The Tehuantepec railway, its location, features and advantages under the La Sere grant. [With] Historical and geographical notes, by H.Stevens, Volumen109


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Página 68 - ... instrument; that he knows the seal of said corporation; that the seal affixed to said instrument is such corporate seal; that it was so affixed by order of the board of directors of said corporation, and that he signed his name thereto by like order.
Página 2 - El C. Presidente de la República se ha servido dirigirme el decreto que sigue...
Página 37 - ... in all their limbs: they have good complexions, narrow foreheads, black eyes, clean, firm, regular, white teeth, thick, black, coarse, glossy hair, thin beards, and generally no hair upon their legs, thighs, and arms. Their skin is of an olive colour. There is scarcely a nation, perhaps...
Página 1 - According to Ptolemy, the best recognized authority, whose geography had stood the test of thirteen hundred years, the then known world was a strip of some seventy degrees wide, mostly north of the equator, with Cadiz on the west, and farthest India or Cathay on the east, lying between the frozen and burning zones, both impassable by man.
Página 37 - States and to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within instrument and acknowledged that . he ... executed the same for the purposes therein contained.
Página 32 - Por tanto, mando se imprima, publique, circule y se le dé el debido cumplimiento. — Palacio del Gobierno nacional en México, á 3 de Noviembre de 1870. — Benito Juárez. — Al C. Lie. José María Iglesias, Ministro de Justicia e instrucción pública.
Página 50 - ANIMALS. verdure for numerous herds. During the short season that these potreros are inundated, the cattle are driven to the more elevated savannas, remote from the river margins. The extensive tablelands in the central portions of the Isthmus, as well as the plains bordering the Pacific, also furnish abundance of excellent pasturage. Indeed, the whole country seems peculiarly well adapted to the raising of horned cattle. With little care on the part of their owners, they increase rapidly, grow to...
Página 37 - The Zoques inhabit the mountainous region to the east, from the valley of the Chicapa on the south, to the Rio del Corte on the north. Originally occupying a small province lying on the confines of Tobasco, they were subjugated by the expedition to Chiapas under Luis Marin.* At present they are confined to the villages of San Miguel and Santa Maria Chimalapa.
Página 20 - ... settled. Charles, who boasted that he had rather be right than rich, consented, and the ships were staid. These two Christian princes, who owned all the newly discovered and to be discovered parts of the whole world between them by deed of gift of the Pope, agreed to meet in Congress at Badajos by their representatives, to discuss and settle all matters in dispute about the division of their patrimony, and to define and stake out their lands and waters, both parties agreeing to abide by the decision...
Página 37 - ... region of hills and mountains is as healthy as the most " salubrious portions of Europe ; full of romantic scenery, it is even " now highly attractive, and will, in progress of time, when inhabited " by an enterprising and laborious population, become one of the " most beautiful spots on the earth. " Last, comes the plain of Tehuantepec, nearly as healthy as the " hilly region, although warmer, presenting all the characteristics of " a healthy tropical climate. " All these three regions together...

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