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und ihr Verhältniss zum Originale. - Inaug.-Diss. Breslau, 1891. 8°. pp. 70 + (2). 1726 B 69 Puccianti, G, compiler. Antologia della poesia italiana da Dante al Metastasio; corredata di note. 3a impressione. Firenze, 1891. sm. 8°. pp. viii + 519. 1004 F 13 Antologia della poesia italiana moderna, corredata di note. Nuova ed., corretta e notevolmente accresciuta (14a ristampa). Firenze, 1894. sm. 8°. pp xxxii + 652. 1004 F 14

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1682 B

Edited by A. d'Ancona. To be continued.

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In progress.

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1361 E, G

72 nos. 80 and 16o. In progress.

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In progress.

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In progress.

Contents: i. Notice sur Eginhard et ses ouvrages. - Testimonia de Eginhard. - Vita Karoli. - Pippinus et Karlomannus. - Karolus. - Hludowicus.

ii Epistolæ. Historia translationis martyrum Marcellini et Petri. Rhythmus de passione Marcellini et Petri. — Einhardi chartæ. - Index.

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[blocks in formation]

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In progress.

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8°. Plates and wdcts.

In progress.

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No more yet published.

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In December, 1891, Mr. Willard Fiske, the first Librarian of the University, presented to the University Library a remarkably complete collection of Rhaeto-romanic literature, which he had brought together, during a sojourn in the Engadine, in the preceding summer. The collection includes, besides Rhaeto-romanic texts, many works dealing with the Rhaeto-romanic lauguage, and with the history and description of the region in which the language is spoken. A catalogue of the collection was published in April, 1894, containing one thousand and fiftyeight titles. To the collection, which is undoubtedly the largest devoted to this subject in this country, sundry additions have been made by Mr. Fiske since the catalogue was printed, and a list of the titles thus added is given herewith.


Alarcon, Pedro Antonio de. Il chapè a trais pizs, novella; versium dal Spagnöl da Flor. Grand. [U. E.] Samedan, 1893. sm. 80. pp. 103. 993 F 132

Bagnolo, Daniel de. Cuorta declaratiun, oder parafrasi digl offici de nossa cara donna soingia Maria, con ils salms & hymnis dellas viaspras dilg offici grond sco era dellas completas & offici dils morts. [O.] Bannaduz, 1751. 24°. PP. 346. 995 D 81

An imperfect copy is already in the collection.

Bellarmino, Roberto Francesco Romolo, Card., Abp. of Capua. La duttrine cristiane sminuzzade e ridotte plui facil a mandâ a memorie de jint senze lettere in lenghe chiargniele. [F.] Udin, 1778. 16o. pp. 91 + (1). 997 E 10 B[iasoni], F[rancesco]. Poemett popolar pa'l centenari di Dante. [F.] Udin, 1865. 8°. pp. 87. 997 E 21

Bible. Un cudasch da psalms, chi sunn fatts e miss da chiantar in Ladin, ils quaus suun impart eir uyuaunt statts luguads da chianter in Tudaischk et impart brichia. Proa quai alchiünas uschelgoe saingchias chiantzuns spiritualas. Tuott tratt aqui insemmel tras Durich Chiampel. — Un intraguidamaint dad infurmar la giuvantun in la vaira cretta. [L. E.] Basel, 1562. 160. 993 A 59 Fragmentary copy of the first edition of Chiampell's translation. The title is taken from Hess's catalogue. Lacks t-p. and all before p. 19, also 31-46, 49-50, and all after sig. Nn 7.

Whole No. 37.



ful Arts (p. 255); Fine Arts (p. 258); Philology (p. 260); Literature (p. 269); Romance Literature (p. 280); History (p. 284).

C., E. Poesia romancia. (In Vita nuova. Anno i., n. 47, 1889.) 1019 Y With two extracts from the poems of G. F. Caderas [U. E.] Carisch, Otto. Taschen-Wörterbuch der rhætoromanischen Sprache in Graubünden, besonders der Oberländer und Engadiner Dialekte. [G.] Chur, 1848. 4° Pp. xl + 214 + (1).. 991 D 86 Catechismus, oder intraguidamaint in la religiun christiauna per adöver dallas baselgias d' Engadina Bassa. La 6 avla vota tschantà. [L. E.] Scuol, 1768. 24°. 993 B 92

Imperfect copy, lacking the following signatures: B 1, 4, 5, 8, and all after C 10.

Colloredo, Filippo Antonio di. La zelosie calmade. [F.] San-Vit, 1835. 8°. pp. 22.

"Par lis gnozzis Freschi d'Attems-Zen."

997 E 16

Cornell University. Catalogue of the RhaetoRomanic collection presented by Willard Fiske. Ithaca, N. Y., 1894. 8°. pp. iv + 32. 991 G I

Contains an introductory note by Mr. Fiske, giving an account of the formation of the collection. The Catalogue was prepared by Miss Gertrude Van Dusen.

