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HINDOO MYTHOLOGY POPULARLY TREATED. Being an Epitomised Description of the various Heathen Deities illustrated on the Silver Swami Tea Service presented, as a memento of his visit to India, to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, K.G., G.C.S.I., by His Highness the Gaekwar of Baroda. Small 4to, pp. 42, limp cloth. 1875. 3s. 6d.


THE COMMERCE AND INDUSTRIES OF THE PACIFIC COAST OF NORTH AMERICA. By J. S. Hittell, Author of "The Resources of California." 4to, pp. 820. 1882. £1, 10s.

HODGSON.-ESSAYS ON THE LANGUAGES, LITERATURE, AND RELIGION OF NÉPAL AND TIBET. Together with further Papers on the Geography, Ethnology, and Commerce of those Countries. By B. H. Hodgson, late British Minister at the Court of Nepál. Royal 8vo, cloth, pp. xii. and 276. 1874. 148.


Two Lectures. By W. B. 1870. 2s.

ESSAYS ON INDIAN SUBJECTS. See Trübner's Oriental Series. HODGSON. THE EDUCATION OF GIRLS; AND THE EMPLOYMENT OF WOMEN OF THE UPPER CLASSES EDUCATIONALLY CONSIDERED. Two Lectures. By W. B. Hodgson, LL.D. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, pp. xvi. and 114, cloth. 1869. 3s. 6d. HODGSON.-TURGOT: His Life, Times, and Opinions. Hodgson, LL.D. Crown 8vo, pp. vi. and 83, sewed. HOERNLE.-A COMPARATIVE GRAMMAR OF THE GAUDIAN LANGUAGES, with Special Reference to the Eastern Hindi. Accompanied by a Language Map, and a Table of Alphabets. By A. F. Rudolf Hoernle. Demy 8vo, pp. 474, cloth. 1880. 18s. HOLBEIN SOCIETY.-Subscription, one guinea per annum. List of publications on application.

HOLMES-FORBES.-THE SCIENCE OF BEAUTY. An Analytical Inquiry into the Laws of Esthetics. By Avary W. Holmes-Forbes, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-atLaw. Post 8vo, cloth, pp. vi. and 200. 1881. 6s.

HOLST. THE CONSTITUTIONAL AND POLITICAL HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES. By Dr. H. von Holst. Translated by J. J. Lalor and A. B. Mason. Royal 8vo. Vol. I. 1750-1833. State Sovereignty and Slavery. Pp. xvi. and 506. 1876. 18s. -Vol. II. 1828-1846. Jackon's Administration-Annexation of Texas. Pp. 720. 1879. £1, 2s.-Vol. III. 1846-1850. Annexation of Texas-Compromise of 1850. Pp. x. and 598. 1881. 18s.

HOLYOAKE.—THE ROCHDALE PIONEERS. Thirty-three Years of Co-operation in Rochdale. In two parts. Part I. 1844-1857; Part II. 1857-1877. By G. J Holyoake. Crown 8vo, pp. 174, cloth. 1882. 2s. 6d.

HOLYOAKE. THE HISTORY OF CO-OPERATION IN ENGLAND: its Literature and its Advocates. By G. J. Holyoake. Vol. I. The Pioneer Period, 1812-44. Crown 8vo, pp. xii. and 420, cloth. 1875. 6s.-Vol. II. The Constructive Period, 184578. Crown 8vo, pp. x. and 504, cloth. 1878. Ss.

HOLYOAKE. THE TRIAL OF THEISM ACCUSED OF OBSTRUCTING SECULAR LIFE. By G. J. Holyoake. Crown 8vo, pp. xvi. and 256, cloth. 1877. 4s.

HOLYOAKE. REASONING FROM FACTS: A Method of Everyday Logic. By G. J. Holyoake. Fcap., pp. xii. and 94, wrapper. 1877. 1s. 6d.

HOPKINS. ELEMENTARY GRAMMAR OF THE TURKISH LANGUAGE. With a few Easy Exercises. By F. L. Hopkins, M. A., Fellow and Tutor of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Crown 8vo, pp. 48, cloth. 1877. 3s. 6d.

Copyright Edition. Crown 8vo, pp. 272, cloth. 1882. 6s.



HOWSE.-A GRAMMAR OF THE CREE LANGUAGE. With which is combined an Analysis of the Chippeway Dialect. By Joseph Howse, F.R.G.S. 8vo, pp. xx. and 324, cloth. 1865. 78. 6d. HULME.-MATHEMATICAL DRAWING INSTRUMENTS, AND HOW TO USE THEM. By F. Edward Hulme, F.L.S., F.S.A., Art-Master of Marlborough College, Author of "Principles of Ornamental Art,' "Familiar Wild Flowers," Suggestions on Floral Design," &c. With Illustrations. Second Edition. Imperial 16mo, pp. xvi. and 152, cloth. 1881. 3s. 6d.

