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Radcliffe Library, Oxford.

Simpson, Thomas, M. D. York. Ramskill, John, Pontefract.

Simpson, William, York. Ray, James, Sheffield.

Smith, William, (author of the Geological Read, Joseph, Wincobank Hall, Sheffield. Map of England,) Hackness. Read, John, Norton, near Sheffield. Smith, W. Clifford, near Sheffield. Reedall, George, Sheffield.

Smith, Thomas, Huntington. Rhodes, Miss, (2 copies,) Park-place, Smith, Henry, Scarborough. Leeds.

Smith, Edward, Sheffield. Richardson, Rev. B. Farley Castle, Bath. Smith, Marcus, Sheffield. Richardson, Rev. W. Ferrybridge. Smithson, Richard, Malton. Richardson, James, Leeds.

Stanley, Richard, Sheffield. Ripley, Richard, Secretary of the Whitby Stead, Mrs. Ann, Weaver Bridge, CumPhilosophical Society.

berland. Robinson, Charles, York.

Stickney, William, Ridgemont, Hedon. Robinson, Henry, York.

Stillingfleet, Rev. E, Hotham, Cave. Robinson, George, Hull.

Strickland, Eustachius, (2 copies,) York. Rodgers, Messrs. Sheffield.

Swineard, Frederick, York. Rose, Alexander, Edinburgh.

Sykes, Rev. C. Rooss. Rowntree, John, Scarborough.

Taunton, W. Pyle, Stoke, Bristol. Salmond, William, F.G.S.

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Taylor, Michael, York. Sanderson, T. The Edge, near Sheffield. Taylor, Rev. William, York. Sanderson, James, Ditto.

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Thorpe, Anthony, York. Saunders, W. H. Sheffield.

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Timm, Charles, M. D. Sheffield. Sharp, Rev. S. Wakefield.

Tindall, Robert, jun. Scarborough. Sheffield Subscription Library.

Tindall, John, Scarborough.
Shepherd, H. J. Beverley.

Tindall, James, Scarborough.
Shepley, Michael, F.G.S. London. Todd, J. & G. York.
Shore, Samuel, Norton Hall, Derbyshire. Torrie, T. Jameson, Edinburgh.
Shore, Offley, Richmond Hill, Sheffield. Travis, William, M. D. Scarborough.
Silvertop, Col. F. G. S. Minster-Acres, Trueman, Edward, Pontefract.

Turton, George, Sheffield.
Simpson, Rev. T. W. Thurnscoe Grange. Tuke, Daniel, York.


Tuke, Samuel, York.

Wilson, J. Endcliffe Hall, near Sheffield. Tweedy, J. D., F. H. S. Halifax. Wilson, Edmund, Sheffield.

Wilson, John, Sheffield. Vernon, Rev. C. V. Rothbury, Northum- Wilson, Isaac, Hull. berland.

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Hemsworth. Walton, Thomas, Pontefract.

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shire Philosophical Society. Wasse, Jonah, M. D. Moat Hall. Wright, James, Sheffield. Waterhouse, Thomas, Sheffield.

Wyvill, Marm. M.P. Constable Burton. Watson, John, Parkgate Iron Works, Rotherham.

Yeoman, J. Whitby. Watson, W. Shirtcliffe Hall, Sheffield. York Subscription Library. Watson, J. K. Hull.

York Mechanics' Institute. Weddell, Thomas, Scarborough. Young, Rev. G. Secretary of the Whitby Wellbeloved, Rev. Charles, York.

Philosophical Society. Whitaker, J. Fairwood Lodge, Wiltshire. Younge, C. Brinkcliffe Edge, Sheffield. Williamson, John, M.D. Leeds.

Younge, G. Sheaf House, near Sheffield. Williamson, John, Scarborough.

Younge, Robert, F.L.S., Secretary of the Wilkinson, John, Sheffield.

Sheffield Philosophical Society. Wilson, Mrs. Ledstone Hall.

