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1426, 20 Jan., 4 Hen. VI. Copy on paper of the condition of the preceding bond, viz., that the said Abbot and Convent shall pay annually 14 marks of ancient rent from the lands, tenements, mills, etc., which they hold of the said Prior and Convent by the said rent in Shete near Peterfeld.-[386.]

1426, 21 Jan., 4 Hen. VI. Bond from Thomas, Abbot of Dureford, to John, Prior of Selbourne, for the payment of 7 marks on St. Gregory's day next.-[324.]

Fragment of the abbey seal, as above.

1429, 6 May, 7 Hen. VI. Lease from Reginald, lord La Warre, knt., to John Stepe the Prior and the Convent of Selbourne, of the site of his manor of Okehangre, with the gardens, lands, meadows, pastures, etc., within the following boundaries; viz. between the water of Tonford up to the chapel of Okehangre, thence to le Courthacche, thence by the close of the tenants of Okehangre to le Blakelond, thence to the close of Peter le Burgheerne, thence to the lane called Honnelane and by the said lane to the west end of Wrikesgrove and the water of Tonford, thence between the close of Will. Cook and le Broke to la Redhacche, thence by the close of the said Prior to the water-course of Tonford; with all his common in the forest of Wolmere belonging to the said. manor, the fishery in the pool of Okehangre, the hares ("cuniculis "), rents, services, etc.; to hold for the term of twenty years at an annual rent of 100s. No witnesses.-[118.]

Small red seal; a fleur-de-lis.

Draught, on paper, of this lease.—[176.]

[1429], 10 Nov. 8 [Hen. VI]. (Deed mutilated.) Release from Thomas Russell, citizen and fishmonger of London, Will. Hung

Richard Everdone, brother of the said John, to the Convent of Selbourne, of all actions and demands.-[74.]

Small red seal; initial R.

1430, 12 Dec., 9 Hen. VI. Confirmation by Richard Tystede, lord of Westistede, to John the Prior of Selborne, of the grant of a way to the Priory, made by his grandmother Alice, widow of Richard de Tychebourne, under date of 25 July, 1364 (No. 242, which is recited at length); paying annually to him a quit-rent of one clove. Witn. : Will. Tystede, John Rutherfelde, John Sylver, John Goolde, Stephen Dyer of Aultone, Will. Astille.-[261.]

Small red seal of arms, indistinct.

1437, 15 March, 15 Hen. VI. Release from William Chamberleyne to John Stepe, Prior of Selburne, of all actions against him.-[323.]

Seal broken off.


1442, 5. Oct. Memorandum quod Johannes prior, anno regni regis H[enrici] VI xxj, die Veneris proximo ante festum S. Fidis virginis, suo fratri Petro at Bern, sacrista nunc facto ecclesiæ beatæ Mariæ Prioratus de Selbourne [deliberavit] omnia subscripta; viz., xvj capas, unde iij veteres; item xvij casulas, unde j de Halybourne; item iij casulas albas pro Quadragesima de Combe; item xiij dalmaticas, unde j debilis et ij novæ de Combe; item xxiiij amitas, unde j de Halybourne et j de Combe; item xxiiij manipulos, unde j de Combe et j de Halybourne; item xxiiij stolys, unde j de Halybourne et j de Combe; item xxvij aubys, unde j de Combe; item v aubys sine paruris pro Quadragesima; item ij pallia de serico; item j tuallum pro Quadragesima pendentem (sic) ad terram; item vij tuall[a] cum frontibus; item xv tuall[a] benedict[a] sine frontell[is]; item iiij tuall[a] pro lavatorio; item j velum pro Quadragesima; item tapetum de viridi pro summo altare; item vij offer[toria], unde v debilia; item vj ridell[a] pro summo altare; item j coupe; item ij osculatoria; item j osculatorium cum aure Sancti Johannis; item j crux argentea; item j cista de argento; item j ymago de argento; item j sensere de argento; item ij basonys de argento; item ij cruettes de argento de Combe item j anulum cum saphyro; item j anulum de Sancto Edmundo; item j annulum de Sancto Ypolito; item j ouche; item j parva crux cum v reliquiis; item j pecten Sancti Ricardi; item j teca pro reliquiis imponendis; item j calefac[toriu]m Sancti Ricardi; item iiij candulstykkes, unde ij de ferro, et ij de tyn; item v calices, unde iiij deaurati; item ij vyolys of crystalle; item viij cruettes; item iiij vexilla; item ij superaltaria; item iiij pulys; item ij frontella pro summo altare; item ij tel' pro lectore; item iij quyshonya, unde j de serico; item v corprays; item ij paria de bakynghyres; item j bason de coper; item ij osculatoria de coper; item ij vasa de plumbo ad conservandum oleum; item j patellam eneam, de ferro (sic); item j tripid (sic); item j costrell continentem ij lagenas et j potel; item j terribulum eneum ("de coper crossed out); item xx cerei ponderis xiijlb. et dim.; item ij torces ponderis xxlb. item xvjlb. et dim. de cere; item j lagenam olei; item j planam eneam; item lxiiij zonæ; item lb. de frankencense; item vjlb. candel de cera; item j securim; item j schashouke; item j ledknyf; item ixlb. ponderis de plumbo; item j cista sine serura; item j vas de coper pro frankencense adimponendo; item j pixidem de yvery pro corpore Christi conservando; item j vter (sic) de corio continens j quarta; item j uter de corio continens j pynte; item iij anulos in pixide Sanctæ Mariæ de Waddone; item (blank) instrumenta pro sowdyng.-[50(ii).]

