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Badeau, A. Aristocracy in England. York, (cop. 1886). 16o. pp. 306.

6784 N

Aveling, E., and E. M. Aveling. The working-class movement in America. 2d ed., enlarged. London, 1891. 80. pp. (3) + 239. (Social science series. 19.) 6645 A 19 New 4426 D 96 Baldwin, J. Psychology applied to the art of teaching. New York, 1892. 120. pp. xiv +373Figs. (Harris, W. T., editor. International educational series. xix.) 36 E 16 Barbier, V. Monographie des directions des douanes de France établie sur les documents officiels et les publications les plus récentes. Paris, etc., 1890. 2 v. 80. 4071 A 51-52

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6645 A 36 Woman in the past, present,

and future; translated from the German by H. B. A. Walther. New York, [1886]. sm. 80. (Lovell's library, 712.)

pp. 268. 6695 B 59 Beneke, F. E. Erziehungs- und Unterrichtslehre; neu bearbeitet und mit Zusätzen versehen von J. G. Dressler. 4° Aufl. Berlin, 1876. 2 v. 8o. 6801 B 22-23

Contents:i. Erziehungslehre. - ii. Unterrichtslehre. Bertillon, J. Etude démographique du divorce et de la séparation de corps dans les différents pays de l'Europe. Paris, 1883. 80. pp. 178.

7350 B 21 "Extrait des Annales de démographie." Böhm-Bawerk, E. von. Positive theory of capital; translated with a preface and analysis by W. Smart. London, etc., 1891. 80. pp. xl + 428.

Booth, B., and Mrs. M. Booth. inferno explored. New York, 1891.


6515 B 65 New York's 16o. pp. 99.

6630 E 58

Booth, C., editor. Labour and life of the people. Vol. ii. London, etc., 1891. 1 v. in 2. Maps 6515 E 29-30

in cover.

Contents:ii. London, continued. Vol. i is already in the Library.

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6630 D 70

State Penological Commission. Report. [1885-86.] Sacramento, 1887. 8o. 6630 D 69 State Prison, San Quentin. List of convicts on register of state prison at San Quentin, complete Aug. 31, 1889. Sacramento, 1889. 80. pp. 404. 6686 E 101

Carpenter, E. Civilisation, its cause and cure, and other essays. 2d ed. London, 1891. sm. 8°. pp. 156. (Social science series. 2.) 6645 A 2 Contents: - Civilisation, its cause and cure. - Modern science; a criticism. The science of the future; a forecast. Defence of criminals; a criticism of morality. Exfoliation; Lamarck versus Darwin. Custom.

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Cartwright, J. R., compiler. the British North America act, Council, the Supreme Court of provincial courts. Vol. i., iii. 2 v. 8°. Cernuschi, H. 1865. 8°. pp. 244.

From the author.

Cherry, R. R.


Cases decided on 1867, in the Privy Canada, and the Toronto, 1882-87. 6089 C 51-53

Mécanique de l'échange. Paris, 6540 F 36 Lectures on the growth of criminal law in ancient communities. London, etc, 1890. 8°. pp. xi + 123. 6071 B 11 Chevalier, M. On the probable fall in the value of gold; translated from the French, with preface, by Richard Cobden. 2d ed. Manchester, etc. 1859. 80. pp. 16+ 196. 6540 F 43 Chicago Board of Trade. 14'h-33d annual report. 1871-1890. Chicago, 1872-91. 20 v. bd.

in 16. 8°.

6621 U


Church, I. P. Notes and examples in chanics; with an appendix on the graphical statics of mechanism. New York, 1892. 1. 8o. pp. (3) + 11828. 6 plates and figs. 8496 D 23

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Same, New series. Vol. i-xii. March, 1864March, 1876. w. Mount Tom, Oneida Community, 1864-76. 12 v. bd. in 6. fo. 6645 G 22-27

Published by the Oneida and Wallingford Communities. With vol. xi. the title becomes The Oneida circular.

