The Annual of Scientific Discovery, Or, Year-book of Facts in Science and Art, Volumen3

Gould, Kendall, and Lincoln, 1852

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Página 363 - It is well to observe, that neither in these nor in other poisoneaters is there the least trace of an arsenic cachexy discernible ; that the symptoms of a chronic arsenical poisoning never show themselves in individuals who adapt the dose to their constitution, even although that dose should be considerable. It is not less worthy of remark, however, that when, either from inability to obtain the acid, or from any other cause, the perilous indulgence is stopped, symptoms of illness are sure to appear,...
Página 19 - ... substances to the acting medium at certain intervals, or at each successive stroke of the motive engine — the principal supply of caloric being thereby rendered independent of combustion or consumption of fuel. Accordingly, whilst in the steam engine the caloric is constantly wasted by being passed into the condenser, or by being carried off into the atmosphere, in the improved engine, the caloric is employed over and over again, enabling me to dispense with the employment of combustibles,...
Página 132 - It is in this state that I prefer to employ it. 6. Into the iodide thus prepared and modified the plate is dipped for a few seconds. All these operations may be performed by moderate daylight, avoiding, however, the direct solar rays. 7. A solution is made of nitrate of silver, containing about 70 grains to one ounce of water.
Página 190 - The flax fibre, soaked in the solution of sub-carbonate of soda, was no sooner immersed in the vessel containing the acidulated water than its character became at once changed from that of a damp, rigid aggregation of flax to a light, expansive mass of cottony texture, increasing in size like leavening dough, or an expanding sponge.
Página 357 - In the first publication of the Huttonian theory, it was declared that we can neither see the beginning nor the end of that vast series of phenomena which it is our business as geologists to investigate. After sixty years of renewed inquiry, and after we have greatly enlarged the sphere of our knowledge, the same conclusion seems to me to hold true. But if any one should appeal to such results in support of the doctrine of an eternal succession, I may reply that the evidence has become more and more...
Página 224 - Playfair, we have given the result of some examinations of stalactites from caverns in Germany, and from the vaults of old castles upon the Rhine, made with the view of ascertaining the fact of the presence or absence of organic matter in these bodies, either combined or uncombined. The result may be 'stated in the words of the author, Prof. LIEBIG : The stalactites from the caverns " contain no trace of vegetable matter, and no humic acid, and may be heated to redness without becoming black.
Página 308 - ... recent and trustworthy work the physician can obtain, and it is to be hoped that an English translation will soon appear, though Cobbold's Entozoa is most excellent in its way; and the best English work on the subject. RECENT RESEARCHES ON THE NERVOUS SYSTEM OF THE...
Página 111 - The disturbance of the tension in one part is accompanied instantly by a disturbance of the tension in every other part ; for as the sum of the external powers of a system, unaltered at its origin, is definite and cannot be changed ; so any alteration either of intensity or direction amongst the lines of force at one place, must be accompanied by a corresponding change at every other. So if a mass of soft iron on the east side of a magnet causes a concentration of the lines of force from the magnet...

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