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Fiske, J. The discovery of America, with some ac count of ancient America and the Spanish conquest. Boston, 1892. 80 Port, maps, and wdets. 4571 B 65-66 France King Charles VI L'ordonnance cabochienne (26-27 mai, 1413) publiée avec une in troduction et des notes par A. Coville Paris, 1891, 80. pp. x11 + 202 + (1). (Collection de textes pour servir à l'étude et à l'enseignement de l'his toire)

2 v.

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Freeman, E. A. London, etc, 1892

Historical essays 4th series 8°. pp. x + (1) + 512.

3266 F 14 Contents:- Carthage. French and English towns - Aquae Sextiae. Orange. Augustodunum Périgueux and Cahors -The Lords of Ardres Points in the history of Portugal and Brazil. Alter orbis Historical cycles - Augustan ages English civil wars. The battle of Wakefield. - National prosperity and the Reformation. - Cardinal Pole. - - Archbishop Parker. - Decayed boroughs -The case of the deanery of Exeter. The growth of commonwealths. - The constitution of the German empire. Nobility. -The House of Lords.

Froude, J. A. The divorce of Catherine of Ara gon; the story as told by the imperial ambassadors resident at the court of Henry VIII. New York, 1891 8o. Pp xi + 476. 4366 B 33 Gardiner, S R. A school atlas of English his tory; a companion atlas to 'The student's history of England.' London, etc., 1891. 4°. PP 23. 88 maps. 46 B 50 Gerdes, H. Geschichte des deutschen Volkes und seiner Kultur im Mittelalter, 1er Bd. Leipzig, 1891. 8°.

Contents:i. Geschichte zur Zeit der karolingischen und sachsischen Könige

Gérin-Lajoie, A. Dix ans au Canada, de 1840 à 1850; histoire de l'établissement du gouverne. ment responsable. Québec, 1891. 1. 8°. pp. 619. 4611 G 35 Giraldus de Barri Cambrensis. Opera. Vol. viii London, 1891. 80. (Great Britain - Master of the Rolls. Chronicles and memorials. [21.] 4299.21a-h Contents: - viii. De principis instructione liber, edited by GF Warner, with an index to vols. i-iv., viii.

[Globensky, CA M] La rébellion de 1837 à Saint Eustache, précédé d'un exposé de la situation politique du Bas-Canada depuis la session. Québec, 1883 80 Ports. PP 3341x). 4611 93

Contains, inserted between pp 52 and 53. a reprint of "Journal historique des événemens arrivées à Sainte Eustache pendant la rébellion du comté Du Lac des Deux-Montagnes, par un témoin oculair [Jacques Paquin]: Montréal, 1838.

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Great Britain - High Commissioner for the Adjustment of Questions depending in Canada Report on the affairs of British North America from the Earl of Durham, Her Majesty's High Commissioner, London, 1839. fo. pp 119 4621 G 81 Same. Appendices A, B, C, D, E. London, 1839 fo


Bd. with the above, each with separate t.-p, imprint, and paging.

Greene, F V The Russian paigns in Turkey in 1877-1878. 1880. 8°. pp xiv + (1) + 459. 26 plates

army and its Cam2d ed. London, Figs. and atlas of 8308 C 33-34

Griffis, W E. Sir William Johnson and the Six Nations. New York, [1891.] 16o. pp xii + (1) + 227 (Makers of America.) 5123 B 19 Guisborough Priory. Cartularium, [edited by W. Brown] Vol. i. London, 1889 8° Frontisp. (Surtees Society Publications lxxxvi.)


Master of the Rolls. Calendar of letters and papers, foreign and domestic, of the reign of Henry VIII.; arranged and catalogued by J. Gaird Vol. xii., 2. London, 1890 1 80. 4301 E 1-18 Calendar of the patent Rolls preserved in the Public Record Office Edward III. A D. 1327-1330. London, 1891. 1. 8°. Pp. xii + 4301 S II Calendar of the proceedings of the Committee for Compounding, &c., 1643-1660; edited by M. A. E. Green Vol. iii. London, 1891. 4301 G 61


1. 8°.

