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Le post-scriptum. - L'habit vert - La contagion.-6. Maître


Guérin. Lions et renards. Madame Caverlet. -
Thommeray. Les Fourchambault. Le Prix Martin.

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-7. Jean de

Bapst, E. Deux gentilshommes-poètes de la cour de Henry VIII. Paris, 1891. 8°. pp. 388.

Contents:- George Boleyn vicomte Rochford. Howard comte de Surrey.

Baudelaire, C. P. Les fleurs du mal; précédées d'une notice par T. Gautier. Nouvelle éd. Paris, 1890. 12o. 1174 D 35 Pp. 411. Port. Bazán, E. P. La tribuna. Madrid, [1882]. _169. 1088 D 52

pp. 312.

Browning Society. Papers. 1881-1884. i.-v. London, 1881-84. 5 pts. bd. in I v. 8°. 1841 E 2 1731 B 57 Principal contents: -i. Browning, R. Essay on Shelley. Furnivall, F. J. Henry A bibliography of Robert Browning, 1833-1881.Trial-list of criticisms and notices of Browning's works. — ii. Additions to the bibliography. Kirkman, J. Introductory address to the Browning Society. Sharpe, J. On Pietro of Abano, and the leading ideas of Dramatic idyls, zd series 1880. Nettleship, J. T. On Browning's Fifine at the Fair. Classification of Browning's works. - - Orr, Mrs. A. Classification of Browning's poems. Thompson, J. Notes on the genius of Browning Radford, E. W. The Moorish front to the Duomo in Luria. The original of Ned Bratts. -Sharpe, J. Analysis and summary of Fifine at the Fair. iii. Bury, J. Browning's philosophy. - Johnson, E. On Bishop Blougram's apology. Corson, H. The idea of personality as embodied in Browning's poetry. - Beale, Miss D. The religious teaching of Browning. - Marx, Aliss E An account of Abbé Vogler. Johnson, E. Conscience and art in Browning, -iv. Nettleship, J. T. Browning's intuition, specially in regard to music and the plastic arts. Westcott, B. F. On some points in Browning's view of life. West, Miss E. D. One aspect of Browning's villains. Revell, W. F. Browning's poems on God and immortality as bearing on life here. - Bulkeley, H. J. James Lee's wife. - Turnbull, Mrs. Abt Vogler. v. Raleigh, W. A. On some prominent points in Browning's teaching. Morrison, J. Č. On Caliban on Setebos, with notes on Browning's subtlety and humour. - Turnbull, Mrs. On In a Balcony.

Part i. is 2d edition.

The preface is dated 1882.

Un viaje de novios. 2a ed. Madrid, 1888. 16o. pp. 323. 1088 D 51 Berdoe, E. The Browning cyclopædia; a guide to the study of the works of Robert Browning, with explanatory notes and references on difficult passages. London, etc., 1892. 80. pp. xx + 572.


1841 E 76 Browning's message to his time; his religion, philosophy, and science. 2d ed. New York, etc., 1891. 16. pp. vi + (2) + 180. Port. and fac1841 E 69 Bibliographischer Anzeiger für romanische Sprachen und Literaturen. rer Bd., 2es Halbjahr 3er Bd., res Halbjahr, 1883-85. Leipzig, 1883-85. 8o. 3 v. bd. in I. 2987 B 5 Edited by E. Ebering.

Bibliotheca Normannica; Denkmäler normanTM nischer Literatur und Sprache, herausgegeben von H. Suchier. Bd. iv. Halle, 1891. 8°. 1134 B 53 Contents: iv. [Aeneas.] Eneas; publié par J. Salverda de Grave.

