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Página 354 - The Oxford Sausage, or Select Poetical Pieces, written by the most celebrated Wits of the University of Oxford, with Cuts, from the original Designs.
Página 190 - Reflections at the Conclusion of the War : Being a Sequel to Reflections on the Political and Moral State of Society at the Close of the Eighteenth Century.
Página 191 - Cumberland to enter the field with a humorous pamphlet, called " Curtius rescued from the Gulph, or the Retort Courteous to the Rev. Dr Parr, in answer to his learned Pamphlet, entitled ' A Sequel,
Página 285 - The Wonders of Elora ; or the Narrative of a Journey to the Temples and Dwellings excavated out of a Mountain of Granite, and extending upwards of a Mile and a Quarter, at Elora, in the East Indies...
Página 372 - An Antidote to the Miseries of Human Life, in the History of the Widow Placid and her Daughter Rachel.
Página 229 - History of France, from the Accession of Henry III., to the Death of Louis XIV., 3 vols.
Página 350 - Horace in London: CONSISTING OF IMITATIONS of the First Two Books of the Odes of Horace. BY THE AUTHORS OF REJECTED ADDRESSES, or the New Theatrum Poetarum.
Página 203 - Sketches relating to the history, religion, learning, and manners of the Hindoos, p.
Página 99 - The PHILOSOPHY of ARITHMETIC, Exhibiting a Progressive View of the Theory and Practice of Calculation ; with an enlarged Table of the Products of Numbers under One Hundred.
Página 75 - British Monachism; or, Manners and Customs of the Monks and Nuns of England.

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