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!!!: Farmer Cooperative Service
U. S. Department of Agriculture

Washington 25, D. C.

TCS Bulletin 1

December 1955


THE Farmer Cooperative Service conducts research studies and service activi

ties of assistance to farmers in connection with cooperatives engaged in marketing farm products, purchasing farm supplies, and supplying business services. The work of the Service relates to problems of management, organization, policies, merchandising, product quality, costs, efficiency, financing, and membership.

The Service publishes the results of such studies; confers and advises with officials of farmers' cooperatives; and works with cducational agencies, cooperatives, and others in the dissemination of information relating to cooperative principles and practices.

Joseph G. Knapp,
Farmer Cooperative Service,
U. S. Department of Agriculture.

A copy of this publication may be obtained upon request, while

a supply is available, from

Information Division
U. S. Department of Agriculture

Washington 25, D, C.

For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. 8. Government Printing Office

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Farmers make wide use of cooperatives.

Longtime records kept...

Developed over past century and a half.

A cooperative-what is it?....

What are its principles and practices?.

Cooperatives—what types are there?.

Agricultural cooperation-pioneer to modern

Agricultural cooperatives have legal foundations.

Federal statutes conser rights...

Federal income tax status is defined .

Farmers market cooperatively ..

Dates to Colonial times.

Figures tell story......

Cotton and oilseed producers use cooperatives.

Dairy cooperatives help find markets.

Cooperatives handle many fruits and vegetables. .

Grain growers practice cooperation .....

Cooperative livestock marketing came early.

Wool cooperatives among the first ...

Poultry and egg cooperatives vary widely.

Cooperatives market many special crops.

Farmers buy supplies cooperatively.

Have specific objectives. .

Cooperative purchasing grows

Many cooperatives handle supplies.

Manufacture and process.

Some market....

Supply various commodities.

Provide other services.

Have definite policies and practices .

Benefit farmers...

Farmers get other services cooperatively ..

Frozen food locker plants broaden services.

Transportation facilities vital..

Mutuals protect farms from fire.

Water for 8 million thirsty acres.

Farmers sponsor other groups.

Cooperative credit helps farm businesses .

Farmers try cooperative banks.

Needs led to present system.

Farmers own credit corporations.

Farmers form credit unions.

Farmers cooperate in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.



The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Special organizations serve cooperatives.

Early organizations appear ..

Influential national organizations form.

State councils organize.



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