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to the way before the field which Richard Koterel ploughed up ("assartavit "), and the ditch made on the side of the wood of the same Henry de Borrunthe, include; and two acres of land before his (Gilebert's) gate, near the great way leading from Brontelstapele to Soynthone, and all the land which Robert the Carpenter held in the same field; paying an annual quit-rent of 12d., and to the King as much as is due for the fourth part of a furlong. Witn. Oliver the chaplain of Seleborne, Sir James de Nortone, Will. de Hockangre, Thomas Makerel, Mathew son of the Dean, Gilebert de Golleia, Roger de Bradesite, Godefrey son of the Dean, who wrote the deed.--[16.] Round brown seal, attached by green strings, inscription broken; a fleur-delis: "Sigil' Henrici .

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[c. 1230-40.] Grant from Sabina the daughter of Hugh de Arundel to Sir William de Arundel, her brother, of all her land of la Dumwatere in Lideschete, which land he had before given to her for her life. Witn.: Sir Adam de St. Manevedo, Sir William de Brembescete, Thomas de Warbeltone, Henry de Isenherst, Walter de Arundel, William de Widehale, Thomas de Stipe, Peter le Taillur, Matthew de Bocham.-[13.]

Seal lost.

1233. Grant from James de Ochangre to Peter, Bishop of Winchester, in free alms, for the sum of 16 marks, of all his croft called La Liega, to make there a religious house of the order of St. Augustine in honour of God and of the glorious V. Mary; viz. that which going down from the water of Seleburne goes southward by ("per") the meadow which Robert de Hundesham once held, and by the brook going down from Crate welle to the land of John de Ochangre, the grantor's uncle, and westward from the brook to the land called Thornwich. Witn. Richard parson of Gretham, Oliver parson of Stoke, Guy chaplain of Seleburne, John de Windlesore, Will. de Ho, James de Northune, Nicholas of the Mills ("de Molendinis "), Roger le But, Gilebert Conan, Gilebert de Burhunte, clerk, John de Ochangre.-[53.] Round green seal; a man on horseback: "S' James (sic) de Hocaungre."


1233. Another grant from "James" (sic) de Ochangre to the Bishop of Winchester of the same croft called La Lyge, for the same purpose, and for the same sum. Witnesses the same (Oliver parson of Stokes, John de Windelesore.)-[54.]

1233. Grant from James de Ochangre to Peter, Bishop of Winchester, for the sum of 40 marks, of the croft called la Lyghe, which goes down by the brook descending from Crate welle to the land

which John de Achangre, the grantor's uncle, held on the west of the brook, and extends from the brook westward to the land called Thornwik; also a croft called Brodecrofte which the said John his uncle held, opposite Edithesgrove up to the croft called La Bechecrofte ; also a croft which Gilebert de Wik formerly held, near Brodecrofte and near the grantor's wood. Also a croft which Ralph le Niweeman held. Also a croft called Cavelescroft extending from a corner of the croft called la Lyghe to a corner between the grantor's wood and the wood which Rob. de la Rode held, alongside of the wood of de la Rode to the land of Thomas Coterel. Also a croft which Adam le But formerly held, with two increments of land on S. and E.:-in order to enlarge and make therein a religious house of the order of St. Augustine. Witn. : Richard parson of Gretham, Oliver parson of Stokes, Guy chaplain of Seleburne, John de Wyndleshore, Will. de Ho, James de Nortune, Nicholas of the Mills, Roger But, Gilbert Cunan, Gilbert de Burhunte, clerk, John de Achangre.—[55.]

Round green seal; the sun: "S' Jacobi de Hacangre."

[1233.] Grant from James de Nortune to Peter, Bishop of Winchester, for the sum of 35 marks “ad me acquietandum versus Judeos," of his water-course going down from his mill of Durtone to the wood of Will. Mauduit, with one croft called Edrichescrofte extending from the wood of the said W. Mauduit to the old ditch of Steppe, and 9 perches from the head of the said ditch, towards the E., and all the land called Stepe as it was enclosed by the old ditch up to the croft which formerly belonged to Philip of the Mills, and the said croft, and a moiety of the croft of Peter de Durtone, and a moiety of the meadow of the said Philip, with all the meadow, wood, and pasture between the said crofts and the water, to found a house of religion of the order of St. Augustine, with liberty to enclose the land, and make ponds and mills, and to have a way for cars and carts up to the highway. Witn.: Master Elyas de Derham, master Will. de St. Mary Church, master Robert Basset, master Humphrey de Milleirs, Robert de Clinchampe, Oliver the clerk, Roger Wacelin then Sheriff of Suh.,1 John de Venuz, Will. de Ho, John Windeshore, Will. de Bira, Gilebert the Canon, Peter the Forester, Gilebert de Popham, Laurence de Heiges, Hugh de Popham, Gilibert de Burhunte, clerk.-[294.]

