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here and there which those who know the difficulty of verification in such cases will, he is assured, forgive. A few names of hamlets which occur often, e.g. Oakhanger in its different forms, he has indexed separately, on account of their greater prominence. With regard to this name a happy conjecture was made by J. M. Kemble in his index of places in the Codex Dipl. Anglo-Sax.; he there affixes to the name Achangra the guess, that its present form might be expected to be Oakhanger if such a place should be found in Hampshire.

No formal Register of the Priory exists in Magdalen College, nor is one to be found in the Public Record Office, the British Museum, or the Bodleian Library.






[c. 1190-1200.] Grant from Ralph de Herpendena to William de Venuiz to make a ditch through the middle of his land, so that the water may come to the mill of the said William, as great and as long as he pleases, and this ditch the said William owes (debet) to hold of the grantor and his heirs by an annual rent of 16d. This is done with the consent of the grantor's lord, Gillebert Oin, of whom he holds his land; with whose seal he has sealed this deed because he has no seal of his own. Witn. Roger de Newburgh (Nouo Burgo) Rich. de Herierd, Philip de Stane, Peter de Stane, Rich. de Burhunt, Rich. de Nortune, Peter de Venuiz, Hugh de Craucumb, Osm[er], Roger the Forester, Rob. Oiselur (i.e., the Fowler), Peter de Heges, Will. Foxele, Henry Wiard, John de Chaltun, Robert son of Elur[ed], John de Westcote, Hugh the chaplain of Aweltun, who wrote the deed.-[388.]

Seal lost, but its silken strings remain.


[c. 1200.] Grant from Ralph de Harpendene to William de Venuz of the water-course of Beme, through the middle of the land of the grantor, to make a pool for his mill of Sidenemed as large and as deep as he pleases, by the grant of the lord of the said Ralph, Gillebert Oin, of whom he holds that fee; paying annually to the grantor a quitrent of sixteenpence. Witn. Will. Peche, Reginald de Halesete, Peter de Heyes, Will. Swele, Robert son of Elured, John de Westcote, Henry Wiard, Henry Waleis, Geoffrey de Staiford, Alan son of Peter de Heyes, Nicholas son of Robert son of Elured, Hugh de Craucumb, John son of Richard the clerk, Gillebert de Dene, Alan de Holt, Robert Oiselur, Osm [er] the forester, Roger the forester, Geoffrey de Venuiz, Hugh the chaplain of Aweltun.-[307.]

Round brown seal; a kind of fleur-de-lis: "Sigill' Rad. de Harpedene." A copy on paper, made towards the end of the fourteenth century.-[308.] [c. 1210-15.] Grant from William de Venuz to Gilbert atte Dene of one virgate of land in Achangre to the use of Richard, son of the said Gilbert, and of Lucy, the grantor's daughter, namely, that virgate which


he held of his lord John, by the grace of God King of England, to be given by the said Gilbert to the said Richard and Lucy in marriagedowry, as soon as they come to marriageable years, to hold to them and their heirs of body, paying to the King 10s. annually; with reversion, failing issue, to the grantor. And the bounds of the said virgate begin at the stone bridge of Achangre to the west, through the lands of Gilbert Oyn and of Walter Burdeaus, and through the wood of Sir Robert de Mauduyt, and near (juxta) Bines Wythe and near (prope) Kyngesly, and through the lands of Ralph de Harpedene, by the old bank which goes down from the mill by Sydenemede, and from thence the same bank divides the virgate from the land of Gilbert Oyn up to the said stone bridge. Witn.: Roger de Newburgh (Novo Bourgo), Philip de Stane, Richard de Nortune, Richard de Bourhunte, John de Westcote, John de Andevere the forester, John son of Richard the clerk, Hugh the chaplain of Aulton, Alan son of Peter de Hezes.— [169.]

Seal lost, but silken strings remain.

1228-29. Release from Richard [Poore], Bishop of Durham, to Peter [de Roches], Bishop of Winchester, for the sum of 70 marks, of all his right in one virgate of land in Tistede, about which they had had a contention in the Court of King Henry. Sir M. de Pateshulle, Dean of St. Paul's, London,1 and Sir Stephen de Segrave attach their seals, at the request of the said Richard, together with his own. Witn.: Josceline Bp. of Bath, Ralph Bp. of Chichester, Walter Bp. of Carlisle, Robert de Lexintune, W. de London, H. de Breibroc, John de Baioc' [i.e. Bayeux], Will. de Raleghe, W. de York ["Eboraco."]-[243.]

Three seals tied up in wool; the first, representing the Annunciation, broken.

[c. 1230.] Grant from William de Arundel, son of Hugh de Arundel, to master Andrew of Winchester, of all the land which William Ordric held in Ledessete with the messuage, and all the briary (brueram) next before the gate of the messuage which is included between the way going from Ledessete to Burdunesdene on the right hand and the way which extends to la Rudeherne; paying an annual quit-rent of 6d. Witn. Adam de St. Manevedo, Will. de Brembelchete, Barthol. de Ellestede, Tomas de Warbeltone, Peter de Warbeltone, Ralph de Wulfbeding, Thomas Makerel, Geoffrey de Arundel, Hugh de Arundel, Walter de Arundel, Huges de Warbelton, Will. de Widehale, Peter le Tallur.— [286.]

Round green seal, attached by dark strings; shield of arms rudely cut, apparently three lions ramp.: "Sigill' Will'i de Arundel."

