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Part 0

Commission Organization

October 1982


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

CHIEF, PRIVATE RADIO BUREAU 0.331 Authority delegated. 0.332 Actions taken under delegated authority. 0.333 Authority delegated jointly to the Chief of the Common

Carrier and Private Radio Bureaus. 0.334 Additional Authority delegated to the Chief, Private Radio

Bureau. 0.335 Authority for common carrier matters delegated to Chief,

Private Radio Bureau. 0.337 Record of actions taken.

ADMINISTRATIVE LAW JUDGES 0.341 Authority of administrative law judge. 0.347 Record of actions taken.

PUBLIC INTORMATION AND INSPECTION OF RECORDS 0.441 General. 0.442 Disclosure to other Federal government agencies of infor.

mation submitted to the Commission in confidence. 0.443 General information office. 0.445 Publication, availability and use of opinions, orders, policy

statements, interpretations, administrative manuals, and staff

instructions. 0.451 Inspection of records: Generally. 0.453 Public reference rooms. 0.455 Other locations at which records may be inspected. 0.457 Records not routinely available for public inspection. 0.459 Requests that materials or information submitted to the

Commission be withheld from public inspection. 0.460 Requests for inspection of records which are routinely

available for public inspection. 0.461 Requests for inspection of materials not routinely available

for public inspection. 0.463 Demand by competent authority for the production of doc

uments or testimony concerning information contained there

in. 0.465 Request for copies of materials which are available, or

made available, for public inspection. 0.466 Search fee. 0.467 Certified copies.

CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE LAW JUDGE 0.351 Authority delegated. 0.357 Record of actions taken.


0.361 General authority. 0.362 Action on initial decision. 0.363 Certification of matters to the Commission. 0.365 Authority delegated. 0.367 Record of actions taken.

CHIP, OFFICE OF OPINIONS AND REVIEW 0.371 Authority delegated. 0.377 Record of actions taken.

DEFENSE AND EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS DELEGATIONS 0.381 Defense Commissioner. 0.383 Emergency Relocation Board. 0.387 Other defense and emergency preparedness delegations;

cross reference.


TIONS, AND FOR TAKING EXAMINATIONS 0.471 Miscellaneous submittals or requests. 0.473 Reports of violations. 0.475 Applications for employment. 0.481 Place of filing applications for radio authorizations. 0.483 Applications for amateur station and operator license and/

or commercial operator license. 0.485 Amateur and commercial operator examination points. 0.487 Applications for interim ship station licenses. 0.489 Applications for ship radio inspection and periodical

survey. 0.491 Applications for exemption from compulsory ship radio re

quirements. 0.493 Non-radio common carrier applications.

Subpart C-General Information


Subpart D-Public Availability of Classifiod Material

0.401 Location of Commission offices. 0.403 Office hours. 0.405 Statutory provisions. 0.406 The rules and regulations.


0.501 Purpose. 0.502 Program oversight. 0.503 Classification Review Committee. 0.504 Original classification. 0.505 Derivative classification.

PRINTED PUBLICATIONS 0.411 General reference materials. 0.413 The Commission's printed publications. 0.414 The Communications Act and other statutory materials. 0.415 The rules and regulations (looseleaf service). 0.416 The Federal Communications Commission Reports. 0.417 The Annual Reports. 0.420 Other Commission publications.


0.520 Introduction. 0.521 Mandatory declassification review. 0.530 Access to classified materials. 0.531 Access by historical researchers and former Presidential ap

pointees. 0.540 Fees and charges.


[blocks in formation]

0.601 Definitions. 0.602 Open meetings. 0.603 Bases for closing a meeting to the public. 0.605 Procedures for announcing meetings. 0.606 Procedures for closing a meeting to the public. 0.607 Transcript, recording or minutes; availability to the public.

AUTHORITY: Secs. 4, 303, 48 Stat. 1066, 1082, as amended; 47 U.S.C. 154, 303, unless otherwise noted. Implement; 5 U.S.C. 552.

[blocks in formation]

80.3 The Chairman.

(a) One of the members of the Commission is designated by the President to serve as Chairman, or chief executive officer, of the Commission. As Chairman, he has the following duties and responsibilities:

(1) To preside at all meetings and sessions of the Commission.

(2) To represent the Commission in all matters relating to legislation and legislative reports; however, any other Commissioner may present his own or minority views or supplemental reports.

(3) To represent the Commission in all matters requiring conferences or communications with other governmental officers, departments or agencies.

(4) To coordinate and organize the work of the Commission in such a manner as to promote prompt and efficient disposition of all matters within the jurisdiction of the Commission.

(b) The Commission will, in the case of a vacancy in the Office of the Chairman of the Commis

8 0.5 General description of Commission organization

and operations. (a) Principal staff units. The Commission is assisted in the performance of its responsibilities by its staff, which is divided into the following principal units:

(1) Office of Executive Director.
(2) Office of Science and Technology.
(3) Office of General Counsel.
(4) Office of Plans and Policy.
(5) Broadcast Bureau.
(6) Common Carrier Bureau.
(7) Private Radio Bureau.
(8) Field Operations Bureau.'
(9) Cable Television Bureau.
(10) Office of Administrative Law Judges.
(11) Review Board.
(12) Office of Opinions and Review.
(13) Network inquiry special staff.
(14) Office of Public Affairs.

(b) Staff responsibilities and functions. The organization and functions of these major staff units are described in detail in $ $ 0.11-0.176. The defense and emergency preparedness functions of the Commission are set forth separately, beginning at $ 0.181. For a complete description of staff functions, reference should be made to these provisions. (See also the U.S. Government Organization Manual, which contains a chart showing the Commission's organization, the names of the members and principal staff officers of the Commission, and other information concerning the Commission.) So that the public may more readily inform itself concerning the operations of the Commission as a whole, concerning the staff officials who exercise responsibility over matters in which they are interested and concerning the relationship between the several staff units in such matters, however, a brief overall description of staff functions and responsibilities is set forth in this paragraph.

(1) The Executive Director. The Executive Di. rector is directly responsible to the Commission,

'Field Engineering Bureau renamed Field Operations Bureau, 38 FR 31298, Nov. 13, 1973.

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