Catalogue d'ouvrages relatifs aux îles Hawaii: Essai de bibliographie hawaiienne

Challamel ainé, 1867 - 92 páginas

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Página 36 - J.). — A Ride over the Rocky Mountains to Oregon and California, with a glance at some of the Tropical Islands, including the West Indies and the Sandwich Islands.
Página 39 - HAWAII; the Past, Present, and Future of its Island-Kingdom : an Historical Account of the Sandwich Islands.
Página 3 - A catalogue of the different specimens of cloth collected in the three voyages of Captain Cook to the Southern Hemisphere ; with a particular account of the manner of the manufacturing the same in the various islands of the South Seas ; partly extracted from Mr.
Página 33 - Tilley (HA) Japan, the Amoor and the Pacific. With notices of other Places, comprised in a Voyage of Circumnavigation in the Imperial Russian Corvette Rynda, in 1858 — 1800.
Página 16 - Choix de voyages dans les quatre parties du monde, ou Précis des voyages les plus intéressants par terre et par mer, entrepris depuis l'année 1806 jusqu'à ce jour.
Página 32 - Starting from Bremen for California, the author of this Narrative proceeded to Rio, and thence to Buenos Ayres, where he exchanged the wild seas for the yet wilder Pampas, and made...
Página 18 - Botanique du voyage autour du monde, fait par ordre du roi sur les corvettes l'Uranie et La Physicienne pendant les années 1817 — 20 par M.
Página 3 - ASIA, being the first portion of a General Collection of Voyages and Travels; forming a complete History of the origin and progress of discovery, by Sea and Land, from the earliest ages to the present time. Preceded by an Historical Introduction, and critical Catalogue of Books of Voyages and Travels, and illustrated and adorned with numerous Engravings. By JOHN PINKERTON, Author of " Modern Geography,
Página 17 - Voyage pittoresque autour du monde, offrant des portraits de sauvages d'Amérique, d'Asie, d'Afrique et des îles du...
Página 60 - RAE (Dr. J.). — An Essay on the great antiquity of the Hawaiian people and of their Language, and its affinities with the Sanscrit, Greek, Latin, etc., in the form of a Letter addressed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs (R. C Wyllie). Honolulu, 1862. Broadside. B. READ (Rev. HOLLIS). — The Hand of God in History; or Divine Providence historically illustrated in the Extension and Establishment of Christianity. Hartford, 1849. 12mo. REMY (JULES). — Recits d...

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