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agencywide responsibility and supervises educational nonprofit institutions that and evaluates the conduct of such activ- will facilitate accomplishment of NASA ities by other NASA elements.

objectives in such a manner as to pro(c) Office of Industry Affairs. The Of- mote successful implementation of NASA fice of Industry Affairs, headed by the programs and strengthen the capabilities Assistant Administrator for Industry Af- of the institutions involved to perform fairs, is responsible for developing rela- their traditional functions. This includes tionships between NASA and the in- responsibility for planning and executing dustrial sector which will facilitate ac- the NASA Sustaining University Procomplishment of NASA objectives. The gram through which grants are awarded Asistant Administrator carries out these and administered for constructing speresponsibilities by establishing agency- cial laboratory and research facilities, wide policies pertaining to procurement, for supporting institutionally sponsored labor relations, reliability and quality research, and for graduate training in assurance, and cost reduction programs scientific and engineering fields. This Ofand by promoting a maximum decentral. fice also assists other NASA elements in ization of contract negotiation and award acquiring from universities basic reand related industrial activities to NASA search services related to programs and field installations and component instal- projects for which they are responsible. lations under close monitoring and re- (g) Audit Division. The Audit Division, view by the Office of Industry Affairs. headed by the Director of Audits, carries For additional information on the NASA out directly and through elements of the procurement program, see § 1201.700. Department of Defense a comprehensive

(d) Office of Special Contracts Nego- agency program for audit of agency actiation and Review. The Office of Special tivities performed by NASA personnel, Contracts Negotiation and Review, contractors, grantees, and other Governheaded by the Assistant Administrator ment agencies. The Director is authorfor Special Contracts Negotiation and ized to report directly to the AdminisReview, is responsible for reviewing the trator or Deputy Administrator when totality of relationships between NASA requested or when, in his judgment, the and private contractors in special cases interests of NASA will best be served. designated by the Administrator. It may, (h) Headquarters Administration Ofwhen so designated, assume leadership fice. The Headquarters Administration for supervising agency negotiations with Ofice, headed by the Director of Headdesignated contractors.

quarters Administration, provides sup(e) Office of Technology Utilization. port and services agencywide in the areas The Office of Technology Utilization, of administrative services, civil rights headed by the Assistant Administrator and equal employment opportunity, and for Technology Utilization, is responsi- emergency readiness planning, and, at ble for facilitating practical uses and ap- Headquarters, in the areas of personnel, plications of the scientific and techno- procurement, security, and budgeting. logical innovations resulting from This Office is also responsible for general NASA's research and development ac- management of the Western Support Oftivities by all segments of the economy. fice at Santa Monica, Calif. This includes responsibility for the devel- (i) Inspections Division. The Inspecopment and application of techniques tions Division, headed by the Director of and processes by NASA and its con- Inspections, conducts agencywide activitractors to identify and make available

ties designed to prevent and detect illegal an extensive array of scientific, technical,

or unethical conduct of NASA employees. and related practical information. Such

The Director is authorized to report diinformation is provided to industry and

rectly to the Administrator or Deputy other groups or individuals directly by

Administrator when requested or when, NASA and through geographically dispersed Federal Regional Report Centers.

in his judgment, the interests of NASA For the location of Federal Regional Re

will best be served. port Centers, see $ 120.701.

(j) Organization and Management (f) Office of University Affairs. The Planning Division. The Organization and Office of University Affairs, headed by Management Planning Division, headed the Assistant Administrator for Univer- by the Director of Organization and sity Affairs, is responsible for establish- Management Planning, provides advice ing an agencywide pattern of relation- and assistance to NASA management ships with universities and other officials on basic managerial policies and

organization plans, including assignments of functions and responsibilities. $ 1201.204 Other Headquarters Func

tional Offices. (a) General. Seven other Headquarters Offices, each headed by an Assistant Administrator or the General Counsel, report to officials of the Office of the Administrator ($ 1201.201). Their responsibilities include providing support and guidance to the Administrator and other Headquarters Offices for NASA-wide activities in their specialized areas of interest and reviewing and assuring effective operations in their functional areas.

(b) Office of General Counsel. The Office of General Counsel, headed by the General Counsel, provides legal advice and assistance to all organizational components of NASA; prepares the NASA legislative program and proposed Executive Orders; presents NASA views to the Executive Office of the President; provides legal representation for NASA, as required, and administers the NASA patent program. This Office also adjudicates claims against NASA for bodily injury, death, or property damage or loss.