Coit, S. Neighbourhood guilds an instrument of social reform. 2d ed. London, 1892. sm. 8°. pp. x+150. (Social science series. 30.) 6645 A 30 Colorado Ist-2d Bureau of Labor Statistics. biennial report, 1887-88, '89-90. Denver, 1888-90. 6348 T

2 v. 8°.

Conference of Railroad Commissioners. Proceedings of a general conference of railroad commissioners, Washington, D. C., March 5-7, 1889. Washington, 1889. 8°. 6610 E 72 Connecticut Board of Charities. Annual report, 1883, 85-86. Hartford, Middletown, 18842 nos. bd. in 1 v. 8o. 6685 C [Biennial] report, 1886-88, '8890. Middletown, Conn., 1888-90. 2 nos. 80. Bd. with the preceding.


State Board of Health. 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th annual report. 1883, '84, '86, '87, '89, '90. Hartford and New Haven, 1884-91. 6 v. So. Illus. 9811 M Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company. Tables based on the American table of mortality and three per cent. interest. [Hartford], 1890. 8°. pp. 269. 8446 C 55 Cornell University - Class of 1891. Faculty and senior class of Cornell University 1891 views and portraits. Glens Falls, N. Y., [1891]. 4o. pp. (4). 44 plates. 6901 G 7 Cunningham, W. The use and abuse of money. New York, 1891. 16o. pp. xxv 219. (Knight, W., editor. University extension manuals.) 6515 B 68

Davidson College, Davidson, N. C. Semicentennial catalogue, 1839-1887. Raleigh, 1891. 80. pp. (3) + (2) + 194.

6891 E 11 Published under the auspices of the Alumni Association; edited by W. A. Withers.

Dawson, W. H. The unearned increment; or, Reaping without sowing. 2d ed. London, [1891.] 8o. pp. iv 156 +(2). (Social science series. 18.) 6645 A 18 Dhuoda. L'éducation carolingienne: le manuel de Dhuoda (843), publié par E. Bondurand. Paris, 1887. 8°. pp. 271. Fac-sim. 6791 C 61 Doutre, G., and E. Lareau. Le droit civil canadien, suivant l'ordre établi par les codes; précédé d'une histoire générale du droit canadien. Tom. i. Montréal, 1872. sm. 4°. 6089 C 15

Contents:-i. Histoire générale, 1492-1791.

Doutre, J. Constitution of Canada, the British North American act, 1867; its interpretation, gathered from the decisions of courts, the dicta of judges, and the opinions of statesmen. Added, the Quebec resolutions of 1864, and the constitution of the United States. Montreal, 1880. 8°. pp. 414.

6061 C 21

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The 1st ed. was published in 1884. Free Church circular (The). 51. 2m. Oneida Reserve, 1851-52. 89.

Edited by J. H. Noyes.

The origin of Ashley, with an

Fustel de Coulanges, N. D. property in land; translated by M. introductory chapter on the English manor, by W. J. Ashley. London, 1891. 80. pp. xlviii + 153. (Social science series. 27) 6645 A 27 Gibbins, H. de B. The history of commerce in Europe. London, 1891. 16o. pp. viii+233. Maps. 6610 A 3

Glasson, E. D. Le mariage civil et le divorce dans l'antiquité et dans les principales législations modernes de l'Europe; étude de législation comparée, précédée d'un aperçu sur les origines du droit civil moderne. 2 éd., revue et augmentée. Paris, 1880. 8°. pp. iii +539. Folded table. 7350 B 13 Godard, J. G. Poverty, its genesis and exodus; an inquiry into causes and the method of their removal. London, etc., 1892. sm. 80. pp. xii + 160. (Social science series. 40.) 6645 A 40

Great Britain - Statistical Department of the Board of Trade. Statistical abstracts for the principal foreign countries. No. 1-16. 1860-72 to 1878-88. y. London, 1874-90. 16 nos. bd. in 4 v. 8o. 4551 C Statistical abstract for the several colonial and other possessions of the United Kingdom. No. 1-27. 1850-63 to 1875-89. y. London, 1865-90 27 nos. bd. in 6 v. 8o.


