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Ph.D., Superintendent of Sanskrit Studies in Deccan College. Registered

under Act xxv. of 1867. Demy 8vo. pp. xvi. 260. cloth. 1870. 10s. 6d. Kielborn.-KÂTYÂYANA AND PATANJALI. Their Relation to each other

and to Panini. By F. KIELHORN, Ph. D., Prof. of Orient. Lang. Poona. 8vo.

pp. 64. 1876. 3s. 6d. Laghu Kaumudí. A Sanskrit Grammar. By Varadarája. With an English

Version, Commentary, and References. By James R. BALLANTYNE, LL.D.,
Principal of the Sanskrit College, Benares. 8vo. pp. xxxvi. and 424, cloth.

€1 118. 6d. Lanman.-On Noun-Inflection in the Veda. By R. LANMAN, Asso

ciate Prof. of Sanskrit in Johns Hopkins University. 8vo. pp. 276, wrapper.

1880. 108. Lanman.—A SANSKRIT READER, with Vocabulary and Notes. By C.

R. LANMAN, Prof. of Sanskrit in Harvard College. Part I. and II.-Text and

Vocabulary. Imp. 8vo. pp. xx.—294, cloth. 1884. 108. 6d. Mahabharata.—TRANSLATED INTO HINDI for Madan Mohun Bhatt, by

KRISHNACHANDRADHARMADHIKARIN, of Benares. Containing all but the

Harivansa. 3 vols. 8vo. cloth. pp. 574, 810, and 1106. £3 38. Mahábhárata (in Sanskrit), with the Commentary of Nílakantha. In

Eighteen Books: Book I. Adi Parvan, fol. 248. II. Sabhá do. fol. 82.' 111. Vana
do. fol. 312. IV. Viráța do. fol. 62. V. Udyoga do. fol. 180. VI. Bhishma do.
fol. 189. VII. Droņa do. fol. 215. VIII. Karņa do fol. 115. IX. Şalya do.
fol. 42. X. Sauptika do. fol. 19. XI. Strí do. fol. 19. XII. Șanti do.:-
a. Rájadharma, fol. 128; b. A'padharma, fol. 41; c. Mokshadharma, fol. 290.
XIII. Anuşásana Parvan, fol. 207. XIV. A swamedhika do. fol. 78. XV. Aşra-
mavásika do. fol. 26. XVI. Mausala do. fol. 7. XVII. Maháprasthánika do.
fol. 3. XVIII. Swargarokaņa do. fol. 8. Printed with movable types. Oblong

folio. Bombay, 1863. £12 12s. Maha-Vira-Charita; or, the Adventures of the Great Hero Rama.

An Indian Drama in Seven Acts. Translated into English Prose from the

Sanskrit of Bhavabhūti. By John PICKFORD, M.A. Crown 8vo. cloth. 58. Maino-i-Khard (The Book of the).—The Pazand and Sanskrit Texts

(in Roman characters) as arranged by Neriosengh Dhaval, in the fifteenth century. With an English translation, a Glossary of the Pazand texts, containing the Sanskrit, Rosian, and Pahlavi equivalents, a sketch of Pazand Gram

mar, and an Introduction. By E. W. WEST. 8vo. sewed, pp. 484. 1871, 168. Manava-Kalpa-Sutra; being a portion of this ancient Work on Vaidik

Rites, together with the Commentary of KUMARILA-SWAMIN. A Facsimile of the MS. No. 17, in the Library of Her Majesty's Home Government for India. With a Preface by THEODOR GOLDSTÜCKER.Oblong folio, pp. 268 of letter

press and 121 leaves of facsimiles. Cloth. £4 4s. Mandlik.—THE YÁJÑAVALKYA SMŽITI, Complete in Original, with an

English Translation and Notes. With an Introduction on the Sources of, and
Appendices containing Notes on various Topics of Hindu Law. By V. N.
MANDLIK. 2 vols. in one. Roy. 8vo. pp. Text 177, and Transl. pp. lxxxvii. and