Contents: - iii Cases, 1647- June, 1650.

4282 A 86 Hannay, J The history of Acadia from its first discovery to its surrender to England by the treaty of Paris. St. John, N B., 1879. 80 +440

Pp vii 47 F 50 [Harrisse, H. Bibliotheca Americana vetustis. sima, a description of works relating to America published between 1492 and 1551. New York, 1866. 4o. pp liv + 519

pp. xl+ 199 Frontisp.

4571 G 28 Paris, 1872 nar. 4o 4571 G 29 Les Colombo de France et d'Italie, fameux marins du XVe siècle, 1461-92; d'après des docu ments nouveaux ou inédits; mémoire lu à l'Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres, mai, 1874. Paris, 1874. 4o. PP 135. 4571 G 33

No 144 of an edition of 175 copies.

Les Corte Real et leurs voyages au Nou veau Monde, suivi du texte inédit d'un recit de la 3e expédition de Gaspar Corte Real, et d'une carte nautique portugaise de l'année 1502 reproduite ici pour la première fois; mémoire lu à l'Academie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres, 1er juin, 1883 Paris, 1883 1 80. pp. x11 272 Frontisp, and colored map folded in portfolio. (Schefer, Ĉ. H A., and H Cordier, editors. Recueil de voyages ii.) 4571 G 38 T 11 L'histoire de Christophe Colomb attribuée à son fils Fernand; examen critique du mémoire lu par M. d'Avézac à l'Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres, août, 1873. Paris, 1875 8o. pp


4571 C 21

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Same. Additions

"Extrait du Bulletin de la Sociéte de Géographie de Paris, octobre et novembre, 1874."

Jean et Sebastien Cabot, leur origine et leurs voyages, étude d'histoire critique, suivie d'une cartographie, d'une bibliographie et d'une chronologie des voyages au Nord-Ouest, 1497-1550, d'après des documents inédits. Paris, 1882. 180. pp. 400. Map (Schefer, C. H. A, and H Cordier, editors. Recueil de voyages. i.) 4571 G 36 [-Notes on Columbus New York, 1866. fo pp. vii + (1) + 227 Illus. 4571 G 26

Hart, G E. The fall of New France, 1755-1760. Montreal, etc, 1888. 8o. pp vii (2) + 175. Portrs. 4621 B 57 3d ed, London, 1839 4611 E 16

Head, Sir FB, bart. containing a supplemental 80. pp xx + 524 + 38.

A narrative. chapter

A vindication of his government of Upper Canada Appen dix B, Addresses to Sir F. B. Head from the Legislatures of the British North American colonies, &c., has a full t-p and imprint

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Headlam, J. W. Election by lot at Athens. Cambridge, 1891. sm. 80. pp. xx + 195. (Cambridge historical essays. iv.) 450 D 47

Prince consort dissertation, 1890." Heinemann, O. von. Geschichte von Braunschweig und Hannover. 3er Bd Gotha, 1892. 80 (Heeren, A HL, and others, editors: Geschichte der europaischen Staaten.)

3658 D 6

Henry, W. W. Patrick Henry, life, correspon dence, and speeches. New York, 1891. 3 v. 8o. 4837 C 21-23


[Herpin, Mlle. L.] Le fin du XVIII. siècle : le duc de Nivernais; par Lucien Perey [pseud.]. 2e éd. Paris, 1891. 8°. pp. 475. Port. 4122 E 25 Un petit-neveu de Mazarin, Louis Mancini-Mazarini, duc de Nivernais; par Lucien Perey [pseud.]. 4 éd. Paris, 1891. 80. pp. vi + 578. 4122 E 24 Six months in Italy. Boston, sm. 8°. pp. xii + 563. 2236 F 11 Hincks, Sir F. The political history of Canada between 1840 and 1855; a lecture delivered at the request of the St. Patrick's National Association. Montreal, 1877. 8°. pp. 88. 4611 E 24 Holm, A. Griechische Geschichte von ihrem Ursprunge bis zum Untergange der Selbständigkeit des griechischen Volkes. Vol. iii. Berlin, 1891. 3711 A 57

sm. 80.