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Guyot, Y. Principles of social economy. don, etc., 1892. sm. 8°. pp. xx + 305. (Social science series.) 6645 A 46 Translated from the French by C. H. d'Eyncourt Leppington.

Harvard College - Board of Overseers. Rules and by-laws. Appended, The college charter; with sundry acts and instruments relating to the powers and duties of the Overseers. Cambridge, [Mass.], 1877. 160. pp. 60. 6891 A 35 Helbronner, J. Report on the social economy section of the Universal International Exhibition of 1889 at Paris. Ottawa, 1890. 8°. pp. 659.

6515 F 21 Prepared at the request of the Secretary of State of Canada by Mr. Helbronner, who was a member of the Labor Commis sion of Canada.

Thirlwall dissertation, 1891.

Hibbert, F. A. The influence and development of English gilds as illustrated by the history of the craft gilds of Shrewsbury. Cambridge, 1891. 8o. pp. xii + 168. (Cambridge historical essays. v.) 4356 F 93 Hill, B. A. Absolute money; a new system of national finance, under a co-operative government. St. Louis, 1875. 8°. pp. xviii (1) + 117. 6540 E 84 Hinds, W. A. American communities; brief sketches of Economy, Zoar, Bethel, Aurora, Amana, Icaria, the Shakers, Oneida, Wallingford, and the Brotherhood of the New Life. Oneida, N. Y., 1878. PP. 175. Frontisp. 6645 E 14 Hinschius, P., editor. Das Reichsgesetz über die Beurkundung des Personenstandes und die Eheschliessung vom 6. Februar, 1875, mit Kommentar in Anmerkungen sowie sämmtlichen für das Reich und die einzelnen Bundesstaaten ergangenen Ausfüh rungsbestimmungen. 3e vermehrte Aufl. Berlin, 1890. 8°. pp. xii + 498. 7350 B 30 Illinois State Board of Health. 4th-9th annual report, 1881-86. Springfield, 1882-89.


Institute of Bankers. Journal. 1879-89. London, 1880-89. IO V. 80.

5 v. 8o.

9810 D Vol. 1-10. Illus.

6621 T Census of Iowa for

Iowa Secretary of State. 1885. Des Moines, 1885. 8°. Map. 5336 B 87 Kant, I. Principles of politics, including his essay on perpetual peace; a contribution to political science. Edited and translated by W. Hastie. Edinburgh, 1891. sm. 8°. pp. xliv +148.

7140 B 80 Kearny, J. W. Sketch of American finances, 1789-1835. New York, etc., 1887. 12o. pp. iv + (1) + 160. 6560 F 65 Kolb, G. F. The condition of nations, social and political, with comparative tables of universal statistics; translated, edited, and collated to 1880, by Mrs. Brewer; with original notes and information by E. W. Streeter. London, [1880]. 8°. pp. 985. 39 C 8 Lareau, E. Histoire du droit canadien depuis les origines de la colonie jusqu'à nos jours. Montréal, 1888-89. 2 V. 80. 6089 C 18-19 Contents:- i. Domination française.-ii. Domination anglaise.

Lewis, F. A. Law relating to stocks, bonds, and other securities in the United States. Philadelphia, 1881. 80. pp. xxxiv +91-96.

6560 C 69 London,

Loch, C. S. Charity organization. 1890. sm. 80. pp. iv + (1) + 106. (Social science series. 16.) 6630 C 29

Loch, C. S., and others. Criticisms on General" Booth's social scheme, from three different points of view. London, 1891. sm. 8°. pp. var. (Social science series. 37.) 6645 A 37

Contents:-Loch, C. S. General Booth's social scheme. Bosanquet, B. In darkest England. - Dwyer, P. Booth's submerged tenth.

