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37. To amend an Act entitled "The Codified School Law of


Porto Rico," approved March 12, 1903, also an Act
entitled "An Act to amend the Codified School Law,"
approved March 9, 1905, also an Act entitled "An
Act to re-appropriate moneys paid by Municipalities
and other parties to the Commissioner of Education
for school equipment, and for other purposes," ap-
proved March 10, 1904, and also an Act entitled
"An Act to authorize the Commissioner of Education
to issue special licenses to preparatory teachers, and
for other purposes," approved March 8, 1906.. ... 106
Approved March 12, 1908.

38. To amend Section 68 of the Codified School Law of
Porto Rico, approved March 12, 1903....

Approved March 12, 1908.

39. To amend Section 60 of the Codified School Law


approved March 12, 1903...

Approved March 12, 1908.


40.-To provide for the support, maintenance and develop-
ment of the Normal Department of the University of
Porto Rico, and for other purposes.

Approved March 12, 1908.


41.-To provide for the education of a certain number of
young Porto Rican women in the United States..... 113
Approved March 12, 1908.

42. To amend Sections 1 and 2 of an Act entitled "An Act
providing for the establishment of scholarships in the
Central High School of Porto Rico and in the High
Schools of Ponce and Mayagüez," approved March
14, 1907...

Approved February 15, 1908.

43. To establish scholarships for worthy pupils lacking finan-
cial resources, in the rural schools to enable them to
attend the graded schools....

Approved February 19, 1908


.. 116

44.-To amend an Act entitled "An Act to provide for the
education of certain Porto Rican young men and
women in the Normal School at Rio Piedras," approved
March 12, 1903, and for other purposes.
Approved March 12, 1908.




45.-To provide an honorary scholarship for the education
of Rafael Palmer, son of the late Santiago R. Palmer. 119
Approved March 11, 1908.

46. To increase the no fiscal year appropriation known as
the "School Building Fund”.
Approved March 9, 1908.

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47.-To provide for the purchase and construction of rural
school buildings..

Approved March 10, 1908.

48. Joint Resolution authorizing the temporary transfer of
the outfits and implements belonging to the late
Industrial School at Mayagüez to the Reform School
for Juvenile Delinquents in said city.

Approved March 4, 1908.




49. To create the office of a female English teacher for the
Industrial School of Canas, Ponce, which is maintained
with funds of the Porto Rican Benevolent Society... 121
Approved March 12, 1908.


50.-To amend the Registration and Election Law, approved

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52. To regulate medical expert's fees in Porto Rico...... 145

Approved March 12, 1908.

53.-Concerning the fees and expenses of the Board of Medical


Examiners, the Board of Pharmacy and the Board of
Dental Examiners..

Approved March 12, 1908.

54. To regulate the right to fish in the inland waters of
Porto Rico



Approved March 12, 1908.


55. To provide for the organization, regulation and govern-
ment of the Insular Police of Porto Rico...

Approved March 12, 1908.



56. To appropriate a sum of money so that Porto Rico
shall be represented at the next National Irrigation
Congress to be held at Albuquerque, New Mexico, in
the year 1908


Approved March 12, 1908.

57.-To amend an Act, entitled "An Act reorganizing the
judiciary of Porto Rico, determining the number of
judicial districts, providing that one judge shall cons-
titute a court to take cognizance of all cases and fixing
the salary of the judges; to create municipal courts
and defining their powers, jurisdiction and salary of
the judges, and providing an executive officer for the
same, and for other purposes," approved March 10,

Approved March 12, 1908.




58. To amend Section 8 of an Act reorganizing the judiciary
of Porto Rico, determining the number of Judicial
Districts, etc., etc., approved March 10, 1904....... 164
Approved March 12, 1908.

59. To amend Section 32, of an Act, entitled: "An Act to
create the Office of District Marshal, defining his
duties, and fixing the compensation therefor," approved 166
March 10, 1904.

Approved March 11, 1908.

60.-Directing the Secretaries and the Marshals of the Dis-
trict and Municipal Courts of Porto Rico to deposit
all official moneys in banking institutions...
Approved March 12, 1908.

61. To regulate appeals from judgments of Municipal Courts


in civil cases

Approved March 11, 1908.

62.—To amend an Act entitled, "An Act to provide for the
appointment of special judges for the municipal courts.
in certain cases," approved March 9, 1905....
Approved March 11, 1908.

63.-Joint Resolution to abolish the Justice of the Peace

Court at the Island of Vieques ..

Approved February 20, 1908.






64. To regulate the hours of labor of employees on railroads. 170 Approved March 12, 1908.

65.-To prohibit the payment of laborers' wages in anything other than lawful money, and for other purposes.... 171 Approved March 12, 1908.


66.-To amend Section 83 of the Municipal Law..

Approved March 12, 1908.

.. 172

67. To amend an Act entitled "An Act to provide for the
relief of certain municipalities of Porto Rico on account
of expenses now incurred by them for the maintenance
in the district and municipal jails of prisoners sentenced
by the municipal courts of their respective municipal
judicial districts," approved March 13, 1907.............. 173
Approved March 5, 1908.

68.-Authorizing the municipalities of Porto Rico to acquire
and dispose of small tracts of land for establishing
villages in the rural districts...


Approved March 12, 1908.


69. To provide for the publication by the Insular Govern

ment of an Official Gazette...

Approved March 12, 1908.


70.-To provide for the incarceration of women prisoners
in the jail at Vieques


Approved March 12, 1908.

71. To amend an Act entitled "An Act providing for the
creation of a Board of Pharmacy," approved March 8,

Approved March 12, 1908.


72.-To provide for the cancellation of the bond furnished by
the Port-America Company in favor of the People of
Porto Rico...

Approved March 12, 1908.






73. To authorize the Commissioner of the Interior to sell at
public auction certain marshes called "Los Manglares
de Martin Peña."

Approved March 12, 1908.

74.-Joint Resolution to authorize the Commissioner of the
Interior of Porto Rico to extend to forty years a certain
contract of lease of public lands entered into with Don
Wenceslao Borda....




Approved February 11, 1908.


75.-To provide funds for the erection of an Insular Build-
ing to be known as the Capitol of Porto Rico....... 179
Approved March 12, 1908.

76.—To provide for the construction of a district jail for the
judicial district of Humacao..

Approved March 12, 1908.


77. Providing for the construction of a public building
in the Island of Culebra, and for other purposes..... 180
Approved March 12, 1908.

78. For the Construction of Insular Roads and Bridges under
the General Plan of Roads approved March 8, 1906,
and other Roads..

Approved March 12, 1908.

79.-For the repair and maintenance of the water-front and
docks at San Juan, Mayagüez and Ponce and for
other purposes..

Approved March 12, 1908.

80.-Providing for the construction of a canal and water-way
leading from the town of Cataño to the Bayamon
river and thence through said river an by extension
to Toa Baja and the La Plata river, and making an
appropriation therefor..

Approved March 12, 1908.



.. 182

81. To provide for the construction of a causeway at the end
of the road from Fajardo to its harbor, so as to
afford a continuous road to the landing place.

Approved March 12, 1908.


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