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1. The Third and Last Volume of the Voyages, Navigations, Traffiques

and Discoveries of the English Nation. Collected by Richard Hak-

luyt, Preacher and sometimes Student of Christ's Church in Oxford.

London, 1600.

2. The General Historie of Virginia, New England and the Summer

Islies. From their first Beginning, Ano. 1584 to the present 1624, by

Captain John Smith, Sometymes Governor of those Countries. Lon-

don, 1624.

3. Purchas; His Pilgrims, in Five Books. Vol. IV. London, 1625.

4. The History of the first Discovery and Settlement of Virginia, by

William Smith, A. M., President of the College of William and Mary

in Virginia. London, 1753.

5. Contributions to the Ecclesiastical History of the United States of

America, by Francis L. Hawks, D. D. Vol. I. New York, 1836.

6. The Historie of Travaile into Virginia Britannia: Collected by

William Strachey, Gent., the first Secretary of the Colony. Hakluyt

Society, London, 1849.

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