The English Patents of Monopoly

Houghton, Mifflin,, 1906 - 261 páginas

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Página 192 - Doe and his assigns, from the day of in the year aforesaid, for and during and unto the full end and term of years from thence next ensuing, and fully to be complete and ended.
Página 135 - A monopoly is an institution, or allowance by the king by his grant, commission, or otherwise to any person or persons, bodies politic or corporate, of or for the sole buying, selling, making, working, or using of anything, whereby any person or persons, bodies politic or corporate, are sought to be restrained of any freedom or liberty that they had before, or hindered in their lawful trade.
Página 138 - ... made of the sole working or making of any manner of new manufacture within this realm, to the first and true inventor or inventors of such manufactures which others at the time of making of such letters patent and grants did not use, so they be not contrary to the law nor mischievous to the state...
Página 42 - And no less unjust projects of all kinds, many ridiculous, many scandalous, all very grievous, were set on foot; the envy and reproach of which came to the king, the profit to other men...
Página 20 - ... do well to meddle with no matters of state but such as should be propounded unto them, and to occupy themselves in other matters concerning the commonwealth.
Página 154 - For the prerogative royal of the Prince, for my own part I ever allowed of it : and it is such as I hope I shall never see discussed.
Página 214 - And, further, we do, of our especial grace, certain knowledge, and mere motion, give and grant unto the said Governor and Company of the English colony of...
Página 162 - And though you have had and may have many mightier and wiser princes sitting in this seat, yet you never had nor shall have any that will love you better.
Página 194 - May, in the sixteenth year of our Reign, of England, France and Ireland; and of Scotland the one and fiftieth.
Página 138 - ... so as also they be not contrary to the law, nor mischievous to the State by raising of prices of commodities at home, or hurt of trade, or generally inconvenient...

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