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Haug.-AN OLD ZAND-PAHLAVI GLOSSARY. Edited in the Original

Characters, with a Transliteration in Roman Letters, an English Translation, and an Alphabetical Index. By DESTUR HOSHENGJI JAMASPJI, High-priest of the Parsis in Malwa, India. Rev. with Notes and Intro. by MARTIN HAUG,

Ph.D. Publ. by order of Gov. of Bombay. 8vo. sewed, pp. lvi. and 132. 158. Haug.-AN OLD PAHLAVI-PAZAND GLOSSARY. Ed., with Alphabetical

Index, by DESTUR HOSHANGJI JAMASPJI Asa, High Priest of the Parsis in
Malwa. Rev. and Enl., with Intro. Essay on the Pahlavi Language, by M. Haug,

Ph.D. Pub. by order of Gov. of Bombay. 8vo. pp. xvi. 152, 268, sd. 1870. 288. Haug.-ESSAYS ON THE SACRED LANGUAGE, WRITINGS, AND RELIGI

OF THE PARSIS. By MARTIN Haug, Ph D., late Professor of Sanskrit and
Comparative Philology at the University of Munich. Second Edition. Edited

by E. W. West, Ph.D. Post 8vo. pp. xvi. and 428, cloth, 16s. Hawken.-UPA-SASTRA : Comments, Linguistic and Doctrinal, on

Sacred and Mythic Literature. By J. D. HAWKEN. 8vo. cloth, pp. viii.-288.

78. 6d. Heaviside. - AMERICAN ANTIQUITIES ; or, the New World the Old, and

the Old World the New. By John T. C. HEAVISIDE. 8vo. pp. 46, sewed. 1s. 6d Hebrew Literature Society (Publications of). Subscription £1 18.

1872-3. First Series. Vol. I. Miscellany of Hebrew Literature. Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. viii. and

228. 108. Vol. II. The Commentary of Ibn Ezra on Isaiah. Edited from MSS., and

Translated with Notes, Introductions, and Indexes, by M. FRIEDLÄNDER,
Ph.D. Vol. I. Translation of the Commentary. Demy Svo. cloth,

pp. xxviii. and 332. 108. 6d. Vol. II. The Commentary of Ibn Ezra. Vol. II. The Anglican Version of

the Book of the Prophet Isaiah amended according to the Commentary of Ibn Ezra. Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. 112. 4s. 6d.

1877. Second Series. Vol. I. Miscellany of Hebrew Literature. Vol. II. Edited by the Rev. A.

Löwy. Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. vi. and 276. 10s. 6d. Vol. II. The Commentary of Ibn Ezra. Vol. III. Demy 8vo. cloth,

pp. 172. 78. Vol. III. Ibn Ezra Literature. Vol. IV. Essays on the Writings of Abraham

Jbn Ezra. By M. FriedLÄNDE, Ph.D. Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. X.-252

and 78. 128. 6d. Hepburn.—A JAPANESE AND ENGLISH DICTIONARY. With an English

and Japanese Index. By J. C. HEPBURN, M.D., LL.D. Second edition.

Imperial 8vo. cloth, pp. xxxii., 632 and 201. £8 88. Hepburn.—JAPANESE-ENGLISH AND ENGLISH-JAPANESE DICTIONARY. By

J. C. HEPBURN, M.D., LL.D. Abridged by the Author from his larger work.

Small 4to. cloth, pp. vi. and 206. 1873. 18s. Hernisz.-A GUIDE TO CONVERSATION IN THE ENGLISH AND CHINESE

LANGUAGES, for the use of Americans and Chinese in California and elsewhere,

By STANISLAS HERNISZ. Square 8vo. pp. 274, sewed. 10s. 6d. The Chinese characters contained in this work are from the collections of Chinese groups, engraved on steel, and cast into moveable types, by Mr. Marcellin Legrand, engraver of the Imperial Printing Office at Paris. They are used by most of the missions to China. Hincks.— SPECIMEN CHAPTERS OF AN ASSYRIAN GRAMMAR. By the late

Rev. E. Hincks, D.D., Hon. M.R.A.S. 8vo., pp. 44, sewed. 1s.

