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Linguistic Publications of Trubner & Co.,

Justice in India. By N. B. E. Baillie, Esq.—XIII. The Mohammedan Law of Evidence in connection with the Administration of Justice to Foreigners. By N. B. E. Baillie, Esq.-XIV. A Translation of a Bactrian Páli Inscription. By Prof. J. Dowson.-XV. Indo-Parthian Coins By E. Thomas, Esq.

Vol. V. In Two Parts. pp. 463, sewed. With 10 full-page and folding Plates.

1871-2. 18s. 6d. CONTENTS.-I. Two Játakas. The original Páli Text, with an English Translation. By V. Fausböll.-11. On an Ancient Buddhist Inscription at Keu-yung kwan, in North China. By A. Wylie.-111. The Brhat Sanhità; or, Complete System of Natural Astrology of Varaha-Mihira Translated from Sanskrit into English by Dr. H. Kern.-IV. The Pongol Festival in Southern India. By Charles E. Gover.- V. The Poetry of Mohamed Rabadan, of Arragon. By the Right Hon. Lord Stanley of Alderley.-VI. Essay on the Creed and Customs of the Jangams. By Charles P. Brown.-VII. On Malabar, Coromandel, Quilon, etc. By C. P. Brown.-VIII. On the Treatment of the Nexus in the Neo-Aryan Languages of India. By John Beames, B.C.S.IX. Some Remarks on the Great Tope at Sảnchi. By the Rev. S. Beal.-X. Ancient Inscriptions from Mathura. Translated by Professor J. Dowson.—Note to the Mathura Inscriptions. By Major-General A. Cunningham.-XI. Specimen of a Translation of the Adi Granth. By Dr. Ernest Trumpp.–X:II. Notes on Dhammapada, with Special Reference to the Question of Nirvâna. By R. C. Childers, late of the Ceylon Civil Service.-XIII. The Brhat-Sanhità; or, Complete System of Natural Astrology of Varâha-mihira. Translated from Sanskrit into English by Dr. H. Kern.-XIV. On the Origin of the Buddhist Arthakathás. By the Mudliar L. Comrilla Vijasinha, Government Irterpreter to the Ratnapura Court, Ceylon. With an Introduction by R. C. Childers, late of the Ceylon Civil Service.—XV. The Poetry of Mohamed Rabadan, of Arragon. By the Right Hon. Lord Stanley of Alderley. -XVI. Proverbia Communia Syriaca. By Captain R. F. Burton. XVII. Notes on an Ancient Indian Vase, with an Account of the Engraving thereupon. By Charles Horne, M.R.A.S., late of the Bengal Civil Service.-XVIII. Tbe Bhar Tribe. By the Rev. M. A. Sherring, LL.D, Benares. Communicated by C. Horne, M.R.A.S., late B.C.S.-XIX. Of Jihad in Mohammedan Law, and its application to British India. By N. B. E. Baillie.-XX. Comments on Recent Pehlvi Decipherments. With an Inci. dental Sketch of the Derivation of Aryan Alphabets. And Contributions to the Early History and Geography of Tabaristán. Illustrated by Coins. By E. Thomas, F.R.S.

Vol. VI., Part 1, pp. 212, sewed, with two plates and a map. 1872. 88.

CONTENTS.- The Ishmaelites, and the Arabic Tribes who Conquered their Country. By A. Sprenger.-A Brief Account of Four Arabic Works on the History and Geography of Arabia. By Captain S. B. Miles.—On the Methods of Disposing of the Dead at Llassa, Thibet, etc. By Charles Horne, late B.C.S. The Brbat-Sanhità; or, Complete System of Natural Astrology of Varâha-mihira, Translated from Sanskrit into English by Dr. H. Kern.- Notes on Hwen Thsang's Account of the Principalities of Tokháristán, in which some Previous Geographical Identifications are Reconsidered. By Colonel Yule, C.B.- The Campaign of Ælius Gallus in Arabia. By A. Sprenger.–An Account of Jerusalem, Translated for the late Sir H. M. Elliott from the Persian Text of Násir ibn Khusrú's Safanámah by the late Major A. R. Fuller.--The Poetry of Mohamed Rabadan, of Arragon. By the Right Hon. Lord Stanley of Alderley. Vol. VI., Part II., pp. 213 to 400 and lxxxiv., sewed. Illustrated with a Map,