(c) Office of Defense Affairs. The Office of Defense Affairs, headed by the Assistant Administrator for Defense Affairs, is responsible for relationships and interactions between NASA and all agencies of the Department of Defense (DOD). The Assistant Administrator direct lines of communication between offices and activities of NASA and of DOD to promote the interchange of information and participates in formulating and negotiating NASA-DOD agreements.

(d) Office of International Affairs. The Office of International Affairs, headed by the Assistant Administrator for International Affairs, initiates, plans, and coordinates international programs to promote maximum cooperation between NASA and foreign aeronautical and space agencies. This Office coordinates the development of agreements permitting NASA to use the equipment and facilities of foreign governments or agencies and permitting foreign governments or agencies to use NASA facilities. The Assistant Administrator also advises the Administrator on the progress of foreign aeronautical space programs and programs and policies. policies and on the effect abroad of NASA

(e) Office of Legislative Affairs. The Office of Legislative Affairs, headed by the Assistant Administrator for Legislative Affairs, monitors and coordinates all communications and relationships between NASA and the Congress; arranges for representation of NASA at Congressional hearings; assists Congressmen in securing appropriate information or assistance concerning NASA activities; and serves as the principal adviser to the Administrator and other NASA officials on executive and legislative matters involving relations with the Congress and State and local governments.

(f) Ofice of Policy. The Office of Policy, headed by the Assistant Administrator for Policy, is responsible for policy development and evaluation of agency programs from the standpoint of policy objectives; the conduct of studies to determine economic, social, and political implications of the aeronautics and space programs; and the planning and coordination of NASA historical activities.

(g) Office of Program Plans and Analysis. The Office of Program Plans and Analysis, headed by the Assistant Administrator for Program Plans and Analysis, analyzes, evaluates and synthesizes the program planning activities of other agency elements and complements them with agencywide perspective. It provides an independent engineering, scientific and technical staff capability required by the Administrator and Deputy Administrator on technical requirements and related considerations.

(h) Office of Public Affairs. The Office of Public Affairs, headed by the Assistant Administrator for Public Affairs, is responsible for developing an agencywide public affairs program to provide the widest practicable and appropriate dissemination of information concerning NASA activities by (1) releasing information, including motion pictures, television and radio programs and exhibits to news media and other private individuals and groups; and (2) providing assistance to schools, colleges, and other educational organizations in gaining wider knowledge and understanding of space science and technology. This includes participation in teacher workshops, advising and helping develop instructional resources for use within established curricula; producing or recommending, and assisting in the production of, educational publications, films, and television and radio programs; and conducting lecture demonstrations in assembly halls and classrooms. § 1201.205 Executive Secretariat.

The Executive Secretariat, headed by the Executive Secretary, serves as the major communications system linking the Office of the Administrator with other Headquarters Offices and organizational element in the flow of decision related documents and information needed for planning, coordination and control. It provides an overlay of communications on the normal structure of line and staff communication among the Headquarters Offices and other organizational elements. Subpart 3—NASA Field Installations $ 1201.300 General.

(a) NASA's 10 field installations have different and broad capabilities. Although these field installations have a primary program responsibility to the Program Office to which they report, they also conduct work for the other Program Offices, including the bulk of the agency's procurement of goods and services.

(b) The mailing address and a brief description of the activities of each field installation follow:

(1) Director, Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif. 94035. Basic and applied research in space environmental physics, including simulation techniques, gas dynamics research at extreme speeds, configuration, stability, structures and guidance and control of aeronautical and space vehicle, biomedical and biophysical research. Also responsible for the Pioneer missions.

(2) Director, Electronics Research Center, 575 Technology Square, Cambridge, Mass. 02139. Basic studies and research in instrumentation, communication, data processing, navigation, and guidance control.

(3) Director, Flight Research Center, Post Office Box 273, Edwards, Calif. 93523. Research in extremely high performance aircraft and spacecraft, including flight operations and flight systems; and structural characteristics of aeronautical and space vehicles.

(4) Director, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. 20771. Scientific research in space and unmanned satellites; research and development of meteorological and communications

satellites; and tracking and data acquisition operations. Responsible for the management of the National Space Science Data Center (see Subpart 1205.1 of this title).

(5) Director, John F. Kennedy Space Center, NASA, Kennedy Space Center, Fla. 32899. Providing or arranging for services and supporting activities for major launchings collaborating with such elements of the Department of Defense as the Air Force Eastern Test Range and the Army Corps of Engineers to avoid unnecessary duplication of launch facilities, services, and capabilities.