HUMBERT.-ON "TENANT RIGHT." By C. F. Humbert. 8vo, pp. 20, sewed. 1875. 18.


Translated from the

German of Baron Wilhelm Von Humboldt by Joseph Coulthard, jun. Post 8vo, pp. xv. and 203, cloth. 1854. 58.

HUMBOLDT.-LETTERS OF WILLIAM VON HUMBOLDT TO A FEMALE FRIEND. A complete Edition. Translated from the Second German Edition by Catherine M. A. Couper, with a Biographical Notice of the Writer. 2 vols. crown 8vo, pp. xxviii. and 592, cloth. 1867. 10s.

HUNT. THE RELIGION OF THE HEART. A Manual of Faith and Duty. By Leigh Hunt. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xxiv. and 259, cloth. 2s. 6d.

HUNT.-CHEMICAL AND GEOLOGICAL ESSAYS. By Professor T. Sterry Hunt. Second Edition. 8vo, pp. xxii. and 448, cloth. 1879. 12s.

HUNTER.-A COMPARATIVE DICTIONARY OF THE NON-ARYAN LANGUAGES OF INDIA AND HIGH ASIA. With a Dissertation, Political and Linguistic, on the Aboriginal Races. By W. W. Hunter, B.A., M.R.A.S., Hon. Fel. Ethnol. Soc., Author of the "Annals of Rural Bengal," of H.M.'s Civil Service. Being a Lexicon of 144 Languages, illustrating Turanian Speech. Compiled from the Hodgson Lists, Government Archives, and Original MSS., arranged with Prefaces and Indices in English, French, German, Russian, and Latin. Large 4to, toned paper, pp. 230, cloth. 1869. 42s.

HUNTER. THE INDIAN MUSSULMANS. By W. W. Hunter, B. A., LL.D., DirectorGeneral of Statistics to the Government of India, &c., Author of the "Annals of Rural Bengal," &c. Third Edition. 8vo, pp. 219, cloth. 1876. 10s. 6d. HUNTER. FAMINE ASPECTS OF BENGAL DISTRICTS. A System of Famine Warnings. By W. W. Hunter, B.A., LL.D. Crown 8vo, pp. 216, cloth. 1874. 7s. 6d.

HUNTER. A STATISTICAL ACCOUNT OF BENGAL. By W. W. Hunter, B.A., LL.D., Director-General of Statistics to the Government of India, &c. In 20 vols. 8vo, half morocco. 1877. £5.

HUNTER.-CATALOGUE OF SANSKRIT MANUSCRIPTS (BUDDHIST). Collected in Nepal by B. H. Hodgson, late Resident at the Court of Nepal. Compiled from Lists ir Calcutta, France, and England, by W. W. Hunter, C.I.E., LL.D. 8vo, pp. 28, paper. 1880. 28.

HUNTER. THE IMPERIAL GAZETTEER OF INDIA. By W. W. Hunter, C.I.E., LL.D., Director-General of Statistics to the Government of India. In Nine Volumes. 8vo, pp. xxxiii. and 544, 539, 567, xix. and 716, 509, 513, 555, 537, and xii. and 478, half morocco. With Maps. 1881.

HUNTER. THE INDIAN EMPIRE: Its History, People, and Products. By W. W. Hunter, C.I.E., LL.D. Post 8vo, pp. 568, with Map, cloth. 1882. 16s.

HUNTER.-AN ACCOUNT OF THE BRITISH SEttlement of ADEN, IN ARABIA. Compiled by Capt. F. M. Hunter, Assistant Political Resident, Aden. 8vo, pp. xii. and 232, half bound. 1877. 78. 6d.

HUNTER.-A STATISTICAL ACCOUNT OF ASSAM. By W. W. Hunter, B.A., LL.D., C.I.E., Director-General of Statistics to the Government of India, &c. 2 vols. Svo, pp. 420 and 490, with 2 Maps, ha morocco. 1879. 10s.

HUNTER.-A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE INDIAN PEOPLE. By W. W. Hunter, C.I.E., LL.D. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, pp. 222, cloth. With Map. 1883. 3s. 6d. HURST.-HISTORY OF RATIONALISM: embracing a Survey of the Present State of Protestant Theology. By the Rev. John F. Hurst, A.M. With Appendix of

Literature. Revised and enlarged from the Third American Edition. Crown 8vo, pp. xvii. and 525, cloth. 1867. 10s. 6d.