Plates, and Woodcuts. 1873. 8s. CONTENTS. - On Hiouen-Thsang's Journey from Patna to Ballabhi. By James Fergusson, D.C.L., F.R.S. - Northern Buddhism. (Note from Colonel H. Yule, addressed to the Secretary.] -Hwen Thsang's Account of the Principalities of Tokháristán, etc. By Colonel H. Yule, C.B.The Bșhat-Sanhitâ; or, Complete System of Natural Astrology of Varâba-mihira. Translated from Sanskrit into English by Dr. H. Kern.-The Initial Coinage of Bengal, under the Early Muhammadan Conquerors. Part II. Embracing the preliminary period between A.H. 614-634 (A.D. 1217-1236-7). By Edward Thomas, F.R.S.-The Legend of Dipankara Buddha. Translated from the Chinese (and intended to illusirate Plates xxix. and L., "Tree and Serpent Worship '). By S. Beal.- Note on Art. IX., antè pp. 213-274 on Hiouen-Thsang's Journey from Patna to Ballabhi. By James Fergusson D.C.L., F.R.S.-Contributions towards a Glossary of the Assyrian Language. By H. F. Talbot.

Vol. VII., Part I., pp. 170 and 24, sewed. With a plate. 1874. 88. Contents.-The Upasampadá-Kammavácá, being the Buddhist Manual of the Form and Manner of Ordering of Priests and Deacons. The Páli Text, with a Translation and Notes. By J. F. Dickson, B.A., sometime Student of Christ Church, Oxford, now of the Ceylon Civil Service.- Notes on the Megalithic Monuments of the Coimbatore District, Madras. By M. J. Walhouse, late Madras C.S.-Notes on the Sinhalese Language. No. 1. On the Formation of the Plural of Neuter Nouns. By R. C. Childers, late of the Ceylon Civil Service.—The Pali Text of the Maháparinibbâna Sutta and Commentary, with a Translation. By R. C. Childers, late of the Ceylon Civil Service - The Brihat-Sanhitâ ; or, Complete System of Natural Astrology of Varaha-mihira. Translated from Sanskrit into English by Dr. H. Kern.-Note on the Valley of Choombi. By Dr. A. Campbell, late Superintendent of Darjeeling.-The Name of the Twelfth Imám on the Coinage of Egypt. By !. Sauvaire and Stanley Lane Poole.-Three Inscriptions of Parâkrama Babu the Great from Pulastipura, Ceylon (date circa 1180 A.1).). By T. W. Rhys Davids.-Of the Kharáj or Muhammadan Land Tax; its Application to British India, and Effect on the Tenure of Land. By N. B. E, Baillie.-Appendix : A Specimen of a Syriac Version of the Kalilah wa-Dimnah, with an English Translation. By W. Wright.

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Vol. VII., Part II., pp. 191 to 394, sewed. With seven plates and a map. 1875. 88. Contents.-Sigiri, the Lion Rock, near Pulastipura, Ceylon; and the Thirty-nintb Chapter of the Mahâvamsa. By T. W. Rhys Davids.- The Northern Frontagers of China. Part I. The Origines of the Mongols. By H. H. Howorth.-Inedited Arabic Coins. By Stanley Lane Poole. - Notice on the Dinârs of the Abbasside Dynasty. By Edward Thomas Rogers. The Northern Frontagers of China. Part II. The Origine: of the Manchus. By H. H. Howorth. - Notes on the Old Mongolian Capital of Shangtu. By S. W. Bushell, B.Sc., M.D.-Oriental Proverbs in tbeir Relations to Folklore, History, Sociology; with Suggestions for their Collec. tion, Interpretation, Publication. By the Rev. J. Long.-Two Old Simhalese Inscriptions. The Sahasa Malla Inscription, date 1200 a D., and the Ruwanwæli Dagaba Inscription, date 1191 A.D. Text, Translation, and Notes. By T. W. Rhys Davids. - Notes on a Bactrian Pali Inscription and the Samvat Era. By Prof. J. Dowson.- Note on a Jade Drinking Vessel of the Emperor Jahángír. By Edward Thomas, F.R.S.

