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1281, 10 July, "die Jovis pr. p. transl. S. Tho. mart."; at Alresford. Certificate by J. de Tybenham, official of the archdeacon of Winchester, of an inquisition made on the above day by master John de Hegghemere and John de Shypedeham, perpetual vicar of Sutthone and dean of Alresford, in pursuance of a mandate from master Adam de Hale, keeper of the spiritualities of the bishopric of Winchester, in a full chapter of the deanery, respecting the vacant church of Westistede, of which they say that the Prior and Convent of Seleburne are the true patrons, and possessors as rectors from the time of Bishop Peter, and established their right against the claim of Sir Randulf de Cameys who presented master J. de Brydeport, now rector of Great Wordlam (see under date 1261), and that they have held it up to the time of Geoffrey de la Flode, now lord of the village; the church is worth 10 marks annually, and the person now presented is of good life and honest conversation and in priest's orders.-[276.]

The seals of the rectors and vicars of Chyldkandevere, of Candevere Abbots, of Aventone, Bradely and Sutthone, were attached with that of the official, but only small fragments remain of any.

[1281,] 30 Nov., "ij kal. Dec. an. 1 pontif.," "apud Urbemvetenem." Bull from Pope Martin [IV] to the Prior of Southwark, directing him to endeavour to recover for the monastery of Seleburne various tithes, lands, rents, houses, etc., which the Prior and Convent and their predecessors have granted away to various persons, to some for life, to others for a long time, and to others in perpetual farm, to the injury of the monastery.-[298.]

Leaden bulla lost.

1282, 12 April, "prid. idus Apr."; at Reading. Confirmation by John [Peckham], Archbishop of Canterbury, to the Prior and Convent of Seleburne, made in consequence of their request made to him when at their house in the course of his metropolitical visitation during the vacancy of the see of Winchester, of the appropriation of the churches of Seleburne, Basynges and Westysted, with the chapels dependent thereon.-[21.]

Oval green seal, attached by red and yellow silk strings; inscription broken; the Archbishop in attitude of blessing, on either side a lily of the valley: "Fr. (Frater) Joh'es Dei . . . . ien tocius Anglie primas." No counter-seal.

Another copy, with the same date, in which the churches are specified as Seleburne, Basynggestoke, and Westistede, the title of the Convent having been ascertained " per examinationem privilegiorum et indulgenciarum vobis concessarum per nostros commissarios diligenter factam." Half of the seal, oval, green.-[98.]

1282, 26 Nov., "die Jovis pr. p. f. S. Katerine virg."; in the church of B. Mary of Suwerk. Judgment given by the Prior of Suwerk, the delegate appointed by the Pope, in a suit brought by the Prior and Convent of Seleburne against Gilibert, vicar of Imbesshete, for a moiety of the small tithes of the villeins of Imbeshete, of which the Convent had been in possession from the time of their foundation; in which he pronounces in favour of the Prior and Convent, and condemns the said Gilibert to pay 20 marks for the tithes of which he has deprived them.-[329.]

Oval green seal; a figure kneeling before the Virgin and Child; inscription broken.

Another original copy of the decree. Seal the same: from the kneeling figure issues a scroll with the words "Ave. "[S] Alani prioris de Suwercka."-[345.]

1282, 17 Dec., "die Jov. pr. p. f. S. Lucie virg,"; in the chapel of the Holy Ghost at Basinggestoke. "Memorandum" that at an enquiry held by the official of the Bishop of Winchester respecting a claim made by Sir Richard, vicar of the church of Selebourne, to one quarter of wheat, one quarter of barley, one quarter of oats, and one quarter of beans, from the Prior and Convent of Selebourne, brother Richard de Portes, the proctor of the latter, produced an ordinance of W[ill. Raleigh] formerly Bishop of Winchester, and other instruments, by which it appeared that the said allowance was granted to a former vicar, Richard le Bel, only for his own personal merits and not by reason of his vicarage; and the claimant therefore acknowledged that he had no right to it.-[117.]

Small fragment of green seal.

1284, 9 Jan., "die domin. pr. p. Epiph. Dom."; 12 Edw. fil. Hen.; at Westistede. Release from Richard de Croftone, son and heir of Rob. de Croftone, to the Prior and Canons of Selborne, in free alms, of all his right in the advowson and patronage of the church of Westistede, and in the land called le Trandelcroft, which the said Prior and Canons have by the gift of the lady Joan le Hod. Witn. Sir Simon de Wynton, sheriff of Suhant., Sir Adam de Gurdone, Sir John de Wyldeshore, Sir Hugh de Rupibus, Sir Will. de Brambeshate, knts., Will. Gervays, John Sanztere, Alan de Sutthone, Henry Wyard, Walter Huse, Rob. Marescall de la Wyk.-[262.]

