History of Mexico: 1861-1887


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Página 98 - They have neither a right nor a disposition to intervene by force in the internal affairs of Mexico, whether to establish and maintain a republic or even a domestic government there, or to overthrow an imperial or a foreign one, if Mexico chooses to establish or accept it. The United States have neither the right nor the disposition to intervene by force on either side in the lamentable war which is going on between France and Mexico.
Página 199 - Diciembre en que debe verificarse el reemplazo, ó el electo no estuviere pronto á entrar en el ejercicio de sus funciones, cesará sin embargo el antiguo, y el Supremo Poder Ejecutivo se depositará interinamente en el Presidente de la Suprema Corte de Justicia.
Página 354 - His Majesty, the King of Prussia, in the name of the North German Confederation, His Majesty the King of Bavaria, His Majesty the King of...
Página 385 - Juarez,95 the chief magistrate, without soldiers or resources, had faltered ? Who would have taken up the struggle had he abandoned it? Indeed, in vain may we search history for a more wonderful example of human greatness and success — a poor, ignorant Indian boy, emerging from the wild mountains of Oajaca to link his name to some of the most radical reforms the American continent has ever witnessed. 15 ' El presidents peregrine.' Baz, Vida de Juarez, 316. CHAPTER XVII. LERDO PRESIDENT. 1872-1874....
Página 443 - ... the places, settled or capable of eventual settlement, where it may be advisable to set the monuments closer together along the line than at present; (d) the character of the new monuments required, whether of stone or iron; and their number, approximately, in each case.
Página 24 - Seward further advised the ministers of the three leagued powers that the United States would maintain a competent naval force in the gulf of Mexico to protect their citizens and interests; and that their minister in Mexico would be authorized to seek such conferences with the belligerents as might guard either of them against inadvertent injury to the just rights of the United States, if any such should be endangered. Early in November news reached Vera Cruz of the preparations made in Habana for...

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