Vol. VIII., Part I., pp. 156, sewed, with three plates and a plan. 1876. 88. CONTENTS. — Catalogue of Buddhist Sanskrit Manuscripts in the Possession of the Royal Asiatic Society (Hodgson Collection). By Professors E. B. (owell and J. Eggeling. On the Ruins of Sîgiri in Ceylon. By T. H. Blakesley, Esq., Public Works Department, Ceylon. - The Pâtimokkha, being the Buddhist Office of the Confession of Priests. The Pali Text, with a Translation, and Notes. By J F. Dickson, M.A., sometime Student of Christ Church, Oxford, now of the Ceylon Civil Service.-Notes on the Sinhalese Language. No. 2. Proofs of the Sanskritic Origin of Sinhalese. By R. C. Childers, late of the Ceylon Civil Service.

Vol. VIII., Part II., pp. 157-308, sewed. 1876. 88.

CONTENTS.-An Account of the Island of Bali By R. Friederich.-The Pali Text of the Mahâparinibbâna Sutta and Commentary, with a Translation. By R C. Childers, late of the Ceylon Civil Service.-The Northern Frontagers of China. Part Ill. The Kara Khitai. By H. H. Howorth.-Inedited Arabic Coins. Il. By Stanley Lane Poole.-On the Form of Government under the Native Sovereigns of Ceylon. By A. de Silva Ekanayaka, Mudaliyar of the Department of Public Instruction, Ceylon.

Vol. IX., Part I., pp. 156, sewed, with a plate. 1877. 88. CONTENTS.-Bactrian Coins and Indian Dates. By E. Thomas, F.R.S.-The Tenses of the Assyrian Verb. By the Rev. A. H Sayce, M.A.-An Account of the Island of Bali. By R. Friederich (continued from Vol. VIII. N.s. p. 218).-On Buins in Makran. By Major Mockler. -Inedited Arabic Coins. III. By Stanley Lane Poole,-Further Note on a Bactrian Pali Inscription and the Samvat Era. By Prof. J. Dowson.-Votes on Persian Beluchistan. From the Persian of Mirza Mehdy Khán. By A, H. Schindler.

Vol IX., Part II., pp. 292, sewed, with three plates. 1877. 10s. 6d. CONTENTS.-The Early Faith of Asoka. By E. Thomas, F.R.S.-The Northern Frontagers of China. Part II. The Manchus (Supplementary Notice). By H. H. Howorth.–Tbe Northern Frontagers of China. Part IV. The Kin or Golden Tatars. By H. H. Howorth. - On a Treatise on Weights and Measures by Eliyá, Archbishop of Nisíbín. By M. H. Sauvaire.-On Imperial and other Titles. By Sir T. E. Colebrooke, Bart., M.P.-Affinities of the Dialects of the Chepang and Kusundah Tribes of Nipál with those of the Hill Tribes of Arracan. By Captain C. J. F. Forbes F.R.G.S., M.A.S. Bengal, etc.- Notes on Some Antiquities found in a Mound near Damghan. By A. H. Schindler.

Vol. X., Part I., pp. 156, sewed, with two plates and a map. 1878. 88. Contents. On the Non-Aryan Languages of India. By E. L. Brandreth, Esq.-A Dialogue on the Vedantic Conception of Brahma. By Pramadá Dása Mittra, late Officiating Professor of Anglo-Sanskrit, Government College, Benares.-An Account of the Island of Bali. By R. Friederich (continued from Vol. IX. N. S. p. 120).- Unpublished Glass Weights and Measures. By Edward Thomas Rogers.-China viâ Tibet. By S. C. Boulger.-Notes and Recollections on Tea Cultivation in Kumaon and Garhwal. By J. H. Batten, F.R.G.S., Bengal Civil Service Retired, formerly Commissioner of Kumaon.

Vol. X., Part II., pp. 146, sewed. 1878. 68. CONTENTS.— Note on Pliny's Geography of the East Coast of Arabia. By Major-General S. B. Miles, Bombay Staff Corps. The Maldive Islands; with a Vocabulary taken from François Pyrard de Laval, 1602-1607. By A. Gray, late of the Ceylon Civil Service.--On Tibeto-Burman Languages. By Captain C. J. F. S. Forbes, of the Burmese Civil Service Commission.-Burmese Transliteration. By H. L. St. Barbe, Esq., Resident at Mandelay.-On the Connexion of the Mõns of Pegu with the Koles of Central India. By Captain C. J. F. S. Forbes, of the Burmese Civil Commission.-Studies on the Comparative Grammar of the Semitic Languages, with Special Reference to Assyrian. By Paul Haupt. The Oldest Semitic Verb-Form.-Arab Metrology. II. El Djabarty. By M. H. Sauvaire. - The Migrations and Early History of the White Huns; principally from Chinese Sources. By Thomas W. Kingsmill.