Bourget, P. Études et portraits. Paris, 1889. 2 v. 16o. Vign. in t.-p. 1174 E 51-52 Contents: i. Portraits d'écrivains: Pascal.- La Fon taine. Rivarol. Chateaubriand. —Alfred de Vigny. - Lamartine. Victor Hugo - Gustave Flaubert. George Sand. Jules Vallès. - Barbey d'Aurevilly. Notes d'esthétique: Science et poésie. - L'esthétique du Parnasse. - Deux paradoxes d'un demi-savant paradoxe sur la musique; paradoxe sur la couleur. - Réflexions sur l'art du roman. - Sur l'art de l'histoire. Sur la critique Sur le théâtre. ii. Etudes anglaises: L'ile du Wight.-En Irlande et en Ecosse Les Jacs anglais. - Sensations d'Oxford. — Croquis londoniens. Fantaisies Musée de province. Autour d'un château. Newstead-abbey. Devant un bust de Cire. La ville d'hiver. Les derniers jours de Shelley. - Un César voyageur - Corfou. --L'Engadine. - Croquis italiens. Bourgoin, A. Les maîtres de la critique au

XVIIe siècle. Paris, 1889. 12o. PP. 349.

1121 E 70 Contents:- Introduction. · Chapelain. - Saint-Evremond. Boileau-Despréaux. La Bruyère. - Fénelon.

PP. 257.

Boysse, E. Le théâtre des Jésuites. Paris, 1880. 16o. pp. iii+370. 1121 C 90 Branch, O. E., compiler. The Hamilton speaker; a collection of extracts arranged and adapted for reading, speaking, recitation, and elocutionary culture. New York, (cop. 1878). 12o. 310 A 55 The national advanced speaker, a collection of modern declamations and recitations, with instructions to speakers, and an appendix of words of dif ficult pronunciation. New York, 1890. 12o. pp. xix + 307. 310 A 57 Browning, Mrs. E. B. Last poems; with a memorial by Theodore Tilton. New York, 1862. 16o. pp. 242. 1841 B 3 (a) Life, letters, and essays of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. New York, 1877. 2 v. 16o. Port, and vign. in title, and orn. 1841 B 11-12

letters on general topics. ii. The book of the poets. - The Greek Christian poets.


Contents:i. Letters to R. H. Horne, with a preface and memoir by R. H. Stoddard: Early letters, 1839-43. - Chaucer modernized, 1840. A new spirit of the age, 1843-1845.- Last

Brunetière, E. L'évolution des genres dans l'histoire de la littérature; leçons professées à l'Ecole Normale Supérieure. Tom. i. Paris, 1890. 16o. 1125 B 29 Contents:-i. Idée générale. - De Dubellay jusqu'à Malherbe (1550-1610). - De Malherbe jusqu'à Boileau (1605-1665) Boileau-Despréaux (1665-1685). · -La querelle des anciens et des modernes (1690-1720).- La critique littéraire au XVIIIe siècle (1720-1800). Madame de Staël et Chateaubriand (18001820). La critique de Villemain (1820-1835). — L'œuvre de Sainte-Beuve (1830-1865) M. Taine (1865-1880).

Carlyle, T. Lectures on the history of literature, delivered April to July, 1838, now printed for the first time; edited, with preface and notes, by J. R. Greene. New York, 1892. 120. pp. xiii + 283. 1861 D 38

Carrington, H. B., compiler. Patriotic reader; or, Human liberty developed in verse and prose; with historical notes. Philadelphia, (cop. 1888). 8o. pp. xvi + 595. 310 A 63 Cervantes Saavedra, M. de. Sancho Panza's proverbs, and others which occur in Don Quixote; with a literal English translation, notes, and an introduction, by U. R. Burke. London, 1892. 89. Pp. xxi + 116. 1984 D 53

25 copies of this edition on large paper printed for England and 25 for America, of which this is no. 22.

Colonna, F.. Dominican. The strife of love in a dream; being the Elizabethan version of the first book of the Hypnerotomachia; new edition by Andrew Lang. London, 189c. 1. 8°. pp. xvii + (6 + 248. Illus. 1736 G 51 Cone, Miss H. G., and J. L. Gilder, editors. Pen-portraits of literary women by themselves and others, with biographical sketches by Helen G. Cone]. New York, [1887]. 2 v.

sm. 8o.