Contents: - iii. Geschichte Griechenlands im vierten Jahrhundert v. Ch. bis zum Tode Alexanders d. Gr.

Hillard, G. S. etc., (cop. 1881.)

Houston, W., editor.

Documents illustrative of the Canadian constitution, with notes and appendices. Toronto, 1891. 8o. pp. xxii + 4-338.

47 F 34 Howland, O. A. The new empire; reflections upon its origin and constitution and its relation to the great republic. Toronto, 1891. 8°. pp. xix + (9)+608. Fac-sim. and map. 4611 E 43 Huber, A. Geschichte Oesterreichs. 4er Bd Gotha, 1892. 8°. (Heeren, A. H. C., and others. Geschichte der europäischen Staaten.) 3658 E 24 Imperial (The) dictionary of universal biography, conducted by J. Eadie [and others]; P. E. Dove general editor. Glasgow, etc., [1863?] 16 v. 4°. Engr. t.-p. and portrs. 54 D 1-16 International American Conference, 188990. Reports of committees and discussions thereon. Vol. iii, iv. Washington, 1890. 2 v. 4°. 6055 G 13-14

Contents:- iii. Excursion appendix: Narrative of the tour of the delegates through the United States. iv. Historical appendix: the Congress of 1826 at Panama.


Jackson, Mrs. M. A. M. Life and Letters of General Thomas J. Jackson (Stonewall Jackson); with an introduction by H. M. Field. New York, 1892. 8°. pp. xviii+479. Portrs., plates and photogravures. 4906 F 51 Jameson, J. F. The history of historical writing in America. Boston, etc., 1891. I20. PP. (2) + 4766 A 81 Jay, J. Correspondence and public papers, edited by H. P. Johnston. New York, etc, [1890-91]. 3 V. 8. 4837 G 31-33 Contents: i. 1763-1781. —ii. 1781-1782. — iii. 1782Letter-press edition of 750 copies, of which this is no. 21. Jenks, E. The government of Victoria (Australia). London, etc., 1891. 8°. pp. xlii + (1) + 403. 5716 F 5 Jephson, H. The platform, its rise and progress. New York, etc., 1892. 2 v. 80. 4341 D 51-52 Joanne, A. L. Géographie du département de la Somme. 6e éd. Paris, 1890. 16o. pp. (2) +62. Map and wdcts. 4071 B



Johnstown, Pa.- Board of Trade. The rivers at Johnstown; report by J. J. R. Croes. [New York], 1891. 8°. pp. (2) + 32. Maps and wacts. 8161 B 76 Jones, W. H. R, compiler. Charters and documents illustrating the history of the cathedral, city, and diocese of Salisbury in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries; edited by W. D. Macray. London, 1891. 8°. pp. (476). (Great Britain - Master of the Rolls. Chronicles and memorials. [97.])


Joseph II, Emperor of Germany, and Leopold II., Emperor of Germany. Briefwechsel von 1781 bis 1790; herausgegeben von Alfred, Ritter von Arneth. Wien, 1872. 2 v. in I. 80.

Kapp, F. Friedrich der Grosse und die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika, mit einem Anhang: Die Vereinigten Staaten und das Seekriegsrecht. Leipzig, 1871. 8°. pp. 202 + xxx.


Kingsford, W. The history of Canada. i.-v. Toronto, etc., 1887-92.

5 v. 8o. Maps. 4621 C 11-15 Contents: -i 1608-1682.- ii. 1679-1725. — iii. 1726-1755 -iv. 1756-1763 -V 1763-1775

Lappenberg, J. M., and others. Geschichte von England. 7er Bd. Gotha, 1892. 8°. (Heeren, A. H. L., and others, editors. Geschichte der europäischen Staaten.) 3658 H 7

Contents: vii. Brosch, M. 1603-1688.