OF NEPAL AND TIBET ; together with further Papers on the Geography,
Ethnology, and Commerce of those Countries. By B. H. Hodgson, late
British Minister at Nepál. Royal 8vo. cloth, pp. 288. 148.


Linguistic Publications of Trübner & Co.,

Hoffmann.-SHOPPING DIALOGUES, in Japanese, Dutch, and English.

By Professor J. Hoffmann. Oblong 8vo. pp. xiii. and 44, sewed. 58. Hoffmann, J. J.-A JAPANESE GRAMMAR. Second Edition. Large

8vo. cloth, pp. viii. and 368, with two plates. £1 18. Holbein Society.–Subscription £1 1s. per annum. A List of Publi

cations to be had on application, Hopkins.—ELEMENTARY GRAMMAR OF THE TURKISH LANGUAGE. With

a few Easy Exercises. By F. L. Hopkins. M.A., Fellow and Tutor of Trinity

Hall, Cambridge. Cr. 8vo. cloth, pp. 48. 3s. 6d. Howse.—A GRAMMAR OF THE CREE LANGUAGE. With which is com

bined an analysis of the Chippeway Dialect. By Joseph Howse, Esq.,

F.R.G.S. 8vo. pp. xx. and 324, cloth. 7s. 6d. Hunter.— A STATISTICAL ACCOUNT OF BENGAL. By W. W. HUNTER, B.A.,

LL.D. Director-General of Statistics to the Government of India; one of the Council of the Royal Asiatic Society; M.R.G.S.; and Honorary Member

of various Learned Societies. VOL.

VOL, I. 24 Parganás and Sundarbans.

X. Dárjsling, Jalpáiguri and Kuch Behar II. Nadiya and Jessor.

XI. Patná and Sáran.

(State. III. Midnapur, Húgli and Hourah.

XII. Gayá and Sháhábád IV. Bard wánBitbhum and Bankura.

XIII. Tirhut and Champáran.
V. Dacca, Bákarganj. Faridpur and Mai- XIV. Bhagalpur and Santál Parganás.

XV. Monghyr and Purniah.
VI. Chittagong Hill Tracts, Chittagong, XVI, Hazaribagh and Lohárdaga.

Noák hálí, Tipperah, and Hill Tipperah XVII. Singbhúm, Chutiá, Nágpur Tributary

States and Mánbhúm.
VII. Meldah, Rangpur and Dinajpur.

XVIII, Cuttack and Balasor. VIII. Rájsháhi and Bográ.

XIX. Purí, and Orissa Tributary States, IX. Murshidábád and Pábná.

XX. Fisheries, Botany, and General Index. Published by command of the Government of India. In 20 Vols. 8vo. half


in Arabia. Compiled by Captain F. M. HUNTER, F.R.G.S., F.R.A.S., Assistant Political Resident, Aden. Demy 8vo. half-morocco, pp. xii.-232.

78. 6d. Ikhwánu-s Safá; or, BROTHERS OF PURITY, Describing the Contention

between Men and Beasts as to the Superiority of the Human Race. Translated from the Hindustání by Professor J. Dowson, Staff College, Sandhurst.

Crown 8vo. pp. viii. and 156, cloth. 78. Indian Antiquary (The).—A Journal of Oriental Research in Archæo

logy, History, Literature, Languages, Philosophy, Religion, Folklore, etc. Edited by James BURGESS, M.R.A.S., F.R.G.S. 4to. Published 12 numbers

per anuum. Subscription £2. Ingleby.-SHAKESPEARE: the Man and the Book. By C. M. INGLEBY,


AND EXPLAINED. By Thomas INMAN, M.D. Second Edition. With Ilustra

tions. Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. xl. and 148. 1874. 78. 6d. Jaiminîya-Nyâya-Mâla-Vistara-See under AUCTORES SANSCRITI. Jami, Mulla.—SALĀMĀN U ABSĀL. An Allegorical Romance; being

one of the Seven Poems entitled the Haft Aurang of Mullā Jāmī, now first edited from the Collation of Eight Manuscripts in the Library of the India House, and in private collections, with various readings, by FORBES FALCONER, M.A., M.R.A.S. 4to. cloth, pp. 92. 1850, 78. 6d.