532. Bombay, 1880. £3. Megha-Duta (The). (Cloud-Messenger.) By Kālidāsa. Translated

from the Sanskrit into English verse, with Notes and Illustrations. By the late H. H. Wilson, M.A., F.R.S., Boden Professor of Sanskrit in the University of Oxford, etc., etc. The Vocabulary by FRANCIS Johnson, sometime Professor of Oriental Languages at the College of the Honourable the East India

Company, Haileybury. New Edition. 4to. cloth, pp. xi, and 180. 108. 6d. Muir.—TRANSLATIONS from Sanskrit Writers. See “Trübner's Oriental

Series,” page 3.


Muir.-ORIGINAL SANSKRIT TEXTs, on the Origin and History of the

People of India, their Religion and Institutions. Collected, Translated, and

Illustrated by John Muir, Esq., D.C.L., LL.D., Ph.D. Vol. I. Mythical and Legendary Accounts of the Origin of Caste, with an Inquiry into its existence in the Vedic Age. Second Edition, re-written and greatly enlarged. 8vo. pp. xx. 532, cloth. 1868. 21s.

Vol. II. The Trans-Himalayan Origin of the Hindus, and their Affinity with the Western Branches of the Aryan Race. Second Edition, revised, with Additions. 8vo. pp. xxxii. and 512, cloth. 1871. 218.

Vol. III. The Vedas: Opinions of their Authors, and of later Indian Writers, on their Origin, Inspiration, and Authority. Second Edition, revised and enlarged. 8vo. pp. xxxii. 312, cloth. 1868. 168.

Vol. IV. Comparison of the Vedic with the later representations of the principal Indian Deities. Second Edition Revised. 8vo. pp. xvi. and 524, cloth. 1873. 215.

Vol. V. Contributions to a Knowledge of the Cosmogony, Mythology, Religious Ideas, Life and Manners of the Indians in the Vedic Age. Third Edition. 8vo. pp. xvi. 492, cloth, 1884. 21s. Nagananda; OR THE JOY OF THE SNAKE-WORLD. A Buddhist Drama

in Five Acts. Translated into English Prose, with Explanatory Notes, from the Sanskrit of Sri-Harsha-Deva. By PALMER Boyd, B.A., Sanskrit Scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge. With an Introduction by Professor CoWELL.

Crown 8vo., pp. xvi. and 100, cloth. 48. 6d.
Nalopákhyánam.-STORY OF NALA; an Episode of the Mahá-Bhárata.

The Sanskrit Text, with Vocabulary, Analysis, and Introduction. By MONIER
WILLIAMS, M.A. The Metrical Translation by the Very Rev. H. H. MILMAN,

D.D. 8vo. cl. 158.
Naradiya Dharma Sastram; oR, THE INSTITUTES OF NARADA. Trans-

lated for the First Time from the unpublished Sanskrit original. By Dr. JULIUS JOLLY, University, Wurzburg. With a Preface, Notes chiefly critical, an Index of Quotations from Narada in the principal Indian Digests, and a general Index.

Crown 8vo., pp. xxxv. 144, cloth. 10s. 6d. Oppert.— List of Sanskrit Manuscripts in Private Libraries of

Southern India. Compiled, Arranged, and Indexed, by Gustav OPPERT,

Ph.D. Vol. I. Royal 8vo. cloth, pp. 620. 1880. 218. Oppert.—ON THE WEAPONS, ARMY ORGANIZATION, AND POLITICAL MAXIMS

of the Ancient Hindus. With Special Reference to Gunpowder and Fire Arms.

By G. OPPERT. 8vo. sewed, pp. vi. and 162. Madras, 1880. 78. 6d. Patanjali.—THE VYÂKARANA-MAHABHÂSHYA OF PATANJALI. Edited

by F. KIELHORN, Ph.D., l’rofessor of Oriental Languages, Deccan College.