Seal sewn up in wool.

[1284-5.] Release from Geoffrey de la Flode and Alice his wife, called the lady of Westistede, to the Prior and Canons of Seleburne, in free alms, of all their right in the advowson and patronage of the

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church of Westistede, with all the land called le Trandelcroft, which land the said Prior and Canons have by the gift of the lady Joan le Hod in the said village. Witn. Sir Simon de Winchester, then sheriff of Suhampt.,1 Sir Adam de Gurdon, Sir John de Wyldeshore, Sir Hugh de Rupibus, Sir Will. de Brambeshate, knts., Will Gervais, John Sanztere, Alan de Suttone, Henry Wyard, Walter Huse, Rob. Marescall de la Wyke.-[239.]

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Two green seals; (1) round, a rose, te Deum"; (2) oval, a Roman intaglio: [Jupiter (?) seated, with sun above and moon below] "S' Alicie de Croftune."

1284[-5,] 2 Feb., "in die Purif. B.M."; at Seleborne. Copy on paper (made in the 15th cent., and mutilated by rats or mice) of a grant from the Prior (Richard) and Convent of Seleburne to their beloved sister in Christ lady Ela Longespeye, Countess of Warwick, of one canon always to celebrate for her at the altar of SS. Stephen, John Bapt., and Thomas the Martyr, with the specification of the collects, etc., to be used; providing also for her daily commemoration among the founders and benefactors, and for the observance of her anniversary.-[382(i).]

[1285,] 25 Feb., “v kl. Mart.," pontif. an. 4, "Perusii.” Bull from Pope Martin [IV] to the Prior of Suthwerk to the same effect as that of 30 Nov., 1281, No. 298, supra.-[393.]

Cancelled by being cut through, and bulla lost.

1285, 21 April, "die sab. pr. ante f. S. Marci evang.," 13 Edw. [I]; at Warneborne. Letters patent of Ela Longespeye, countess of Warrewyk, certifying that she is bound to the Prior and Convent of Seleburne in 100 marks for the support of one canon, a chaplain, to celebrate mass daily for her soul during her life and after her death, to be paid within the next five years; in which payment should she fail, the sheriffs of Oxon and Suhamtesire may compel payment by all her lands, tenements and goods in their bailiwick; should she die within the time, her executors to have no administration of her goods until first this payment has been made. No witnesses.—[52.]

One half of oval wax seal; the lower part of a female figure, with scroll-work pattern at the side: ". . . . comitisse Warwik." Counter-seal: a shield of six lions rampant; crest, a lion courant: "S' Ele Lungespeye . .


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1285, [22 April ?] "die domin. pr. ante f. S. [Marci? evange]liste”; at Seleburne. Similar copy (but more mutilated) to that in the preceding paper of 2 Feb. of a renewed and enlarged grant to Ela Longespe to the same effect; adding (inter alia) that mass should be celebrated monthly

1 Sheriff of Hants, 12, 13, Edw. I.

for her at the high altar by three priests in tunic and dalmatic, that her name shall be written in every missal and in the martyrology, and her soul mentioned in all prayers when the soul of the founder is mentioned; that on the news of her death the "classicum" with all the bells shall be tolled ("pulsetur "), etc., as for a prior, every priestcanon shall celebrate 30 masses and every priest shall say 10 Psalters, and every lay-brother 150 [Pater nosters] and as many Ave Marias. "[In cujus rei] gestæ memoriam literæ hujus transcriptum in Martirologio nostro fecimus annotari."-[382(ii).]

Probably dated the day after the preceding deed of lady Ela.