2701 D 51-52 Contents: -i. Hannah More. Frances Burney (Mme. D' Arblay). Mary Wollstonecraft (Godwin). Mary W. Godwin (Shelley). Mary Lamb. -Maria Edgeworth. Jane Austen. -Joanna Bailie. - Lady Blessington. Mary Russell Mitford. ii. Harriet Martineau. Aurore Dudevant George Sand). Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Margaret Fuller (Ossoli). Charlotte Brontë. Emily Brontë. Marian Evans Cross (George Eliot)


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Constante de Rebecque, H. B. de. Adolphe; précédé d'une préface par [M. F. A.] de Lescure. Paris, 1879. 16o. pp. xix +146+ (1). 1178 A 64

Correggiaio, M. Rime; a cura di E. Lamma. Bologna. 1891 160 pp lxiii +49 + (1) (Scelta di curiosità letterarie inedite o rare. ccxli)

1005 C 248

No 24 of an ed. of 202 copies.

Cowley, A. The complete works in verse and prose, now for the first time collected and edited, with memorial introduction and notes, by A. B Grosart. [Edinburgh], 1881 2 v. 8°. Portrs, and orn. (Grosart, A. B, editor. Chertsey worthies' library.) 1766 G 3-4 Contents: 1 Memorial introduction - Poetical blossomes. Sylva. - Love's riddle. - Naufragium joculare. The misMiscellanies Occasional verses. - Comedies Notes and illustrations -2. Pindarique odes Davideis and Davideidos. Latin Poems. Translations. A proposition for the advancement of experimental philosophy. - A discourse on the government of Oliver Cromwell. Essays in prose and verse Letters Notes and illustrations. - Glossarial index


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Cuthbert, Saint Life of St Cuthbert in Eng lish verse, c. A. D. 1450; edited by J. T. Fowler] from the original Ms. in the library at Castle How ard. London, 1891. 8o. PP (325) Fac-sim. (Surtees Society. Publications. lxxxvii.)

4282 A 87 Dante Alighieri. The divine comedy; translated by C. E Norton. Boston, etc., 1891. 2 v. sm 8o. 1011 D 47-48

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Contents: -i Hell-ii. Purgatory.

A translation of Dante's eleven letters, with notes and comments by C S Latham; edited by G R Carpenter, with a preface by C. E. Norton. Student's ed. Boston, etc, 1891. sm 8°. Pp xiii + (1) + 284 1011 D 55 Davis, H C., and J C. Bridgman, compilers. Brief declamations 2d ed, revised. New York, 1891. sm. 8° pp. xi + 370. 310 A 61

Donne, J., Dean of St Paul's. Complete poems; edited with preface, essay on life and writings, and notes, by A. B Grosart. [London], 1872-73. 2 v. 4o Orn, and 3 portrs. (Grosart, Rev. A. B., editor. Fuller worthies' library) 1736 B 11-12

Privately printed, 100 copies. Dumas, A, fils Théâtre complet, avec préfaces inédites. Paris, 1890. 6 v. sm 80. 1178 E 21-26 Contents:- 1. La Dame aux Camélias. - Diane de Lys. Le bijou de la reine - 2 Le demi-monde. La question d'argent. 3 Le fils naturel. Le père prodigue 4. L'ami des femmes. Les idées de Madame Aubray 5. Une visite de noces. La princesse Georges. La femme de Claude. - 6 Monsieur Alphonse. L'étrangère

Dupuy, E. Les grands maîtres de la littérature russe au dix-neuvième siècle. Nouvelle éd. Paris, 1891. 180. pp. (6) + 362 + (1). (Nouvelle bibliothèque littéraire.) 1291 D 51 Ivan Tourguénef Comte

Contents: Nicolas Gogol. Léon Tolstoi.

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(Kürschner, J., editor. cxxxviii., CXXXIX) 1396 F 21-23 Contents: i. Einleitung Törring, J A, Graf Agnes Bernauerin. - Babo, J. M. Otto von Wittelsbach Hensler, K. F. Das Donauweibchen. - Bretzner, C F. Das Rauschgen ii., 1. GemmingenHornberg, OH_Freiherr von. Der deutsche Hausvater.


Schroder, F L Das Porträt der Mutter - Iffland, A. W Die Jäger. Die Hagestolzen.ii., 2. Kotzebue, A. (F. F) von Menschenhass und Reue. Die Indianer in England - Die deutschen Kleinstadter, Collin, H. J. von Regulus.

