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Please list all facilities owned, leased or used by the corporation or its officials to entertain officials of the Department of Defense or NASA, along with the names of such officials entertained and costs associated with the operation of such facilities. This list should include, but not be limited to, facilities at Wye Island, Md.; Farmington, Pa.; Georgia; Bimini; Cat Cay, Bahamas

(a) The only facilities which fall in this
category are those located at:

Wye Island, Md.
Farmington, Pa.
Pinebloom, Ga. (sold in 1974)
Bimini, Bahamas

The facility at Cat Cay, Bahamas, was only recently acquired by the Company and has not been used to entertain Department of Defense or NASA officials.

Although the Company has no facility on Catalina
Island, Calif., it did on one occasion entertain
a NASA employee at a hunting club there.

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(b) Department of Defense and NASA officials or
employees who are believed to have been guests of
the Company during the past three years (including,
as to Wye Island, the 1972/1973 hunting season)
at Wye Island, Md.; Farmington, Pa.; Pinebloom, Ga.i
Bimini, Bahamas; and Catalina Island, Calif., are
shown on Attachment A. These guests represented
only a small part of the total number using these

(c) The full cost to the Company of leasing and
using the facility at Wye Island for the 1972-73,
1973-74 and 1974-75 hunting seasons was approxi-
mately $61,000, $ 56,000 and $57,000, respectively.
(No Department of Defense or NASA officials or
employees were guests at the facility during the
1975-76 hunting season.) Most of these costs
represent a flat rental for all of the facility,
payable whether or not it was fully used, so that
the incremental costs for any guest appear to
have been modest.

The facilities at Pinebloom, Ga., and Bimini,
Bahamas, were acquired by the Company as part of

acquisitions of other companies. These facilities have been operated and maintained in the same manner as any other capital asset and, therefore, are subject to such costs as depreciation, insurance, salaries and wages, taxes, etc. These costs are borne by the Company regardless of the extent to which guests may have been entertained from time to time. It has, therefore, not been feasible to calculate the incremental costs (such as food, beverages and the incidental costs related to any hunting or fishing) associated with the few Department of Defense and NASA officials and employees who were guests at these facilities, but they would appear to have been modest.

With respect to Farmington, Pa., the Company is billed for the costs associated with those of its employees and guests who are present at the facility from time to time. The available Company records are incomplete. Accordingly, in an attempt to determine what might be an average cost per guest, an estimate has been made based on those records that are available with respect to commercial and other guests. Based on this analysis, it is estimated that the average cost per guest was in the neighborhood of $220.

With respect to the Catalina Island, Calif., hunting trip, the cost attributable to the guest was approximately $260.


Wye Island, Md.


Those DOD officials and employees whose names were included on the list which Senator Proxmire furnished to Secretary Clements on February 3, 1976, plus the following:

Col. M. Bloom, USAF
Lt. Gen. E. Fris, USMC
Maj. A. F. McLucas, USMC
Lt. Col. R. Harper, USMC
Cmdr. Carl Woodbury, USN
Capt. M. S. Snowden, USN
Maj. Gen. M. E. Carl, USMC
Lt. Col. J. C. Hillery, USAF
Col. Frank Duggins, USA
Adm. Thos. Moorer, USN
Vice Adm. Vincent de Poix, USN
Mr. E. E. Adkins, USAF
Cmdr. E. Preston, USN
Capt. M. R. Siebert, USN
Capt. 2. J. Kowalskey, Jr., USN
Adm. Pierre W. Charbonnet, USN
Lt. Col. Carl Dubac, USMC
Capt. M. J. Katcher, USN
Hugh Moreland, USAF
Cmdr. J. Finley, USN
Col. Lemar Bowles, USAF
Col. J. Burgess, USA
Lt. Col. A. Edwards, USAF
Maj. G. Garwick, USMC
Adm. Wm. Thompson, USN
Mr. J. M. Weissman, USN
Col. E. W. Fuller, USAF
Maj. S. Holmes, USAF
Frank Merritt, USAF Academy
W. Balentine, USAF
Maj. Burlin Lowery, USAF
Col. R. C. Snavely, USAF
Col. H. S. Lowery, USMC
J. Schwall, USAF Academy
E. E. Miller, US Naval Academy
Col. J. A. Saavedra, USAF
Lt. Gen. K. Schultz, USAF
Capt, Bruce Patterson, USN
Brig. Gen. Conrad Stansberry, USA

In addition, Secretary of the Navy Middendorf was on one occasion an overnight guest at the invitation of the naval attache of an embassy in Washington. The embassy official invited Mr. Middendorf to accompany him to Wye Island after the embassy official checked with a Company representative

69-394 O. 76 - 11

to determine that there would be no objection. It is our understanding that Mr. Middendorf was not aware that this was a contractor-leased facility when he accepted the invitation.

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Bimini, Bahamas


None, except Mr. Malcolm Currie whose visit to Bimini came about as a result of an invitation from Mr. R. Anderson's wife to a personal friend of hers and to Mr, Currie's daughter, Diana, a personal friend of Mrs. Anderson's children. On their return from vacations in the Caribbean, they joined the Anderson family in Miami and stopped at Bimini for a brief visit on the way home.


Eugene Cernan
Ronald Evans

Catalina Island, Calif.


K. Kleinkenect

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