Jataka (The); together with its Commentary. Being Tales of the

Anterior Birth of Gotama Buddha. For the first time Edited in the original
Pali by V, PAUSBOLL, and Translated by T. W. Rhys DAVIDS. Vol. I. Text.

Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. 512. 288. The.“ Jataka" is a collection of legends in Pali, relating the history of Buddha's transmigration before he was born as Gotama. The great antiquity of this work is authenticated by its forming part of the sacred canon of the Southern Buddbists, which was finally settled at the last Council in 246 BC. The colection has long been known as a storehouse of ancient fables, and as the most original attainable source to wbich almost the whole of this kind of literature, from the Panchatantra and Pilpay's fables down to the nursery stories of the present day, is traceable; and it has been considered desirable, in the interest of Buddhistic studies as well as for more general literary purposes, that an edition and translation of the complete work should be prepared. The present publication is intended to supply this want. - Athenæum. Jenkins's Vest-Pocket Lexicon. - AN ENGLISH DICTIONARY of all

except Familiar Words ; including the principal Scientific and Technical Terms, and Foreign Moneys, Weights and Masures. By JABEZ JENKINS. 64mo.,

pp. 564, cloth. ls. 6d. Johnson.-ORIENTAL RELIGIONS. See Trübner's Oriental Series. Kalid-i-Afghani.- TRANSLATION OF THE KALID-1-AFGHANI, the Text

book for the Pakkhto Examination, with Notes, Historical, Geographical, Grammatical, and Explanatory. By Trevor CHICHELE PLOWDEN. Imp. 8vo.

pp. xx. and 406, with a Map. Lahore, 1875. £2 28. Káśikâ.—A COMMENTARY ON PÂNIŅI's GRAMMATICAL APHORISMS. Ву

PandIT JAYÂDITYA. Edited by PANDIT BÂLA SÂSTRÎ, Prof. Sansk. Coll.,

Benares. First part, 8vo. pp. 490. 16s. Kellogg:-A GRAMMAR OF THE HINDI LANGUAGE, in which are treated

the Standard Hindî, Braj, and the Eastern Hindî of the Ramayan of Tulsi Das; also the Colloquial Dialeets of Marwar, Kumaon, Avadh, Baghelkhand, Bhojpur, etc., with Copious Philological Notes. By the Rey. S. H. KELLOGG,

M.A. Royal 8vo. cloth, pp. 400. 218. Kern.—THE ÅRYABHAȚIYA, with the Commentary Bhatadîpikâ of

Paramadiçvara, edited by Dr. H. Kern. 4to. pp. xii. and 107. 98. Kern.- THE BRHAT-SANHITÁ ; or, Complete System of Natural

Astrology of Varâba-Mihira. Translated from Sanskrit into English by Dr. H. KERN, Professor of Sanskrit at the University of Leyden. Part I. 8vo. pp. 50, stitched. Parts 2 and 3 pp. 51-154. Part 4 pp. 155–210. Part 5 pp. 211-266.

Part 6 pp. 267-330. Price 28. each part. [Will be completed in Nine Parts. Khirad-Afroz (The Illuminator of the Understanding). By Maulaví

Hafízu'd-dín. A new edition of the Hindústání Text, carefully revised, with
Notes, Critical and Explanatory. By EDWARD B. EASTWICK, M.P., F.R.S.,
F.S.A., M. R.A.S., Professor of Hindústání at the late East India Company's

College at Hailey bury. 8vo. cloth, pp. xiv. and 321. 188.

Society. By the Rev. S. Kidd. 8vo. pp. 58, sewed. ls. Kielhorn.-A GRAMMAR OF THE SANSKRIT LANGUAGE. By F. KIELHORN,

Ph.D., Superintendent of Sanskrit Studies in Deccan College. Registered

under Act xxv. of 1867. Demy 8vo. pp. xvi. 260. cloth. 1870. 108. 6d. Kielborn.—KÂTYÂYANA AND PATANJALI. Their Relation to each other

and to Panini. By F. KIELHORN, Ph. D., Prof. of Orient. Lang. Poona. 8vo.

pp. 64. 1876. 38. 6d. Kilgour.—THE HEBREW OR IBERIAN Race, including the Pelasgians,

the Phenicians, the Jews, the British, and others. By HENRY KILGOUR. 8vo.

sewed, pp. 76. 1872, 28. 6d. Kistner.—BUDDUA AND HIS DOCTRINES. A Bibliographical Essay. By

Otto KISTNER. Imperial 8vo., pp. iv. and 32, sewed. 2s. 6d.


