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Enclosed herewith is the 25th series of revised pages of Renegotiation Board Regulations. Amendment No. 24 gave effect to all amendments and additions published in the Federal Register on or before December 10, 1968. This publication gives effect to all later amendments and additions published in the Federal Register on or before May 15, 1969. The enclosed pages should be inserted in the regulations in accordance with the filing instructions set forth below. When old pages are removed, they may be thrown away unless it is desired to preserve them for reference.

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Organization and Functions of the Renegotiation Board

Delegation by The Renegotiation Board to Regional Boards vii
Renegotiation Act of 1951, as amended through October 24,

ix Related Statutes and Directives

xxxix 1450 Employee Responsibilities and Conduct

11 1451 Scope of Renegotiation Board Regulations Under the Renego

tiation Act of 1951, and Definitions Applicable Thereto.... 21 1452 Prime Contracts and Subcontracts Within the Scope of the Act

41 1453 Mandatory Exemptions from Renegotiation.

61 1454 Partial Mandatory Exemption of Prime Contracts and Subcontracts for New Durable Productive Equipment

81 1455 Permissive Exemptions from Renegotiation..

101 1456 Methods of Segregating Renegotiable and Nonrenegotiable Sales

121 1457 Fiscal Year Basis for Renegotiation and Exceptions.

141 1458 Receipts or Accruals under Statutory Minimum

161 1459 Costs Allocable to and Allowable against Renegotiable Business

181 1460 Principles and Factors in Determining Excessive Profits. 201 1461 Recovery of Excessive Profits After Determination.

221 1462 Renegotiation and Taxes

241 1463 Interim-Prepayment of Excessive Profits.

261 1464 Consolidated Renegotiation of Affiliated Groups and Related Groups

281 1465 Limitations on Commencement and Completion of Renegotiation

301 1466 Termination of Renegotiation

321 1467 Mandatory Exemption of Contracts and Subcontracts for Standard Commercial Articles..

341 1470 Information Required of Contractors.

401 1471 Assignment of Contractors for Renegotiation

421 1472 Conduct of Renegotiation.

441 1473 Clearance Procedure.

461 1474 Agreement Procedure.

481 1475 Unilateral Order Procedure.

501 1476 Review by the Tax Court.

521 1477 Statements to Contractors.

541 1480 Control of Renegotiation Records and Information Contained Therein

601 1490 Brokers and Manufacturers' Agents

801 1498 Forms Relating to Agreements and Orders.

961 1499 Renegotiation Rulings and Bulletins

1001 Index

1201 Appendix


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