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M'Culloch, J. R., editor. A select collection of economical tracts; with a preface, notes, and index. London, 1859. 8°. pp. xxiv + 571. 6455 E 54 Contents: Apology for the builder. - Defce, D. Giving alms no charity. · Elking, H. View of the Greenland trade and whale fishery. - Apology for the business of pawn-broking. - Franklin, B. Extracts from his] works, on population, commerce, etc.-L'Aulne, A. R. J. T., baron de. Reflections on the formation and distribution of wealth. Anderson, J. Extract from an Inquiry into the nature of the corn-laws. Schomberg, A. C. Treatise on the maritime laws of Rhodes. - Townsend, Rev. J. Dissertation on the poor laws. Burke, E. Thoughts and details on scarcity. - Bell, A. Inquiry into the prohibition of the use of grain in the distilleries.

200 copies printed. These tracts, with those of the three following volumes, were collected and privately printed at the expense of Lord Overstone.

A select collection of scarce and valuable tracts on commerce; with a preface, notes, and index. London, 1859. 8°. pp. xvi + 623.

6455 E 51 Contents: - Raleigh, Sir W. Observations touching trade and commerce with the Hollander and other nations. Evelyn, J. Navigation and commerce, their original progress. Defce, D. Extracts from a Plan of the English commerce. Essay on the causes of the decline of the foreign trade. Tucker, J., Dean of Gloucester. Brief essay on the advantages and disadvantages which attend France and Great Britain with regard to trade. William IV., Prince of Orange. Proposals for redressing and amending the trade of the republic. Temple, W. Vindication of commerce and the arts; by J- B-(pseud.). —New and old principles of trade compared.

150 copies printed.

[blocks in formation]

Contents:- Discourse concerning the currencies of the British plantations in America, especially with regard to their paper money. - Hume, D. Banks and paper-money. Elibank, P. M, 5th baron. Essay on paper-money and banking. Wallace, Rev. R.] Essay of banks and paper credit. -Note on the suspension of cash payments at the Bank of England in 1797. — Utility (The) of country banks considered. Thornton, H. Enquiry into the nature of the paper credit of Great Britain. Note on the exchange between London and Dublin, 1797-1804.- Liverpool, C. J., 1st earl of. Remarks on paper currency. Ricardo, D. The high price of bullion a proof of the depreciation of bank notes.- Great Britain House of Commons. Report on the high price of gold bullion. - Blake, W. Observations on the principles which regulate exchange. Huskisson, W. The question concerning the depreciation of our cur


150 copies printed. A select collection of tracts on the national debt and the sinking fund; with a preface, notes, and index. London, 1857. 8°. pp. xx + 703. 6455 E 52

Contents:- - [Defoe, D. ?] Essay upon publick credit. [Sykes, Rev. A. A.] Letter to a friend, in which is shewn the inviolable nature of publick secarities. -- [Gould, Sir N.] Essay on the publick debts of this kingdom. - [Bath, W. P., 1oth earl of State of the national debt, Dec. 24, 1716.[Gould, Sir N.] Defence of An essay on the publick debts. - Great Britain House of Commons. Representation shewing the state of the national debts in 1716 and 1726 Hume, D. Of public credit. Blackstone, Sir W. Account of the national debt. - Price, Rev. R. Appeal to the public on the subject of the national debt. - Wimpey, J.


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Contents:i. Allgemeiner Theil: 1. Gareis, K. Allgemeines Staatsrecht. Hinschius, P. Allgemeine Darstellung der Verhältnisse von Staat und Kirche. - 2. Sarwey, O. von. Allgemeines Verwaltungsrecht. Bulmerincq, A. von. Völkerrecht. -ii. Das Staatsrecht des deutschen Reiches und der deutschen Staaten. 1:1. Laband, P. Das Staatsrecht des deutschen Reiches. - Leoni, A. Das Staatsrecht der Reichslande Elsass-Lothringen. - 2. Schulze, H. (J. E.] Preussen. Leuthold, C. E. Sachsen.iii. Das Staatsrecht des deutschen Reiches und der deutschen Staaten. II: 1., I. Seydel, M. Bayern. -1., 11. Gaupp, L. Würtemberg.-2., 1. Büsing, O. MecklenburgSchwerin und Mecklenburg-Strelitz.Becker, H. Oldenburg. Otto, A. Braunschweig. Pietscher, A. Anhalt.

