The Hero: A Study in Tradition, Myth and Drama

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His mother is a virgin and he's reputed to be the son of a god; he loses favor and is driven from his kingdom to a sorrowful death — sound familiar? In The Hero, Lord Raglan contends that the heroic figures from myth and legend are invested with a common pattern that satisfies the human desire for idealization. Raglan outlines 22 characteristic themes or motifs from the heroic tales and illustrates his theory with events from the lives of characters from Oedipus (21 out of a possible 22 points) to Robin Hood (a modest 13).
A fascinating study that relates details from world literature with a lively wit and style, it was acclaimed by literary critic Stanley Edgar Hyman as "a bold, speculative, and brilliantly convincing demonstration that myths are never historical but are fictional narratives derived from ritual dramas." This new edition of The Hero (which originally appeared some 13 years before Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces) is assured of a lasting popularity. This book will appeal to scholars of folklore and mythology, history, literature, and general readers as well.

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I believe Raglan demonstrably wrong in arguing that all heroes that fit his profile are unhistorical. It is demonstrable that historical figures tend to be fitted into the same legendary pattern. Also ... Leer comentario completo

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The author reveals and links the parallel life-patterns of "great men" to each other to show how often what is believed about each of them seems to fit an archetype. In the patterns of association ... Leer comentario completo

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TRADITION II The Traditional Pedigree I The Basis of History III Local Tradition
Robin Hood VI King Arthur
The Norse Sagas
Hengist and Horsa
The Tale of Troy
Traditions of Other Lands
MYTH XI The Genesis of Myth
Myth and the Historic Hero
DRAMA XX The Basis of Drama
The Language of the Drama
Age and Time
Dress and Setting
Shapeshifting and Talking Animals
The Royal Hero
The Spielman XXVII The Ritual Drama

The Folktale
Myth and Ritual XIV Myth and Ritual continued
Myth and RitualThe Tale of Troy
The Hero XVII The Hero continued XVIII The Hero continued
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