Libri cancellarii et procuratorum

Longmans, Green, Reader, and Dyer, 1868

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Página 13 - ... relative to the floods in that part of England, which are confirmed in the Friesland Chronicle of Anthony Heinrich, pastor of the Island of Mohr. 14. A COLLECTION OF POLITICAL POEMS AND SONGS RELATING TO ENGLISH HISTORY, FROM THE ACCESSION OP EDWARD III.
Página 15 - The principal contents of the volumes are some diplomatic Papers of Richard III. ; correspondence between Henry VII. and Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain ; documents relating to Edmund de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk; and a portion of the correspondence of James IV. of Scotland. 25. LETTERS OF BISHOP GROSSETESTE, illustrative of the Social Condition of his Time.
Página 13 - I., about the year 1282. 18. A COLLECTION OF ROYAL AND HISTORICAL LETTERS DURING THE REIGN OF HENRY IV. 1399-1404. Edited by the Rev. FC HINGESTON, MA, of Exeter College, Oxford. 1860.
Página 30 - Bretons, and quartering them on his subjects, " each accord" ing to the measure of his land," for the purpose of resisting the invasion of Cnut, King of Denmark, which was apprehended. The commissioners appointed to make the survey were to inquire the name of each place ; who held it in the time of King Edward the Confessor ; the present possessor ; how many hides were in the manor ; how many ploughs were in...
Página 21 - II., and III. 1067-1253. Edited by Sir FREDERIC MADDEN, KH, Keeper of the Department of Manuscripts, British Museum, 1866-1869. The exact date at which this work was written is, according to the chronicler, 1250. The history is of considerable value as an illustration of the period during which the author lived, and contains a good summary of the events which followed the Conquest. This minor chronicle is, however, based on another work (also written by Matthew Paris) giving fuller details, which...
Página 15 - ILLUSTRATIVE OF THE WARS OF THE ENGLISH IN FRANCE DURING THE REIGN OF HENRY THE SIXTH, KING OF ENGLAND. Vol. I., and Vol. II. (in Two Parts). Edited by the Rev. JOSEPH STEVENSON, MA, of University College, Durham, and Vicar of Leighton Buzzard. 1861-1864.
Página 3 - Calendars prepared and printed, and empowered the Master of the Rolls to take such steps as might be necessary for this purpose. The following Works have been already published under the direction of the Master of the Rolls :— CALENDARIUM GENEALOGICUM ; for the Reigns of Henry III.
Página 6 - A valuable series of Papers descriptive of the circumstances which attended the loss of Calais merits a special notice ; while the progress of the wars in the north of France, into which England was dragged by her union with Spain, is narrated at some length. The domestic affairs of England are of course passed over in these volumes, which treat only of its relations with foreign powers.
Página 21 - Yorkshire, and that he lived in the reign of Edward I., and during a portion of the reign of Edward II. This chronicle is divided into three parts ; in the first is an abridgment of Geoffrey of Monmouth's
Página 28 - HISTORICAL NOTES RELATIVE TO THE HISTORY OF ENGLAND ; from the Accession of Henry VIII. to the Death of Queen Anne (1509 — 1714). Designed as a Book of instant Reference for ascertaining the Dates of Events mentioned in History and Manuscripts. The Name of every Person and Event mentioned in History within the above period is placed in Alphabetical and Chronological Order, and.

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