Very coarsely and ignorantly written; upon paper.

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[c. 1445] Hæc indentura facta die lunæ proxime post festum Natalis Domini, anno regni regis Henrici Sexti post conquestum Angliæ (torn off) inter fratrem Johannem Stepe, priorem ecclesiæ beatæ Mariæ Selborne, et Petrum Bernes sacristam ibidem; videlicet, quod prædictus prior deliberavit præfato Petro omnia subscripta: In primis, xxij amitas, xxxj aubes, unde v sine parura pro Quadragesima, xxij manipulos; item xxij stolæ ; item viij casulæ, unde iij albæ pro Quadragesima; item xj dalmaticas, unde j debilis; item xvj capæ, unde iiij veteres; item unam amittam, j albam cum paruris, unum manipilum (sic), j stolam, j casulam, et duas dalmaticas, de dono Johannis Combe, capellani de Cicestria, pro diebus principalibus; item jamittam, j aubam cum paruris, j manipulum, j stolam, j casulam, de dono fratris Thome Halybourne, canonici; item j amittam, j aubam cum paruris, j manipulum, j stolam, j casulam, pertinentes ad altare sancte Katherine virginis, pro priore; item j amittam, ij aubas cum paruris, ij manipulos, ij stolas, et ij casulas, pertinentes ad altare sancti Petri, de dono patris Ricardi Holte; item de dono ejusdem ij tuella, unde j cum fruntello, et j canvas pro eodem altare; item j tuellum pendentem ad terram pro Quadragesima; item vj tuella cum frontibus, xv tuella sine frontellis ; item iiij tuella pro lavatorio; item v corporas; item ij frontella pro summo altare sine tuellis; item ij coopertoria pro le deske; item ij pallias de serico debili; item j velum pro Quadragesima; item j tapetum viridi[s] coloris pro summo altare, ij ridelli cum iiij ridillis parvis, pertinentia ad dictum altare; item vij offretoria, unde v debilia; item iiij vexilla; item iiij pelves, iij quessones, unde j de serico; item ij superaltaria; item quinque calices, unde iiij de auro; item ij cruettes de argento, de dono domini Johannis Combe, capellani de Cicestre; item viij cruettes de peuter; item j coupam argenteam et deauratam ; item ij osculatoria argentea; item j osculatorium cum osse digiti auricularis S. Johannis Baptistæ; item j crux argenteam et deauratam, non radicatam; item j turribulum argenteum et deauratum; item j anulum cum saphiro; item j aliud anulum Ipolitum aureum; item j anulum argenteum et deauratum Sancti Edmundi; item j ouche cum pereo infixo; item j cistam argenteam et deauratam ; item j imaginem beatæ Mariæ argenteam et deauratam ; item j parvam crucem cum v reliquiis; item j junctorium Sancti Ricardi; item j tecam pro reliquiis imponendis; item j calefactorium Sancti Ricardi; item iiij candelebra, unde ij de stagno et ij de ferro; item j pecten Sancti Ricardi; item ij viellas de cristallo in parte fracta; item j pelvim de coper ad lavatorium; item ij osculatoria de coper; item j parvum terribulum de latyn; item j vas de coper pro frank et sence (sic) conservando; item j pixidem de iuery pro corpore Christi; item ij vasa de plumbo pro oleo conservando; item j patellam eneam ferro ligatam; item j tripodem ferreum; item j costrellum continens ij lagenas et j potellum; item ij bakyngyres; item ij botelles de corio, unde j de quarte et j de pynte; item iij anulos argenteos et j pixidem Sanctæ Mariæ de Waddon; item (blank) instru

menta pro seudyng; item j ledknyff; item j shaffhoke; item j securim ; item ij scabella de ferro pro cancello; item j plane; item j cistam sine cerura; item xiiij sonas; item xix taperes, ponderis xiij lb. et dimid; item ij torches, ponderis xx lb.; item xij lb. ceræ et dimidiam; item de candelis de cera ponderis vj lb.; item jlb. de frank et sence; item j lagenam olei; item ix pondera de plumbo. Vide de stauro in tergo. On the back is only this short list:-"ij vaccæ, j sus, iiij hoggettes, et iiij porcelli.”—[50(i)1.]

