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This finding list is arranged alphabetically by authors in three groups, Geography, Anthropology, Hydrography. The contents of the more important collections of voyages, such as Hakluyt's and Purchas's, have a subarrangement, alphabetically by authors.

Under Geography will be found titles of voyages around the world, collections of voyages, polar expeditions, but not titles of books of travel to any particular country. Such books have been classed in this library in History, and their titles have appeared in the Finding List of History.

No. 3.

Books relating to the American Indians have been classed in American History, and their titles will be found in the Finding List of American History.

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Bell, James. A system of geography,
popular and scientific; or, A physi-
cal, political, and statistical ac-
count of the world and its various
divisions. Illustrated by a com-
plete series of maps, and other en-
gravings. 1853. 6 v. G115 B43.
Beniowsky, M. A., graf von.
and travels of Mauritius Augustus,
count de Benyowsky ... Consist-
ing of his military operations in
Poland, his exile into Kamchatka,
his escape and voyage from that
peninsula through the northern
Pacific Ocean, touching at Japan
and Formosa, to Canton in China,
with an account of the French
settlement he was appointed to
form upon the island of Madagas-
car. Written by himself. Trans-
lated from the original manuscript
[by William Nicholson]. 1790.
2 v. G490 B47.

Benjamin, S. G. W. The Atlantic islands as resorts of health and pleasure. 1878. G500 B46.

Blake, Mrs. E. V. Arctic experiences: containing Capt. George E. Tyson's wonderful drift on the ice-floe, a history of the Polaris expedition, the cruise of the Tigress, and rescue of the Polaris survivors. Το which is added a general arctic chronology. Ed. by E. Vale Blake. 1874. G670 P7 B6.

[Brosses, Charles de.] Terra australis cognita: or, Voyages to the Terra australis, or Southern hemisphere, during the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries 176668. 3 v. G160 B87.

Australes, with additions by John

CONTENTS.-The Bahamas.-The Azores.-The Channel Islands.-The Bulletin des sciences géographiques, Magdalen Islands.-Madeira.-Teneriffe. Newfoundland.-The Bermudas.-Belleisle-en-Mer.-Prince Edward Island.-Isles of Shoals.-Cape Breton Island.-The Isle of Wight. Bevan, W. L. Mediæval geography;

etc. Economie publique; voyages.
Sixième section du Bulletin uni-
versel des sciences et de l'indus-
trie, publié sous la direction de M.
le Bon. de Férussac ... t.1-28.
1824-31. 28 v. G1 B93.

an essay in illustration of the
Hereford mappa mundi, by the
Rev. W. L. Bevan
and the
Rev. H. W. Phillott. 1873. GA304

A translation of Comte de Brosses' Histoire des navigations aux Terres

[Brookes, Richard] Darby's Universal gazetteer, or, A new geographical dictionary Iliustrated by a map of the United States. The 2d ed., with ample additions and improvements. 1827. G102 B87. Darby's second edition of Brookes' Universal gazetteer.

General gazetteer improved; or, A new and compendious geographical dictionary ... Originally written by R. Brookes, M. D. 2d American ed., from the latest European, with great additions and improvements. 1812. G102 B86.

Bulkeley, John. A voyage to the

South-Seas, in the years 1740-1. Containing, a faithful narrative of the loss of His Majesty's ship the Wager on a desolate island in the latitude 47 south, longitude 81:40 west... compiled by persons concerned in the facts related, viz. John Bulkeley and John Cummins. 1757. G530 B94.

unbury, Sir E. H. A history of ancient geography among the Greeks and Romans, from the earliest ages till the fall of the Roman empire. 1879. 2 v. G84 B94. Burney, James. A chronological history of north-eastern voyages of discovery; and of the early eastern navigations of the Russians. 1819. G680 B9.

A chronological history of the discoveries in the South Sea or Pacific Ocean. 1803-17. 5 v. G160


CONTENTS.-Alarcon, H. d', and Cornado, F. V. de. Expeditions, v. 1. -Alcazova, S. d'. Expedition, v. 1.— Alvarado, P. d'. Schemes for maritime expeditions, v. 1.-Discoveries on western coast of America, v. 1.— Progress of discovery on western coast of America to 1524, v. 1.-Ships sent to examine American coast to

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