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Arthur J. Goldberg, Secretary

For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office

Washington 25, D.C. - Price $1 (paper cover)




Arthur J. Goldberg Executive Assistant to the Secretary.

Stephen N. Shulman ? Special Assistant to the Secretary.

Daniel P. Moynihan : Under Secretary of Labor.....

W. Willard Wirtz * Deputy Under Secretary of Labor

Millard Cass Assistant to the Under Secretary.

N. Thompson Powers Assistant to the Under Secretary.

Robert K. Salyers Mobilization Coordinator ....

Harry Weiss Assistant Secretary of Labor for Labor-Management Relations...... James J. Reynolds

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Labor-Management Relations... Nelson M. Bortz Assistant Secretary of Labor for Employment and Manpower . . Jerry R. Hollemany

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Employment and Manpower Seymour L. Wolfbein Assistant Secretary of Labor for International Labor Affairs.. George L-P Weaver 8

Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Labor Affairs.... Leo R. Werts Assistant Secretary of Labor ...

Esther Peterson Administrative Assistant Secretary.

James E. Dodson Deputy Administrative Assistant Secretary..

V. S. Hudson Librarian.

Margaret F. Brickett Solicitor ....

Charles Donahue 10 Office of Automation and Manpower, Director ...

Seymour L. Wolfbein 11 Office of Information, Publications, and Reports, Director .. John W. Leslic Office of Legislative Liaison, Director....

Samuel V. Merrick 12 Office of Personnel Administration, Director.

Edward J. McVeigh Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, Director ...

Edward E. Goshen 18 Bureau of Employees' Compensation, Director...

William McCauley Employees' Compensation peals Board, Chairman.

Theodore M. Schwartz Bureau of Employment Security, Director...

Robert C. Goodwin Bureau of Internacional Labor Affairs, Director .....

George L-P Weaver Burcau of Labor-Management Reports, Commissioner .

John L. Holcombe Bureau of Labor Standards, Director ....

Arthur W. Motley Bureau of Labor Statistics, Commissioner.

Ewan Clague Bureau of Veterans' Reemployment Rights, Director ..

Hugh W. Bradley Wage and Hour and Public Contracts Divisions, Administrator. ... Clarence T. Lundquist Women's Bureau, Director ...

Esther Peterson

1 Sworo in January 21, 1961, succeeding James P. Mitchell, who resigned January 20, 1961.

: Effective February 20, 1961, succeeding Walter C. Wallace, who was appointed Assistant Secretary of Labor on November 25, 1960.

• Effective July 3, 1961, succeeding George L-P Weaver, who was appointed January 23, 1961, to succeed Robert D. Swezey, who resigned January 4, 1961.

• Sworn in February 6, 1961, effective January 30, 1961, succeeding James T. O'Connell, who resigned January 20, 1961.

. Effective March 21, 1961, succeeding Richard A. Schwarz, who resigned March 20, 1961. • Sworn in March 2, 1961, succeeding John J. Gilhooley, who resigned January 20, 1961.

i Sworn in February 6, 1961, effective January 30, 1961, succeeding Walter O. Wallnce, Jr., who resigned January 20, 1961. On November 26, 1960, Mr. Wallece succeeded Newell Brown, who resigned November 14, 1960.

Sworn in July 21, 1961, succeeding George C. Lodge, who resigned June 30, 1961. • Sworn in August 17, 1961, effective August 16, 1961, as Assistant Secretary of Labor (office created by Public Law 87–137, approved August 11, 1961). Earlier, on January 30, 1961, Mrs. Peterson became Director of the Women's Bureau, succeeding Alice K. Loopold, who resigned January 20, 1961. In her new post, Mrs. Peterson continues to be responsible for the work of the Women's Bureau.

16 Sworn in March 2, 1961, succeeding Stuart Rothman, who resignea June 28, 1959.

11 Effective April 21, 1961, Deputy Assistant Secretary Wolfbein was designated to serve as Director of the Office of Automation and Manpower created by General Order No. 110, April 20, 1961.

19 Effective November 6, 1961, succeeding Albert L. McDermott, who resigned January 6, 1961. 13 Effectivo July 30, 1961. succeeding W. C. Christensen, who resigned January 6, 1961,

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