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This list is arranged in one alphabet of authors and titles. Each book is entered twice-once under the author, and again under the title. The author's name in the author entry appears in black type.

Aaron in the wildwoods. By J. C. Adventures of an atom. By Tobias
Harris. 1897.

Smollett. 1797. (Bound with Sir
Launcelot Greaves.)

Abandoned. By Jules Verne. 1875.
Abbot, The. By Sir Walter Scott.

Adventures of an attorney in search of practice. By Samuel Warren. 1872.

Adventures of François. By S. W.

Mitchell. 1898.

Same. 1844. (Bound with Monastery.)

Abbott, C. C. Colonial wooing. 1895.

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No. 4.

Across the plains. By R. L. Stevenson. 1895.

Adam Bede. By George Eliot. 1869.
Adieu. By H. de Balzac. 1899.
Adventures of Brownie. By Mrs.
D. M. M. Craik. 1893.

Adventures of Mr. Veraant Green.
By Edward Bradley. 1897.
Adventures of Philip. By W. M.
Thackeray. 1869. 2 v.

Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves.
By Tobias Smollett. 1797.
Same. 1824.
Adventures of Tom Sawyer. By S.
L. Clemens. 1899.
Aesop's fables. 1848.

Afloat and ashore. By J. F. Cooper.


Afloat in the forest. By Mayne Reid.
Aftermath. By J. L. Allen. 1896.
Afterwards, and other stories.
John Watson. 1898.
Agincourt. By G. P. R. James. 1858.
Agnes Grey. By Anne Brontë. 1873.

Ailenroc, M. R., pseud. White castle of Louisiana. 1903. Ainsworth, W. H. Pictorial Tower of London. n. d.

Albert Savarus. By H. de Balzac.

O. T. 1880.
Only a fiddler.
Stories and tales. 1881.


Two baronesses.

1879. Wonder stories told for children. 1881.


Alexander, Mrs., pseud. See Hector, Ange Pitou. By Alexandre Dumas.

1895. 2 v.

Mrs. A. F.

Alice of old Vincennes. By Maurice

Thompson. 1900.

Alice Singleton. By S. H. Smith. c1885.

Alice Withrow. By L. R. Fleming. 1886.

Same. 1881.

Alton Locke. By Charles Kingsley. 1862.

Altsheler, J. A. Before the dawn. 1903.

Allen, J. L. Aftermath. 1896.

Choir invisible. 1899.
Flute and violin. 1891.
John Gray. 1893.
Kentucky cardinal. 1894.
Summer in Arcady. 1896.
Allen, Mrs. William. Love letters of
a liar. 1901.

Aloys. By Berthold Auerbach. 1877.
Alroy. By the Earl of Beaconsfield. Another study of woman. By H. de

n. d.

Balzac. 1897.

Anti-fanaticism. By M. H. Butt. 1853.

Antiquary, The. By Sir Walter Scott. 1843.

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Angelina. By Maria Edgeworth. 1825.

Among the northern hills. By W.
C. Prime. 1895.

Amos Judd. By J. A. Mitchell. 1896.
By Charles
Narrey. 1866.
Amy Oakly. By Florella Meynardie.

Ancient law. By Ellen Glasgow.

Same. 1873. 4 Anglomaniacs. By Mrs. C. C. Harrison. 1890.

Anna Karenina.

By Count
Tolstoi. 1899. 2 v.
Annals of a quiet neighbourhood.
By George Macdonald. 1873.

Same. 1857.

Amazing marriage. By George Meredith. 1895. 2 v.

Antonina. By W. W. Collins. 1874. Amelia. By Henry Fielding. 1871, Arabella Stuart. By G. P. R. James.

2 v.


Andersen, H. C. Improvisatore, The. 1880.


Anne of Geierstein. By Sir Walter
Scott. 1846. (Bound with Fair
maid of Perth.)
Same. 1857.

Annunzio, Gabriele d'. Triumph of death. 1897.

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Around the world in eighty days.
By Jules Verne. 1873.
Arrah Neil. By G. P. R. James.

Arthur Mervyn. By C. B. Brown. 1827. 2 v.

Same. 1887. 2 v.

Arthur O'Leary. By C. J. Lever. Asmodeus. By A. R. Le Sage. 1881. At last. By Mrs. M. V. H. Terhune. 1876.

At the


By Eugenie



Atheist's mass. By H. de Balzac. 1896.

Atherton, G. F. Bell in the fog. 1905.

Conqueror, The. 1902.

Attila. By G. P. R. James. 1858. Audrey. By Mary Johnston. 1902. Auerbach, Berthold. Aloys. 1877. Black Forest village stories. 1874.

Brigitta. 1880.

Convicts and their children. 1877.

Edelweiss. 1874.

Joseph in the snow. 1874.

Landolin. 1873.

Little barefoot. 1874.

Poet and merchant.


Villa on the Rhine. 1874. 2 v.
Waldfried. 1874.

Auld licht idylls. By J. M. Barrie.

Austen, Jane. Emma. 1890.

Mansfield Park. 1890.

Northanger Abbey. 1890.

Persuasion. 1890.

Pride and prejudice. 1890. Sense and sensibility. 1890. Autobiography of a quack. By S.

W. Mitchell. 1900.

Babcock, Mrs. W. E. Wooing of Wistaria. 1902.

Bachelor of Salamanca. By A. R. Le Sage. 1820.

Same. 1881.

Bachelor's Christmas. By Robert Grant. 1895.

Balzac, H. de. Accursed child. 1899.

Adieu. 1899.
Albert Savarus.


Another study of woman. 1897.
Atheist's mass. 1896.

Beatrix. 1897.

Cabinet of antiquities. 1898.

Catherine de Medici.
Same. 1899.

César Birotteau. 1896.
Chouans. 1898.

Exiles. 1899.

Facino Cane. 1896. Ferragus. 1896. Gambara. 1899. Gaudissart II. 1896. Girl with the 1896.


Civil service. 1896.
Colonel Chabert. 1897.
Conscript. 1899.

Contes drolatiques. 1900.
Country doctor. 1898.
Cousin Bette. 1896.
Cousin Pons. 1896.
Curé de Tours. 1897.
Dance at Sceaux. 1896.
Dark affairs. 1898.
Daughter of Eve. 1897.
Deputy from Arcis. 1898.
Deserted mistress. 1897.
Double family. 1897.
Duchesse de Langeais. 1896.
Elixir of long life. 1899.
End of bad roads. 1895.
Episode under the reign of ter-
ror. 1898.

Eugénie Grandet. 1897.

Executioner. 1899.


Gobseck. 1897. Grenadiere, La. 1897.

Honorine. 1897.


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Memoirs of two young wives. Bar Harbor days. By Mrs. C. C.

Harrison. 1887.


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