Vol. I., Part I. pp. 200. 88. 6d. Rámáyan of Válmiki.-5 vols. See under GRIFFITI. Ram Jasan. A SANSKRIT AND ENGLISH DICTIONARY. Being an

Abridgment of Professor Wilson's Dictionary. With an Appendix explaining the use of Affi ses in Sanskrit. By Pandit Ram Jasan, Queen's College, Benares. Published under the Patronage of the Government, N.W.P. Royal

8vo. cloth, pp. ii. and 707. 28s. Rig Veda Sanhita.—A COLLECTION OF ANCIENT HINDU HYMNS.

Constituting the First Ashtaka, or Book of the Rig-veda; the oldest authority
for the religious and social institutions of the Hindus. Translated from the
Original Sanskrit by the late H. H. Wilson, M.A. Secona Edition, with a
Postscript by Dr. FITZEDWARD Hall. Vol. I. 8vo. cloth, pp. lii. and 348.
Price 21s.

Rig-Veda Sanhita.-A Collection of Ancient Hindu Hymns, consti

tuting the Fifth to Eighth Ashtakas, or books of the Rig-Veda, the oldest Authority for the Religious and Social Institutions of the Hindus. Translated from the Original Sanskrit by the late HORACE HAYMAN Wilson, M.A., F.R.S., etc. Edited by E. B. CO WELL, M.A., Principal of the Calcutta

Sanskrit College. Vol. IV. 8vo. cloth, pp. 214. 148. A few copies of Vols. II. and III. still left. [Vols. V. and VI. in the Press. Rig-Veda-Sanhita : THE SACRED HYMNS OF THE BRAHMANS. Trans

lated and explained by F. Max MÜLLER, M.A., LL.D., Fellow of All Souls' College, Professor of Comparative Philology at Oxford, Foreign Member of the Institute of France, etc., etc. Vol. I. Hymns to the Maruts, or the Storm

Gods. 8vo. cloth, pp. clii. and 264. 1869. 128. 6d. Rig Veda.—THE HYMNSOFTHE RIG-VEDA in the Samhita and Pada Texts.

Reprinted from the Editio Princeps. By F. Max MÜLLER, M.A., etc. Second edition. With the Two Texts on Parallel Pages. In 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 1700,

sewed. 1877 32s. Sabdakalpadruma, the well-known Sanskrit Dictionary of RAJÁH

RADHAKANTA DEVA. In Bengali characters. 4to. Parts 1 to 40. (In

course of publication.) 38. 6d. each part. Sama-Vidhana-Brâhmana. With the Commentary of Sayana. Edited,

with Notes, Translation, and Index, by A. C. BURNELL, M.R.A.S. Vol. I. Text and Commentary. With Introduction. 8vo. cloth, pp. xxxviii. and 104.

128. 6d. Sakuntala.—A SANSKRIT DRAMA IN SEVEN Acts. Edited by MONIER

WILLIAMS, M.A. Second Edition. 8vo. cl. £1 ls. Sakuntala.-KALIDASA'S CAKUNTALA. The Bengalí Recension. With

Critical Notes. Edited by RICHARD PISCHEL. 8vo. cloth, pp. xi. and 210. 148. Sarva-Sabda-Sambodhini; or, THE COMPLETE SANSKRIT DICTIONARY.

In Telugu characters. 4to. cloth, pp. 1078. £2 15s. Surya-Siddhanta (Translation of the).-See Whitney. Táittiriya-Pratiçakhya.—See WHITNEY. Tarkavachaspati.—VACHASPATYA, a Comprehensive Dictionary, in Ten

Parts. Compiled by Taranatha Tarkavachaspati, Professor of Grammar and Philosophy in the Government Sanskrit College of Calcutta. An Alphabetically Arranged Dictionary, with a Grammatical Introduction and Copious Citations from the Grammarians and Scholiasts, from the Vedas, etc. Parts I.

to XIII. 4to. paper. 1873-6. 18s, each Part. Thibaut.—THE SÚLVASÚTRAS. English Translation, with an Intro

duction. By G. THIBAUT, Ph.D., Anglo-Sanskrit Professor Benares College.

