The History of Japan: Together with a Description of the Kingdom of Siam, 1690-92, Volumen1

James MacLehose and Sons, 1906 - 1117 páginas

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Página 61 - circumstance, that a whole swarm of these Insects, having taken possession of one Tree, and spread themselves over its branches, sometimes hide their Light all at once, and a moment after make it appear again with the utmost regularity and exactness, as if they were in a perpetual Systole and Diastole.
Página 241 - he must be carried thither on Men's shoulders. Much less will they suffer, that he should expose his Sacred Person to the open air, and the Sun is not thought worthy to shine on his Head. There is such a Holiness
Página 241 - to sit on the Throne for some hours every morning, with the Imperial Crown on his Head, but to sit altogether like a Statue, without stirring either Hands or Feet, Head or Eyes, nor indeed any
Página 241 - that the Imperial Crown was the Palladium, which by its immobility could preserve peace in the Empire, it was thought expedient to deliver his Imperial Person, consecrated only to idleness and pleasures, from this burthensome duty, and therefore the Crown is at present
Página 241 - good while towards any part of his Dominions, it was apprehended that War, Famine, Fire, or some other great Misfortune was near at hand to desolate the Country. But it having been afterwards
Página 240 - upon as Persons most holy in themselves, and as Popes by birth. And in order to preserve these advantageous notions in the minds of their Subjects, they are obliged to take an uncommon care of their sacred Persons, and to do such things, which
Página 147 - thither. It was thought before that time to be wholly inaccessible, and by reason of the thick smoke, which was observed continually to arise from it, and of the several spectres, and other frightful uncommon apparitions, people fancied to see there chiefly in the night, it was
Página 147 - a thick smoke issued from under their feet. Ever since that time this Island brings in to the Prince of Satzuma about 20 chests of silver per annum, arising only from the Sulphur dug up there, besides what he gets by the trees and timber growing along the shore.
Página 241 - not cut off, neither his Hair, nor his Beard, nor his nails. However lest he should grow too dirty, they may clean him in the Night, when he is asleep, because they say, that what is taken from his Body at that time, hath been stolen from him, and that such a theft doth not prejudice his Holiness or Dignity. In ancient times he was
Página xxvii - over to us, as I believe none before me could boast of, ever since we have been put under such narrow regulations. Liberally assisting them, as I did, with my advice and medicines, with what information I was able to give them in Astronomy and

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