Cuort (In) e bi musamen da suondar la benedida purschala mumma Maria; vertius or dil lungaitg tudeschs en Ramonsch da mei Jacum Camen. [O.] Bergen, 1815. 24o. pp. 96. Frontisp. 995 E 62

An imperfect copy is already in the collection. Decurtius, Caspar, editor. Rätoromanische Chrestomathie. [O.] Bd. i., Lief. 2. Erlangen, 1894. 8°. 995 F 77 Contents: 1., 2. Surselvisch, Subselvisch, Sursettisch: das xviii. Jahrhundert.

Flugi, Conradin de. Rimas. [2a ed. U.E] Samedan, 1894. sm. 8°. pp. vii + 103. 993 F 134 Gargano, G. S. Un poeta romancio. (In Vita Anno i., n. 41, 1889.) 1019 Y


A notice of the poems of G. F. Caderas.

Grisons. Collecta officiala foederala per il cantun confoederau Grischun. Emprem tom. [O.] Musteer, 1843. 8°. pp. xv + 419.

995 € 68 The proceedings of the Grisons in the yeere 1618, wherein are laid open the causes of calling an assembly of the commons, and of their due proceed

ing and prosecution of iustice against some false and
perfidious patriots. Imprinted and published by
commandement of the lords the heads, the counsail-
ours and commons of the three confederations of the
free states of the Grisons. [London], 1619. 4°. ff.
991 A 18

Rivo, Leonardo de. Libret di diviers quesitz e rispuestis sore lis materiis plui necessariis della dottrine cristiane, composte in lenghe chiargnele; nel quai ha inserit la diclarazion del Credo, Pater noster, Decalogo, Sacramentz, e altris chiossis rigiavadis daila Dottrine fatte dall' cardinal Robert Bellarmin. [F.] Udin, 1773. 120. pp. 40. 997 E 9

Societad Rhaeto-Romanscha. Annalas. Annada 7-8a. Cuera, 1892–93. 2 v. 8o. 991 G 84-85 Soing viadi quei ei devozius exercizi della dolorusa via crucis, dividiu en 14 statiuns. [O.] Mustèr, [1770?] 160. pp. (32). Wdcts. 995 D 90 christianeivla. 995 B 17

991 D 45

Mutilated copy.


Walther, Leonhard.
[O.] n. t.-p. 16o. pp. 51-70.

Khrypffs, Nicolaus, de Cusa, Cardinal. In avter discvors pertgius giu enten treis capitels; prius ora dig! cuodesch digl r. p. Nicolai Cusani, à mès giu Fragmentary portion of another work, beginning at p. 51, ent'igl lungaig ramonsch. [O.] n. t.-p. 24°. Pp. lacking pp. 55-66. Not the same edition as that already in the 85-131. collection. 995 D 55

Translated from "Grawpündtnerische Handlungen." [Heidelberg catechism.] Informativn chrastiavna, cun sias explicatiuns sün tuotts principaels puonks da la vaira religiun tres Zacharias Ursinus; hvossa ovr da sieu tractat latinn aschanto in noas Rumauntsch tres P. S. Schvchiavn. [U. E.] Tigvri, 1613. 16°. ff. (8) + 344. 993 E 16

An imperfect copy is already in the collection. Hess, J. Nr. 39. Catalogue d'une collection de livres rétoromans. Ellwangen, [1894?] 8°. pp. 50.

Fragment of another work, perhaps an edition of the "Cuort mussament, ," various editions of which are in the collection. Most of these contain the "Auter discours", but with other signatures and paging than the above.

Levi, Eugenia, compiler. Fiorità di canti tradizionali del popolo italiano, scelti nei vari dialetti e annotati; con cinquanta melodie popolari tradizionali. Firenze, 1895. 16o. pp. xiv + (1) + 408. 997 E 78

friularo de Bagnoli. [F.] Padova, 1819. 8°. pp. 997 E 11 Edited by A. Scapin "nell' occasione delle nozze MeneghiniCromer."


pp. 361-384, Friuli."

Ostermann, Valentino. La vita in Friuli: usi, costumi, credenze, pregiudizî e superstizioni popolari. Udine, 1894. 8°. pp. xv+716 + (2). 991 C 99 [Pastò, Lodovico.] La vera felicità, novella postuma dell' autore del ditirambo intitolato El vin

[Zorutti, Pietro (Innocente Maria).] becafigo. [F] Udin, 1840. 8°. pp. 8. 997 E 19 Poem "par il nuviziat Vivante - Venturi."

Capriccio in versi friulani. [F.] (In [Bearzi, G. B., editor.] Componimenti poetici in occasione delle nozze Fabris-Bearzi. Udine, 1819 997 E 19

4o. pp. 12-28.)

[blocks in formation]
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