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English by E. Schuyler, Geogr. Magazine,

Jan. 1875. 337

Ancient Chinese narrative of the life of Chinghiskhan, translated from the Chinese Tshintsheng-lu, Oriental Magazine, I, No. 3, 1872 (in Russian.)

See Chin. Recorder, VI, p. 90, note 4. 338 CHALMERS, J., Translations from Chinese poetry,

Notes and Queries I, p. 54; II, p. 8; China Re

view, I, p. 50, p. 199, p. 322, p. 393; II, p. 50. 339

The speculations of the old philosopher.
London, 1868, 8vo.
Translation of the Tau-té-tshing, see Wylie's

notes, p. 173; Notes and Queries, II, p.


Compare Julien, No. 158. 340

Confucian cosmogony, China Review, III, p. 342-351. 341 Etiquette to be observed by officials in mutual inter

course, as prescribed and sanctioned by imperial authority, Notes and Queries, I, p. 23, p. 36,

p. 68.

342 EITEL, E. J., Hien nên king, translated; Ibid,

II, 1868. 343 BOWRA, E. C., The dream of the red chamber, The

China Magazine, Christmas vol., 1868, p. 1, 3, 33,
65, 97, 129; 1869, p. 1, 33, 65.
Translation of the first eight chapters of the

Hung-lou-meng. 344 EVANS, E., Yuk-noo, the round head's daughter, a

romance of 1600 years ago; Ibid, 1868, 5, p. 17,

p. 37.

345 History of the Southern Sung, A translation, Chin.

Recorder, I, p. 46, 103, 137, 160, 207, 229. 346 LEGGE, J., Chinese Classics, translated into Eng.

lish with preliminary essays and explanatory notes. Vol. I: The life and teachings of Confucius.

London, 1869, 8vo.

Vol. II : The life and works of Mencius.

London, 1875, 8vo.

See Ausland, 1876, No. 5, p. 93-95. 347 BEAL, S., The travels of the buddhist pilgrims

Fah-hian and Sung-yun. London, 1869, 8vo.
The first part is a translation of the Fo-kuo-

ki (comp. A. Rémusat, No. 220); the
second part the same work as Neumann,

No. 261. 348

A catena of buddhist scriptures from the Chinese. London, 1871, 8vo.

See the Phænix, I, p. 222. 349

The sutra of 42 sections, J. of R. A. S., XIX, p. 337.

See Wylie's Notes, p. 163. 350

The diamond sutra ; Ibid, n. ser., I, p. 1.

See Wylie's Notes, p. 164. 351

The great paramitra heart sutra; Ibid, p. 25.

See Wylie's Notes, p. 164. 352

The amithaba sutra ; Ibid, II, p. 136.

See Wylie's Notes, p. 164. 353

The legend of Dipankara Buddha, translated from the Chinese ; Ibid, VI, 1873. 354

The romantic history of Sakya Buddha, translated from the Sanskrit into Chinese by Djuanakuta, and from the Chinese into English.

London, 1874, 8vo. 355 STRAUSS, V. von, Lao-Tsé's Tad Te King, Aus

dem Chinesischen in's Deutsche übersetzt. Leip

sig, 1870, 8vo. 356

Lieder des Schiking. Neue Monatsschrift f. Dichtk. u. Kritik Berlin, April, 1875. 357 PERNY, P., Proverbes chinois. Paris, 1870, 12mo. 358 Deathblow to corrupt doctrines, translated from the

Chinese. Shanghai, 1870, 8vo.
Translation of a paper circulated against mis-

sionaries, see Chin. Recorder, III, p.

359 The three brothers, a Chinese tale from the 11th

century, China Mag., IV, 1870. 360 PLAENČKNER, R. von, Lao-tse Tao-te-king, der

Weg zur Tugend. Leipzig, 1870, 8vo. 361

Confucius Ta-hio, die erhabene Wissenschaft, aus dem Chinesischen übersetzt und erklärt. Leipzig, 1874, XX, 358 pp., gr. 8vo.

See Lit. Centralbl., 1874. 362 No Cha, a Chinese fairy tale, China Mag., IV, p.