1290. At Farnham, “in manerio nostro." Copy (on vellum, made in 15th cent.) of an ordinance by John [de Pontissara, al. Sawbridge] Bishop of Winchester, for endowment of the vicarage of the church of Est Worldham, appropriated to the Prior and Convent of Selborne ; viz., that the vicar shall have all oblations and obventions, ten acres of arable land which the rector used to hold, the tithe of wool, flax, lambs, calves, chickens, young pigs, cheese, cider, hay, and honey, and the sheaves of gardens, and of crofts which are gardens, and all places (" omnia ") that are dug with the foot, and all the small tithes belonging to the altarage of the church; with one acre, for habitation thereon, near the churchyard, called Orchardscroft, which the rector used to hold; and the churchyard, and a lane lying between the Bishop's garden ("gardinum nostrum ") and a croft called Wodfolde, to make his profit of; and the said Religious shall erect anew at their own expense sufficient buildings for the vicars, and shall yearly deliver at the vicar's hall three quarters of wheat, three quarters of barley, and three quarters of oats, good measure, well threshed, and if they are three months in arrear after Michaelmas they shall give double. And the said Religious shall have all the great tithes, viz., the sheaves only, and shall provide candlesticks, and books, and the bread for celebration, and shall repair and sustain the chancel, and defray all ordinary expenses. Endorsed with the following list, in English, of the crofts, etc., of which the vicar receives the tithes : "Mem. quod vicarius prædictæ ecclesiæ percipiet decimas de istis croftis, viz., de Fowleriscroft and de Skuttslezhtone, and de Wokes, Foxys hayes, the honer crofts of Gylberd Sandale, and of the croft of Jone Balchyld of the same on ye syxte croft, ye ij acars next Boltsames yt is Hobbys, the hays of Boltsames, ye west gardyn, the calverhouse gardyn, and al Hydys hays, the carters hay, ye aslotts hays, Janottslezhtone, ye spone croft, al Gyllys crofts, al Pookks crofts, halfe the tethyng of ye Pykenots hays, ye dykers croft, ye potteris crofts, ye carpenterrs crofts, ye croft of

Huchun Sendel, ye monkenlonde, ye harpers crofts, ye freres under ye lythe, ye croft of Jonys gardyn, the croft of Saundervyle, Lurtlane croft. In the parke, ye parkefyld, ye culverhowse gardyn, ye fosters (qu. forester's?) tethe, the parkers croft tethe, ye dowakes croft, ye park mede, ye ynhome, and moo other yt the vicary hadde the tethynge of or they wer take in to the parke, and therfor ye vicary shal have ye tethe in ye park of pannage of bests and of mast off swyne, and ye tethe of the dere that be yslawe, by ye grawnt and the ordennance of Kynge Edward and of hys consayl yt wer at yt tyme masterys of that place undyr the Kynge, William Wykham, Adam Hertyngdon, Thomas Harecot, and Thomas Chamburlayne."—[205b.]

1290, 19 May, "die Ven. in f. S. Dunstani conf.," 18 Edw. fil. Hen.; at Seleburne. Release from Roger, son of Robert Marescall de la Wyke, to the Prior and Convent of Seleburne of all his right in the tenement in Achangre which he had by the gift of William the Cobbler ("sutoris "). Witn.: Sir Adam Gurdun, Sir Peter de la Stane, knts., Walter Drues, Will. de Achangre, Ralph de Heghes, Henry Wileking, Henry de la Rude, Will de Burhonte, Peter le Stabler.—[166.]

Round green seal; a stag: "Crede Michi."

[c. 1290.] Release from Galiena the widow of William Choterel de la Rode to William de la Rode of all her right in a piece of land in la Rode, lying near that land which she had by the gift of Richard Cotherel; paying her an annual quit-rent of d. Witn.: Will. de Hokangre, Rob. Marescall de la Vyche, John de Burthone, Stephen de la Rude, Rich. Cotherel.-[368.]

Oval green seal; illegible.

[c. 1290-1300.] Grant from Richard Coterel to John de la Rudelonde, for the sum of 10s., of a part of his land in la Rode, viz., that which lies between the highway from la Rode toward the Priory of Seleburne, on the west, and the grantor's land on the east, and extends on the north from the land of Will. le Groom to the south opposite the land of William Gilerus, and contains twenty-one perches in length and two perches in breadth; paying an annual quit-rent of 4d. With.: James de Nortone, Will. de Achangre, Ralph de Heghes, Robert Marescall de la Wike, Henry Wylekynge, William Steregaffe, Will. de Havecle, Roger de Bradeshate, Will. Robert.-[364.]

Oval white seal; a sprig or branch: "S' Ricardi Coterel." The quit-rent of 4d. is struck out and altered to id., and the following note is written on the deed : "Scribe id. pro annuo redditu; cetera ut in carta continentur." In consequence the deed has been re-written by another, although older-looking, hand, as follows :— Another copy of the grant, fixing the quit-rent at id. Seal lost.-[359.] See the deed of 29th Sept., 1316, No. 361, infra.

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