Böttcher, F. Waldbeck. Bömers, K. SchaumburgLippe. Falkmann, A. Lippe 2., Meyer, G. Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach. Kircher, W. SachsenMeiningen. Sonnenkalb, K. T. Sachsen-Altenburg. Forkel, F. Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha. - - Klinghammer, K. Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt. - Schambach, C.

Schwarzburg-Sondershausen. — Liebmann, O. Reuss ältere Linie. Müller, R. Reuss jüngere Linie. 2. III. Wolffson, J. Hamburg. - Klügmann, K. Lübeck. - Siebers, H. Bremen. iv. Das Staatsrecht der ausserdeutschen Staaten: 1., 1. Ulbrich, J. [Die] österreichungarische Monarchie.-1., II. Orelli, A. von. [Die] schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft.-1., 11. Holst, H. [E.) von. [Die] Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika. 2., I. Engelmann, J. Russland. -Mechelin, L. Finland. 2., . Aschehoug, T. H. Schweden und Norwegen. Dänemarck. 2., 111. Goos, C. and H Hansen.


Marsh, J. B. T. The story of the jubilee singers; with their songs. Revised ed. 65th thous. Boston, 1881. sm. 80. pp. viii + 243. 2 portrs. and 2 plates. 7881 B 11 Maryland-State Board of Health. 9th biennial report, 1890-91. Annapolis, 1892. 8°. 9810 H Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth. 39th-49th report relating to the registry and return of births, marriages, and deaths in the Commonwealth. 1880-90. Boston, 1881-91. II V. 6345 B Michigan-Secretary of State. Census of Michigan. 1884. Lansing, 1886. 2 V. გი.


5256 B 51-52 Mills, H. V. Poverty and the State; or, Work for the unemployed; an enquiry into the causes and extent of enforced idleness, with the statement of a remedy practicable here and now. London, 1886. sm. 80. pp. (3) + 382 + 1. 6630 C 32

Minerva; Jahrbuch der Universitäten der Welt. 1er Jahrg., 1891-92. Strassburg, 1891. 16o. 6757 C Edited by R. Kukula and K. Trübner. To be continued. Minnesota Bureau of Labor Statistics. 2d biennial report, 1889-90. Minneapolis, [1890]. 8o. 6348 R Commissioner of Statistics. 22d annual report. 1890. Minneapolis, Minn. 1891. 80. 9317 Y Mitchell, K. The drink question; its social and medical aspects. 2d ed. London, 1891. sm. 8o. pp. (4) + 256. (Social science series. 7.) 7350 E 26

[blocks in formation]

New Hampshire — Registrar of Vital Statistics. 4th, 6th, 10th annual report relating to the registration and return of births, marriages, divorces, and deaths, 1883, 1885-89. Manchester, 1883-91. 6 v. 8o. 6345 C

State Board of Health. 3d-9th annual report. 1884-90. Concord and Manchester, N. H., 1884-90. 7 v. 8°. 9811 L New Jersey State Board of Health. 10th14th annual report; and report of the Bureau of Vital Statistics. 1886-90. Trenton, N. J., 1887-90. 5 v. 80. 9811 K New York (State) — Commissioners of Emigration. Annual report. 1881-89. Albany, 1881-90. 8o. 9 nos. bd. in I v. 6684 B Legislature. General school laws of the State of New York in force July 1st, 1889, with rules of practice governing appeals to the Department of Public Instruction; prepared under the supervision of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (A. S. Draper). Albany, 1889. 80.

pp. 175. 6841 D 87 Papers in

6630 D 52

State Reformatory, Elmira. penology. 2d series. [Elmira, 1891.] 160. pp. iii +(1) +148.

Contents: - Butler, J. S. The prisons of Great Britain. Collin, C A. Principles of modern prison science. Harris, W. T. The philosophy of crime and punishment. - Wey, H. D Criminal anthropology. - Smith, E. New York's prison laws. - [Brockway, Z. R.] Prison labor systems. The Elmira Reformatory of to-day. Nohl, C. Pädagogik für höhere Lehranstalten. Berlin, 1886-90. 4 pts. bd. in I v. 8o. 6791 B 31

Contents: i. Die Lehranstalten. ii. Die Methodik der einzeln Unterrichtsgegenstände. --iii. Die Vorbildung wissenschaftlicher Lehrer auf ihren Beruf. iv. Schulaufsicht. — Prüfungen. Zeugnisse. - Berechtigungen.