Hauffen, A., editor. Das Drama der klassischen Periode. Stuttgart, [1891] 2 pts. in 3 v. sm 8o.

Portrs. and fac-sims. Deutsche National-Litteratur.

Hoepli, U, editor I migliori libri italiani consigliati da cento illustri contemporanei Milano, 1892 [1891] sm. 80. pp. xix +434 2994 F 25 John, A., compiler. Literarisches Jahrbuch; Central-Organ fur die wissenschaftlichen, literarischen und künstlerischen Interessen Nordwestbohmens und der deutschen Grenzlande Bd 1 Eger, 1891. 8°. Illus. 1627 H Browning as a philosophical and New York, 1891. sm 8o. pp. 1841 E 72 Keene, H. G. The literature of France. New York, 1892. 120 PP (4) +219 1121 A 51 Leber, J. M. C. Plaisantes recherches d'un homme grave sur un farceur; ou, Prologue Tabarinique pour servir à l'histoire littéraire et bouffonne de Tabarin Paris, 1856. 16o pp. vi+ 80. Orn. 1158 F 44 L'Estrange, Rev A G K. The friendships of Mary Russell Mitford, as recorded in letters from 4o. her literary correspondents. New York, 1882 pp. 119. (Harper's Franklin Square library. 281.) 1821 G 67 Lodge, H. C. Speeches Boston, etc., 1892 80. Pp. 69. 2241 F 5 Contents: The independent spirit of the Puritans Dec. 22, 1884. The uses and responsibilities of leisure March 23, 1886 The blue and the gray. June 17, 1887.- - The Puritans. Dec. 22, 1887 Harvard College in politics. Nov. 22, 1888 The day we celebrate. Dec 21, 1888. International copyright. May 2, 1890 - The civilization of the public school. Jan 13, 1890 -Massachusetts Oct. 23, 1890.

Jones, H. religious teacher. xii + 367.

Lodge, L. D. A study in Corneille. Baltimore, 1891. 12o. PP. 313. Port. 1146 D 18 Merlet, G. Portraits d'hier et d'aujourd'hui, réalistes et fantaisistes. 2e éd. Paris, 1878. I20. 1186 E 55 PP. 429 + (2).

Contents: Le réalisme dans le roman: Le réalisme bourgeois M. Champfleury.- Un réaliste imaginaire H. Murger. Le réalisme physiologique G. Flaubert - Le réalisme byronien E. Feydeau. La fantaisie dans la littérature et la morale: Le roi Voltaire et la reine Pompadour, - Le purgatoire de mademoiselle de la Vallière Le dernier soupir d'un grand pontife. -La phrénologie devant le bon sens L'amour et la femme selon M. Michelet. Un moraliste brutal Chamfort. Un moraliste trop amiable: Saint-Évremond. - Un moraliste de boudoir: M. Brifaut.

Miller, G. N. The strike of a sex; a novel. 4th New York, 1890. 16o. pp. 235. 6645 E 21 Mogk, E., editor. Altnordische Texte. Bd i, iii. Halle, 1888-90 2 v. sm. 8°. 275 C 46-47 Contents:ii, iii. Jónsson, F. Eddalieder. Morley, H English writers; an attempt towards a history of English literature. Vol i-vi. 10 E 5-10 Contents: i. From the earliest times to Beowulf. - ii From Caedmon to the Conquest. ii. From the Conquest to Chaucer. iv., v. The literature of the 14th century v1. From Chaucer to Caxton


Morrillot, P Scarron, et le genre burlesque. Paris, 1888. 8°. pp. 432. Port. 1158 C 76 Murner, T. Thomas Murner [und] Die deutsche Dichtungen des Ulrich von Hutten; herausgegeben von [G] Balke. Stuttgart, [1890-91.] 2 v. sm. 8o. Wdits. (Kürschner, J., editor. Deutsche NationalLitteratur. xvii., 1, 2.) 1396 A 23

Contents: -[i] Einleitung Murner, T. Der Schelmen Zunft. - Die Narrensbeschwörung [ii.] Von dem grosLutherischen Narren. Hutten, U. von. Deutsche Dichtungen.