8vo. cloth, pp. 47, with 4 Plates. 58. Thibaut. -CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE EXPLANATION OF JYOTISHA-VEDÂNGA

By G. THIBAUT, Ph.D. 8vo. pp. 27. 1s. 6d. Trübner's Bibliotheca Sanscrita. A Catalogue of Sanskrit Litera

ture, chiefly printed in Europe. To which is added a Catalogue of Sanskrit Works printed in India ; and a Catalogue of Pali Books. Constantly for sale

by Trübner & Co. Cr. 8vo. sd., pp. 84. 28. 6d. Vardhamana.–See Auctores Sanscriti, page 82. Vedarthayatna (The); or, an Attempt to Interpret the Vedas. A

Marathi and English Translation of the Rig Veda, with the Original Samhitâ and Pada Texts in Sanskrit. Parts I. to XXVIII. 8vo. pp. 1–896. Price 38. 6d. each.

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Vishnu-Purana (The); a System of Hindu Mythology and Tradition.

Translated from the original Sanskrit, and Illustrated by Notes derived chiefly from other Puráņas. By the late H. H. Wilson, M.A., F.R.S., Boden Professor of Sanskrit in the University of Oxford, etc., etc. Edited by FitzEDWARD HALL. In 6 vols. 8vo. Vol. I. pp. cxl. and 200; Vol. II. pp. 343 : Vol. III. pp. 348: Vol. IV. pp. 346, cloth; Vol. V. Part I. pp. 392, cloth. 108. 6d. each. Vol. V., Part II, containing the Index, compiled by Fitzedward

Hall. Avo. cloth, pp. 268. 128. Weber.-ON THE RÂMÂYANA. By Dr. ALBRECHT WEBER, Berlin.

Translated from the German by the Rev. D. C. Boyd, M.A. Reprinted from

“ The Indian Antiquary.” Fcap. 8vo. sewed, pp. 130. 58. Weber.-INDIAN LITERATURE. See “ Trübner's Oriental Series,”

page 3.

Whitney.--ATHARVA VEDA PRÁTIÇÁKHYA; or, Çáunakíyá Caturadhya

yika (The). Text, Translation, and Notes. By William W. Whitney, Pro

fessor of Sanskrit in Yale College. 8vo. pp. 286, boards. £i ils. 6d. Whitney.-SURYA-SIDDHANTA Translation of the): A Text-book of

Hindu Astronomy, with Notes and an Appendix, containing additional Notes and Tables, Calculations of Eclipses, a Stellar Map, and Indexes. By the Rev. E. BURGESS. Edited by W. D. WHITNEY. 8vo. pp. iv. and 354,

boards. £1 lls. 6d. Whitney.-TAITTIRÍYA-PRÁTICÁKHYA, with its Commentary, the

Tribháshyaratna : Text, Translation, and Notes. By W. D. WHITNEY, Prof.

of Sanskrit in Yale College, New Haven. 8vo. pp. 469. 1871. £1 5s. Whitney.—Index Verborum to the Published Text of the Atharva

Veda. By William Dwight Whitney, Professor in Yale College. (Vol. XII. of the American Oriental Society). Imp. 8vo. pp. 384, wide margin, wrapper.

1881. £1 58. Whitney.-A SANSKRIT GRAMMAR, including both the Classical Lan

guage, and the Older Language, and the Older Dialects, of Veda and Brabmana.

8vo. cloth, pp. viii. and 486. 1879. 12s. Williams.-A DictionARY, ENGLISH AND SANSCRIT. By MONIER

Williams, M.A. Published under the Patronage of the Honourable East India

Company. 4to. pp. xii. 862, cloth. 1851. £3 3s. Williams.-A SANSKRIT-ENGLISH DICTIONARY, Etymologically and

Philologically arranged, with special reference to Greek, Latin, German, AngloSaxon, English, and other cognate Indo-European Languages. By MONIER WILLIAMS, M.A., Boden Protessor of Sanskrit. 4to. cloth, pp. xxv. and 1186


ranged with reference to the Classical Languages of Europe, for the use of Enlish Students, by MONIER WILLIAMS, M.A. 1877. Fourth Edition,

Revised. 8vo. cloth. 58.
Wilson.— Works of the late HORACE HAYMAN WILSON, M.A., F.R.S.,

Member of the Royal Asiatic Societies of Calcutta and Paris, and of the Oriental
Soc. of Germany, etc., and Boden Prof. of Sanskrit in the University of

Vols. I. and II. Essays AND LECTURES chiefly on the Religion of the Hindus,

by the late H. H. Wilson, M.A., F.R.S., etc. Collected and Edited by Dr.

