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Geological survey, 1888 to 1903. 1905. GB701 U5.

Water supply of Nome region,
Seward Peninsula, Alaska, 1906.
1907. GB701 U5.
Hutson, W. F. Irrigation systems in

Texas. 1898. GB701 U5.
Jackson, D. D. The normal distribu-
tion of chlorine in the natural
waters of New York and New Eng-
land. 1905. GB701 U5.
Johnson, D. W. Relation of the law
to underground waters. 1905.
GB701 U5.

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The underground waters of Gila Valley, Arizona. 1904. GB701 U5. Underground waters of Salt River Valley, Arizona. 1905. GB701 U5.

Water resources of Beaver Valley, Utah. 1908. GB701 U5.

Water resources of the Rio Grande Valley in New Mexico and their development. 1907. GB701 U5. M. Leighton, 0. Field assay water. 1905. GB701 U5.

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Normal and polluted waters in northeastern United States. 1903. GB701 U5.

The Passaic flood of 1903. 1904. GB701 U5.

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Storage of water on Gila River, Arizona. 1900. GB701 U5.

Storage of water on Kings River, California. 1902. GB701 U5.

Water problems of Santa Barbara, California. 1905. GB701 U5. McEathron, W. J. A report upon the

drainage of the agricultural lands of Bolivar County, Mississippi. 1909. GB1800 25 M6 M14. Mead, Elwood. Water-right problems of the Bighorn Mountains. 1899. GB701 U5.

Pollution of Illinois and Mississippi rivers by Chicago sewage. A digest of the testimony taken in

the case of the state of Missouri v. Mendenhall, W. C. Development of the state of Illinois and the sani

underground waters in the central

Sewage pollution in the metropolitan area near New York City and its effect on inland water resources. 1902. GB701 U5. Leverett, Frank. Flowing wells and municipal water supplies in the middle and northern portions of the southern peninsula of Michigan. 1907. GB701 U5.

Flowing wells and municipal water supplies in the southern portion of the southern peninsula of Michigan. 1906. GB701 U5.

Wells of northern Indiana. 1899. GB701 U5.

Wells of southern Indiana (continuation of Water-supply and irrigation paper no. 21) 1899. GB701 U5.

Lewis, S. J. Quality of water in the
upper Ohio River basin and at Erie,
Pa. 1906. GB701 U5.
Lindgren, Waldemar. The water re-
sources of Molokai, Hawaiian
Islands. 1903. GB701 U5.
Lippincott, J. B. California hydrog-
raphy. 1903. GB701 U5.

Development and application of water near San Bernardino, Colton, and Riverside, Cal. 1902. GB701 U5.

coastal plain region of southern | Perry, T. O. Experiments with windCalifornia. 1905. GB701 U5. mills. 1899. GB701 U5.

Development of underground Phelps, E. B. The prevention of waters in the eastern coastal plain stream pollution by strawboard region of southern California. waste. 1906. GB701 U5. 1905. GB701 U5.

Development of underground waters in the western coastal plain region of southern California. 1905. GB701 U5.

Ground waters of the Indio region, California, with a sketch of the Colorado desert. 1909. GB701 U5.

The hydrology of San Bernardino Valley, California. 1905. GB701 U5.

Preliminary report on the ground waters of San Joaquin Valley, California. 1908. GB701 U5. Murphy, E. C. Accuracy of stream measurements. 1902. GB701 U5. Same. 2d enl. ed. 1904. GB701


Hydrographic manual of the United States Geological survey. 1904. GB701 U5.

The windmill: its efficiency and economic use. 1901. 2 v. GB701 U5.

Windmills for irrigation, by Edward Charles Murphy. 1897. GB701 U5.

Proceedings of second conference of engineers of the Reclamation service, with accompanying papers. 1905. GB701 U5.

Olmsted, F. H. Physical characteristics of Kern River, California, by Frank H. Olmsted; and Reconnaissance of Yuba River, California, by Marsden Manson. 1901. GB701 U5.

Pressey, H. A. Hydrography of the southern Appalachian Mountain region. 1902. 2 v. GB701 U5.

Observations on the flow of rivers in the vicinity of New York City. 1903. GB701 U5.

Water powers of the state of Maine. 1902. GB701 U5.

Newell, F. H.

Proceedings of first

conference of engineers of the Re-Russell, I. C.
clamation service, with accompany-
ing papers. 1904. GB701 U5.

Parker, H. N. The Potomac River basin; geographic history-rainfall and stream flow-pollution, typhoid fever, and character of water-relation of soils and forest cover to quality and quantity of surface water-effect of industrial wastes on fishes. 1907. GB701 U5.

Quinton, J. H. Experiments on steelconcrete pipes on a working scale. 1905. GB701 U5.

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Water resources of the state of New York. 1899. 2 v. GB701 U5. A report upon the drainage of agricultural lands in the Kankakee River Valley, Indiana. Prepared from investigations and surveys conducted by W. D. Pence and Morton H. Downey, under the direction of C. G. Elliott .. 1909. GB1800 25 13. Richardson, G. B. Underground water in the valleys of Utah Lake and Jordan River, Utah. 1906. GB701 U5.

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Observations on the ground waters of Rio Grande Valley. 1905. GB701 U5.

The underflow in Arkansas Valley in western Kansas. 1906. GB701 U5.

The underflow of the South Platte Valley. 1906. GB701 U5. Smith, G. 0. Geology and water resources of a portion of Yakima County, Wash. 1901. GB701 U5. Smith, L. S. Water powers of northern Wisconsin. 1906. GB701 U5. Stabler, Herman. Prevention of stream pollution by distillery refuse, based on investigations at Lynchburg, Ohio. 1906. GB701


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drainages, 1906. 1907. GB701 U5. | Wilder, F. A.

Surface water supply of western Gulf of Mexico and Rio Grande drainages, 1906. 1907. GB701 U5. Underground-water papers, 1906. 1906. GB701 U5. Veatch, A. C. Fluctuations of the water level in wells, with special reference to Long Island, New York. 1906. GB701 U5.

Waring, G. A. Geology and water

resources of a portion of southcentral Oregon. 1908. GB701 U5. Waterhouse, S. The Mississippi and its affluents. 1892. GB1201 M6 W32.

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Pumping water for irrigation. 1896. GB701 U5.

Water resources of Puerto Rico. 1899. GB701 U5. Winslow, C. E. A. Investigations on the purification of Boston sewage made at the Sanitary research laboratory and sewage experiment station of the Massachusetts institute of technology, with a history of the sewage-disposal problem. 1906. GB701 U5.

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