Orr, Mrs. A. Life and letters of Robert Browning. Boston, etc., 1891. 2 v. sm. 8°. Port. and plate. 1841 E 87-38 Palacio, Valdés A. El cuarto poder; novela de costumbres. Madrid, 1888. 2 V. 16o.

1088 F 69-70 La espuma; novela de costumbres contemporáneas; illustración de M. Alcazar y J. Cuchy. Barcelona, 1890. 2 v. in 1. 8°. Photogravures. 1088 F 66 La hermana San Sulpicio (costumbres andaluzas) Madrid, 1889. 2 v. 16o. 1088 F 67-68 Obras completas. Tom. ix. 1088 F 9

Pereda, J. M. de. Madrid, 1888 16o.

Contents: - ix. Sotileza.

La desherdada.

3a ed.

in I.

160. Doña Perfecta. 7a ed. pp. 281 + (1).


Pérez Galdós, B. La de Bringas. Madrid, 1884. 16°o. pp 227: IOS8 F 79 Madrid, 1890. 2 v. IOSS F 74 Madrid, 1891. 16o. 1088 F 75 La familia de Leon Roch. 4a ed. Madrid, 3 v. bd in I. 16o. 1088 F 73 Gloria. 7a ed. Madrid, 1890. 2 v. 16o. 1088 F 76-77 Tormento. 4a ed. Madrid, 1888. 16. pp. 1088 F 78 Picot, A E., editor. Théâtre mystique de Pierre Du Val et des libertins spirituels de Rouen au XVIe siècle. Paris, 1882. 16o. pp. 252. (Picot, A. E editor. Collection de documents pour servir à l'histoire de l'ancien théâtre française. 3.) 1121 C 29


Contents: :-Notice sur Pierre Du Val. - Bibliographie. Théâtre de Pierre Du Val Dialogue du contemnement de la mort, où sont introduicts troys personnages, assavoir: L'Indiscret, Le Discret et Amour Morallité à six personnages: Nature, Loy de Rigeur, Divin Pouvoir, Amour, Loy de Grâce, La Vierge. Pièces attribuées aux libertins spirituels: Monologue de Memoyre tenant en sa main ung monde sur lequel est escript, Foy, Espoirance, et Charité. Moral à cinq personnages: Le Fidelle, Le Ministre, Le Suspens, Providence divin, La Vierge.

Moral à cinq personnages. L'Homme fragille, Concupicence, La Loy, Grâce, Foy.. Moral à trois personnages L'Affligé, Ignorance et Cognoisance.

Prudhomme, R F. A. S. Œuvres. Paris, 1883. 4 v. 8°. 1186 F 81-84 Contents:[i] Poésies, 1865-1867: Stances et poèmes. Les écuries d'Augias. - Croquis italiens. Les preuves.[ii.] Poésies, 1868-1878: Les solitudes. - Impressions de la guerre. Les vaines tendresses. La France. La révolte des fleurs. - Poésies diverses. Les destins. Le zénith Poésies, 18781879 Lucretius Carus, T. Lucrèce De la nature des choses. rer livre: La justice. [iv.] Prose, 1883: L'expression dans les beaux-arts; application de la psychologie à l'étude de l'artiste et des beaux-arts.

Robert, P. La poétique de Racine; étude sur le système dramatique de Racine et la constitution de la tragédie française. 2e éd. Paris, 1891. 8°. pp. ix + 362. 1158 B 58 Root, O., jr, and J. H. Gilbert, editors. The Franklin speaker, consisting of declamations and recitations; with an introduction by A. J. Upson. New York, etc., (cop. 1884). 120. pp. x+277. 310 A 59 Scherer, B. (H. A.) Essays on English literature; translated by G. Saintsbury. New York, 1891. sm. 8°. pp xl+ 309. Port. 1701 F 71

Contents: Introduction - George Elict-"Silas Marner." -J. S. Mill Shakespeare. - George Eliot -"Daniel Deronda."-Taine's History of English literature. Shakespeare and criticism.- Milton and "Paradise lost."- Laurence Sterne, or the humorist. Wordsworth. - Thomas Carlyle. -"Endy- George Eliot.