North Carolina - Bureau of Labor Statistics. Ist, 3d, 4th annual report, 1887, '89, '90. Raleigh, N. C., 1887-90. 3 v. 8o. 6348 V Overstone, S. J. LOYD, 1st baron. Tracts and publications on metallic and paper currency. London, 1857. 8°. pp. viii + 649.

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6455 E 55

Contents: Reflections suggested by J. H. Palmer's pamphlet on the pressure on the money market.. Remarks on the management of the Bank of England, 1839. Letter to J. B. Smith, President of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce. Effects of the administration of the Bank of England. -Thoughts on the separation of departments of the Bank of England. Petition of the traders of London against the Bank charter act. Letters to the Times on the Bank charter act of 1844.- Extracts from evidence on banks of issue in 1840. - Extracts from evidence on commercial distress. Edited by J. R. M'Culloch.

Parker, K. M., and J. F. Wright. The tribe of Ishmael; diagram accompanying paper read before the National Conference of Charities at Buffalo, Julv, 1888, by O. C. McCulloch; diagram prepared from records in the office of the Charity Organiza


tion Society, Indianapolis. n. p., n. d. size 318 X 43. Folded in cover. 6630 C 95 Parrish, E. Education in the Society of Friends. Philadelphia, 1865. 120. pp. 79+(1)+12. 7685 B61 Pennsylvania-Statistics Bureau. Ist-18th annual report, 1872-90. Harrisburg, 1874-91. 18 v. 80. 6348 U 3d-18th reports are published as part iii. of the Annual report of the Secretary of Internal Affairs.

Perfectionist (The). Vol. iii., iv. Feb. 1845. 1⁄2 m. Putney, Vt., 1843-44 fo.

Feb. 18432 v. bd. in 1. 6645 G 12 For vols. i., ii, see the Witness, of which this is a continuation.

Perkins, F. C. Cornell University: her general and technical courses. Buffalo, N. Y., 1891. obl. 80. pp. 76. Illus. 6901 A 91 Philadelphia, Pa. — Board of Education. - Supplement to the catalogue of the pedagogical library and the books of reference in the office of the Superintendent of Public Schools, ecited by James MacAlister. Philadelphia, 1890. sm. 8°. pp. x + 2972 B 54 Pizzamiglio, L. Distributing co-operative societies; an essay on social economy. [Authorized translation, edited by F. J. Snell.] London, 1891. sm. 8o. pp. xiv +185. (Social science series. 33)


6645 A 33

Plener, E., Edler von. The English factory legis lation; translated from the original German by F L. Weinmann; with an introduction by A. J. Mundella. London, 1873. 160. pp. xxiv + 175. 6591 B 51 Potter, B. The co-operative movement in Great Britain. London, 1891. sm. 8°. pp. viii+254. 2 maps and folded table. (Social science series. 29.) 6645 A 29 Prince, J. T. Methods of instruction and organization of the schools of Germany. Boston, 1892. sm. 80. pp. x + 237. 6821 F 26 Proal, L. Le crime et la peine. Paris, 1892. 8°. pp. xv+544. (Bibliothèque de philosophie contemporaine.) 6630 D 23 Prussia - Ministerium des Geistlichen Unterrichts, etc. Verhandlungen über Fragen des höheren Unterrichts, Berlin, 4. bis 17. December, 1890. Berlin, 1891. 1. 8o. pp. iv + 80ɔ. 6801 G II

Quételet, L. A. J. Physique sociale; ou, Essai sur le développement des facultés de l'homme. Bruxelles, etc., 1869. 2 v. 8o. Plates. 6630 B 5-6 Rawson, H. G. Profit-sharing precedents, with notes. London, 1891. 8°. pp. xii + 192.

