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WHEREAS, national policies and laws MALACAÑANG

support the achievement of the CTI goals, MANILA

as outlined in the Regional Plan of Action

and the National Plan of Action. These EXECUTIVE ORDER No. 797

national policies include Republic Act 7586 ADOPTING THE CORAL TRIANGLE INITIATIVE (CTI)

or the National Integrated Protected Areas NATIONAL PLAN OF ACTION

System (NIPAS) Act, Republic Act 8550 or

the Fisheries Code of the Philippines, WHEREAS, Article II, Section 16 of the Executive Order No. 533 adopting the Philippine Constitution mandates the State Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) as to protect and advance the right of the

the National Management Policy Framework people to a balanced and healthful ecology to Promote the Sustainable Development in accord with the rhythm and harmony of of the Country's Coastal and Marine nature;

Environments and Resources; Presidential WHEREAS, Article XII, Section 2 of the

Proclamation No. 1028 Declaring the Entire Philippine Constitution also provides that the

Sulu and Celebes Seas as an Integrated State shall protect the nation's marine

Conservation and Development Zone; wealth in its archipelagic waters, territorial

Executive Order No. 578 or the National sea, and exclusive economic zone, and

Policy on Biological Diversity, and

Prescribed its Implementation particularly in reserve its use and enjoyment exclusively to Filipino citizens;

the Verde Island Passage Marine Corridor,

and in all Philippine territory within the Sulu WHEREAS, the Philippine Government is Sulawesi Marine Eco-region (SSME), pursuing the Coral Triangle Initiative on

among others: Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI-CFF) along with the Governments of WHEREAS, the Philippines builds on-going Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and planned national projects and regional Solomon Islands and Timor Leste;

cooperative programs such as the Memorandum of Understanding Adopting Sec. 3. Integration of the NPOA Priority the Sulu Sulawesi Marine Eco-region Actions into the Local Plans and Conservation Plan in working towards Programs.-All local government units, supporting achievement of goals and especially those within coastal areas, shall targets laid out in the CTI Regional Plan of take into consideration the NPOA Priority Action; of the conference, as and when necessary;

Actions in the preparation and

implementation of local development plans WHEREAS, Executive Order No. 192, as and budgets and contribute to the effective amended, mandates the Department of implementation of the NPOA. Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) as the primary government agency

SEC. 4. Coordination Between the responsible for the sustainable development Department of Environment and Natural of the country's environment and natural

Resources and the Department of resources:

Agriculture.-The Secretary of Environment

and Natural Resources and the Secretary WHEREAS, the Department of Agriculture of Agriculture

of Agriculture shall coordinate the (DA), by virtue of Republic Act 8550 or the implementation of the NPOA. They shall Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998 is the jointly act as the national coordinating body agency mandated to manage, develop, for the NPOA implementation and focal point protect and conserve the country's aquatic of contact for the regional CTI processes. resources;

They may call upon on other agencies/

organizations/institutions for advice and WHEREAS, there is a need to rationalize assistance, as needed. the institutional arrangements, plans and

Sec. 5. Joint Secretariat.—The DENRprograms to ensure well-coordinated, consistent decisions and actions concerning

Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau and

DA-Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic the management of the country's coastal and marine resources;

Resources shall establish a Joint NCCC

Secretariat with full-time representatives Now, THEREFORE, I, GLORIA MACAPAGAL

from the Department of Foreign Affairs, ARROYO, President of the Republic of the Department of Finance, National Economic Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested

and Development Authority, the nonin me by the Constitution, do hereby governmental organizations, the academic mandate the following:

institutions and the business sector.

SEC. 6. Financial Appropriation.-An SECTION 1. Adoption of the CTI National

initial allocation of Five Million Pesos (Php Plan of Action (NPOA). -The NPOA is

5 Million) to support the core operations of hereby adopted as attached to this Order.

the Secretariat to leverage external funds The NPOA shall serve as the primary for the NPOA implementation shall be framework for the development and

released by the Secretary of Budget and implementation of all related plans and

Management from the budgets of the DENR programs on marine and coastal resources management in the country.

and DA. The disbursement of and allocation

of additional funds shall be subject to the Sec. 2. Integration of the NPOA Priority submission and approval of the joint annual Actions into the National Plans and work and financial plans of the Secretaries Programs.-All agencies with coastal and of DENR and DA. marine concerns are hereby instructed to integrate the NPOA priority actions into their Sec. 7. Repealing Clause.-All proclamacorresponding national plans and budgets tions or executive orders, rules and and contribute to the effective regulations and other issuances or parts implementation of the NPOA.

thereof, which are inconsistent with this

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Executive Order are hereby revoked, WHEREAS, the Philippines shall host the amended, or modified accordingly.