Lavisse, E. General view of the political history of Europe; translated, with the author's sanction, by C. Gross. New York, 1891. sm. 8°. pp. xi + 188. 3616 D 15 Leguat, F. Voyage to Rodriguez, Mauritius, Java, and the Cape of Good Hope; transcribed from the 1st English ed. Edited and annotated by P. Oliver. London, 1891. 2 v. 80. Maps and plates. (Hakluyt Society. Publications. lxxxii., 1xxxiii.) 3121 C 17-18 Linton, W. J. The English republic; edited with introduction and notes by K. Parkes. I ondon, 1891. sm. 8°. pp. xvi + 216. 6166 E 30 Lippert, J. Kulturgeschichte der Menschheit in ihrem organischen Aufbau. Stuttgart, 1886-87. 2 v. 80. 3176 D 61-62 Low, S. J., and F. S. Pulling. The dictionary of English history. 2d ed. London, etc., 1885. 8°. pp. vi + (1) + 119. 4316 A 15 Luchaire, A. Histoire des institutions monarchiques de la France sous les premiers Capétiens (987-1180). 2e éd., revue et augmentée. Paris, I89I. 2 v. 8. 4106 C 6-7


Ouvrage auquel l'Académie des Sciences morales et politiques a décerné le prix d' Histoire générale "

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Maryland Historical Society. Fund publications, No. 1-30. Baltimore, 1867-90. 30 nos. bd. in 6 v. 8°.

5176 A 76-81 Contents: 1. Mayer, B. History, possessions and prospects of the Maryland Historical Society.-2. Streeter, S F. The first commander of Kent island. -3. Maryland Historical Society. In memory of George Peabody. 4 Tyson, M. E. A brief account of the settlement of Ellicott's Mills.-5. Latrobe, J H. B. A lost chapter in the history of the steamboat. -6 The first steamboat voyage on the western waters 7 White, Rev A. [Latin title.] Narrative of a voyage to Maryland. - Baltimore, C. CALVERT, 2d baron. An account of the colony of the Lord Baron of Baltimore: Supplement. Dalrymple, Rev. E. A, editor. Latin title]. Extracts from different letters of missionaries, from 1638 to 1677.-8. Morris, Rev. J. G. The Lords Baltimore.-9. Streeter, S F. Papers relating to the early history of Maryland. 10. Brown, F. J. A sketch of the life of James McHenry.-11. Adams, H. B. Maryland's influence in founding a national commonwealth. 12 Harrison, S. A Wenlock Christison and the early Friends in Talbot county, Maryland. -13 Stevens, J. A. The expedition of Lafayette against Arnold. - 14. Harrison, S. A. A memoir of W. Hindman.-15. Alsop, G. A character of the province of Maryland. - 16. Maryland Historical Society. Proceedings in connection with the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the settle

- 20.

ment of Baltimore.-17. Spofford, A. R. The founding of Washington city, with some considerations on the origin of cities and location of national capitals Johnson, B. T. The foundation of Maryland and the origin of the act concerning religion, of April 21, 1649.- 19. Ingle, E. Captain Richard Ingle, the Maryland "pirate and rebel," 1642-1653 Wilhelm, L W. Sir George Calvert, baron of Baltimore. -21. Latrobe, J. H B. Maryland in Liberia. - 22. Stockbridge, H The archives of Maryland as illustrating the spirit of the times of the early colonists. -23 Hall, C. C. The great seal of Maryland. -24. Goddard, H. P. Luther Martin, the "Federal bull dog." Brand, Rev. W. F. A sketch of the life and character of Nathaniel Ramsay. 25 McSherry, R. M. The national medals of the United States. 26 Harrison, S. A. A memoir of John Leeds Bozman, the first historian of Maryland. 27. Patton, Rev. W. W. President Lincoln and the Chicago memorial of emancipation.-28. Calvert papers, No. 1.-29. Maryland Historical Society. Report of the committee on the western boundary of Maryland. - Archer, G. W The dismemberment of Maryland. - Wilson, J. G. A Maryland