Vol. X., Part III., pp. 204, sewed. 1878. 88. Contents.-On the Hill Canton of Sálár, -the most Easterly Settlement of the Turk Race. By Robert B. Shaw. Geological Notes on the River Indus By Griffin W. Vyse, B.A., M.R.A.S., etc., Executive Engineer P.W.D. Panjab.- Educational Literature for Japanese Women. Ву Basil Hall Chamberlain, Esq., M.R.A.5.-On the Natural Phenomenon Known in the East Lo


Linguistic Publications of Trübner & Co.,

the Names Sub-hi-Kāzib, etc., etc. By J. W. Redhouse, M.R.A.S., Hon. Memb. R.S.L.-On a Chinese Version of the Sankhya Káriká, eic., found among the Buddhist Books comprising the Tripitaka and two other works. By the Rev. Samuel Beal, M.A.-The Rock-cut Phrygian Inscriptions at Doganlu. By Edward Thomas, F.R.S.-Index.

Vol. XI., Part. I., pp. 128, sewed. 56. CONTENTS.–On the Position of Women in the East in the Olden Time. By Edward Thomas, F.R.S.-Notice of the Scholars who have contributed to the Extension of our Knowledge of the Languages of British India during the last Thirty Years. By Robert N. Cust, Hon. Librarian R.A.S. - Ancient Arabic Poetry: its Genuineness and Authenticity. By Sir William Muir, K.C.S.I., LL.D.-Note on Manrique's Mission and the Catholics in the time of Shah Jabán. By H. G. Keene, Esq.-On Sandhi in Pali. By the late R. C. Childers.-On Arabic Amulets and Mottoes. By E. T. Rogers, M.R.A.S. Asiatic Society.—TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY OF

GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. Complete in 3 vols. 4to., 80 Plates of Facsimiles, etc., cloth. London, 1827 to 1835. Published at £9 58.; reduced to

£5 58. The above contains contributions by Professor Wilson, G. C. Haughton, Davis, Morrison, Colebrooke, Humboldt, Dorn, Grotefend, and other eminent Oriental scholars.



BENGAL. Edited by the Honorary Secretaries. 8vo. 8 numbers per annum,

4s, each number. Asiatic Society of Bengal.-PROCEEDINGS OF THE ASIATIC SOCIETY

OF BENGAL. Published Monthly. 18. each number. Asiatic Society.—THE JOURNAL OF THE BOMBAY BRANCH OF TIE

Royal Asiatic Society. Edited by the Secretary. Nos. 1 to 35. 78. 6d.

to 10s. 6d. each number, Asiatic Society.-JOURNAL OF THE CEYLON BRANCH OF THE ROYAL

Asiatic SOCIETY. Svo. Published irregularly. 78. 6d. each part. Asiatic Society of Japan.-— TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASIATIC SOCIETY OF JAPAN. Vol. I. From 30th October, 1872, to 9th October, 1873.

8vo. pp. 110, with plates. 1874. Vol. II. From 22nd October, 1873, to 15th July, 1874. 8vo. pp. 249. 1874. Vol. III. Part I. From 16th July, 1874, to December, 1874, 1875. Vol. III. Part II. From 13th January, 1875, to 30th June, 1875. Vol. IV. From 20th October, 1875, to 12th July, 1876.

Each Part 78. 6d. Asiatic Society.—JOURNAL OF THE NORTH CHINA BRANCH OF THE


Aston, M.A., Assistant Japanese Secretary, H B.M.'s Legation, Yedo, Japan.

Second edition, Enlarged and Improved. Royal 8vo. pp. 306. 288. Aston.—A SHORT GRAMMAR OF THE JAPANESE SPOKEN LANGUAGE. By

W. G. Aston, M.A., H. B. M.'s Legation, Yedo, Japan. Third edition.

12mo. cloth, pp. 96. 12s. Athar-ul-Adhâr—TRACES OF CENTURIES; or, Geographical and Historical

Arabic Dictionary, by Selim Khuri and SELIM SH-hade. Geographical Parts I. to IV., Historical Parts I. and II. 4to. pp. 788 and 384. Price 78. 6d. each part.