HYETT.-PROMPT REMEDIES FOR ACCIDENTS AND POISONS: Adapted to the use of the Inexperienced till Medical aid arrives. By W. H. Hyett, F.R.S. A Broadsheet, to hang up in Country Schools or Vestries, Workshops, Offices of Factories, Mines and Docks, on board Yachts, in Railway Stations, remote Shooting Quarters, Highland Manses, and Private Houses, wherever the Doctor lives at a distance. Sold for the benefit of the Gloucester Eye Institution. In sheets, 21 by 17 inches, 2s. 6d. ; mounted, 3s. 6d.

HYMANS.-PUPIL Versus TEACHER. Letters from a Teacher to a Teacher. Feap. 8vo, pp. 92, cloth. 1875. 2s.

By W. H. Ihne, late Principal Crown 8vo, pp. vi. and 184, cloth.

of Carlton Terrace School, Liverpool.
1864. 3s.

IKHWÁNU-S SAFA; or, Brothers of Purity. Translated from the Hindustani by Professor John Dowson, M.R.A.S., Staff College, Sandhurst. Crown 8vo, pp. viii. and 156, cloth. 1869. 78.



INDIA.-PUBLICATIONS OF THE GEOGRAPHICAL DEPARTMENT OF THE INDIA OFFICE, A separate list, also list of all the Government Maps, on applica




[blocks in formation]

Burma (British) Gazetteer. 2 vols. 50s.

Vols. I. and III. 42s. each.
Vol. II. 63s.

Vols. IV. and V. 1268.

Catalogue of Manuscripts and Maps of Surveys. 12s.
Chambers' Meteorology (Bombay) and Atlas. 30s.

Cole's Agra and Muttra. 70s.

Cook's Gums and Resins. 5s.

Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum. Vol. I. 32s.

Cunningham's Archæological Survey. Vols. I. to XIV. 10s. and 12s. each.

Do. Stupa of Bharut. 638.


GAZETTEER OF THE CENTRAL PROVINCES OF INDIA. Edited by Charles Grant, Secretary to the Chief Commissioner of the Central Provinces. Second Edition. With a very large folding Map of the Central Provinces of India. Demy 8vo, pp. clvii. and 582, cloth. 1870. £1, 48.

GEIGER.-A PEEP AT MEXICO; Narrative of a Journey across the Republic from the Pacific to the Gulf, in December 1873 and January 1874. By J. L. Geiger, F.R.G.S. Demy 8vo, pp. 368, with Maps and 45 Original Photographs. Cloth, 24s.

GEIGER.-CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE HISTORY OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE HUMAN RACE Lectures and Dissertations, by Lazarus Geiger. Translated from the Second German Edition, by David Asher, Ph.D. Post 8vo, pp. x.-156, cloth. 1880. 68.

GELDART.-FAITH AND FREEDOM. Fourteen Sermons. By E. M. Geldart, M. A. Crown 8vo, pp. vi. and 168, cloth. 1881. 4s. 6d.

GELDART. A GUIDE TO MODERN GREEK. By E. M. Geldart, M.A, Post 8vo, pp. xii and 274, cloth. 1883. 7s. 6d. Key, pp. 28, cloth. 1883. 2s. 6d. See Trübner's Collection.


which is incorporated "The Geologist." Edited by Henry Woodward, LL.D.,
F.R.S., F.G.S., &c., of the British Museum. Assisted by Professor John Morris,
M.A., F.G.S., &c., and Robert Etheridge, F.R.S., L. & E., F. G.S., &c., of the
Museum of Practical Geology. 8vo, cloth. 1866 to 1882. 20s. each.

GHOSE. THE MODERN HISTORY OF THE INDIAN CHIEFS, RAJAS, ZAMINDARS, &c. By Loke Nath Ghose. 2 vols. post 8vo, pp. xii. and 218, and xviii. and 612, cloth. 1883. 218.

GILES.-CHINESE SKETCHES.--By Herbert A. Giles, of H.B.M.'s China Consular Service. 8vo, pp. 204, cloth. 1875. 10s. 6d.

GILES. A DICTIONARY OF COLLOQUIAL IDIOMS IN THE MANDARIN DIALECT. By Herbert A. Giles. 4to, pp. 65, half bound. 1873. 28s.

GILES. SYNOPTICAL STUDIES IN CHINESE CHARACTER. By Herbert A. Giles. 8vo, pp. 118, half bound. 1874. 15s.

GILES.-CHINESE WITHOUT A TEACHER. Being a Collection of Easy and Useful Sentences in the Mandarin Dialect. With a Vocabulary. By Herbert A. Giles. 12mo, pp. 60, half bound. 1872. 5s.