Massachusetts - Constitutional Convention of 1788. Debates, resolutions, and other proceedings of the convention of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, convened at Boston, Jan 9, to Feb. 7, 1788, for the purpose of ratifying the constitution recommended by the Federal Convention, with the yeas and nays on the decision of the question; added are the amendments which have been made. Boston, 1808. 120. pp. 236. 5086 F 9 Maulde la Clavière, R. de. Histoire de Louis XII. Tom. iii. Paris, 1891. 8°. 4109 B 7

Men and women of the time; a dictionary of contemporaries. 13th ed., revised and brought down to the present by G. W. Moon. London, etc., 1891. 8°. pp. viii + 1016. 54 D 32 Mercy Argenteau, F. C., comte de, and others. Correspondance secrète du comte de Mercy-Argenteau avec l'empereur Joseph II. et le prince de Kaunitz, publiée par A. d'Arneth, J. Flammermont. Tom. i. Paris, 1889. 1. 8°. 4084 I

Meyer, C. Geschichte der Provinz Posen. Gotha, 1891. 8°. pp. x + (1) +371. (Heeren, A. H. L., and others, editors. Geschichte der europäischen Staaten: Ergängzungsheft.) 3658 F 51 Morgan, H. J. Sketches of celebrated Canadians and persons connected with Canada, from the earliest period in the history of the Province. Quebec, 1862. 8°. pp. 779. 47 F 41

Morris, A. The treaties of Canada with the Indians of Manitoba and the North-West territories. Toronto, 1880. 16o. pp. 375. 4631 F 12 New York Historical Society. Collections. Publication fund series. Vol. 18. 1886. 5116 E80

Contents: The burgher right of New Amsterdam.


of freemen of New York city, 1675-1866- Appendix to roll of freemen, 1695-1774- Indentures of apprenticeship, 1694-1708.Index.

Newcastle, T. P. HOLLES, duke of. The Duke of Newcastle's letter, by His Majesty's order, to Monsieur Michell, the King of Prussia's Secretary of the Embassy, in answer to the Memorial and other papers delivered by Monsieur Michell to the Duke on the 23d of November and 13th of December last [1752]. London, 1753. 4o. pp. 46. Table.


6041 G 18 North Carolina (Colony) General Assembly. Colonial records; collected and edited by W. L. Saunders. Raleigh, 1886-90. 10 v. 8°. 5216 G 1-10 Contents:i. 1662-1712. ii. 1713-1728. iii. 1728-1734. -iv. 1734-1752.-V. 1752-1759.-vi. 1759-1765 - vii. 17651768.-viii. 1769-1771.-ix. 1771-1775.-X. 1775-1776. (State) Senate. Trial of William W. Holden, Governor of North Carolina, before the Senate, on impeachment by the House of Representatives for high crimes and misdemeanors. Raleigh, 1871. 3 v. 5216 E 11-13 The great North


Northern Pacific Railroad.

west; a guide-book and itinerary. St. Paul, 1886. 16o. pp. 370. Illus. 4661 B 23 Cover title is "Guide to the Northern Pacific Railroad and its allied lines."

Oliphant, Mrs. M. O. W. The makers of Florence, Dante, Giotto, Savonarola, and their city. London, etc., 1889. 8°. pp. xx +422. Wdcts. and plates.

The 1st ed. appeared in 1876.

Onderdonk, H., jr. Documents and letters to illustrate the revolutionary incidents of Queens county; with narratives, notes, and additions. New York, 1846. 120. pp. 264. 4826 E 20 Revolutionary incidents of Suffolk and Kings counties, with an account of the battle of Long Island and the British prisons and prison-ships at NewYork. New York, 1849. 120. pp. 268. Map.


