A Course of Lectures, Upon the Materia Medica, Antient and Modern. Read in the Physick Schools at Cambridge, ... By R. Bradley, ...

Cha. Davis, 1730 - 170 páginas

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Página 17 - Vigani may have been a little more credulous in matters outside his laboratory experience and more willing to speculate. Thus Bradley says : ' . . . . Vigani endeavours to prove Gold to be a Vegetable in the Earth, and that like a Tree it has a Trunk, Root, Boughs, &c. In his own words I give it, viz Whether it is not like a Coal-Mine, which begins, like a little Plant, to spread itself, and by Degrees increasing and extends itself into Branches ; so that, as some of the Colliers have informed him,...
Página 170 - Italy, from the year 1492 to the year 1506; with an Appendix of Original Pieces, referred to in the work. By Alexander Gordon.
Página 169 - London. || with the LIFE of the AUTHOR and an INTRODUCTION. || To which is added, || Part of a JOURNAL of a Voyage to JAPAN, made by the English in the Year 1673.
Página 170 - Journey thro' moft of the Counties of Scotland, and thofe in the North of England, Illuftrated with 66 Copper plates, and I Map, by Alex.
Página 169 - State and Government of that Empire of its temples, palaces, castles and other buildings ; of its metals, minerals, trees, plants, animals, birds, and fishes ; of The Chronology and succession of the Emperors, Ecclesiastical and secular ; of The original Descent, Religions, Customs and Manufactures of the Natives, and of their Trade and Commerce with the Dutch and Chinese. Together with a description of the Kingdom of Siam written in High Dutch.
Página 170 - Scotland to Eugene v. As also a short Account of the kings, dukes, and earls of Bretagne, till that dukedom was united to the crown of France, ending -with the year of our Lord 68, in which are several pieces of Taliessin, an...
Página 169 - FRS and Member" of the College of Phyficians, London; with the Life of the Author, and an Introduction. To which is add«d, fi.
Página 170 - The Hiftory of Great Britain. from the -firft Inhabitants thereof, till the Death of Cadu-^Hader.

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