Shield-shaped green seal; a blank shield within a tressure or orle of (apparently) sixteen bezants: "Sigill' James (sic) de Nortune."

1 He was Sheriff of Southampton from October, 1232, to October, 1234.

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1233, 4 May. Henricus Dei gratia Rex Angliæ, Dominus Hyberniæ, Dux Normanniæ, Aquitaniæ, et Comes Andegaviæ, archiepiscopis, episcopis, abbatibus, prioribus, comitibus, baronibus, justiciariis, vicecomitibus, præpositis, ministris, et omnibus ballivis et fidelibus suis, salutem. Sciatis nos intuitu Dei et pro salute animæ nostræ et animarum antecessorum et heredum nostronem concessisse et hac carta nostra confirmasse pro nobis et heredibus nostris venerabili patri Petro Wintoniensi Episcopo, totam terram cum pertinentiis in manerio de Seleburne, quam Magister Stephanus de Lucy aliquando tenuit de concessione nostra, ad quandam domum religionis de ordine Sancti Augustini in eadem terra construendam, in honore Dei et gloriosæ Virginis Mariæ et omnium sanctorum. Quare volumus et firmiter præcipimus pro nobis et heredibus nostris quod Prior et Canonici in domo prædicta per eundem Episcopum fundata Deo servientes, et successores eorum imperpetuum, habeant et teneant totam prædictam terram cum pertinentiis suis et cum omnibus libertatibus et liberis consuetudinibus, in Bosco et Plano, in viis et semitis, Pasturis et Pascuis, in Molendinis, Aquis et Piscariis, infra Burgum et extra Burgum, cum Soka et sacca, Thol et Them, Infangenethef et Utfangenethef, et Hamsokne, et Blodwyte, et pecunia quæ dari solet pro Murdro et Forstal, et Flemeneffrithe, et cum quietantia de omni Scotto et Geldo, et de omnibus auxiliis Regum, vicecomitum, et omnium ministrantium suorum, et Hidagio, et Exercitibus, et Scutagiis, et Tallagiis, et Syris, et Hundredis, et Placitis, et Querelis, et Warda, et Wardpeny, et de Operibus Castellorum et Pontium, et Clausuris Parcorum, et omni Careio et Sumagio, et domorum regalium edificatione et omnimoda reparatione, et cum omnibus aliis libertatibus et liberis consuetudinibus ad prædictam terram pertinentibus, sicut prædictum est. Hiis testibus, venerabilibus patribus Joscelino] Bathoniensi, et Ricardo Poore] Dunholmensi, episcopis, Stephano de Segrave, Justiciario nostro, Thoma de Muletone, Roberto de Lexyntone, Radulfo filio Nicholai, Godefrido de Craucumbe, Thoma de Hemmegrave, Galfrido de Cauz, Johanne de Plesseto, et aliis. Data per manum venerabilis patris R[adulfi Nevill], Cycestrensis episcopi et Cancellarii nostri apud Westmonasterium, quarto die Maii, anno regni nostri decimo septimo.-[92.]

Fragments of the great seal, attached by silk strings.

1233, 21 July, "die Jovis prox. post fest. S. Margarete Virg," 17 Hen. fil. Joh. At Aultone. Grant from John de Venuz to the church of B. Mary of Seleburne, to Peter Bp. of Winchester, and to the Prior and Canons in that church, in free alms, of the whole moor where the Beme rises, up to the head of the fishpond, that they may make in it a fishpond as great, as wide, and as deep as they wish, and pools and mills at their will; and also his meadow called Sidenemed lying on either side of the water which

comes down from Beme and all the course of the water so descending to the mill which Paulinus held of the grantor to farm, and the mill itself, and the meadow which is called Hundeshammed and which lies on either side of the water called Lachemere, which Gilbert Oyn formerly gave to William de Venuz; also the reversion of one virgate of land in Achangre on the north of the water-course, which William de Venuz, the grantor's father, gave to Richard atte Dene in marriage-dowry with Lucy his wife, and which on the decease of the said Richard should, for want of issue, revert to the now grantor, and of which the boundaries begin at the stone bridge of Achangre towards the west, through the lands of James de Achangre up to the meadow of Sir William de Mauduyt, stretching towards the east through the lands and wood of the said Sir William towards Byneswerthe and up to Kyngesly and Oxeneye, and thence by the old bank which goes down to the aforesaid mill of Sydenemed and from thence the bank itself divides the said virgate from the land of James de Achangre up to the aforesaid stone bridge; also a quit-rent of a pair of gloves worth one penny from the aforesaid Richard for the said virgate, paying annually after the life of the said Richard for the said virgate ten shillings to the King through his bailiffs of Aultone. Witn. Roger Wasseline, Sheriff of Suhamptone, John de Wyndesores, James de Nortone, William de Hoo, Thomas the Welshman ["Wallensis,"] James de Achangre, Laurence de Hegzes, Roger de Bradeschate, clerk, Mathew de Monasterio, Peter the Forester.-[160.]

