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in der chinesischen Literatur. Paris, 1830, 8vo.

Mémoire sur le Chouking, Nouv. Journ.


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as., VI.


681 Catalogue des livres imprimés et manuscrits de feu

M. A. Rémusat. Paris, 1833, 8vo. 682 MORRISON, J. R., Review of the Ta-tsing wan

neen yi-tung king-wei yu-too, a general geographical map by Li Ming-che Tsing-lae, Chin. Re

pos., I, p. 33. 683

The sacred edict in rhyme ; ibid, I, p. 244. 684

Notice of the Sing Pu or work on biography; ibid, I, p. 107. 685

Newspapers and gazettes; ibid, I, p. 492, 506. 686

Ballad and story hawked about the streets; ibid, I, p. 493. . Dutch by J. Werninck, Verslag aan de volks

literatur d. Chinezen uit het Engl., 8vo. 687

Notice of the Olea fragrans miscellany; ibid, II, p. 426. 688 NEUMANN, K. F., Coup d'oeil historique sur les

peuples et la littérature de l'Orient, Nouv. J. as.,

XIV, 1834, 689

Die Sinologen und ihre Werke. Ztschr. d. D. M. G. I, p. 91, 217. 690

Claude Visdelou und das Verzeichniss seiner Werke ; ibid, IV, p. 227. 691

Maigrot (Caroli) und seine Werke; ibid, IV, p. 237. 692 JULIEN, S., Lettre relative au dictionaire Ou-tché

yun-fou, J. as., 4. sér., III, p. 417. 693

Renseignement bibliographique sur les relations des voyages dans l'Inde, N. J. as., X,

1847. 694 GUETZLAFF, K., Character and synopsis of the

Chinese classics, Chin. Repos., III, p. 97. 695

Notice of the San kwoh chi or history of the 3 states; ibid, VII, p. 233.



Review of the Shin-sien tung-kien or general account of gods and genii; ibid, VII, p. 505.

Review of the Shuking or book of records ; ibid, VIII, p. 385.

Sack of wisdom, a story book; ibid, X,


p. 450.

p. 281.


Ta Tsing hwang te Shing heun or sacred institution of the emperors of the Ta Tsing dynas

ty; ibid, p. 593. 699

Ping nan how chuen or an account of the latter pacification of the south, an historical work

in 6 vols.; ibid, VII, 700

Review of the works of the poet Su Tungpo; ibid, XI, p. 132. . 701

Dreams of the Red Chamber; ibid, XI, p.

266. 702

Review of the Ta-tsing Hwei-tien or statutes and statistics of the Chinese government ; ibid,

XII, p. 57. 703

Hai-kwoh Tu-chi or Lin's geography ; ibid, XVI, p. 417. 703a

Ing hoan tschi lio, kurze Beschreibung der Umgegenden des Weltmeeres, in 6 Theilen, von

Lü-ki-yü Lien-ti. Ztschr. d. D. M. G., VI, p. 565. 704 BRIDGMAN, E. C., Use of the 100 family names

as a schoolbook, Chin. Repos., IV, p. 153. 705

Account of the Peking gazette; ibid, V,

p. 1.



Chinese history, its value and character as viewed and exhibited by native historians with a notice of the work entitled History made easy; ibid, X, p. 1.

Synopsis of the Chinese chrestomathy; ibid, XI, p. 157, 223.

List of 218 dictionaries in the Chinese language; ibid, XVII, p. 433.

The Urh Ya or Ready guide, a Chinese dictionary; ibid, XVIII, p. 170.



p. 254.


The Chi-shing Pien Nien-shi ki, or annals of a genealogy of the most holy sage; ibid, XVIII, 711

Shwoh Wan kiai-tsz' or the etymologicon of Hsü Shin ; ibid, XIX, p. 169. 712 PIPER, G. O., Ueber das I-king. Ztschr. d. D. M.

G., III, p. 273; V, p. 195; VII, p. 187. 713 BAZIN, A., Notice du Chan-hai-king, cosmographie

fabuleuse attribuée au Grand Yü. Paris, 1839,

8vo. 714

Rapport sur une version chinoise des Fables d'Esope, J. as. Paris, 1843. 715

Le siècle des Youan ou tableau historique de la littérature chinoise depuis l'avénement des empereurs mongols jusqu'à la restauration des Ming, J. as., 4. sér., XV, p. 5, 101; XVI, p. 428; XVII, p. 5, 163, 309, 497; XVIII, p. 247, 517;

