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losigkeit dieser Benennung, Bull. Sc. de l'Ac. de

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See No. 220.
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2904 JONES, J. T., Tenets of the buddhists and laws

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respecting reverence to their idols in Siam, Chin.

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rioden der Menschheit nach buddhistischer An

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Vol. I, 1857 : Aperçu of the Himayana and

French by Le Comte. Paris, 1865, 8vo.
See St. Hilaire, Journ. des Savants,

Sept., 1865.
(Vol. II: not yet published, will contain the

buddhistic dogmas exhibited in a com-
mentary to the terminological dictionary

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Mahariupatti, which is found in the 2nd

part of the Tandjur.)
Vol. III, 1873: History of Buddhism in India,

translated from the Tibetan of Taranatha.
German by Schiefner. St. Petersburg, 1873.
See No. 4240 and No. 4254.
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An attempt to translate from the Chinese a work known as the confessional services of the great compassionate Kwan Yin; ibid, II, 1866.

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and GOGERLY, D. J., Comparative arrangement of two translations of the Buddhist Ritual for the Priesthood. From the Chinese and

from the Pali; ibid, XIX, 1862. 2924 FOUCEAUX, P. E., Le bouddhisme au Tibet. Pa

ris, 1864, 8vo. 2925 The term Omitofu, Notes and Queries, II, p. 14. 2926 MAYERS, W. F., Chinese views respecting the date

of introduction of Buddhism ; ibid, II, p. 51. 2927

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ibid, II, p. 35. 2930

, A buddhist purgatory for woman; ibid,

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Buddhism versus Romanism ; ibid, III,
p. 142, 181.

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Buddhism. Hongkong, 1871, 8vo.
See Notes and Queries, III, p. 159; J. Ed-

kins, Ch. Recorder, III, p. 215; The
Phoenix, I, p. 155.

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