4826 E 21 O'Sullivan, D. A. Government in Canada: the principles and institutions of our federal and provincial constitutions; the B. N. A. act, 1867, compared with the United States constitution; with a sketch of the constitutional history of Canada. 2d ed., enlarged. Toronto, 1887. 8°. pp. xix + 344.

4611 E 45 Oxford Historical Society. [Publications. xviii., xix.] Oxford, 1891. 2 v. So. Illus.

4282 E 18-19

Contents:-[xviii.] Oxford city documents, 1268-1665. [xix] Clark, A., editor. The lite and times of Anthony Wood.

Pajol, C. P. V., comte. Les guerres sous Louis XV. Paris, 1881-88. 6 v. 80 and atlas fo.

4121 B 51-56, T 61 Contents:- i. 1715-1739. ii. 1740-1748: Allemagne. iii. 1740-1748: Italie. - Flandre. iv. 1749-1759: Guerre de sept ans.v. Guerre de sept ans, 1759-1763.- De la paix de Paris à la mort du roi, 1763-1764. -vi. Prise de Mahon, 1756. - Conquête de la Corse, 1731-1770.-Campagne de Portugal, 1762.-Charles-Edouard-Canada. Les Indes. - Colonies.Descentes des Anglais sur les côtes de France. — - Pologne, 17551773. Suède.-Camps, 1715-1774.

Paston letters (The), 1422-1509. A new edition containing upwards of four hundred letters, &c., hitherto unpublished, edited by J. Gairdner. Birmingham, 1872-75. 3 v. 160. 4356 F 85-87 Perry, B. F. Reminiscences of public men, with speeches and addresses. 2d series. Greenville, S. C., 1889. 8°. pp. 404. Port. and plate. 5226 F 56a Pozzo di Borgo, C. A., conte, and Karl Robert, Reichsgraf von Nesselrode. Correspondance diplomatique, 1814-18; publiée avec une introduction et des notes par C. Pozzo di Borgo. Tom. i. Paris, 1890. 8°. Port.

Quebec (Province) House of Assembly. Rapports du comité spécial de la Chambre d'Assemblée du Bas Canada auquel ont été référées la pétition des habitans du comté de York et autres pétitions se plaignant de griefs. [Québec], 1829. PP. 255.

4611 E 55 [Raine, J., Canon of York, editor.] A volume of English miscellanies illustrating the history and language of the northern counties of England. Durham, etc., 1890. 8°. pp. ix + 100. (Surtees Society. Publications Ixxxv.) 4282 A 85 Rameau, E. Une colonie féodale en Amérique, l'Acadie. (1604-1881). Paris, etc., 1889. 2 v. sm. 8o. 4631 D 39-40 Ranke, L. (F.) von. Sämmtliche Werke. 49er54er Bd. Leipzig, 1887-90. 6 v. in 3.


3266 C 5-7

Contents: xlix.-1. Zur Geschichte Deutschlands und Frankreichs im neunzehnten Jahrhundert, herausgegeben von A. Dove. li.-lii. Abhandlungen und Versuche, herausgegeben von A. Dove und T. Wiedemann: Die Fluthsage. Die Tragödien Seneca's Paulus Diaconus. - Zur Kritik fränkischdeutscher Reichsannalisten. Notiz über die Mutter Manfreds.

[blocks in formation]

Rémusat, P. L. E. de. Thiers; translated by M. B. Anderson. Chicago, 1889. 16. pp. 243(Great French writers. [vi.]) 7 C 27

Robinson, R. E. Vermont; a study of independence. Boston, etc., 1892. 120. pp. vi + 370. (Scudder, H. E., editor. American commonwealths.) 49 D 14 Rosebery, A. P. PRIMROSE, 5th earl. Pitt. London, etc., 1891. sm. 8°. pp. viii+297. (Twelve English statesmen.) 4416 A 67 Royal Geographical Society. Supplementary papers. Vol. iv. London, 1890. 80. Maps.