XIX, p. 435; also Paris, 1856, 8vo. 716 Catalogue des livres manuscrits et ouvrages chinois,

tartares, japonais de M. J. Klaproth. Paris, 1839,

2 parties, 8vo. 717 BIOT, E., Table générale d'un ouvrage chinois inti

tulé Souan-fa-tong-tsong ou traité complet de l'art

de compter. Paris, 1839, 8vo. 718

Sur le chapitre Yu koung du Chouking, J. as., 3. sér., XIV, p. 152, 1842. 719

Sur les manuscrits inédits du P. Gaubier et du P. Amiot, J. as. Paris, 1850, 8vo. 720 HUNTER, W. C., Chinese theatre and translation

of a farce, Chin. Repos., VI, p. 575. 721 WILLIAMS, S. W., Review of Luhchau's Nü Hioh

or position and education of females in China;

ibid, IX, p. 545. 722

Ying Hwan Chi-hioh or general survey of the Maritime circuit by Sü Kiyü; ibid, XX, p. 169. 723

Yung Yuen Tsiuen-tsih or collection of garden of Banians and examination of an alleged forgery ; ibid, XX, p. 310.

724 SCHOTT, W., Verzeichniss der chinesischen und

mandschuischen Handschriften und Bücher der

Bibliothek zu Berlin. Berlin, 1840, 8vo. 725

Ueber Lao-tse's Tao-te-king. Jahrb. f. wiss. Kritik, 1842, No. 64, p. 510. 726

Entwurf einer Beschreibung der chinesischen Literatur. Berlin, 1854, 4to., 126 pp. 727 HELMKE, J., Ueber sinesische Sprache und Lite

ratur. Kleve, 1840, 4to. 728 HABAKUK, Catalogue of Chinese, Mandshu, Mon

golian, Tibetan and Sanscrit books and manuscripts in the Asiatic library. St. Petersburg,

1843, 8vo. (in Russian.) 729 Review of the Ming-sin-pau-kien or mirror of the

mind, Chin. Repos., XVI, p. 406. 730 MILNE, W. C., Si-fang-kung-kü or public proofs of

buddhism from the west; ibid, XVI, p. 448. 731

Shing-yü kwang-hsün or amplification of the sacred edict; ibid, XVI, p. 500. 732 BRIDGMAN, J. G., Sing Shi Pau Yen or precious

words to awaken the age ; ibid, XIX, p. 233. 733 Catalogue of the library of the honorable East India

Company. London, 1845-51, 2 vols., 8vo. 734 SCHIEFNER, A., Bericht über die neuste Bücher

sendung von Peking, Mél. as. St. Petersburg,

1852, Vol. I, 8vo. 735 Catalogue des livres imprimés et manuscrits compo

sant la bibliothèque du feu M. E. Burnouf. Paris,

1854, 8vo. 736 HARLAND, W. A., Chinese medical jurisprudence.

Notice of a Chinese work: Hsi-yunan-lu, Trans.
C. B. of R. A. S., IV, p. 87.

See Wylie's notes, p. 75. 737 WASSILYEFF, W., Two notices on the works in

oriental languages, which are found in the libra

ries of Kazan and St. Petersburg. 1855 (in Russian.) 738 KIDD, S., Catalogue of the Chinese library of the

R. A. S. London, 8vo.


739 WYLIE, A., Catalogue of the London Mission libra

ry at Shanghai. Shanghai, 1857, 8vo. 740

Notes on Chinese literature. Shanghai, 1867, 4to.

See Lit. Centralbl., 1869, No. 36. 741 PAVIE, T., Etude sur le roman bouddhique chinois

Si-yeou tchin-tsuen, J. as., 5. sér., IX, p. 357 ;

X, p. 308. 742 ROSNY, L. DE, Remarques sur quelques dictionnai

res japonais-chinois, J. as., 5. sér., XI, p. 256. 743 EDKINS, J., On the present state of science, litera

ture and literary criticism in China, North-China
Herald, March, 1857; also Chin. and Jap. Re-
pos., July, August, 1863.

See J. as., 5. sér., VI, p. 98; VIII, p. 79. 744

Notices of the character and writings of
Meh-tzi, J. of N. C. B. of R. A. S., II, p. 165,

745 MACGOWAN, D. J., Chinese bibliography; ibid,

II, p. 170-175. 746 PLATH, J. H., Ueber die Quellen zum Leben des

Confucius. München, 1863, 8vo.

See Lit. Centralbl., 1864, No. 5, p. 102. 747

Ueber die Sammlung chin. Werke aus der Zeit der Dynastien Han und Wei. Sitz. b. der Ak. der Wiss. 2. Heft, p. 241, 1868; also München, 8vo.

See Wylie's notes, p. 209. 748 ROST, R., Fables of beasts and birds in China, with

a notice of Prof. Julien's Les Avadanas, China

and Jap. Repos., I, 1864.
749 SKATCHKOFF, K., On the geographical know-

ledge of the Chinese. Iswestiya of Im. Russ. Geo.
Soc., II, 1866 (in Russian.)
German by P. Völkel, Petermann's geog.

Mitth., 1868.
750 MAYERS, W. F., State papers relating to Tibet,

Notes and Queries, I, p. 6.

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