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. ALMANACK, 1904. 2s.6d. net.

472 pp.

792 pp.











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PAGET TOYNBEE. Containing 400 Letters not included in the latest Edition of the Collected Letters, 100 of which have never before been printed. With additional Notes and full Analytical Index by Mrs. PAGET TOYNBEE, and 50 Photogravure Illustrations. In Three Styles. 16 vols. Purchasers can compound for the entire Sets of Volumes by the following immediate cash payments : Limited Edition, on Hand made Paper, cased in boards with paper labels, 121. ; or bound in full morocco, 192. 48.; on Oxford India Paper (in 8 doub'e volumes),

51. 43. ; on ordinary Paper, 41, Vols. I.-IV NOW PUBLISHED.

DAILY TELEGRAPH.-"Mrs. Paget Toynbee has done her best to make her edition definitive, and, to judge by these four volumes, her success is tolerably assured...... Her notes, for the most part explanatory of the names appearing in the text, are admirable...... Those who know the charm of Walpole's letters will welcome this most desirable of editions ; those who are strangers to his lively wit and fancy cannot do better than remedy their defect at once by purchasing these handsome volumes."


the BODLEIAN LIBRARY. Being a Collation thereof with the Printed Texts, resulting in the publication of several long Fragments hitherto unknown and the introduction of many improved Readings into Prometheus Unbound' and other Poems. By C. D. LOCOCK, B.A. Crown 4to, cloth extra, with a Collotype Facsimile of Two

Pages of Shelley's Handwriting. 78. 6d. net. SATURDAY REVIEW.-"We are half inclined to think that Mr. Locock bas unwittingly established a case for an entirely new and authoritative edition of Shelley's poems. It is true that only a few of Shelley's 'greatest works are affected by Mr. Locock's discoveries; yet these include 'Epipsychidion'; Ozymandias'; 'Arethusa Arose'; 'To Constantia.'


LUDES. Specimens of the Pre-Elizabetban Drama. Edited, with an Introduction, Notes, and Glossary by

ALFRED W. POLLARD, M.A. Fourth Edition. Crown 8vo, Revised, with 10 Illustrations, 78. 6d. STUDIES in DANTE. Third Series. MISCELLANEOUS

ESSAYS. By EDWARD MOORE, D.D. 8vo, cloth, with a Map, 108. Bd. net. A COMPANION to ENGLISH HISTORY. (Middle Ages.)

With over 400 Illustrations. Edited by F. P. BARNARD, M.A. Crown 8vo, cloth, 88. 6d. net. DAILY CHRONICLE.—"The various papers are all of a high level of excellence...... He must be an uncommonly well-informed man who does not find a multitude of things in this book with wbich he is unfamiliar...... It will be found most useful for the mass of archæological matter which it contains. For this the bibliographies at the end of each article are most valuable...... The numerous illustrations deserve a special word of commendation......We know a few French and German books, but bardly any English ones, where the text is at once so fully and so adequately supplemented by the illustrations." GOWER.-SELECTIONS from the CONFESSIO AMANTIS.

Edited by G. C. MACAULAY, MA, Extra fcap. 8vo, cloth, with Frontispiece, 4s. 6d. The OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY.

Dictionary on Historical Principles. Founded mainly on the Materials collected by the Philological Society. Edited by Dr. JAMES A. H. MURRAY. Single Section, OUTJET-OZYAT, 28. ed.; Complete Part, 0-OZYAT, 128. Bd.

A New English



with Special American Instances. By the late CHARLES WARRING BARDZLEY, M.A. Dedicated by permission to William McKinley, late President of the United States of America. Small 4to, clotb, 11. 18. net.

London: HENRY FROWDE, Oxford U'niversity Press Warehouse, Amen Corner,



to NOTES AND QUERIES Iree by post is 10s. 3d. for six months, or 208. 8d. for Twelve Months, including the Folume Index.-JOHN C. FRANCIS, Notes and Queries Office, Bream's Buildings, Chancery Lane.

"Examine well your blood. He From John of Gaunt doth bring his pedigree.' "-SHAKESPEARE.


YOUNG. A ACESTRY, English, Scotch, Irish, and American,

TRACED from STATE RECORDS. Speciality : West of England and Emigrant Families.-Mr. REYNELL-UPHAM, S6, Haldon Road, Exeter, and 1, Upham Park Road, Chiswick, London, w


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TENTH EDITION, price Sixpence, cloth, EMARKABLE COMETS : a Brief Survey of the

most interesting Facts in the History of Cometary Astronomy By W. T. LYNN, B.A.F.R.A.S.

SAMPSON LOW & Co. St. Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, B.C. THIRD EDITION, Revised to 1904, Icap. 8vo, cloth, price Sixpence.

for the
By W. T. LYNN, B.A.F.R.A.S.