3516 B 55 Contents: iv. Ramsay, W. M. The historical geography of Asia Minor.

Russkoe Istoricheskoe Obstchestvo. Coopникъ Русскаго Историческаго Общества: [Collections of the Russian Historical Society.] Vol. i.-lxx., 1xxii.-xvii. С. Петербургъ, 1867-91. – 76 v. 1. 8.

3748 A Ryerson, Rev. [A.] E. Sir Charles Metcalf defended against the attacks of his late counsellors. Toronto, 1844. 8°. pp. 182. 4611 F 68

Schaefer, A. Demosthenes und seine Zeit. Leipzig, 1856-58. 3 v. 8°. 550 F 41-43 Schuchhardt, C. Schliemann's excavations; an archaeological and historical study. Translated from the German by E. Sellers, with an appendix on the recent discoveries at Hissarlik, and an introduction by W. Leaf. London, etc., 1891. 8°. pp. xxxii +363. Illus. 3701 G 51 Schurz, C. Abraham Lincoln; an essay. Boston, etc., 1891. 16o. pp. (1) + 117. Port.

4906 A 22 Schvarcz, J. Die Demokratie von Athen. Leipzig, 1891. 80. pp. xcvi + 749. 3711 C 38

1st vol of his Demokratie.

Schwarz, W. E., editor. Briefe und Akten zur Geschichte Maximilians II. Ier Bd. Paderborn, 1889. 8°.

Contents:i. Der Briefwechsel des Kaisers Maximilian 11. mit Papst Pius V.

Seward, F. W. Seward at Washington, as senator and secretary of state; a memoir of his life, with selections from his letters. 1846-1872. New York, 1891. 2 v. 8°. Portrs, and photogravures.

4911 B 65-66 Contents:-[ii] 1846-1861. — [iii.] 1861-1872.

The volumes are numbered **, ***, vol. i., which is already in the Library, being the Autobiography of William H. Seward from 1801 to 1834, with a memoir of his life and selections from his letters, from 1831 to 1846, by F. W. Seward," N. Y., 1877.

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Suffolk County, Mass. Suffolk deeds. Liber v. Boston, 1890. 8°. 5091 C 55 Sydney, W. C. England and the English in the eighteenth century; chapters in the social history of the times. New York, 1891. 2 v. sm. 8°.

4416 A 76-77 Thouvenel, L. Nicolas rer et Napoléon III; les préliminaires de la guerre de Crimée, 1852-1854, d'après les papiers inédits de [E. A.] Thouvenel. Paris, 1891. 80. pp. xxxi + 389 + (1). Traill, H. D. The Marquis of Salisbury. New York, 1891. sm. 8o. pp. viii + 224. Port. 4426 F 76 Trescot, W. H. The diplomacy of the revolution; an historical study. New York, 1852. 120. pp. viii+169. 4826 F 76 Trudel, F. X. A. Nos chambres hautes, Sénat et Conseil Législatif. Montréal, 1880. 8°. pp. 163. 4611 E 87 Le Canada sous l'union, 1841Québec, 1882. 2 v. 8°. 4611 D 43-44

Turcotte, L. P. 1867. Nouvelle éd.

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United States-State Department. Calendar of the correspondence of James Monroe. [Washington, 1891?] 8°. pp. 335

University of Nebraska. - Dept. and Economics. Seminary papers. [1] etc., 1891. 8°.

n. t.-p.

4865 DI of History New York, 5256 B 37

[i] Barrett, J. A. Evolution of the ordinance of 1787. Ville d'Avray, comte H. de. Signes conventionnels et lecture des cartes françaises et étrangères, France, Allemagne, Italie, Russie. P., 1890. 16o. pp. (2) +125+ (1). Figs. 8121 F 84

Vinogradov, P. G. Villainage in England; essays in English mediæval history. Oxford, 1892. 8°. pp. xii + 464. 4356 F 91 Contents: The peasantry of the feudal age. The manor and the village community.

