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"We desire to investigate the truth; and not that alone, but the truth

conjoined with piety towards God.” - SADOLET.



BT 751

•W2 1851

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1851, by

GOULD AND LINCOLN, In the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the District of


1116 65-2.




From the Boston Recorder. It is always a pleasure to commend early and earnestly a work of solid merit like this a work that blends so much of sound philosophical discussion, with deep experimental and spiritual knowledge of the vitalities of Christianity. Few volumes, indeed, have issued from the American press that bear the stamp of originality and profound thought so deeply imprinted on every page. It does not require the reading of the whole, nor even a large part of it, to warrant this opinion. It is the product of a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, though his modesty has withheld his name from the public.

From the Presbyterian, Philadelphia. We regard the whole performance as the effort of an enlightened and logical mind: it has freshness; its style is classical ; it is not in the common-place routine of most modern books. If it does not present new ideas, it exhibits them under a new aspect. It is, in a word, a book that may be read with much profit by those who find themselves troubled with doubts about the truth of Divine Revelation. We have ourselves read it with more than ordinary interest, and we propose to give it a second perusal, which we are sure it will bear.

From the Watchman of the Valley, Cincinnati, O. We have read this book with much interest. The train of thought is admirable, and clearly and vigorously expressed.

The book will be read with profit by any one ; and we believe that no candid skeptic—and a few such there are--can read it without assenting to the correctness of the main positions defended, and, con sequently, to the conclusion, that the Bible is the book of God.

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