(6) Director, Langley Research Center, Langley Station, Hampton, Va. 23365. Aeronautical and space structures and materials, aerodynamics of reentry vehicles, space environmental physics, life sciences, subsonic and supersonic flight. Also responsible for development of the Lunar Orbiter Spacecraft and mission.

(7) Director, Lewis Research Center, 21000 Brookpark Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44135. Powerplants and propulsion; high energy propellants; nuclear rockets; electric propulsion; and management and procurement of medium launch vehicle programs such as Centaur and Agena.

(8) Director, Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston, Tex. 77058. Research and development of manned spacecraft, such as Apollo; development of life support systems; development and integration of experiments for assigned space flight activities; astronaut training; and manned flight and operations in space.

(9) Director, George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Ala. 35812. Research and development of launch vehicles and systems to launch manned and unmanned spacecraft; development of the Voyager spacecraft system; and developing and integrating experiments for assigned space flight activities, including some of those for the Apollo Application Program.

(10) Director, Wallops Station, Wallops Island, Va. 23337. Launch facilities and services for other NASA installations which conduct suborbital, orbital, and space probe experiments with vehicles ranging from small rockets to the Scout four-stage solid fuel rocket. Develops techniques for collecting and processing experimental data.

Subpart 4Jet Propulsion tional testing of spacecraft propulsion

systems and for the launching of sound

ing rockets and space probes sponsored $ 1201.400 Jet Propulsion Laboratory. by governmental, industrial, and aca

demic institutions. (a) The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is a U.S. Government-owned fa

(d) The Michoud Assembly Facility

at Michoud, La., under the Marshall cility, which is operated by the California Institute of Technology under a

Space Flight Center ($ 1201.300(b) (9)), contract with NASA. It is not classed as

is used in the manufacture of the first a NASA “Field Installation,” but its op

stages of the Saturn family of launch eration comes under the overall manage

vehicles by NASA contractors. ment responsibility of the Office of Space

(e) The Mississippi Test Facility at

Bay St. Louis, Miss., under the Marshall Science and Applications (ß 1201.202(d)). (b) The JPL is located at 4800 Oak

Space Flight Center ($ 1201.300(b) (9)), Grove Drive, Pasadena, Calif. 91103.

is the agency's static test site for large

launch vehicle stages and propulsion (c) Research programs carried on at the JPL include projects relating to the


(f) The NASA Pasadena Office in exploration of deep space, lunar and interplanetary flights; development of

Pasadena, Calif., under the Office of unmanned interplanetary spacecraft;

Space Sciences and Applications (8 1201.

202(d), negotiates, executes, and adand operation of related tracking and

ministers NASA contracts with the Calidata acquisition systems.

fornia Institute of Technology for the (d) Contractual matters relating to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory are car

operation of the Jet Propulsion Labora

tory. ried out throughout the NASA Pasadena Office ($ 1201.500(f)).

(g) The Plum Brook Station in San

dusky, Ohio, is operated by the Lewis Subpart 5-NASA Component Research Center (§ 1201.300(b) (7)). It Installations

has a 60 megawatt reactor to test com

ponents of nuclear power propulsion § 1201.500 General.

systems. NASA also has a number of component

(h) The NASA Western Support Office installations located apart from the in Santa Monica, Calif., is responsible Headquarters Offices or field installa- to the Director of Headquarters Admintions to which they are assigned for

istration, NASA Headquarters (120.203 management purposes. Such component (h)). This office provides administrainstallations are generally NASA tech

tive, legal, technical, and related servnical facilities which support program

ices and support for other NASA elematic activities requiring use of such

ments with projects and programs in facilities. A brief description of these

western locations. component installations follows:

(i) The KSC Western Test Range Op(a) The NASA Daytona Beach Opera

erations Division, at Lompoc, Calif., is tion at Daytona Beach, Fla., functions under the Kennedy Space Center (§ 120.under the Office of Manned Space Flight

300(b) (5)). This Division manages the ($ 1201.202(c)). It provides administra

unmanned launch operations at the tive and technical support and services

Western Test Range, including integrafor various elements of NASA and DOD

tion, test, and checkout of vehicles concerned with the design and fabrica

launched from that range. tion of checkout equipment by NASA

(j) The Joint AEC-NASA Space Nucontractors.