Virginia - Legislature.

Calendar of Virginia state papers and other manuscripts. Vol. iv.-ix. Richmond, 1884-90. 6 v. 4o. 5200 F

Contents: iv. Jan. 1, 1785-July 2, 1789. -v. July 2, 1790-Aug. 10, 1792. vi. Aug. 11, 1792-Dec. 31, 1793. — vii Jan. 1, 1794-May 16, 1795 - viii. May 16, 1795-Dec. 31, 1798. -ix. 1799-1807.

Vol. iv. is edited by W. P. Palmer; vol. v., by W. P. Palmer and S. McRae; vol. vi., by S. McRae; vol. vii., by S. McRae and R. Colston, under the direction of H. W. Flournoy; vol. viii., ix., by H. W. Flournoy.


Vol. III, No. 2.





General (p. 43); Theology and Philosophy (p. 43);
Mormonism (p. 46); Law and Sociology (p. 48);
Science (p. 50); Useful Arts (p. 56); Fine Arts





1. The Library Council. The general care and supervision of the University Library is intrusted to the Library Council. This Council consists of the President of the University, who shall be ex-officio Chairman of the Council, of the Librarian, or in his absence the Acting Librarian, and five elected members, one of whom shall be elected by the Executive Committee, and four by the General Faculty. The election of members shall take place annually as near the beginning of the collegiate year as may be practicable. Persons elected shall hold office till their successors are chosen.

The members of the Council for the year 1892-93 are: President J. G. Schurman, Chairman, and G. W. Harris, Secretary, ex-officio; R. H. Treman, elected by the Executive Committee; Professors L. H. Bailey, W. T. Hewett, E. L. Nichols, and C. M. Tyler, elected by the Faculty.

2. The Library Staff. The staff of the University Library comprises the following persons: George William Harris, Librarian; Andrew Curtis White, Assistant Librarian (in charge of accessions and classification); Willard Henry Austin, Assistant Librarian (in charge of the Reference Library); George Lincoln Burr, Librarian of the White Historical Library; Mary Fowler, First Cataloguer; Gertrude Van Dusen, Cataloguer; Alexey Vasilyevich Babine, Cataloguer in the White Library; Leon Nelson Nichols, Assistant in the Reference Library; William Webster Root, Assistant in Accession Department.

3. Library Statistics. — The following items concerning the growth and use of the Library are epitomized from the Annual Report of the Librarian for the year 1891-92. The year was marked by the opening



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of the new Library building, the gift of Henry W. Sage, accompanied by an endowment fund of $300,000; the otion and incorporation of the White Historical Library, presented by Ex-President Andrew D. White in 1887; and the establishment of the Reference Library in the new Reading-Room.

During the year there were added to the collections making up the General Library 5,759 volumes, and about 1,200 pamphlets, and to the Law School Library 727 volumes, making the total additions of the year to the University Library 6,486 volumes, and about 1,200 pamphlets. At the date of the Report the General Library, including the White Historical Library and the seminary collections, contained 101,815 volumes and some 25,000 pamphlets, while the Law School Library .contained 9,192 volumes, in all 111,000 volumes, exclusive of pamphlets. The recent presentation of the Moak Library, numbering some 13,000 volumes, to the Law School by Mrs. Boardman and Mrs. Williams, as a memorial to Dean Boardman, will more than double the extent of the Law Library, and make it one of the first in the country.

Of the 5,759 volumes added to the General Library during the year, 2,350 volumes were received in gifts, as against 1,504 volumes in 1890-91, and 946 volumes in 1889-90. Especially noteworthy among the gifts is a remarkably complete collection of Rhaeto-Romanic literature presented by Willard Fiske. This collection numbers about 1,000 volumes, and is by far the richest collection on this subject in America. A catalogue of the collection is now in press.

At the opening of the new building, a well-equipped reference library, numbering about 6,000 volumes,

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