The Fall of the Nibelungers: Otherwise the Book of Kriemhild

Williams and Norgate, 1850 - 447 páginas

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Página xxvii - Rosny has ta'en the cornet white. Our own true Maximilian the cornet white hath ta'en, The cornet white with crosses black, the flag of false Lorraine. Up with it high; unfurl it wide; that all the host may know How God hath humbled the proud house which wrought his church such woe.
Página 49 - Now went she forth, the loveliest, as forth the morning goes From misty clouds out-beaming; then all his weary woes Left him, in heart who bore her, and so, long time, had done. He saw there stately standing the fair, the peerless one.
Página 175 - Eemember, she's thy sister, yield her a sister's right, Guard her with faith and honour, as thou'rt a king and knight. My father and my followers for me they long must wait. Comrade ne'er found from comrade so sorrowful a fate.
Página 3 - A mate for me ? what say'st thou, dearest mother mine ? Ne'er to love, assure thee, my heart will I resign. I'll live and die a maiden, and end as I began, Nor (let what else befall me) will suffer woe for man.
Página 418 - Then said the aged Hildebrand, " let not her boast of gain, In that by her contrivance this noble chief was slain. Though to sore strait he brought me, let ruin on me light, But I will take full vengeance for Trony's murdered knight.
Página 60 - The same th' unconquer'd warrior with labour hard had won From the stout dwarf Albric in successful fray. The bold and wealthy champions made ready for the way. So, as I said, bold Siegfried the cloud-cloak bore along. When he but put it on him, he felt him wond'rous strong. Twelve men's strength then had he in his single body laid. By trains and close devices he woo'd the haughty maid.
Página 388 - Since none th' approaching mischief had hope to turn aside. The father of all virtue in that good margrave died. 2280. Then from the house call'd Folker, the minstrel good at need, •"Now that my comrade Hagan has to this truce agreed, From my hand too, Sir Rudeger, take firm and sure the same. You've ever well deserv'd it since to this land we came. 2281. For me, most noble margrave! you must a message bear; These bracelets red were given me late by your lady fair, To wear at this high festal before...
Página 384 - How fain that would I grant you!" the noble knight replied; " Would that my gifts for ever might in your hands abide ! I'd fain in all assist you, that life concerns or fame, But that I fear, so doing, to get reproach and shame.
Página 174 - Then spake the low'ring Hagan, " I know not why you moan. Our cares all and suspicions are now for ever flown. Who now are left, against us who'll dare to make defence ? Well's me, for all this weeping, that I have rid him hence.
Página 200 - Hagan seiz'd the treasure, and bore it thence away. Into the Rhine at Lochheim the whole at once threw he ! Henceforth he thought t' enjoy it, but that was ne'er to be.

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