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Página 435 - The joints are of a precision unknown in our architecture, and not rivalled in the remains of ancient art in Europe. The statement of the old writers, that the accuracy with which the stones of some structures were fitted together was such that it was impossible to introduce the thinnest knife-blade or finest needle between them, may be taken as strictly true.
Página 290 - EXPLORATION side two small niches, below which, also on either side, is a single larger niche. The stone itself is a dark and exceedingly hard trachyte. It is faced with a precision that no skill can excel ; its lines are perfectly drawn, and its right angles turned with an accuracy that the most careful geometer could not surpass. Barring some injuries and defacements, and some slight damages by weather, I do not believe there exists a better piece of stone -cutting, the material considered, on...
Página 81 - Beside the bodies, there were a number of utensils, and other articles, in the vault. Among them half a dozen earthen jars, pans, and pots of various sizes and ordinary form . One or two were still encrusted with the soot of the fires over which they had been used.
Página 77 - ... the faded feathers of parrots and humming-birds. Around her neck was a triple necklace of shells, dim in color and exfoliating layer after layer when exposed to light and air. Resting between her body and bent-up knees were several small domestic implements, among them an ancient spindle for spinning cotton, half covered with spun thread, which connected with a mass of the raw cotton. This simple spinning apparatus consisted of a section of the stalk of the quinoa, half as large as the little...
Página 115 - ... very irregular in its outline, and does not cover so much ground as the above measurement would seem to indicate. The city is regularly laid out, the streets crossing each other at right angles, and generally of considerable length, and of convenient width.
Página 490 - Ollantaitambo are obliged to pass. From this point forward for a league, the valley is narrowed to a mere cleft between mountains rising in rugged masses, but with almost vertical fronts, to enormous elevations. The brain reels in straining to discern their splintered summits. Dark and chill, this is one of the grand portadas, or mountain gateways, of the Andes, leading to the plains of the Amazon, of which the early chroniclers write with undissembled awe. The river looks black and sinister in the...
Página 73 - ... or who never attained to it, they were accustomed to bury with their dead the things they regarded in life as most useful or beautiful, and from these we may deduce something of their modes of life, their habits, fancies, and follies, as will obtain some idea of their arts, and sometimes a clue to their religious notions and beliefs. In fact, the interment of articles of any kind with the dead is a clear proof of a belief in the doctrine of a future state, the theory being that the articles thus...
Página 93 - ... walls. The ruins of Cajamarquilla are described by Mr. Squier. There are no windows, and no traces of gables, but the doorways have peculiar shapes; some of them ovals, some triangles, and some circular. These ruins consist of three groups of buildings around a central mass, with streets between them; pyramidal edifices, rising stage on stage, with terraces and broad flights of steps leading to their summits; also apartments connected by blind and narrow passages, and subterranean vaults connected...
Página 78 - Lima beans" a few pods of cotton, gathered evidently before maturity, the husks being still on, some fragments of an ornament of thin silver, and two little thin disks of the same material, three- tenths of an inch in diameter, each pierced with a small hole near the edge, too minute for ornament apparently, and possibly used as a coin.
Página 36 - La Palata rode through the streets of his capital on a horse whose mane was strung with pearls, and whose shoes were of gold, over a pavement of solid ingots of silver.

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