Reinhold Rost. 2 vols. cloth, pp xiii. and 399, vi. and 416. 21s. Vols. III, IV. and V. Essa Y8 ANALYTICAL, CRITICAL, AND PHILOLOGICAL, ON

SUBJECTS CONNECTED WITH SANSKRIT LITERATURE. Collected and Edited by Dr. Reinhold Rost. 3 vols. 8vo. pp. 408, 406, and 390, cloth. Price 365.

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Vols. VI., VII., VIII, IX. and X., Part I. Vishnu PURÁNÁ, A SYSTEM OF

HINDU MYTHOLOGY AND TRADITION. Vols. I. to V. Translated from the
original Sanskrit, and Illustrated by Notes derived chiefly from other Puránás.
By the late H. H. Wilson, Edited by FitzEDWARD HALL, M.A., D.C.L.,

Oxon. 8vo., pp. cxl. and 200; 344; 344 ; 346, cloth. 21. 12s. 6d.
Vol. X., Part 2, containing the Index to, and completing the Vishnu Puráná,

compiled by Fitzedward Hall. 8vo. cloth. pp. 268. 12s.

lated from the Original Sanskrit. By the late Horace HAYMAN Wilson, M.A.,

F.R.S. 3rd corrected Ed. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. Ixi. and 384; and iv. and 418, cl. 21s. Wilson.-SELECT SPECIMENS OF THE THEATRE OF THE HINDUS. Trans

lated from the Original Sanskrit. By the late HORACE HAYMAN Wilson, M.A., F.R.S. Third corrected edition. 2 vols. 8vo., pp. lxxi. and 384; iv. and 418, cloth. 21s.


Vol. I.-Preface-Treatise on the Dramatic System of the Hindus-Dramas translated from the

Original Sanskrit—The Mrichchakati, or the Toy Cart— Vikram aand Urvasi, or the
Hero and the Nymph-Uttara Ráma Charitra, or continuation of the History of

Vol. II.-Dramas translated from the Original Sanskrit-Maláti and Mádhava, or the Stolen

Marriage-Mudrá Rakshasa, or the Signet of the Minister-Ratnávalí, or the

Necklace-Appendix, containing short accounts of different Dramas.

amended, and enlarged from an original compilation prepared by learned Natives
for the College of Fort William by H. H. Wilson. The Third Edition edited
by Jagunmohana Tarkalankara and Khettramohana Mookerjee. Published by
Gyanendrachandra Rayachoudhuri and Brothers. 4to. pp. 1008. Calcutta,

1874. £3 38.
Wilson (H. H.).-See also Megha Duta, Rig-Veda, and Vishnu-


With the Commentary of Mahidhara. Complete in 36 parts. Large square 8vo. pp. 571. £4 108.



CUSHING. Large 8vo. pp. xii. and 60, boards. Rangoon, 1871. 98.
Cushing:— Elementary Handbook of the Shan Language. By the

Rev. J. N. CUSHING, MA. Small 4to. boards, pp. x. and 122. 1880. 12s. 6d.
Cushing.-A Shan and English Dictionary. By J. N. CUSHING, M.A.

Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. xvi. and 600. 1881. £1 18. 6d.


Trumpp.—GRAMMAR OF THE SINDHI LANGUAGE. Compared with the

Sanskrit. Prakrit and the gnate Indian Vernaculars. By Dr. ERNEST TRUMPP. Printed by order of Her Majesty's Government for India. Demy 8vo. sewed, pp. xvi. and 590. 158.

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