7th ASEM Conference on Counter-Terrorism

in 2009; Sec. 8. Separability.-Any portion or provision of this Executive Order that may NOW THEREFORE I, GLORIA MACAPAGALbe declared unconstitutional shall not have ARROYO, by virtue of the powers vested in the effect of nullifying its other portions or me by law, do hereby order: provisions, as long as such remaining

SECTION 1. Executive Committee.-The portions call still be given effect.

Anti-Terrorism Council (Council) and its Sec. 9. Effectivity.- This Executive member agencies shall constitute the Order shall take effect upon signing hereof.

Executive Committee for the purpose of

organizing and implementing activities in Done in the City of Manila, this 6th day connection with the Philippines' hosting of of May, in the year of Our Lord, Two the 7th Conference on Counter-Terrorism Thousand and Nine.


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3.5. Subject to existing laws, rules and

regulations, enter into agreements and contracts necessary for the attainment of this Order.

WHEREAS, it is necessary that the needs of government employees, especially in the face of the present global economic crisis, be addressed in a manner that will improve and promote their social and economic welfare.

Sec. 4. Funding.-The initial funding

In view thereof, all government agencies, requirement for the preparation of the including Government Owned and Conference in the amount of Five Million Controlled Corporations, State Universities Pesos (P5,000,000.00) shall be charged and Colleges are hereby enjoined to provide against the International Cooperation Fund. the following to their employees: Additional funds as may be necessary shall be sourced from funds as

may be

shuttle service determined by the Secretary of Budget and Management.

• financial subsidy and other needed

support to make the Botika ng Bayan SEC. 5. This Order shall take effect

more accessible to them immediately Done in the City of Manila, this 7th day of

scholarships programs for their children May, in the year of Our Lord, Two Thousand with siblings and Nine.

PX mart that sell affordable commodities (Sgd.) GLORIA MACAPAGAL-ARROYO

and the provision of its seed fund President of the Philippines By the President:

The DOLE is hereby directed to monitor

and to ensure the implementation of this (Sgd.) EDUARDO R. ERMITA

Executive Secretary

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set

my hand and caused the seal of the MALACAÑANG

Republic of the Philippines to be affixed thereto.

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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of WHEREAS, the Government of the Republic

Representatives of the Philippines in of the Philippines has concluded the Treaty

Congress assembled: on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons with

SECTION 1. Establishment of a National the Kingdom of Spain;

High School.-There is hereby established, WHEREAS, the Treaty aims to ensure the under the supervision of the Department of effective reformation and rehabilitation of Education, a national high school in Filipinos serving sentence in Spain, as they Barangay Sagucan, Municipality of Vincenzo will be afforded the opportunity to serve their Sagun, Province of Zamboanga del Sur to sentences in the Philippines;

be known as Sagucan National High School. WHEREAS, the Department of Justice is

Sec. 2. Appropriations.-The Secretary of the central authority in all the treaties on

Education shall immediately include in the the sentenced persons;

Department's program the operationalization WHEREAS, an initial budget of Five million of Sagucan National High School, the pesos (P5,000,000.00) is necessary for the funding of which shall be included in the implementation of the Treaty; Now, annual General Appropriations Act,. therefore, be it

Sec. 3. Implementation. --The Secretary Resolved, That an appropriation of Five of Education shall issue such rules and million pesos (P5,000,000.00) chargeable regulations as may be necessary to carry against the current year's appropriation for

out the purpose of this Act. the contingent fund shall be made available for the implementation of the Treaty.

Sec. 4. Effectivity.-This Act shall take Lapsed into law on May 04, 2009 without effect fifteen (15) days after its publication the signature of the President, in

in the Official Gazette. accordance with Article VI, Section 27 (1) of the Constitution.

Approved: April 17, 2009.

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