(In course of publication. Atharva Veda Práticákhya.–See under WHITNEY. Auctores Sanscriti. Edited for the Sanskrit Text Society, under the

supervision of THEODOR GOLDSTÜCKER. Vol. I., containing the JaiminîyaNyâya-Mâlâ-Vistara. Parts I. to VII., pp. 582, large 4to. sewed. 108. each part. Complete in one vol., cloth, £3 138. 6d. Vol. II. The Institutes of Gautama. Edited with an Index of Words, by A. F. STENZLER, Ph.D., Professor of Oriental Languages in the University of Breslau. 8vo. clcth, pp. iv. 78.

4s. 6d. Vol. III. Vaitâna Sûtra. The Ritual of the Atharva Veda. Edited with Critical Notes and Indices, by Dr. RICHARD GARBE. 8vo. sewed, pp. 119. 58.



graphical Essay. By William E. A. Axon, F.R.S.I.. fcap. 8vo. sewed.


Easy Progressive Exercises. By Tatui BABA. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. xii. and


BACHMAIER, President of the Central Pasigraphical Society at Munich. 18mo.

cloth, pp. viii. ; 26 ; 160. 1870. Bachmaier.-PASIGRAPHISCHES WÖRTERBUCH ZUM GEBRAUCHE FÜR DIE

DEUTSCHE SPRACHE. Verfasst von ANTON BACHMAIER, Vorsitzendem des
Central-Vereins für Pasigraphie in München. 18mo. cloth, pp. viii. ; 32 ; 128 ;


Redigé par ANTOINE BACHMAIER, Président de la Société Centrale de Pasi

graphie à Munich. 18mo. cloth, pp. vi. 26; 168; 150. 1870. 28. 6d. Baldwin.-A MANUAL OF THE FOOchow DIALECT. By Rev. C. C.

Baldwin, of the American Board Mission. 8vo. pp. viii.–256. 18s. Balfour.—WAIFS AND STRAYS FROM THE FAR East; being a Series of

Disconnected Essays on Matters relating to China. By FREDERIC HENRY

Balfour. 1 vol. demy 8vo. cloth, pp. 224. 108. 6d. Ballad Society (The).–Subscription-Small paper, one guinea, and

large paper, three guineas, per annum. List of publications

on application. Ballantyne.—A GRAMMAR OF THE MAHRATTA LANGUAGE. For the

use of the East India College at Haileybury. By JAMES R. BALLANTYne, of

the Scottish Naval and Military Academy. 4to. cloth, pp. 56. 58. Ballantyne.-ELEMENTS OF HINDÍ AND BRAJ BHÁKÁ GRAMMAR. By the

late JAMES R. Ballantyne, LL.D. Second edition, revised and corrected

Crown 8vo., pp. 44, cloth. 58.
Ballantyne.—FIRST LESSONS IN SANSKRIT GRAMMAR; together with an

Introduction to the Hitopadésa. Second edition. Second Impression. By
James R. BALLANTYNE, LL.D., Librarian of the India Office. 8vo. pp. viii.

and 110, cloth. 1873. 38. 6d. Ballantyne.—HINDUSTANI SELECTIONS IN THE NASKHI AND DEVANAGARI

Character. With a Vocabulary of the Words. Prepared for the use of the
Scottish Naval and Military Academy, by JAMES R. BALLANTYNE. Royal 8vo.

cloth, pp. 74. 3s. 6d. Ballantyne.—PRINCIPLES OF PERSIAN CALIGRAPHY, illustrated by

Lithographic Plates of the TA’LIK characters, the one usually employed in writing the Persian and the Hindūstānī. Second edition. Prepared for the use of the Scottish Naval and Military Academy, by James R. BALLANTYNE.

4to. cloth, pp. 14, 6 plates. 28. 6d. Banerjea.—THE ARIAN WITNESS, or the Testimony of Arian Scriptures

in corroboration of Biblical History and the Rudiments of Christian Doctrine. Including Dissertations on the Original Home and Early Adventures of Indo

Arians. By the Rev. K. M. BANERJEA. 8vo. sewed, pp. xviii. and 236. 88. 6d. Bate.—A DICTIONARY OF THE HINDEE LANGUAGE. Compiled by J.

