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287 PAVIE, T., Choix de contes et nouvelles, trad. du

chinois. Paris, 1839, 8vo.
Translation of seven histories taken from the

Tshin-ku-tshi-kuan, Lung-tu-kung-an
and IIsi-yü-tshi, see G. T. Olyphant,

Chin. Repos., XX, p. 225. 288

San-koué-tchy, Ilan kouroun i pithé. Histoire des trois royaumes, roman historique traduit sur les textes chinois et mandchou. Paris, 184551, 2 vols., 8vo. These 2 vols. only extend to the 44th chap

ter, see Wylie's notes, p. 161. 289 WILLIAMS, S. W., Translation of a ballad on pick

ing tea, Chin. Repos., VIII, p. 195. 290 SLOTH, (THOM, R.), Lasting resentment of Miss

Wang-kiaou-lwan, a Chinese tale. Canton, 1839,
German by A. Böttger, Wang-kiaou-loan oder

die blutige Rache einer jungen Frau.

Leipzig, 1817, 8vo.
See E. Č. Bridgman, Chin. Repos., VIII, p.

54. Taken from the collection Tshin-ku

tshi-kuan in 12 vols. 291 HOFFMANN, J., Tsiän dsü wen oder Buch von

1000 Wörtern, aux dem Chinesischen mit Berücksichtigung der Koraischen und Japanischen Uebersetzung ins Deutsche übertragen. Leiden,

1840, 4to. 292 BIOT, E., Traduction et examen d'un ancien ouv

rage chinois intitulé Tcheou-pei, J. as.: Juin, 1811.

See Wylie's notes, p. 86. 293

Tchou-chou-ki-nien ou tablettes chronologiques du livre écrit sur bambou, J. as., 4 sér., XVIII, p. 186. Paris, 1812.

See Wylie's notes, p. 19. 294

Le Tchou-li ou rites des Tchou, tableau des institutions et de l'état social de la Chine. Paris, 1851, 2 vols., 8vo.

Sec Wylie's notes, p. 4. 295 S..., J. L., Sketch of Kwanyin, the Chinese goddess

of mercy, translated from the Sow slinke, Chin.,

Repos., X, p. 185, 1811-42. 296 Kin-shen, The rambles of the emperor Ching-tih in

Kiang-nan, with a preface by J. Legge. London,

1843, 2 vols., Svo. 297 LAMIOT, L., Description de la province chinoise de

Sse-tchouen, traduite et résumée du Tay-tsing

tong-tchy. Paris, s. a., 8vo. 298

Esquisse du Sy-yu ou des pays à l'ouest de la Chine, traduite et résumée du chinois. Paris,

1852, 8vo. 299 GUTZLAFF, K., Sprüche und Erzählungen aus

dem chinesischen Hausschatze. Ztschr. d. D. M.

G., XVI, p. 628. 300

Pamphlets published by the insurgents,

ibid, VII, p. 628. 301 LOWRIE, W. M., Readings in Chinese poetry,

translation of 2 odes from the Shi-king, Chin.

Repos., XVI, p. 454. 302 MEDHURST, W. H. (sen.), The Chinaman abroad

or a desultory account of the Malayan archipelago. Shanghai, 1849, 8vo.

Chinese miscell., No. 2; Wylie's notes, p. 53, 303

Dissertation on the silk manufacture and the culture of the mulberry. Shanghai, 1849, 8vo.

Chinese miscell., No. 3; Wylie's notes, p. 76. 304

General description of Shanghai and its environs. Shanghai, 1850, 8vo. Translation of the principal matters in the

Shang-hai hsien-tshy, Ch. miscell, No. 4. 305

Translations from the Peking gazettes during the years 1853-56. Shanghai, 1858, 8vo. Appeared first in N. C. Herald and afterwards

in successive volumes of the Shanghai almanac for 1854-57.

306 WADE, T. F., Japan, a chapter from the Hae-kwoh

t'u chi or illustrated notice of countries beyond the seas. Hongkong, 1850, 8vo.

Also in Chin. Repos., XIX, p. 135, 206. 307 HILLIER, C. B., Translation of the Ta-heo classic,

the great lesson of life, Transact. of C. B. of R. A.

S. Hongkong, 1851, III, p. 11-21. 308 PFIZMAYER, A., Das Li-sao und die neun Ge

sänge. Zwei chinesische Dichtungen aus dem 3.
Jahrhundert vor der christl. Zeitr. Wien, 1852,
Translation of the first 2 poems of the Tsu-

sy, see Wylie's notes, p. 181. 309

Gedichte aus der Sammlung der 10,000 Blätter. Wien, 1872, 4to. 310

Denkwürdigkeiten von den Früchten Chinas. Sitzb. K. K. Ak. d. Wiss., Wien, hist. phil.