GILES. THE SAN TZU CHING; or, Three Character Classic; and the Ch'Jen Tsu
Wen; or,
Thousand Character Essay. Metrically Translated by Herbert A. Giles.
12mo, pp. 28, half bound. 1873. 2s. 6d.

GLASS.-ADVANCE THOUGHT. By Charles E. Glass. Crown 8vo, pp. xxxvi. and 188, cloth. 1876. 6s.



GOLDSTÜCKER.—A DICTIONARY, SANSKRIT AND ENGLISH, extended and improved from the Second Edition of the Dictionary of Professor H. H. Wilson, with his sanction and concurrence. Together with a Supplement, Grammatical Appendices, and an Index, serving as a Sanskrit-English Vocabulary. By Theodore Goldstücker. Parts I. to VI. 4to, pp. 400. 1856-63. 6s. each.


GOOROO SIMPLE. Strange Surprising Adventures of the Venerable G. S. and his Five Disciples, Noodle, Doodle, Wiseacre, Zany, and Foozle : adorned with Fifty Illustrations, drawn on wood, by Alfred Crowquill. A companion Volume to "Münchhausen" and "Owlglass," based upon the famous Tamul tale of the Gooroo Paramartan, and exhibiting, in the form of a skilfully-constructed consecutive narrative, some of the finest specimens of Eastern wit and humour. Elegantly printed on tinted paper, in crown 8vo, pp. 223, richly gilt ornamental cover, gilt edges. 1861. 10s. 6d.

GORKOM.-HANDBOOK OF CINCHONA Culture. By K. W. Van Gorkom, formerly Director of the Government Cinchona Plantations in Java. Translated by B. D. Jackson, Secretary of the Linnæan Society of London. With a Coloured Illustration. Imperial Svo, pp. xii. and 292, cloth. 1882. £2.


See Trübner's Oriental Series.


GOVER. THE FOLK-SONGS OF SOUTHERN INDIA. By C. E. Gover, Madras. Contents: Canarese Songs; Badaga Songs; Coorg Songs; Tamil Songs; The Cural; Malayalam Songs; Telugu Songs. 8vo, pp. xxviii. and 300, cloth. 1872. 10s. 6d.

GRAY.-DARWINIANA: Essays and Reviews pertaining to Darwinism. By Asa Gray. Crown 8vo, pp. xii. and 396, cloth. 1877. 108.

GRAY.-NATURAL SCIENCE AND RELIGION: Two Lectures Delivered to the Theological School of Yale College. By Asa Gray. Crown 8vo, pp. 112, cloth. 1880. 5s. GREEN.—SHAKESPEARE AND THE EMBLEM-WRITERS: An Exposition of their Similarities of Thought and Expression. Preceded by a View of the Emblem-Book Literature down to A.D. 1616. By Henry Green, M.A. In one volume, pp. xvi. 572, profusely illustrated with Woodcuts and Photolith. Plates, elegantly bound in cloth gilt, 1870. Large medium 8vo, £1, 11s. 6d. ; large imperial 8vo. £2, 12s. 6d. GREEN.—ANDREA ALCIATI, and his Books of Emblems: A Biographical and Bibliographical Study. By Henry Green, M. A. With Ornamental Title, Portraits, and other Illustrations. Dedicated to Sir William Stirling-Maxwell, Bart., Rector of the University of Edinburgh. Only 250 copies printed. Demy 8vo, pp. 360, handsomely bound. 1872. £1, 1s.

GREENE. A NEW METHOD OF LEARNING TO READ, WRITE, AND SPEAK THE FRENCH LANGUAGE: or, First Lessons in French (Introductory to Ollendorff's Larger Grammar). By G. W. Greene, Instructor in Modern Languages in Brown University. Third Edition, enlarged and rewritten. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 248, cloth. · 1869. 3s. 6d.

GREENE. THE HEBREW MIGRATION FROM EGYPT. By J. Baker Greene, LL.B., M. B., Trin. Coll., Dub. Second Edition. Demy 8vo, pp. xii. and 440, cloth. 1882. 10s. 6d.

GREG.-TRUTH VERSUS EDIFICATION. By W. R. Greg. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 32, cloth. 1869. 18.

GREG.-WHY ARE WOMEN REDUNDANT? By W. R. Greg. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 40, cloth. 1869. 1s.

GREG.-LITERARY AND SOCIAL JUDGMENTS. By W. R. Greg. Fourth Edition, considerably enlarged. 2 vols. crown 8vo, pp. 310 and 288, cloth. 1877. 15s.

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