St Dunstan's House, Fetter Lane, E.C.


Founded 1837.

Invested Capital, 30,0001.
Ofered to London Booksellers and their Assistants.
A young man or woman of twenty-five can invest the sum of Twenty
Guineas (or its equivalent by instalments), and obtain the right to
participate in the following advantages :-

FIRST. Freedom from want in time of adversity as long as need exists.

SECOND. Permanent Relief in Old Age.
THIRD. Medical Advice by eminent Physicians and Surgeons.

FOURTH. A Cottage in the Country (Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire) for aged Members, with garden produce, coal, and medical attendance free, in addition to an Annuity.

FIFTH. A Furnished House in the same Retreat at Abbots Langley for the free use of Members and their Families for Holidays or during Convalescence.

SIX TH. A contribution towards Funeral Expenses when it is needed.

SEVENTH. All these are available not for Members only, but also for their Wives or Widows and Young Children.

EIGHTH. The payment of the subscriptions confers an absolute right to these benefits in all cases or need.

For further information apply t) the secretary, Mr. GEORGE LARNER, 23, Paternoster Row, E.C.

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JUST PUBLISHED, Part VIII. Vol. V. Third Series,

price 28. 63. post free. Book plate of John Hervey, of Ickworth, 1608 ; also the Physiological Curiosity of 89 Children born of one Mother.

et HERALDICA, containing The Pedigree of Holdich of Wadenhoe, co. Northampton, by Everard Green, Esq., Rouge Dragon ; Monu. mental Inscriptions of Wandsworth Parish Church; The Church of St. Glles-in-the-Fields; and St. Mary's Church Reading; In Memoriam of the Rev. F. J. Poynton, M.A.; Genealogical Note and Queries;

TUNSORIDGE WELLS oncomfortably DEUR: Reviews, &c.

London : MITCHELL, HUGHES & CLARKE, 140, Wardour Street.

NISHED SITTING-ROOM and ONE or TWO BEDROOMS. Quiet, pleasant, and central. Three minutes' walk from 8.E.R. & C. Station. No others taken.-R. H., 66, Grove Hill Road, Tunbridge Wells.




of 27 and 29, West 23rd Street, New York, and 24, BEDFORD STREET,
LONDON, W.C., desire to call the attention of the KEADING
PUBLIC to the excellent facilities presented by their Branch House in
London for filling, on the most favourable terms, orders for their

Catalogues sent on application.

Then make a


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HAIRLESS PAPER. PAD. (The LBADENHALL PRESS, Ltd., Publishers and Printers,

50, Leadenhall Street, London, B.C) Contains bairless paper, over which the pen slips with perfect freedom. Sixpence each. 58. per dozen, ruled or plain. New Pocket Size, 88. per dozen, ruled or plain.

Authors should note that The Leadenhall Press, Ltd., cannot be responsible for the loss of M88. by fire or otherwise. Duplicate copies should be retained.

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"SWANS” I STICKPHAST PASTE is miles better than Gum

for sticking in Scraps, joining Papers, &c. 3d., 64., and 18. with strong, useful krush (not a Toy). Send two stamps to cover postage for a sample Bottle, including Brush. Factory, Sugar Loaf Court, Leadenball Street, B.C. Of all Stationers. Stick phast Paste sticks.

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3. Bxchange Street, MANCHESTER. BRENTANUB, 37, Ave. de l'Opér, PARIS.

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Dawson Turner's library (1853) was with

drawn, although printed in italics in the CONTENTS.-No. 2.

catalogue. In 1854 Capt. Manby died, and NOTES :-Capt. G. W. Manby, 21-Carpenter's. Geograpby nothing more is heard of the “ Manbeiana

Delineated,' 22-St. Margaret's Churchyard, Westminster, until sold in 1859 as lot 292 in the sale of the 23—Leonardo da Vinci's 'Last Supper ' - Japanese New manuscript library of Dawson Turner, fetchYear's Day, 25-Berlioz and Swedenborg-Leonardo da

ing seventeen shillings only. The present Vinci in Milan-Caul-Curious Christian Names, 26

“Acerbative"-"Tunnelist": "Tunnelism," 27. possessor I cannot trace. QUERIES :-St. Bridget's Bower—Memoirs of a Stomach,'

