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69 WASHINGTON STREET, BOSTON, ould call particular attention to the following valurble works described

in their Catalogue of Publications, viz. :

Hugh Miller's Works. Bayne's Work Walker's Works. Miall's Wor2r. Bungener's Work Annnal of Scientific Discovery. Knight's Karmiedge is Power.

Krummacher's Svffering Eav'our, Banvard's American Histories. Tie Aimwell Stories. awcomb's Works. Tweedie's Works. Chemters's Works. Harris' Works'

Kitto's Cyclopædia of Biolical Literature.
Mrs. Knight's Life of Montgomery. Kitto's History of Palestino.

Whewell's Work, Weyland's Norks. Agassiz's Works.

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Williams' Works. Guyot's Works.
Thompson's Better Land. Kimball's Heaven. Valuable Works on Mission,

Haven's Mental Philosophy. Buchanan's Modern Atheism.
Cruden's Condensed Concordance. Eadie's Analytical Concordance,

The Psalmist: a Collection of Hymns.
Valuablo School Books. Works for Sabbath Schools.

Memoir of Amos Lawrence.
Pootical Works of Milton, Cowper, Scott. Elegant Miniature Volumes.

Arvine's Cyclopædia of Anecdotes.

Ripley's Notes on Gospels, Acts, and Romans.
Sprague's European Celebrities. Marsh's Camel and the Hallig.

Roget's Thesaurus of English Words.

Hackett's Notes on Acts. M'Whorter's Yahveh Christ.
Blabold and Stannius's Comparative Anatomy. Marcou's Geological Map, U.

Religious and Miscellaneous Works.
Works fa the various Departments of Literature, Science and Arto

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