6515 D85 Rhode Island (Colony) - General Assembly. Acts and laws. Newport, 1745. fo. pp. (15) +358. 6086 E 5

Acts and laws of his Majesty's colony of Rhode Island and Providence-plantations, in New England in America. 1745-1752. Newport, Rhode Island, 1752. 4o. pp. (7) + 110. 6086 E 6 The charter granted by King Charles II. to the English colony of Rhode Island and Providence-plantations. Newport, Rhode Island, 1744. fo. pp. 15.

Bd. with the Acts and Laws."

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6086 E 5

Board of State Charities and Corrections. Ist-22d annual report. 1869-90. Howard, Providence, etc., 1885-91. 22 nos. bd. in 3 v. 8o. Maps. 6685 D Registrar of Vital Statistics. 38th report, relating to the registry and return of births, marriages and deaths, and of divorce, 1890. Providence, 1891. 80. 6345 D Ricardo, D. Principles of political economy and taxation. Edited, with introductory essay, notes,

and appendices, by E. C. K. Gonner. London, 1891. 16o. pp. lxii + 4556470 B S2 Richmond, Va.- Board of Health. Annual report of births, marriages, and deaths, 1871, '73, 74, '79, '80, '82-84, '86, '89, '90. Richmond, 1872-91. II nos. bd. in 1 v. 8o. 9811 A I Ritchie, D. G. Darwinism and politics. 2d ed., with two additional essays on human evolution. London, 1891. 8o. pp. viii + 141. (Social science series 4.) 6645 A 4 The principles of state interference; four essays on the political philosophy of Herbert Spencer, J. S. Mill, and T. H. Green. London, 1891. sm. 80. pp. vi + (1) + 172. (Social science series. 24.) 6645 A 24

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Robertson, J. M. Modern humanists; sociological studies of Carlyle, Mill, Emerson, Arnold, Ruskin, and Spencer. London, 1891. sm. 8°. pp. vi + (1) + 275. (Social science series. 31.) 6645 A 31

Rogers, J. E. T. The industrial and commercial history of England; lectures delivered to the University of Oxford, edited by A. G. L. Rogers. New York, etc., 1892. 80. pp. 11 + 473. 6495 F 12

Salmon, D. Longman's object lessons; hints on preparing and giving them, with full notes of complete courses of lessons on elementary science. London, etc., 1891. sm. 80. pp. viii + 280. Wdets. 6821 F 62

Sanitary (The) volunteer; a monthly journal. Vol. i. 1889. Concord, N. H, 1889. 8°. 9811 A 14 Official organ of the New Hampshire State Board of Health. Edited by J. A. Watson.

Say, J. B. L. Dictionnaire des finances, publié sous la direction de L. Say par L. Foyot, A. Lanjalley. Tom. i. Paris, etc., 1889. 1 80. 6560 G 21

[blocks in formation]

Smart, W. An introduction to the theory of value on the lines of Menger, Wieser, and BöhmBawerk. London, etc., 1891. sm. 8o. pp. vi + (2) + 88. 6495 F 9

Sterling, M. W., editor. Quarter-centennial history of the University of Kansas, 1866-91. Topeka, 1891. 160. pp. 198. Portrs. 6891 E 15

Contents: Angell, J. B. Development of state universities. Sterling, W. History of the University of Kansas. Watson, C. M. History of the University library Canfield, A. G. Student-life at the University of Kansas. Robinson, D. H. Reminiscences.

Stourm, R. Cours de finances; le budget, son histoire et son mécanisme. 2e éd., revue et mise en courant. Paris, 1891. 8o. pp. xi + 623. 6560 E 82 The 1st ed. is also in the Library.

Stubbs, C. W. The land and the laborers; facts and experiments in cottage farming and co-operative agriculture. Stereotyped ed., with new matter. London, 1891. 8o. Pp. 228. (Social science series. 21.) 6645 A 21 Swett, John. History of the public school system of California. San Francisco, 1876. 8o. pp. 246+ (1). Frontisp. 6796 C'81

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