Large round green seal; a man on horseback, with a rod in his hand: "Sigill' Joh'is de Ven' marescall' Regis."



1233[-4], 20 Jan. Omnibus Christi fidelibus ad quos præsens scriptum pervenerit, Petrus], divina miseracione Wintoniensis ecclesiæ minister humilis, salutem in Domino. Ex officio pastorali tenemur viros religiosos, qui pauperes spiritu esse pro Christo, neglectis lucris temporalibus, elegerunt, speciali affectu diligere, fovere pariter et recreare, eorumque quieti sollicite providere; ut tanto uberiores fructus de continua in lege Dei meditatione percipiant, quanto a conturbationibus malignorum amplius fuerint, ex patroni provisione et ecclesiastica defensione, securi. Hinc est quod universitati vestræ notificamus, nos divine caritatis instinctu, de assensu conventus ecclesiæ nostræ Wintoniensis, fundasse domum religiosam, ordinis magni patris Augustini, in honore Dei et gloriosa semper virginis ejusdem Dei genetricis Mariæ, apud Seleburne, ibidemque canonicos regulares instituisse ad quorum sustentationem et hospitum et pauperum susceptionem, dedimus, concessimus, et præsenti carta nostra confir



mavimus, eisdem canonicis, totam terram quam habuimus de dono Jacobi de Acangre et totam terram, cursum aquæ, boscum et pratum, quæ habuimus de dono Jacobi de Nortone; et totam terram, boscum, et redditum, quæ habuimus de dono domini H[enrici] regis Angliæ; cum omnibus prædictarum possessionum pertinentiis. Dedimus etiam et concessimus in proprios usus eisdem canonicis ecclesiam prædictæ villæ de Seleburne, et ecclesias de Basinge et de Basingestok, cum omnibus earundem ecclesiarum capellis, libertatibus, et aliis pertinentiis; salva honesta et sufficienti sustentatione vicariorum in prædictis ecclesiis ministrantium; quorum præsentatio ad Priorem prædictæ domus religiosa de Seleburne et canonicos ejusdem loci inperpetuum pertinebit. Præterea possessiones et redditus, ecclesias sive decimas, quas in episcopatu nostro adempti sunt, vel in posterum, Deo dante, justis modis poterunt adipisci, sub nostra et Wintoniensis ecclesiæ protectione suscepimus, et episcopalis auctoritate officii confirmavimus; eadem auctoritate firmiter inhibentes, ne quis locum in quo divino sunt officio mancipati seu alias eorum possessiones invadere, vi vel fraude vel ingenio malo occupare audeat vel etiam retinere, aut fratres conversos, servientes, vel homines eorum, aliqua violentia perturbare, sive fugientis ad eos causa salutis suæ conservandæ a septis domus suæ violenter præsumat extra[h]ere. Præcipimus autem ut in eadem domo religiosa de Seleburne ordo canonicus et regularis conversatio, secundum regulam magni patris Augustini, quam primi inhabitatores professi sunt, inperpetuum observetur; et ipsa domus religiosa a cujuslibet alterius. domus religiosæ subjectione libera permaneat, et in omnibus absoluta; salva in omnibus episcopali auctoritate et Wintoniensis ecclesiæ dignitate. Quod ut in posterum ratum permaneat et inconcussum, præsenti scripto et sigilli nostri patrocinio duximus confirmandum. His testibus; domino Waltero, Abbate de Hyda; domino Waltero, Priore de Sancto Swiðuno; domino Stephano, Priore de Motesfonte; magistro Alano de Stoke; magistro Willelmo de Sanctæ Mariæ Ecclesia, tunc officiali nostro; Luca, archidiacono de Surreia; magistro Humfrido de Millers; Henrico et Hugone capellanis; Roberto de Clinchampe et Petro Rossinol, clericis ; et multis aliis. Datum apud Wlvese per manum P. de Cancellis, in die sanctorum martirum Fabiani et Sebastiani, anno Domini millesimo ducentesimo tricesimo tercio.-[6.]

Oval green seal: obverse; the Bishop, in pontificals, in the attitude of blessing; inscription broken, ". oniensis Episcopi ;" counterseal; the Bishop kneeling beneath two saints, bearing swords; “Svt m' [i.e. mihi] sitque boni Petr' Paul'que patroni."

APPROPRIATION TO SELBORNE PRIORY OF THE CHURCHES OF SELBORNE, BASING, AND BASINGSTOKE. 1233[-4], 22 Jan. Petrus], divina miseracione Wyntoniensis Episcopus religiosis viris Priori et Conventui ecclesiæ beatæ Mariæ de Seleborne nostræ dyoceseos salutem in omnium Salvatore. officio pastorali sacram religionem plantarc et plantatam modis omnibus

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