Schopenhauer, A. The art of literature; a series of essays, selected and translated with a

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Scudéry, Mlle. M. de. Artamène; ov, Le grand Cyrvs. Paris, 1656. 10 v. 16°. Frontispp. 1158 A 81-90 Senancour, E. P de. Obermann. Nouvelle éd., revue et corrigée, avec un préface par George Sand. Paris, 1882. I 20. pp. 432. 1190 E 17 Sidney, Sir P Astrophel and Stella, und Defence of poesie; nach den ältesten Ausgaben, mit einer Einleitung über Sidney's Leben und Werke, herausgegeben von E. Flügel. Halle a. S., 1889. 8°. pp. ci +2 + 112. 1736 A 78

Smart, T. B., Matthew Arnold.

The text of Astrophel and Stella is after Newman's edition of 1591, The defence of poesie, after the edition of 1595, by Ponsonby. Appended, "Foure sonnetts written by Henrie Con stable to Sir Philip Sidney's soule " compiler. The bibliography of London, 1892. 8°. pp x + 90 1861 B 44 Smiles, S. A publisher and his friends; memoir and correspondence of the late John Murray, with an account of the origin and progress of the house, 1768– 1843. London, etc, 1891. 2 v. 8°. Portrs. 1836 C 96-97 Smith, B. G. Reading and speaking; familiar talks to young men who would speak well in public. Boston, 1891. 12o. pp. vi + 165. 310 B 40 Sorel, A. Madame de Stael; translated by F. H. Gardiner. Chicago, 1891. 16o. pp. 262. (Great French writers. [vii]) 7C 26 Trent, W. P. William Gilmore Simms. Boston, etc., 1872. 120. pp. viii+ (1)+351. Port. (Warner, C. D, editor. American men of letters.) 11 F 31

A partial bibliography of the writings of Simms is appended. Ulrich, J., editor. Trattati religiosi e libro de li exempli, in antico dialetto veneziano. Bologna, 1891. 16o. pp. xv+181. (Scelta di curiosità litterarie inedite o rare ccxxxix.) 1005 C 246

No. 20 of an ed. of 202 copies.

Sevilla, etc., 1088 F 59

Valera, J. Pepita Jimenez. 8a ed. [1884]. sm. 160. pp. 271 + (1). Vierteljahrsschrift fur Kultur und Litteratur der Renaissance. 1er-2er Jahrg. 1885-'86. q. Leipzig, Berlin, 1886-'87. 2 v. 8o. Illus. 2721 A 1-2

"Herausgegeben von L. Geiger " Succeeded by Zeitschrift für vergleichende Litteratur und Renaissance-Litteratur. This, with the volumes of the Zeitschrift, are the gift of J. M. Hart.

Vogels, J. Handschriftliche Untersuchungen über die englische Version Mandeville's. Crefeld, 1891. 4o. pp. 52. 1726 G 81

"Jahresbericht über das Realgymnasium zu Crefeld." Watts, H. E. Life of Miguel de Cervantes. London, 1891. 8°. pp. 185+ xxiii. (Robertson, E. S., editor: "Great writers.")

54 F 7

Contains a bibliography by J. P. Anderson.

Wolfram von Eschenbach. Wolfram von Eschenbach; bearbeitet von P. Piper. Th. i., ii., 1. Stuttgart, [1891.] 2 v. sm. 8°. (Kürschner, J., editor. Deutsche National-Litteratur. xvii, I, 2.)

1396 A 9-9a

Contents:-i. Einleitung: Leben und Werke - Lieder Titurellieder. - Willehalm. Ulrich von dem Turlin. - Mönch Rennewart.ii., 1 Parzival.

Wormeley, Miss K. P. A memoir of Honoré de Balzac. Boston, 1892. sm. 8°. pp. (4) + 370. Port. and plate. 1174 C 73 Litteraturge2721 A 3

Zeitschrift für vergleichende schichte. Bd. i., 1887. ir. "Herausgegeben von M. Koch."

