white. Our own true Maximilian the cornet white hath ta'en, The cornet white with crosses black, the flag of false Lorraine. Up with it high ; unfurl it wide; that all the host may know How God hath humbled the proud house which wrought his church such woe.
Página 3 - In all the world such sorrow at this perforce to see. To her mother Uta at once the dream she told, But she the threatening future could only thus unfold ; " The falcon that thou trainedst is sure a noble mate ; God shield him in his mercy, or thou must lose him straight.
Página 50 - E'en so love-breathing Kriemhild dimm'd every beauty nigh. Well might at such a vision many a bold heart beat high. 290. Rich chamberlains before them match'd on in order due ; Around th' high-mettled champions close and closer drew, Each pressing each, and struggling to see the matchless maid.
Página 197 - It was made up of nothing but precious stones and gold ; Were all the world bought from it, and down the value told, Not a mark the less thereafter were left than erst was scor'd. Good reason sure had Hagen to covet such a hoard. " And thereamong was lying the...
Página 414 - Tor joy the queen inclin'd her before the welcome guest; " Sir knight! in mind and body heaven keep thee ever blest! By thee all my long sorrows are shut up in delight. Ever, if death prevent not, thy service I'll requite." 2434.
Página 60 - The bold and ready champions made ready for the way. So. as I said, bold Siegfried the cloud-cloak bore along : When he but put it on him, he felt him wondrous strong : Twelve men's strength then had he in his single body laid. By trains and close devices he wooed the haughty maid.
Página 173 - Ay ! cowards false as hell ! To you I still was faithful ; I serv'd you long and well ; — But what boots all? — for guerdon treason and death I've won. By your friends, vile traitors ! foully have you done.
Página 50 - Around th' high-mettled champions close and closer drew, Each pressing each, and struggling to see the matchless maid. Then inly was Sir Siegfried both well and ill apaid. 291. Within himself thus thought he ; " How could I thus misdeem That I should dare to woo thee ? sure 't was an idle dream! Yet, rather than forsake thee, far better were I dead.
Página 79 - Then was the strength of Brunhild to each beholder shown. Into the ring by th' effort of panting knights a stone Was borne of weight enormous, massy and large and round. It strain'd twelve brawny champions to heave it to the ground. This would she cast at all times when she had hnrl'd the spear ; The sight the bold Burgundians fill'd with care and fear.
Página 49 - Now went she forth, the loveliest, as forth the morning goes From misty clouds out-beaming; then all his weary woes Left him, in heart who bore her, and so, long time, had done. He saw there stately standing the fair, the peerless one.

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