1 Appointed Dean of St. Paul's in 1228; died 14 Nov., 1229.

[c. 1230.] Release from Henry de Ysenherst to master Andrew, rector of the church of Chalvedone, of all his right in the lands which the said Andrew had by the gift of William de Arundel in the manor of Lidesete; notwithstanding the gift made by the said Andrew to the said Henry. Witn.: John de Venuz, John de Windelsore, John de la Stane, Mathew de Monasterio, James de Hokangre, Roger de Bradesete, Peter de Warbeltone.-[227.]

Round red seal; an antique intaglio; a winged figure, with the motto added round it, "XPC vincit, X PC regnat, XPC imperat."

[c. 1230.] Grant from James de Nortone to Roger de Chorlecote, for the sum of nine marks, of Adam de la Wike and Herbert of the same vill, in their homages and services, lands and rents, etc.; rendering annually one pair of gloves, value one penny. Witn.: Sir John de Venoiz, Sir Thomas Makerelle, Laurence de Heges, James de Achangre, Gilibert Conan, Mathew de Monasterio, Geoffrey de la Rude.—[179.]

Triangular green seal; a blank triangular shield within an orle: "Sigill' James [sic] de Nortune."

[c. 1225-30.] Grant from William de Arundel to the lady Sabina his sister, for the support of his daughter Maud, of that land in the vill of Lidesethe which Richard de Dunewatere held according as the hedge extends to "cheveriam," and from "cheveria" to the hedge which Ralph de la Rude held, and according as the hedge extends to the grove, and afterwards as the boundaries are marked up to the water-course, and so, opposite (contra) the water-course, to the well of Dunwatere; paying annually to him a quit-rent of one pair of gloves, worth one penny; in order that she may honourably provide for his daughter in the world or in some religious house, and if she be not provided for, then the said land shall revert to her upon the death of the said Sabina, or if she have deceased, then to some one of his children (puerorum). He grants also to the said Sabina to have 100 two-year old sheep in the common pasture, and twenty pigs in his woods free of pannage, excepting his new land (salvo frico meo), and twelve cows and twenty beasts in the common pasture. Witn.: Hugh de Cumbe, Will. de Brambelsete, Alan de St. Man[evedo], Will. Frest' [the Forester ?], Hugh de Arundel, John Frest' [Forester?], Mathew rector of the church of Brembelsete, Henry de Bromels', Will. de Widehale, Peter Taillur.-[287.]

Round red seal; shield of arms rudely cut, apparently three lions ramp.: "Sigill' Will'i de Arundel."

[c. 1230-35.] Grant from Henry le Sauvage to Peter, Bishop of Winchester, for the sum of twelve marks, of all his land which he had in

Tystede by the gift of Ralph de Winesham, rendering annually one pound of cummin to the chief lord of the fee. Witn.: Roger Alis, Geoffrey de Rupibus, Thomas de Gimiges, Walter de Thigheburne, Robert Lohade, John de Venuez, Thomas de Venuez, William son of Unfrid, Roger de Molend[inis], Alard his brother, Elyas son of Roger, Nich. de Sirlege, Godfrey the Serjeant (serviente) of Cheritone.-[355.]

Oval green seal; the temptation of Adam and Eve: "Sigill': Henrici Savvage."

[c. 1230-35.] Grant from William de Arundel, son of Hugh de Arundel, to master Andrew of Winchester, of the same lands and pasturage for cattle, etc., as are granted in the deed 280, infra under date c. 1237, to the Prior and Canons of Seleburne, described in the same terms, and paying the same annual quit-rent of 12d. Witn.: Sir John de Venuz, Sir Adam de St. Manevedo, Sir William de Bremlessete, Thomas de Warbeltone, Peter de Warbeltone, Henry de Ysenherst, Walter de Arundel, Will. de Widenhale, Thomas de la Stiepe, Peter le Taillur, Mathew son of Nicholas, Otte Wy (sic).—[282.]

Round green seal; a lion courant: "Sigill' Will'i de Arundel."

Another original copy of the same grant, written by a somewhat earlier hand. Same witnesses ("Steipe," "Teillur," the last name written as one word, "Ottewy") and seal.-[283.]

A third original copy by a third hand, in which, however, there is a stipulation forbidding the grant of the property to any religious house; therefore a little earlier than either of the preceding, in both which this stipulation is omitted. Same witnesses ("Brambelsete "). Round green seal, partly broken, attached with silk strings; shield of arms rudely cut, apparently three lions ramp.: "Sigill' W. ... [Ar]undel."-[285.]

[c. 1230-40.] Grant from Adam de Rutherefeld to Roger de Cherlekote, for the sum of 100 shillings, of all his meadow of Ochangre, both that which he holds of the King, and that which he holds of the lord of Ochangre, and all the tenement which he holds there; paying an annual quit-rent to the grantor of a pair of white gloves worth one penny, and to the lord of Ochangre of 8d, and saving to the King the service due for such a holding. Witn.: Sir John de Venuz, Sir John de la Stone, James de Nortune, Thomas Makerel, Will. de Brambelsate, Will. de Arundel, Laur. de Hegez, Nich. of the Mills ("de Molendinis "), Rich. de Wescote, Mathew de Monasterio, Henry de Ysenhurst, Rich. de Aweltune.-[149.]

Round green seal; an eagle volant: "Sigillum Ad.. de Rederafeld."

[c. 1230-40.] Grant from Henry de Borrunthe to Gilebert his brother, for the sum of 30 shillings "in gersoma præ manibus" of all the land which the hedge beginning at Wyemerslade and extending

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