Younge, W., M. D., F. L. S. &c. Sheffield. Wilson, Thomas, Fulford,


In laying before the Public the fruits of my own researches into the Geology of the Eastern part of Yorkshire, I think myself called upon to notice the light which has been already thrown upon the subject, by the labours of those who have preceded me in this investigation.

The first person in England who studied, and who taught others to study, the structure of the earth upon the strict principles of the inductive philosophy, was Mr. Smith. Having provided himself with methods of identifying the strata by an attentive examination of all the circumstances which distinguish the one from the other, and especially by a comparative survey of their organic contents, he extended his observations to districts far distant from that in which they were originally commenced, and fixed at length on a substantial basis, the important doctrine of general formations.

It was in 1794, that Mr. Smith first saw the wolds and moorland hills in the eastern part of Yorkshire; and guided by the knowledge which he had even then acquired, of the correspondence of contour between different portions of the same strata, he decided at once, on a distant view, that the wolds were composed of chalk, and that the moorlands belonged to the colitic series of rocks. This opinion was fully expressed in his manuscript Map of the Strata of England, for the publication of which proposals were issued in 1800.

The coast was afterwards further examined by him in 1813 : in 1817, I had the advantage of accompanying him to Whitby and Scarborough, and was much occupied there with him also in 1820. In his Geological Map of Yorkshire published in 1821, the lines of chalk, Kimmeridge clay, and coralline oolite, are traced with considerable accuracy, but the lower beds are erroneously named, owing to the anomalous character of the strata, which in this district represent the oolites of Bath. The error, however, was quickly discovered by Mr. Smith, and corrected in several copies of the map which I coloured for his friends. In the same year he shewed me some fossils * collected by him near Scarborough, which I immediately recognised as belonging to the Kelloways rock; but so cautious is this experienced geologist in the application of his own rules, that he scrupled to rely on such evidence of identity between two points so distant as the localities in Wilts and in Yorkshire; and it was not until 1824, that he satisfied himself by a re-examination of the cliffs at Scarborough, with a particular view to their relations with other rocks, of the distinct existence there, both of this and of most of the other members of the series which lies between the coralline oolite and the lias.

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Having now obtained a correct view of the stratification of the whole coast, he laid down the details of his observations on the map, and communicated them in conversation to his friends ; but the only account of these discoveries which has been published, was in the notice taken of them in the Report of the Yorkshire Philosophical Society for 1824, and in a paper † on the Geology of Cave, which contains an

Ammonites calloviensis, ammonites Kænigi, and the small variety of gryphæa dilatata.

† Annals of Philosophy, for June, 1826.

account of the continuation of this range, examined by the Rev. Wm. Vernon and myself, where it emerges from under the chalk hills.

Whilst Mr. Smith was occupied in these researches, it was my good fortune to receive the directions of the Yorkshire Philosophical Society to arrange, as accurately as possible, in the order of stratification, the fossils in their extensive collection. I was delighted to find, in the prosecution of this duty, innumerable proofs of the truth of Mr. Smith's views respecting the distribution of organic fossils, and saw very clearly that many of the strata in the north-eastern part of Yorkshire might be confidently identified with well-known formations in the south of England. For this purpose, I drew up several comparative catalogues of fossils, which, under an amended form, will be found in the following pages. I began also in 1824, with the advantage of Mr. Smith's society on the coast, the Section which is now submitted to the public; and having engaged to deliver an extended course of Lectures on Geology before the Philosophical Societies of Yorkshire, Leeds, and Hull, I resumed the task in the autumn of 1825, and measured and examined in detail all the cliffs from Redcar to Bridlington. The Section, which I was thus enabled to draw on a very large scale, was exhibited and minutely explained to the members of these institutions; it was shewn to Mr. Murchison on his way to Brora ; and a copy of it was used by M. M. Quenhausen and Von Decken in their examination of the York

shire coast.

In October, 1827, I again surveyed and measured the whole coast from Redcar to Scarborough, and prepared sections of certain parts for M. Adolphe Brongniart, as well as drawings of some remarkable fossil plants; and in June, 1828, the labour of admeasurement was

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