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state, in reply to the concluding part of the said Communication, that that particular point will be found fully elucidated, by reference to the records of a discussion which had taken place in 1818 with Commodore Bowles, and when Mr. Staples, an English Gentleman, had been in the Country and was denominated British Consul.

Commodore Sir T. M. Hardy has succeeded to Commodore Bowles, and Captain O'Brien is deputed, ud interim, to fulfil the same functions. This authority has never been doubted in any Country, when referring to the protection of His Britannic Majesty's liege Subjects in their lawful pursuits.

Captain O'Brien has the honour of enclosing a translation, by his Interpreter, for his Excellency's perusal, of his Official declaration of the 16th instant, understanding, from report, that some expression in the same had given offence; it must certainly be owing to a misinterpretation, as it could not have been the most remote wish of Captain O'Brien, as an Officer and Gentleman, to offer any indignity to his Excellency the Captain-General, or to the Honourable Representatives of Buenos Ayres, and he only had to regret that the cause had driven him to the necessity of making a formal declaration, and felt sorry at the occurrence of any circumstance that might alter that harmony and friendship which had for so many years existed between this Country and Great Britain. D. H. O'BRIEN.

His Excellency Don Juan M. de Luca.

CORRESPONDENCE between The United States and Buenos Ayres, respecting the identification of American Vessels.-August, 1821.

The Agent of The United States to the Minister for Foreign Affairs at Buenos Ayres.


Agency of The United States of North America,
Buenos Ayres, 24th August, 1821.

To secure the bona fide property of its Citizens is one of the pri mary duties of every Government; and, to this end, it is of the highest importance that any and all proceedings that have a tendency to blend it in appearance with foreign property, or to render the evidence of its legitimacy suspicious or uncertain, should be most pointedly repressed. With these views, I have been charged by the Government of the United States of America, to watch over the use, and to prevent the abuse, within this Province, of the Flag of my Country; to endeavour that no Vessel enter into the Ports within my Agency, as a Vessel of The United States, which shall not be truly such; and that none shall

be sold under that name which has not a rightful claim to the National character. Confidently hoping that his Excellency the Governor and Captain-General of this Province will readily co-operate to the attain. ment of these honourable ends, I take the liberty, in pursuance of my instructions, as well as the duties necessarily incident to my official character, most respectfully to solicit the following measures may be formally adopted and ordained:

1st. That the necessary orders should be given to the competent Authorities, that no Vessel be permitted, in entering into, clearing, or departing from, any Roads or Ports within this Province, to assume the character or Flag of the United States of America, unless such Vessel shall be acknowledged by me to have a right so to do.

2dly. That Notaries Public should be enjoined to notify me of all transfers of Vessels within this Province, purporting to be Vessels of The United States.

I avail myself, with pleasure, of this occasion, &c.
I have the honour to be, &c.

H. E. The Hon. Dr. Bernardino Rivadavia,

Minister of Government and Foreign Affairs.


The Buenos Ayres Minister for Foreign Affairs to the Agent of The United States.


Buenos Ayres, 25th August, 1821. AGREEABLY to what the Agent of The United States has been pleased to represent to me in his official Letter, under yesterday's date, the Government has resolved, and has ordered to be communicated to those whom it may concern:

1st. That no Vessel, assuming the character or Flag of the United States of North America, shall be permitted to enter, discharge, or depart from, any Roads or Ports of this Province, unless the right of such Vessel be previously acknowledged by the Agent of the said States resident in this City.

2dly. That the Principal Notary of the Government shall make known to all Notaries Public, that, previous to extending a contract of sale or transfer of any Vessel bearing the Flag of the United States of North America, they give notice thereof to the Agent of the said States; the expences incurred to be paid by those concerned.

The Minister of Government and of Foreign relations repeats, &c. John M. Forbes, Esq. BERNARDINO RIVADAVIA.

CONVENTION for the Incorporation of the Eastern Province of the River Plate with the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarve. Signed at Monte Video, the 31st of July, 1821. (Translation.)


WE, the President and other Deputies of the Cis-platine (otherwise Eastern) State, on the part of its Inhabitants; and the Baron de la Laguna, in the name and on the part of His Most Faithful Majesty, and by virtue of special powers granted to him for that purpose ;-do declare, that, after duly considering the critical circumstances in which this Country is placed, and consulting the real interests of the people and families,-We have agreed, and by these presents do agree, that the Eastern Province of the Rio de la Plata, shall be united and incorporated with the United Constitutional Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarve, under the imprescriptible obligation that the following bases shall be respected, fulfilled, observed, and caused to be observed, on both sides:

ART. 1. This Territory shall be considered as a distinct State of the United Kingdom, under the name of the Cis-platine, otherwise Eastern State.

II. Its limits shall be the same as heretofore, and such as they were recognized to be at the commencement of the Revolution; that is to say on the East, the Ocean; on the South, the River Plate; on the West, the Uruguay; and on the North, the River Quarain up to the ridge of St. Anna, where the junction of the River St. Maria takes place; and in this part, the stream Tacuarembo, which, following the points of the Yaguaron, entering the Lake of Mini, and passing by the point of St. Miguel, joins the Chui, which falls into the Ocean: and this without prejudice to the declaration which the Sovereign National Congress, our Deputies being heard, shall make, concerning the claims of this State, to the plains that are comprehended in the last demarkation made during the Government of Spain.