Atheneum, 15 Nov., 1851. 27 — 'Worke for Cutlers' - Karliest Playbill-Sir John MY DEAR CAPTAIN MANBY,-In giving up to Vaughan-Obiit Sunday-Chaucer's Tomb in Westminster my son-in-law, Mr. T. Brightwen, the manage, Abbey--Statue by John of Bologna - "Collectioner"

ment of the Yarmouth Bank, I also relinquished Mary Stuart, 28—"Heardlome"; "Heech"-Picture of

to him the house, from which it was consequently Knight in Armour-H. F. and W. Lockhart Holt-Persian

necessary to

my books and papers. Paiotings-Penrith-Queen Helena-Setting of Precious These, therefore, have been carried to an empty Stones-Japanese Cards, 29.

house in Chapel Street, where they are under RBPLIES :-Grenadier Guards, 30-Mundy, 31—"A gallant lock and key, and must remain so till I can come captain "-Long Lease - Robin a Bobbin – Medical Bar-down and get a new house for myself and place risters – Richard Nash - "The Consul of God," 32 them in it. This, I am sorry to say, is at present “Constantine Pebble"- Marriage House - Shakespeare's out of my power; for the severe illness with which Scholarship, 33-Beyle: Stendbal-"A flea in the ear"- I was attacked at Edinburgh so hangs upon me Historical Rime : Rhyme, 34—"Mais on revient toujours" that I am forced to remain in London under medical

The Oak, the Asb, and the Ivy - Dorothy Nutt- advice, and nobody can find anything in my absence. Riding the Black Ram, 35-Mary, Queen of Scots—"Top Still, though I cannot just now do what you wish, Spit"-"

"_"As merry as Griggs"-Candlemas Gills-Edwin I feel that I can serve you more effectively. Tell Drood’ Continued— Modern Forms of Animal Baiting, 37 the person who has been applying to you to call --Crowns in Church Tower - Lancashire and Cheshire upon me at this home, and send me the name of the Wills-Economy-Weather, 38.

eminent publisher he proposes to employ, and I will NOTES ON BOOKS :-Mrs. Toynbee's Edition of Walpole's see them both, and shall soon know if they propose Letters--Burke's 'Peerage'-Magazines and Reviews. what is likely to be honourable and profitable to

you. If they do, I will gladly co-operate with them Notices to Correspondents.

to the utmost extent of my power, but I too well

know the state of the book-trade at the present Notes.

time to have much hopes, and I far more fear that

you are likely to be made a dupe of by some designCAPT. GEORGE WILLIAM MANBY, 1765-1854. three or four previous cases from which I had the

ing persons, just as has been already attempted in The following two letters have recently satisfaction of saving you. come into my possession. Their writer,

I am, dear sir, very truly yours, Dawson Turner, a man of great taste and

Dawson TURNER. intense enthusiasm as a collector of auto- The second letter is as follows:graphs, is a familiar name to most. Capt. MY DEAR CAPTAIN MANBY,–Very glad indeed was Manby, the addressee, deserves greater 1 to find by your letter that you are now not only posthumous honours than have hitherto been in the land of the living, but, apparently, in the accorded him. The inventor of apparatus for enjoyment of good health, with the exception of saving life from shipwreck, and author of a failings. Have no fear, I pray you, for the safety number of treatises on this and allied sub- of anything relating to yourself that may be in my jects, he had printed at Yarmouth in 1839 possession." What I am about to dispose of is only

octavo volume of very interesting such of my printed books as I cannot store in this reminiscences.

This was

not published house. The author presented a copy to the British is, as I informed you, safe nailed down and corded

Whatever concerns you, and whatever is private, Museum, and his friend Dawson Turner, in in boxes, but not at present here within my reach. addition to a unique copy on vellum, acquired hope it may shortly be so; as soon as it is, the the manuscript. It is this evidently that had volumes of Manbeiana shall be taken to pieces, and been inquired after when the first letter was what I have received from you shall be returned to written; but about the same time, with a do 80'; for my wish is to place them intact in the

you if you desire it. But you are very wrong to view to his biography being written, Capt. British Museum, where they will be ready for any Manby had lent Turner a number of manu- future biographers, and can never be sold or turned scripts and printed documents, letters, copies to any unworthy purpose, but will be a lasting of correspondence, &c., collectively referred to monument to your honour, as long as England

remains a nation. as “Manbeiana." The only use made of this material was & memoir privately printed

lam, my dear sir, very truly yours,

DAWSON TURNER. about 1851. For some reason this was No. 26, Castelnau Villas, Barnes, Surrey, suppressed. A copy included in the sale of

30 March, 1852.


The British Museum purchased at the I may mention that the edition of 1635 is Dawson Turner sale the manuscript of Capt. stated on the title-page to be “The Second Manby's ‘Reminiscences.'

Edition Corrected.” ALECK ABRAHAMS. A work of this kind does not afford much 39, Hillmarton Road, N.

in the way of quotation; but there are a few

passages which may fitly find a place in these NATHANAEL CARPENTER'S 'GEOGRAPHY pages. Here is a pleasant reference to DELINEATED,' 1625.