Kl., 1874, No. 21. 311

Denkwürdigkeiten von den Insekten Chinas, ibid, No. 26-29. 312 BOWRING, Sir J. C., Stanzas from the Chinese,

Chin. Repos., XX, p. 299, p. 433. 313

Hwa Tsien Ki, the flowery scroll, a Chi-
nese novel. London, 1868, 8vo.
See Notes and Queries, III, p. 15; Saturday

Review, Nov. 1869.
This is only a translation from the Dutch of

G. Schlegel. 314 GINGELL, W. R., The ceremonial usages of the

Chinese, B. C. 1121, as described in the “Institutes of the Chow dynasty strung as pearls.” London, 1852, 107 pp., 4to. .

See Wylie's notes, p. 4. 315 EDKINS, J., Tseay-heue, the borrowed boots, in

Chinese conversations, Shanghai, 1852, p. 1; also
in China Review, II, p. 325-332.
From the collection of dramatical pieces

tshui-pai-t'shiu, see Wylie's notes, p. 206.


A buddhist shastra, translated from the
Chinese, with an analysis and notes, J. of S'hai
lit. soc., p. 107-128, 1858.
The Chinese name of this abidharma is yi-

shu-lu-ka-lun, see Wylie's notes, p.

165. 317 WYLIE, A., Translation of the T'sing wan k'i

mung, a Chinese grammar of the Mandshu tartar language. Shanghai, 1855, 8vo.

See also under XVI, Mandshu. 318 MALAN, S. C., The threefold San-tze-king or the

triliteral classic of China, as issued, 1, by Wang

-keou ; 2, by protestant missionaries in that country; and 3, by the rebel-chief Tae-ping.

London, 1856, 8vo. 319 ROSNY, L. DE, Le livre de la recompense des bien

faits secrets. Paris, 1856, 8vo; and in Annales de philosophie chrétienne, 4 sér, XIV.

See Wylie's notes, p. 180. 320

Notices sur les îles de l'Asie orientale, extrait des ouvrages chinois et japonais.

1861, 8vo. 321

Extraits du Ti-tou-tsoung-yao relatifs aux peuples étrangers de la Chine, Mém. de la soc.

d'ethnogr., 1873, map. 322

San-tsai-tou-hoei, Les peuples de l'Indochine et des pays voisins, notices ethnographiques trad. du chinois, Act. de la soc. d'ethnogr.,

VI, 1874; also Poissy, 1875, 8vo. 323 ZWETKOFF, P., The inscription of Si-an-fu.

Russ. Eccles. mission, III, No. 8, 1857 (in Rus

sian.) 324 ST. DENYS, Marquis d’H de, Poésies de l'époque

des Thang, trad. du chinois, avec une étude sur
l'art poétique en Chine. Paris, 1862, 8vo.
Part of the ku t'ang shy, Wylie's notes, p.

195. 325

Ethnographie des peuples étrangers de


Ma-touan-lin, trad. du Chinois. In “ Atsume
Gusa,” recueil publ. par F. Turretini. Génève,

1872, 4to., fasc. 1 and 2. 326 BIRCH, S., Chinese romance, the Elfin Fox, Ch.

and Jap. Repos., I, Sept. 1863. 327

The casket of gems, The Phoenix, I, 69,

88, 105; also, London, 1872, 8vo. 328 PLATH, J. H., Proben chinesischer Weisheit, nach

dem Chinesischen des Ming-sin-pao-tsien. Mün

chen, 1863, 8vo. 329 GRIJS, C. F. M. DE, Geregteliike Geneeskunde.

Verh. Batav. Gen. van Kunsten en Wetensch.,
Vol. XXX. Batavia, 1863.
Translation of hsi-yuan-lu on medical juris-

prudence, Wylie's notes, p. 75. 330 Lui-fung-ta, Thunder-peak pagoda or the story of

Han-wan and the white serpent, Ch. and Jap.

Repos., I, Feb. 1864. 331 DELAMARRE, l'abbé, Histoire de la dynastie des

Ming, composée par l'empereur Khianloong, trad. du Chinois. Paris, 1865, 4to., 1st vol.

Continuation to Mailla's history, No. 190. 332 AUBARET, Histoire et description de bas Cochin

chine, trad. du texte chinois. Paris, 1865, 8vo. 333 PALLADIUS, O., Ancient mongol narrative of the

life of Chinghizkhan, translated from the Yüant’shau pi-shy, Russ. Eccl. mission, IV, No. 1, 1866 (in Russian.)

See Chin. Recorder, V, p. 193, note 3. 334

Si-yü-ki, journey of the buddhist monk Chang-chun to the west ; ibid, No. 2 (in Russian.) 335

Translation of the diary of Cheng Tchui, 1248, in Records of Sib. B. of J. R. Geogr. S.

Irkutsk, 1867, X, XI, p. 582 (in Russian.) 336

The journey of the Chinese traveller Changte-hui from Peking to the summer residence of Kublai in western Mongolia in 1248; ibid, 1874 (in Russian.)

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