27, 1870. 363 WATTERS, T., Discourse on heresy by a Chinese

emperor, Chin. Recorder, IV, p. 226. 364 PUINI, C., Novelle cinesi tolte dal Lung-tu-kung

ngan e tradotte sull'originalle cinese. Piacenza,
1871, 8vo.
Seven novels from the Lung-tu-kung-an, two

of which were published 1867 in the Ri

vista orientale, Firenze. 365 CAROLL, C., A cure for jealousy, The Phoenix, I,

p. 35, 55, 87, 112, 146, 184, 214; II, p. 5, 21,

39. 366 MACCARTEE, D. B., Translation of the inscription

upon a stone tablet, J.N.C. B. of R. A. S. Shang

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I, p. 13, 71, 144, 220. 368 LISTER, A., A Chinese farce with an introduction;

Ibid, I, p 26. 369

Rhymes from Chinese ; Ibid, I, p. 96. 370 WODEHOUSE, H. E., Mr. Wade on China, an

unpublished state paper (translation); Ibid, I, p.

38, 118. 371 (FAY, Miss L. M.), The marriage of the emperor of

China, translated from the official programme.

Shanghai, 1872, 16mo. 372 Eulampius, Memoir of a Chinese on Annam, 1835,

translated from the Chinese Oriental Mag., I, No. 2, 1872 (in Russian).

373 A translation of the Peking gazette for 1872. Shang

hai, 1873, 8vo; the same for 1873, 1874, 8vo.; 1874, 1875, 8vo.; for 1875 with complete index and genealogical table of the imperial family of China. Shanghai, 1876, Svo.

Appeared first in the North China Daily News. 374 BOEHM, G., Chinesische Lieder aus dem livre de

jade von Judith Mendès. München, 1873, 16mo. 375 ALLEN, C. F. R., The young prodigy, a transla

tion, China Review, II, p. 21-29, 65-74, 133-144,

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in the matter of physical science, acknowledged by eminent Chinese, being extracts from the preface of Tseng Kwo-fan's edition of Euclid, J. of

N. C. B. of R. A. S., VII, p. 147. 379 STENT, G. C., Fanning the grave and the wife

tested. Shanghai, 1873, 8vo.

See China Review I, p. 395. 380

Jên-kuei's Return, a play. Shanghai, , 1873, 8vo. 381

The Azalea (ballad), translated. China Review, II, p. 80-88. 382

The Jade chaplet in 24 beads, a collection of some ballads, etc. from Chinese. London, 1874. 8vo.

See Lit. Centralbl., 1875, No. 1, 383

Mêng-chêng's journey to the great wall

(ballad), China Review, III, p. 114-119, 149-158. 384

Death and funeral of Mr. Locust; Ibid, p. 312-316. 385

The lamentations and death of Ch‘ungchen ; Ibid, IV, p. 294-296.

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386 GARDNER, C. T., Translation of an inscription on a

tablet at Hangchow, J. of N. C. B. of R. A. S., IV,

p. 21-32. 387 POPOFF, P. S., The Tsung si ki lio translated into

Russian. 388 GILES, H. A., The San-tzü-ching or three cha

racter classic, and the Ch‘ien-tzü-wên or thousand character essay, metrically translated. Shanghai, 1873, 8vo.

See China Review, I, p. 394. 389

A thousand character essay, China Review, II, p. 182-185. 390 A translation of examination papers given at Wu

ch'ang, China Review, II, p. 309-314. 391 TURRETINI, F., Histoire des Taira, tirée du Nit

Pon Gwai-si, traduite du Chinois. Généve, 1875,

II, 89 pp., 4to. 392 ARENDT, C., Das schöne Mädchen von Pao. Eine

Erzählung aus der Geschichte Chinas im 8. Jahrh.
Mitth. d. Deutschen Ges. f. Ostas. 8. Heft Sept.
1875, Yokohama. Extrabeilage fol.
From the Tung-tshou-lie-kuo-tshy, see Wy-

lie's Notes, p. 162. 393 WEBSTER, A., Yu-pe-ya's lute. London, 1875,

Chinese tales in English verse, see China

Review, III, p. 184-186. 394 McCLATCHIE, T., A translation of the Confucian

I-king or Classic of change, with notes and appendix. Shanghai, 1876, 8vo.



Philological Treatises. 395 WEBB, S., Historical essay on the probability that

the language of the empire of China is the primitive language. London, 1669, 8vo.

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