Linguistic Publications of Trübner & Co.,


Koch. Translated into English. Edited, Enlarged, and Annotated by the Rev. R. MORRIS, LL.D., M.A.

[Nearly ready. Koran (The). Arabic text, lithographed in Oudh, A.H. 1284 (1867).

16mo. pp. 942. 78. 6d. Koran (The).—See Sale, and Trübner's Oriental Series. Kramers' New Pocket Dictionary of the English and Dutch

LANGUAGES. Royal 32mo. cloth, pp. xvi. and 714. 48. Kroeger.—THE MINNESINGER OF GERMANY. By A. E. KROEGER. 12mo.

cloth, pp. vi. and 284. 78. CONTENTS.- Chapter I. The Minnesinger and the Minnesong.-II. The Minnelay.-III. The Divine Minnesong.-IV. Walther von der Vogelweide.-V. Ulrich von Lichtenstein.-VI. The Metrical Romances of the Minnesinger and Gottfried von Strassburg's. Tristan and Isolde.” Lacombe.— DICTIONNAIRE ET GRAMMAIRE DE LA LANGUE DES CRIS,

par le Rév. Père Alb. LACOMBE. 8vo. paper, pp. xx. and 713, iv. and 190. 21s. Laghu Kaumudí. A Sanskrit Grammar. By Varadarája. With an English

Version, Commentary, and References. By JAMES R. BALLANTYNE, LL.D.,
Principal of the Sanskrit College, Benares. Svo. pp. xxxvi. and 424, cloth.


Professor of Logic and Metaphysic in the University of Leyden. Translated from the Dutch by REGINALD LANE Poole, Balliol College, Oxford. Part I.

Sounds. Part II. Words. Crown 8vo. pp. xx. and 220, cloth. 78. 6d. Legge.—CONFUCIANISM IN RELATION TO CHRISTIANITY. A Paper

Read before the Missionary Conference in Shanghai, on May 11, 1877. By

Rev. JAMES LEGGB, D.D., LL.D. 8vo. sewed, pp. 12. 1877. ls. 6d. Legge.—THE CHINESE CLASSICS. With a Translation, Critical and

Exegetical Notes, Prolegomena, and Copious Indexes. By James LEGGE,

D.D., of the London Missionary Society. In seven vols. Vol. I. containing Confucian Analects, the Great Learning, and the Doctrine of

the Mean. 8vo. pp. 526, cloth. £2 2s. Vol. II., containing the Works of Mencius. 8vo. pp. 634, cloth. £2 28. Vol. III. Part I. containing the First Part of the Shoo-King, or the Books of

Tang, the Books of Yu, the Books of Hea, the Books of Shang, and the Pro

legomena. Royal 8vo. pp. viii. and 280, cloth. £2 2s. Vol. III. Part II. containing the Fifth Part of the Shoo-King, or the Books of

Chow, and the Indexes. Royal 8vo. pp. 281–736, cloth. £2 2s, Vol. IV. Part I. containing the First Part of the She-King, or the Lessons from

the States; and the Prolegomena. Royal 8vo. cloth, pp. 182–244. £2 2s. Vol. IV. Part II. containing the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Parts of the She-King, or the Minor Odes of the Kingdom, the Greater Odes of the Kingdom, the Sacrificial

Odes and Praise-Songs, and the Indexes. Royal 8vo. cloth, pp. 540. £2 28. Vol. V. Part I. containing Dukes Yin, Hwan, Chwang, Min, He, Wan, Seuen,

and Ch'ing; and the Prolegomena. Royal 8vo. cloth, pp. xii., 148 and 410.

£2 2s. Vol. V. Part II. Contents :-Dukes Seang, Ch'aon, Ting, and Gal, with Tso's

Appendix, and the Indexes. Royal 8vo. cloth, pp. 526. £2 28. Legge.—THE CHINESE CLASSICS. Translated into English. With

Preliminary Essays and Explanatory Notes. By JAMES LEGGE, D.D., LL.D. Vol. I. The Life and Teachings of Confucius. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. vi. and

338. 10s. 6d. Vol. II. The Life and Works of Mencius. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. 412. 12s. Vol. III. The She King, or 'The Book of Poetry. Crown 8vo., cloth, pp. viii.

and 432. 128.