Columbus (book i. p. 9): For the sake of bibliographical accuracy, ' Especially of Columbus the Italian, who (as one it may be as well that I should here reproduce wittily alluding to his name) like Noah's Doue the exact wording of the title page :

plucking an oliue branch from this Land, gaue tes

tiniony of a portion of Land as yet vnknown, and “Geography Delineated Forth in Two Bookes. left naked vnto discouery. And no question can be Containing The Sphæricall And Topicall Parts made, but a great quantity of land, not yet detected Thereof. By Nathanael Carpenter Fellow of Exceter by our European Navigators, awaites the industry Colledge in Oxford. Ecclesiast. I. One generation of this age. To which alludes the Poët in these commeth, and another goeth, but the Earth re- verses (Seneca in 'Medeâ,' Act II.):maineth for euer. (Printer's ornament.] Oxford,

In after yeares shall Ages come,
Printed by Iohn Lichfield and William Tvrner,

When th' Ocean shall vnloose the bands
Printers to the Famous Vniversity, for Henry Cripps.
An. Dom. 1623."

Of things, and shew vast ample lands;

New Worlds by Sea-men shall be found, From this it will be seen that the work is Nor Thule be the vtmost bound.” divided into two books, and, I may add, with separate title-pages. The first book is dedi- Sir Henry Savile, and a very pleasant little

The next reference is to the distinguished cated "To the Right Honovrable William, bit of personal history it is (book i. p. 143):-Earle of Pembroke, Lord Chamberlaine," and the second book "To the Right Honovrable that great Atlas of Arts, Sir Henry Sauile in the

“Here I cannot but remember a merry answer of Philip, Earle of Montgomery,” the “Incom-like question. Being once invited vnto his Table, parable Paire of Brethren,” to whom Shake- and hauing entred into some familiar discourses conspeare's Folio of 1623 is dedicated. In cerning Astronomicall suppositions: I asked him addition, the first named is supposed to have what he thought of the Hypothesis of Copernicus, been the “Mr. W. H.” of Shakespeare's who held the Sunne to stand fixt,

and the Earth to Sonnets. He died in 1630, when he was he cared not which were true, so the Apparences

be subiect to a Triple Motion : His answere was; succeeded in the title by his brother Philip, were solued, and the accompt exact : sith each way and, notwithstanding, Carpenter retains the either the old of Ptolomy, or the new of Copernicus, dedications in the edition of 1635 exactly as would indifferently serue an Astronomer: Is it not they appeared in the edition of ten years Table be brought to me, or I goe to my Table, so I

all one (saith he) sitting at Dinner, whether my before. In the edition of 1635 the author

eat my meat? has a metrical address "To my Booke”; but as my copy of the first edition is slightly transcribing

the following (book i. p. 167) :

It is not much in itself; but I cannot help imperfect, I am in consequence not in a position to say whether the lines are common

“It is written of that learned man Erasmus to both. I extract the following ; but, with Roterodamus, that hauing seene 50 yeares, he was this exception, all the quotations given below that vndertaking to write

Comments on the Acts of are from the edition of 1625 :

the Apostles, he had alwayes in his eye those Tables, Goe forth thou haplesse Embrion of my Braine,

where he made no small vse for the finding out of Vnfashion'd as thou art; expresse the straine the site of such places whereof he had occasion to And language of thy discontented Sire,

treate." Who hardly ransom'd his poore Babe from fire,

And then follows this rather bitter reflecTo offer to the world and carelesse men The timelesse fruits of his officious pen.

tion by our author :Thou art no louely Darling, stampt to please “And it were to be wished in these dayes, that The lookes of Greatnesse; no delight to ease yong Students insteed of many apish and ridiculous Their melancholy temper, who reiect

pictures, tending many times rather to ribaldry, As idle toyes but what themselues affect.

then any learning, would store their studies with No lucky Planet darted forth his Rayes

such furniture." To promise loue vnto thy infant-dayes : Thou maist perhaps be marchandize for slaues,

I may quote here another of our author's. Who sell their Authors wits and buy their graues: reflections (book i. p. 93) :Thou maist be censur'd guilty of that blame,

“ To these haue associated themselues another Which is the Midwifes fault, the Parent's shame: sort, more to be regarded, as more learned; the Thou maist be talke for Tables, vs'd for sport Critickes (I meane) of our Age, who like Popes or At Tauerne-meetings, pastime for the Court: Dictatours, haue taken vpon them an Vniuersall Thou maist be torne by their malicious phangs, authority to censure all which they neuer vnderWho nere were taught to know a Parents pangs. stood. Had these men contained themselues in

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