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CHAP. 1.—Concerning the office of Comptroller,.


2.-Concerning the office of State Treasurer,.


3.-Concerning the office of Secretary of State,..


4.-Fixing the time for Acts and Joint Resolutions to take effect,.


5.—Prescribing the mode of receiving, keeping, and paying out the Public Funds,. 80

6.—Concerning the office of Attorney General,.


7.-Concerning the Revenue, Funds, Expenditure and Property of the State, and

Management thereof,..


8.- To establish Pilots and Pilot Regulations for the Port of San Francisco,..

9.-In relation to the appointment of Pilots for the different Ports and Harbors of



10.—Relating to San Diego Pilots, ...


11.–Concerning the Official Bonds of Officers,.


12.-To provide for the Incorporation of Cities,


13.–To regulate the Interest of Money,.....


14.–Empowering the Governor to appoint Commissioners of Deeds and defining the

Duties of such Officers,...


15.–Concerning the office of County Treasurer,


16.–To provide for the Incorporation of Towns,..


17.–To establish a Standard of Weights and Measures,.


18.–To authorize the formation of Limited Partnerships,


19.—Concerning Water Craft found adrift and Lost Money and Property,.


20.—Prescribing the Duties and fixing the Compensation of County Surveyors, ..... 130

21.– Defining the Duties of the State Librarian, and prescribing Rules for the Gov-

ernment of the State Library,....


22–Concerning Wrecks and Wrecked Property,


23.—To provide for the Erection of Court Houses,.


24.—Concerning Wills, ....


25.–To prevent Obstructions in Navigable Streams,


26.—To provide for the Permanent Location of Seats of Justice of the several Counties, 145

27.–Relating to Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes,..


2.-Concerning Volunteer or Independent Companies,..


17.-To provide for the Appointment and Prescribe the Duties of Guardians,


30.–To provide for the Incorporation of Colleges,..


31.-Relative to Bonds, Due Bills, and other Instruments in writing, and making

them Assignable,....

.... 164





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98.-Fixing the Times at which Representatives in Congress shall be elected,.... 344

99.-Prescribing the Manner of electing United States Senators,..

100.-To authorize Persons engaged in the United States Coast Survey upon the



Coast of California, to enter on Lands within this State, for the purposes of
said Survey; to protect the Operations of the same from Injury and Molest-
ation; to ascertain the Mode of assessing Damages caused to any property in
the progress of the same, and to provide for the Punishment of Offenders
against the Provisions of this Act, and for other purposes,...
101.-Giving the consent of the Legislature of the State of California to the Purchase,


by the United States, of Land within this State for public purposes,.

102. To grant the Right of Way to the United States for Railroad purposes,

103.-To provide for the Public Printing,..

CHAP. 107.—Creating the Office of Clerk of the Recorder's Court of the City of Sacramento

108.—To provide for the Construction of Telegraph Lines within the State of California

109.-Concerning the Offices of Comptroller and Treasurer of State,

110.-Authorizing the Comptroller of State to sue and prosecute County Treasurer:

and other Officers charged with the Collection of State Revenue, who have

failed or refused to discharge their Duties, .....

111.-Regulating the Duties of Harbor Master of the Port of San Francisco,

112. —To Fund the Floating Debt of the County of San Francisco,.....

113.—Defining the Duties of the Clerk of the Superior Court of the City of San

Francisco, .....

114.-Concerning Toll Bridges,.

115.—Concerning the Costs of Criminal Actions removed before Trial,

116.-Concerning Divorces,..

117.-Concerning District Attorneys,..

118.-Providing for the Disposition of certain Property,.

119.-Prescribing Duties to the Secretary of State,...

120.–To regulate the Settlement of the Estates of Deceased Persons, .

121.—To regulate Proceedings in Criminal Cases, .

122.-Concerning Conveyances, ..

123.-—To regulate Proceedings in Civil Cases in the Courts of Justice of this State,..

124.-Concerning the Office of County Assessor, .

125.--Concerning Crimes and Punishments,..

126.-Supplementary to an Act concerning Crimes and Punishments, passed April

sixteenth, one thousand eight hundred and fifty,......

127.-To provide Revenue for the Support of the Government of this State,.

128.—Prescribing the Mode of appointing Auctioneers, and defining their Duties,..

129.-Concerning Sheriffs, .

130.-— To regulate Fees in Office,

131.-Explanatory of the thirty-ninth Section of an Act entitled “ An Act concerning

Sheriffs," passed April 29th, 1851,.....

132.—To define the Fecs to be charged by Clerks of Courts for the Naturalization of


133.-Concerning the Courts of Justice of this State and Judicial Officers,.

134.-Creating and regulating Public Ferries,.

135.-Supplementary to an Act creating and regulating Public Ferries, passed March

18, 1850,...

136.-To provide for the Disposition of certain Property of the State of California, ..

137.- To provide for the Sale of the Interest of the State of California, in the Property

within the Water Line front of the City of San Francisco, as defined in and

by the Act entitled “ An Act to provide for the Disposition of certain Pro-

perty of the State of California," passed March twenty-sixth, one thousand

eight hundred and fifty-one,

138.-Concerning Sureties on Official Bonds, ..

139.—To provide for Security to be given by County Officers acting under Appoint-

ments, and to amend the 55th Section of the Act concerning Sheriffs, passed

April 29, 1851,

140.—To regulate Elections, ..

141.-Supplemental to “ An Act to regulate Elections," passed March twenty-third,

one thousand eight hundred and fifty,.....

142.-Concerning Lawful Fences, and Animals trespassing on Premises lawfully


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