clear Propulsion Office at Germantown, (b) The Goddard Institute for Space

Md., undertakes research and developStudies in New York City functions

ment, in conjunction with the Atomic under the Goddard Space Flight Center

Energy Commission, leading to nuclear ($ 1201.300(b) (4)). It does theoretical

rocket propulsion for space vehicles, inresearch in fields such as astronomy and

cluding the nuclear reactor and nonremeteorology and assists in the analysis

actor components of such systems. Three of satellite data.

field extensions of this office, which are (c) The MSC White Sands Test Facil

located at Jackass Flats, Nev.; Cleveity at Las Cruces, N. Mex., functions land, Ohio; and Albuquerque, N. Mex., under the Manned Spacecraft Center in

are involved with various aspects of this Houston, Tex. ($ 1201.300(b) (8)). White joint research and development proSands is currently utilized for opera- gram.

Space Act, as amended (42 U.S.C. 2457 (f), 2458), and the Government Employees Incentive Awards Act (5 U.S.C. 212123), respectively.

(2) The Charter of the Board is set forth at Subpart 4 of Part 1209 of this chapter. The Board's rules of procedure are set forth at 14 CFR Subpart 1240–1 (revised Apr. 21, 1967-cf. 32 F.R. 6272–73).

The texts of decisions of the Board on requests for waiver are published in Petitions for Patent Waiver (NASA Handbook NHB 5500.1A) and are hereby incorporated by reference. They are available for purchase from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.

Subpart 6-Boards and Committees $ 1201.600 Boards and committees.

Various boards and committees have been established as part of the permanent organizational structure of NASA. These include:

(a) Board of Contract Appeals.

(1) Established to adjudicate appeals arising from final decisions by NASA Contracting Officers pursuant to the Disputes clause of NASA contracts.

(2) The Charter of the Board is set forth at Subpart 1 of Part 1209 of this chapter. The Board's rules of procedure are set forth at 41 CFR Part 18–54.

(3) The texts of decisions of the Board are published by Commerce Clearing House, Inc., in Board of Contract Appeals Decisions, and are hereby incorporated by reference. All decisions and orders are available for inspection, and for purchase, from the Recorder of the Board at NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C. Decisions and orders issued after July 4, 1967, will be available for inspection and for purchase at NASA Information Centers ($ 1206.601). An Index/Digest of Decisions issued between October 1, 1958, and December 31, 1966, and annual supplements to be issued thereto, will be available for inspection and for purchase at NASA Information Centers.

(b) Contract Adjustment Board (1) Established to consider and dispose of requests by NASA contractors for extraordinary contractural adjustments pursuant to Public Law 85-804 (50 U.S.C. 1431-35) and Executive Order 10789 dated November 14, 1958 (23 F.R. 8897).

(2) The Charter of the Board is set forth at Subpart 3 of Part 1209 of this chapter. The Board's rules of procedure are set forth at 41 CFR Part 18-17.

(3) The texts of decisions of the Board are available for inspection and for purchase from the Chairman of the Board, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Washington, D.C. 20546.

(c) Inventions and Contributions Board. (1) Established to consider and recommend to the Administrator the action to be taken with respect to (i) requests for waiver of rights to any invention or class of inventions made during the performance of NASA contracts, and (ii) applications for award for scientific and technical contributions determined to have significant value in the conduct of aeronautical and space activities pursuant to the National Aeronautics and

Subpart 7-General Information $ 1201.700 NASA Procurement Program.

(a) The Procurement Office, headed by the Director of Procurement, who is responsible to the Assistant Administrator for Industry Affairs ($ 1201.203(c)), serves as a central point of control and contact for NASA procurements. Although the procurements may be made by the field installations, contracts in excess of specific dollar amounts or contracts for various special type services are required to be approved by the Director of Procurement prior to their execution. The Procurement Office is also responsible for formulation of NASA procurement policies and provides overall assistance and guidance to NASA field installations to achieve uniformity in NASA procurement processes.

(b) The NASA procurement program is carried out principally at the NASA field installations listed in $ 1201.300. The Assistant Administrator for Special Contracts Negotiation and Review ($ 1201.203(d)) is responsible for negotiation and review of certain assigned contracts that involve new policy or administrative arrangements requiring consideration or decision by the Administrator or Deputy Administrator. The Headquarters Contracts Division is responsible for contracts with foreign governments and foreign commercial organizations, and the procurement of materials and services required by Headquarters offices except for minor office supplies and services procured locally. The Office of University Affairs (1201.203(f)) is responsible for grants and research contracts with scientific and educational nonprofit institutions.

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