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1. Tholuck's Commentary on Sermon on the Mount.–2. Dixon's History

of Lord Bacon.-3. Thornton's Pulpit of the American Revolution.-4.

Milman's Latin Christianity:-5. Ackerman's Christian Element in

Plato.—6. Pusey's Parochial Sermons.—7. Müllers Life of Trust.-

8. Woman's Right to Labor.–9. Hagenbach's History of Doctrines,

Vol. I.-10. Ebrard's Commentary on Epistles of St. John.-11.

Motley's History of the Netherlands.-12. Worcester's Dictionary.

-13. New American Cyclopedia.—14. Works of Lord Bacon.-15.

Southern Churchman on Baptismal Regeneration.-16.-Adams'

Evenings with the Doctrines.-17. Letter to a Friend.-18. Cros-

well's Poems.-19. Cooper's Novels.-20. Prime's Coins, Medals,

and Seals.-21. Harper's Greek and Latin Classics.-22. Gasse's Ro-

mance of Natural History.—23. Lay Coöperation in Frankford.—24.

Harper's Children's Picture Books.-25. Abbott's American History.

--26. Church Monthly.-27. Church Book Society's Publications.

28. Bishop Burgess' Sermon, Bishop White P. B. S.—29. Sermons,

Addresses, &c., &c.

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