III. It shall hold the same rank as the other Provinces of the Monarchy, and shall be at liberty to send Deputies immediately to the National Congress, conforming, however, to the principles laid down in the Constitution of the State.

IV. Its Laws shall, for the present, be observed and respected, so far as they shall not be opposed to the general Constitution.

V. All the privileges, exemptions, charters, customs, titles, pre-eminences and prerogatives, enjoyed by the constituted authorities, families, and individuals of the Province, whether by right or by charter, shall be preserved and maintained.

VI. All the Civil Authorities shall be continued independent of the Military, and the latter shall not have the power to interfere in the affairs

or duties which belong to the former; and the civil Inhabitants of the Province shall be judged by the Civil Judges only.

VII. Commerce, industry, and agriculture, shall be free from every tax, in conformity with the principles of all liberal Nations.

VIII. As soon as the incorporation shall have been verified, all the offices of the Council, and employments of the Province, excepting for the present that of Captain General, shall be conferred on Natives of the Province, or on such as are married or settled therein.

IX. Extraordinary contributions shall on no account be imposed. X. No Inhabitant of the Province shall be compelled to enter the veteran service by sea or land, whether by levies, draughts, or in any other form; excepting vagrants and persons of evil conduct.

XI. The militia raised within the territory shall not be obliged to quit their respective departments, except in cases of disturbance or invasion of the State; and on no account shall they be sent beyond its limits.

XII. Until the mode of regulating the taxes shall be determined by the General Congress of the Nation, it shall undergo no change, unless by order of the General Board of Finance, assisted by the Cabildos and the Syndic General of the people, who shall be nominated with the corresponding attributes.

XIII. The expences of the civil administration shall be paid in preference to any other; and although the remainder of the revenues of this State may go to the support of the necessary garrisons; yet, in order that those revenues may no longer, as heretofore, be made to contribute to the maintenance of the Army-the payment of all other expences shall be secured on the Bank of Rio de Janeiro, or in whatever manner the Nation shall determine, should a larger force be judged requisite for the security of the territory.

XIV: The bases of the Constitution, as established by the General Congress of the Nation in the present year, are accepted; because they guaranty civil liberty, as well as the security of individuals and property; together with such reforms or additions as the General Congress shall determine, so soon as the Representation of America shall be complete.

XV. The reforms established in Europe, with respect to Monks and Friars, shall not extend to this Country, by reason of the small number of them, and because we stand in need of Priests. And in order to reform any Ecclesiastical abuses, the Regulations set forth in the second and third chapters of the 24th Section of the Reform established at the Council of Trent, shall be ordered to be enforced.

XVI. This Territory shall not form part of any other Bishopric, but shall possess a Spiritual Chief, in such form as may be agreed upon between His Most Faithful Majesty and His Holiness. In the mean time, a Delegate from the Governor of the Bishopric shall be continued as hitherto.

XVII. The inhabitants shall not be aggrieved by the quartering of troops upon them, for a longer period than 3 days, in time of peace.

XVIII. All Authorities, including the Captain General, shall, on entering upon their office, make oath to observe, and cause to be observed, the foregoing conditions; and shall be answerable not only for their infringement, but also for neglecting to proceed against such Persons as shall attempt the same.

XIX. The Baron de la Laguna shall continue in the command of this State.

XX. Until the General Constitution of the Kingdom be in operation or promulgated, a Syndic-Procurator of the State shall be appointed by the Congress, in order to proceed, ex officio, or at the instance of any Authority or Inhabitant requiring him so to do, upon the exhibition of proper documents or vouchers, against any violation of the conditions herein proposed, in the form and manner following:

1. The Syndic may proceed three times before the Authorities, and before the Captaincy-General, on any violation; and, should his recla. mation not be attended to, he may have recourse to the King, or to the Sovereign Congress.

2. His Person shall be inviolable on account of any reclamation of this nature made by him.

3. He shall act conjointly with the Government or Authorities in general reforms or regulations.

4. In cases of impediment or illness, his place shall be supplied by the Syndic of the Capital, or, in default of the latter, by the next Syndic of the Cabildos.

XXI. The Government shall take cognizance of any reclamation made by any other Power upon this Territory, which shall in no wise be decided upon without their knowledge and express consent.

It is nevertheless agreed that the following additions made by the Baron de la Laguna shall be admitted: viz.!" the election of Deputies for the General Cortes shall be constitutionally proceeded in, so soon as His Majesty shall have been informed of this Act of Incorporation with the Constitutional Portuguese Monarchy."

To Article XVII. "It shall be carried into effect as soon as quarters for the Garrisons of the Interior shall have been established, either by the inhabitants themselves or out of the revenues of the State."

During the time which may be necessary to smooth the difficulties which, for the present, delay its fulfilment; the Deputies of the People, on the part and in the name of the People, and the Baron de la Laguna representing His Most Faithful Majesty, in virtue of Special Powers for this object, oblige themselves religiously to observe the foregoing Stipulations, and to perform the duties imposed by this Act;

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