D. BATE. 8vo. cloth, pp. 806. £2 12s. 6d. Beal.-— TRAVELS OF Fau HIAN AND Sung-Yun, Buddhist Pilgrims

from China to India (400 A.D. and 518 A.D.). Translated from the Chinese, by S. BEAL (B.A. Trinity College, Cambridge), a Chaplain in Her Majesty's Fleet, a Member of the Royal Asiatic Society, and Author of a Translation of the Pratimôksha and the Amithâba Sûtra from the Chinese. Crown 8vo. pp. 8

Linguistic Publications of Trübner & Co.,




Beal, B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; a Chaplain in Her Majesty's Fleet,

etc. 8vo. cloth, pp. xiv. and 436. 1871. 158. Beal.—THE ROMANTIC LEGEND OF SÂKHYA BUDDHA. From the

Chinese-Sanscrit by the Rev. SAMUEL BEAL, Author of “Buddhist Pilgrims,"

etc. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. 400. 1875. 12s. Beal.—THE BUDDHIST TRIPITAKA, as it is known in China and Japan.

A Catalogue and Compendious Report. By SAMUEL BEAL, B.A. Folio, sewed,

pp. 117. 78. 6d.
eal.-TEXTS FROM BUDDHIST CANON, commonly known

DHAMMAPADA. Translated from the Chinese by S. Beal, B.A., Professor of
Chinese, University of London. With accompanying Narrative. Post 8vo.

pp. viii. and 176, cloth. 78. 6d. Beames.OUTLINES OF INDIAN PHILOLOGY. With a Map, showing the

Distribution of the Indian Languages. By John Beames. Second enlarged and

revised edition. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. viii. and 96. 58. Beames.-NOTES ON THE BHOJPURI DIALECT OF Hırdí, spoken in

Western Behar. By John Beames, Esq., B.C.S., Magistrate of Chumparun.

8vo. pp. 26, sewed. 1868. Is. 6d. Beames.-A COMPARATIVE GRAMMAR OF THE MODERN ARYAN LANGUAGES

of INDIA (to wit), Hindi, Panjabi, Sindhi, Gujarati, Marathi, Uriya, and

Bengali. By John BEAMES, Bengal C.S., M.R.A.S., &c.
Vol. I. On Sounds. 8vo. cloth, pp. xvi and 360. 16s.
Vol. II. The Noun and the Pronoun. 8vo. cloth, pp. xii. and 348. 168.
Vol III. The Verb. 8vo. cloth, pp. xii. and 316.


Ad Fidem Codd. MSS. recensuit JOSEPHUS STEVENSON. With plan of the English Historical Society, by the late John Miller, 8v, pp. XXXV., xxi. and

424, and 2 facsimiles. 78. 6d. The same, in royal 8vo., uniform with the publications of the Master of the Rolls.



New and Improved System. With a reversed Part, or English and Pukkhto, By H. W. BELLEW, Assistant Surgeon, Bengal Army. Super Royal 8vo.

op. xii. and 356, cloth. 428. Bellew.-A GRAMMAR OF THE PUKKATO OR PUKSHTO LANGUAGE, on a

New and Improved System. Combining Brevity with Utility, and Illustrated by Exercises and Dialogues. By H. W. BELLEW, Assistant Surgeon, Bengal Army.

Super-royal 8vo., pp. xii. and 156, cloth. 218. Bellew.–FROM THE INDUS TO THE TIGRIS: a Narrative of a Journey

through the Countries of Balochistan, Afghanistan, Khorassan, and Iran, in 1872; together with a Synoptical Grammar and Vocabulary of the Brahoe Language, and a Record of the Meteorological Observations and Altitudes on the March from the Indus to the Tigris. By H. W. Bellew, C.S.I., Surgeon Bengal Staff Corps, Author of “A Journal of a Mission to Afghanistan in 1857-58,” and “A Grammar and Dictionary of the Pukkhto Language."

Demy 8vo. cloth. 14s. Bellew.-KASHMIR AND KASHGHAR. A Narrative of the Journey of

the Embassy to Kashghar in 1873–74. By H. W. BELLEW, C.S.I. Demy

8vo. cl., pp. xxxii. and 420. 168. Bellows.-ENGLISH OUTLINE VOCABULARY, for the use of Students of the

Chinese, Japanese, and other Languages. Arranged by John Bellows. With
Notes on the writing of Chinese with Roman Letters.By Professor SUMMERS,
King's College, London. Crown 8vo., pp. 6 and 368, cloth. 6s.

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