1447, 25 July, "in f. S. Jac. apost.," 25 Hen. VI; in the chapter house of Selborne. Grant from John Stepe the Prior and the Convent of Blessed Mary of Selbourne to Philip Squery, for the term of his life, of 20s. annually out of 14 marks paid by Walter the Abbot and the Convent of the monastery of Blessed Mary and St. Jo. Bapt. of Dureford in Sussex, for the lands and tenements held by the latter in farm at Shete in the parish of Petresfeld in the manor of Mapuldurham in the county of Southampton.-[69.]

Seal lost.

1448, 16 June, "in f. Transl. S. Ric. episc."; in the chapter house of Selborne. (Midhurst.) Lease from Sir John Stepe, Prior, and the Convent, to John Whyte, of Mydhurst, mercer, of a garden in the north street of Mydhurst, 133 feet long and 40 feet wide, between the burgage of John Brynkhurst on the north and the croft of Joan Mathew on the south, to hold for ninety-nine years, at an annual rent of 12d.-[226.] Round red seal; a shield with three padlocks (?): "ancille P nam.” (?) The counterpart. Oval red seal of the Priory; two figures seated, the one with right hand uplifted over the other, and with a book in the left hand; (the Coronation of the Virgin ?); inscription broken: Marie de Sele


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21452, 29 Aug., 30 Hen. VI; at Fodringey. Warrant from Richard, Duke of York, etc., Justice itinerant of the King's forests on this side Trent, to the keeper of the forest of Wolmer and Alisholt, exempting the Prior and Convent of Selborne from all jurisdiction of the foresters over their lands in Selborne, Achangre, Norton, Basinges, Basingestokes, and Nateleye, in accordance with the charters granted by Hen. III, which they exhibited before Rich. Foster, the deputy of the said Duke,

1 Printed (with many mistakes) in White's Selborne, 4to, 1789, pp. 463-5; and in Notes from the Muniments of Magdalen College, published by the editor of this volume in 1882, pp. 9-11, where it is conjectured that the date may be "undecimo anno Hen. VI," 1432.

2 Under date of 27 May, 1451, 29 Hen. VI, there is amongst these Selborne charters (No. 81) a short inventory of the goods and possessions of the priory of Eastbourne, Sussex, with the receipts. This is printed in Notes, etc., as above, p. 86.


at Aultone on the Monday next after the feast of St. Bartholomew last past.-[115.]

Seal the same as that attached to the similar warrant of Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, in 1425; No. 112: "S' Ricardi duc' Ebor' com. Marchie et Ultonie ac justic forestar'."

1453, 6 June, 31 Hen. VI. Unexecuted lease (without witnesses or seals) from Richard, lord La Warr, knt., to John Stepe the Prior and the Convent of Selbourne of the whole site of his manor of Okehangre, described by the same boundaries as in No. 118 of 6 May, 1429, to hold for nine years at an annual rent of 113s. 4d.-[164.]



1462. Summa totalis valoris maneriorum terrarum tenementorum et pensionum ejusdem Prioratus in festo St Michaelis Archangeli, anno secundo Regis Edvardi 4 ut patet Rotulis de valoribus liberatis.

iiijxx. vii. x. vid.

Ultra c3 assignatos pro Johanne Mason, iiij. pro capella de Tychebourne, c. pro decima de Westysted solutos capellanis, xx" pro Lussher, xx pro Thoma Taylour, and xijd. pro redditu prioratus de Novo Loco. Inde in redditibus resolutis domino Pape, domino Archiepiscopo, et in diversis feodis certis personis concessis, ac aliis annualibus reprisis in eisdem Rotulis de valoribus annotatis, per annum,

Et remanet de claro valore

Unde assignantur pro—

xiiiji. xix. vd.
lxxii. x. viijd.

Quatuor canonicis et quatuor famulis Deo et ecclesie ibidem servientibus pro eorum vadiis vesturis et dietis, ut patet per billam inde factam, per annum

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Diversis creditoribus pro eorum debitis persolvendis, ut patet per parcella inde facta

xvli. xvs. iiijd.

Reparationibus ecclesiarum, domorum, murorum et clausurarum ejusdem Prioratus, per annum xvli. xvs. iiijd.

Annua pencione domini Prioris ei assignata per annum quousque


Modo sequitur de reformatione præmissorum.

Redditus omnes firmis et pencionibus


Summa totalis valorum ibidem, misis et desperatis inde deductis, prout patet per declarationem domini Petri Prioris de Selborne, ad manus domini nostri Wynton. apud palatium suum de Wolsley præsentatam per ipsum ultimo die Febr. anno Domini MCCCCLXII, et

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