Process Engineering and Industrial Management

Jean-Pierre Dal Pont
John Wiley & Sons, Mar 4, 2013 - 492 páginas
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Process Engineering, the science and art of transforming rawmaterials and energy into a vast array of commercial materials, wasconceived at the end of the 19th Century. Its history in the roleof the Process Industries has been quite honorable, and techniquesand products have contributed to improve health, welfare andquality of life. Today, industrial enterprises, which are still amajor source of wealth, have to deal with new challenges in aglobal world. They need to reconsider their strategy taking intoaccount environmental constraints, social requirements, profit,competition, and resource depletion.
“Systems thinking” is a prerequisite from processdevelopment at the lab level to good project management. Newmanufacturing concepts have to be considered, taking into accountLCA, supply chain management, recycling, plant flexibility,continuous development, process intensification andinnovation.
This book combines experience from academia and industry in thefield of industrialization, i.e. in all processes involved in theconversion of research into successful operations. Enterprises arefacing major challenges in a world of fierce competition andglobalization. Process engineering techniques provide ProcessIndustries with the necessary tools to cope with these issues. Thechapters of this book give a new approach to the management oftechnology, projects and manufacturing.


Part 1: The Company as of Today
1. The Industrial Company: its Purpose, History, Context, and itsTomorrow?, Jean-Pierre Dal Pont.
2. The Two Modes of Operation of the Company – Operationaland Entrepreneurial, Jean-Pierre Dal Pont.
3. The Strategic Management of the Company: Industrial Aspects,Jean-Pierre Dal Pont.
Part 2: Process Development and Industrialization
4. Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering, Jean-Pierre DalPont.
5. Foundations of Process Industrialization, Jean-FrançoisJoly.
6. The Industrialization Process: Preliminary Projects, Jean-PierreDal Pont and Michel Royer.
7. Lifecycle Analysis and Eco-Design: Innovation Tools forSustainable Industrial Chemistry, Sylvain Caillol.
8. Methods for Design and Evaluation of Sustainable Processes andIndustrial Systems, Catherine Azzaro-Pantel.
9. Project Management Techniques: Engineering, Jean-Pierre DalPont.
Part 3: The Necessary Adaptation of the Company for theFuture
10. Japanese Methods, Jean-Pierre Dal Pont.
11. Innovation in Chemical Engineering Industries, Oliver Potierand Mauricio Camargo.
12. The Place of Intensified Processes in the Plant of the Future,Laurent Falk.
13. Change Management, Jean-Pierre Dal Pont.
14. The Plant of the Future, Jean-Pierre Dal Pont.


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The TwoModes of Operation ofthe Company
The Strategic Management of the Company
Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering
Foundationsof Process Industrialization
The Industrialization Process Preliminary
research to thefoundations ofindustrialization 5 3 Theprestudy or predevelopment
Methods for Design and Evaluation
ProjectManagement Techniques Engineering 9 1 Engineer and engineering 9 2 Project organization
from Process
Japanese Methods
Innovation inChemical Engineering Industries
The Place of IntensifiedProcesses in the Plant
Change Management
The Plant of the Future
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Lifecycle Analysis and EcoDesign Innovation
4 SPI Sustainable Process Index

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Jean-Pierre Dal Pont is President of SFGP(French Chemical Engineering Society ), General Secretary of EFCE(European Federation of Chemical Engineering) and President of SECF (Societé des Experts Chimistes de France).

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