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in the University of Oxford. Delivered in the Sheldonian Theatre, Oct. 27th, 1876, by Rev. JAMES LEGGE, M.A., LL.D., Professor of the Chinese Language

and Literature at Oxford. 8vo. pp. 28, seved. 6d.. Leigh.—THE RELIGION OF THE WORLD. By H. STONE LEIGH. 12mo.

pp. xii. 66, cloth. 1869. 2s. 6d. Leitner.-INTRODUCTION TO A PHILOSOPHICAL GRAMMAR OF ARABIC.

Being an Attempt to Discover a Few Simple Principles in Arabic Grammar,

By G. W. LEITNER. 8vo. sewed, pp. 52. Lahore. 48. Leitner.—Sinin-I-ISLAM. Being a Sketch of the History and

Literature of Muhammadanism and their place in Universal History. For the use of Maulvis. By G. W. LEITNER. Part I. The Early History of Arabia

to the fall of the Abassides. 8vo. sewed. Lahore. 68. Leland.–TaE ENGLISH GIPSIES AND THEIR LANGUAGE. By CHARLES

G. LELAND. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. 276. 78. 6d. Leland.—THE BREITMANN BALLADS. THE ONLY AUTHORIZED EDITION.

Complete in 1 vol., including Nineteen Ballads illustrating his Travels in Europe (never before printed), with Comments by Fritz Schwackenhammer. By CHARLES

G. LELAND. Crown 8vo. handsomely bound in cloth, pp. xxviii. and 292. 6s. HANS BREITMANN's PARTY. With other Ballads. By CHARLES

G. LELAND. Tenth Edition. Square, pp. xvi. and 74, cloth. 25. 6d. Hans BREITMANN'S CHRISTMAS. With other Ballads. By CHARLES

G. LELAND. Second edition. Square, pp. 80, sewed. 18. Hans BREITMANN AS A POLITICIAN. By CHARLES G. LELAND. Second

edition. Square, pp. 72, sewed. 18. HANS BREITMANN IN CHURCH. With other Ballads. By CHARLES

G. Leland. With an Introduction and Glossary. Second edition. Square, pp. 80, sewed. 1s. Hans BREITMANN AS AN UALAN. Six New Ballads, with a Glossary.

Square, pp. 72, sewed. Is. Leland.—FUSANG; or, the Discovery of America by Chinese Buddhist

Priests in the Fifth Century. By CHARLES G. LELAND. Cr. 8vo. cloth,

pp. xix. and 212. 78. 6d. Leland.—ENGLISH GIPSY Songs. In Rommany, with Metrical English

Translations. By CHARLES G. LELAND, Author of “The English Gipsies,” etc.; Prof. E. H. PALMER; and JANET TUCKEY. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. xii.

and 276. 78. 6d. Leland.-PIDGIN-ENGLISH Sing-Song; or Songs and Stories in the

China-English Dialect. With a Vocabulary. By CHARLES G. LELAND. Fcap,

8vo. cl., pp. viii. and 140. 1876. 58. Leo.--Four CHAPTERS OF NORTH'S PLUTARCH. Containing the Lives

of Caius Marcius Coriolanus, Julius Cæsar, Marcus Antoninus, and Marcus Brutus, as Sources to Shakespeare's Tragedies, Coriolanus, Julius Cæsar, and Antony and Cleopatra ; and partly to Hamlet and Timon of Athens. Photolithographed in the size of the Edition of 1595. With Preface, Notes com. paring the Text of the Editions of 1579, 1595, 1603, and 1612; and Reference Notes to the Text of the Tragedies of Shakespeare. Edited by Prof. F. A. LEO, Ph.D. In one volume, folio, elegantly bound, pp. 22 of letterpress and 130 pp. of facsimiles. £1 11s. 6d.

The Library Edition is limited to 250 copies, at the price £1 11s. 6d.

Of the Amateur Edition 50 copies have been struck off on a superior large hand-made paper, price £3 3s. per copy.

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