Same, Neue Folge: Zeitschrift für vergleichende Litteraturgeschichte und Renaissance

Litteratur. Bd. i.-iv. 1887-1891. Berlin, 1887-91. 4 v. 8°. 2721 A 4-7 "Herausgegeben von M. Koch und L. Geiger." To be


Zola, E. Documents littéraires, études et portraits. Nouvelle éd. Paris, 1891. 12o. PP. 419 + (1). 1190 F 85

Contents:- Chateaubriand.-Victor Hugo.-A. de Musset.T. Gautier. Les poètes contemporains - George Sand. - Dumas fils. Sainte-Beuve. La critique contemporaine. - De la moralité dans la littérature.

First published in Messager de l'Europe.

Le naturalisme au théâtre; les théories et les exemples. Paris, 1889. 12o. Pp. (3) + 407 + (1). 1190 F 83 Contents:- Les théories: Le naturalisme. Le don. - Les jeunes. -Les deux morales. La critique et le public. - Des subventions. Les décors et les accessoires Le costume. — Les comédiens. - Polémique. Les exemples: La tragédie. - Le drame. Le drame historique. Le drame patriotique.Le drame scientifique. La comédie. La pantomime. vaudeville. La férie et l'opérette. -Les reprises.

Articles originally published in Bien public and Voltaire. Nos auteurs dramatiques. Paris, 1889. 12o. pp. 416+ (1). 1190 F 84 E Augier. Meilhac et

Contents:-Théâtre classique. -Victor Hugo. -A. Dumas fils. V. Sardou, - E. Labiche. Halévy. E. Gondinet É. Pailleron. A. d'Ennery. T. Barrière.-O. Feuillet-George Sand. - T. de Banville. E et J. de Goncourt.-A. Daudet. Erckmann-Chatrian. Sketches originally published in Bien public and Voltaire. Le roman expérimental. Paris, 1890. PP. (3) + 416.

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12o. 1190 F 81 Contents: Le roman expérimental. -Lettre à la jeunesse - Le naturalisme au théâtre. L'argent dans la littérature. Du roman. De la critique. - La république et la littérature. Articles originally published in Messager de l'Europe, Bien public, and Voltaire.

Les romanciers naturalistes. 120. pp. (3) +387 + (1).

Contents:- Balzac - Stendhal.-G. Flaubert. de Goncourt A. Daudet. — Les romanciers contemporains. First published in the Messager de l'Europe.


Including Geography and General Biography.

Adam, G. M. The Canadian Northwest; its history and its troubles, from the early days of the fur-trade to the era of the railway and the settler. Toronto, etc., 1885. 8°. pp. 408. Portrs. 4631 F 7

Paris, 1890. 1190 F 82 E. et J.

Albori (Gli) della vita italiana. Milano, 189091. 3 v. in 2. sm. 8°.

La mo

Contents: [i] Le origini dei comuni: Guerrini, O. Preludio. - Villari, P. Firenze. Bonfadini, R. Milano. Molmenti, P. G. Venezia.[ii.] Le origini della monarchia e del papato: Bonfadini, R. narchia in Piemonte. - Bonghi, R La monarchia a Napoli - Graf, A Il papato e il comune di Roma. — Tocco, F. Gli ordini religiosi e l'eresia. -[iii] Scienze, lettere ed arti: Rajna, P. Le origini della lingua. - Bartoli, A. Le origini della letteratura. - Schupfer, F. La università e il diritto. Barzellotti, G. La filosofia e la scienza nel periodo delle origini. - Panzacchi, E. Le origini dell' arte nuova. - Masi, E. Epilogo. The vols. are paged continuously.

Allen, W. Governor Chamberlain's administration in South Carolina; a chapter of reconstruction in the southern states. New York, etc., 1888. 8o. pp. xv+544. Port. 5226 D 12 Ashley, W. J. Nine lectures on the earlier constitutional history of Canada, delivered before the University of Toronto, 1889. Toronto, 1889. 8o. pp. 100. 4611 E 41 Balfour, E. The cyclopaedia of India and of eastern and southern Asia, commercial, industrial, and scientific. 3d ed. London, 1885. 3 v. 8°.

47 G 4-6

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[ocr errors]

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